JJ Cole Pacifier Pod, Black & Cream

JJ Cole Pacifier Pod, Black & Cream

With its “attach anywhere” handle, the pacifier pod can be kept on your belt loop, diaper bag, car seat or stroller. With the pacifier pod, your child’s pacifier finally has a clean and accessible home.  Made with easy-to-clean laminated canvas, this pacifier pod keeps your baby’s pacifier sanitary on the go. The pad is machine washable and dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Easy-to-clean laminated canvas
  • Keeps pacifier sanitary
  • Machine washable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stylish prints with coordinating trim

Verified reviews


It’s ok…

Let me start off with this.. I do like it, it makes it easy to access the binky at a moments notice but….for the price it isn’t worth it… I can barely fit 2 binkys in it, I initially put in on the diaper bag where it was shown on the photo, on the arm, yeah… It slide everywhere and drove me nots, now it is in my bag, which makes it hard to find…other than function, which is why I bought it it is cute..even though nobody cam see it…if it was a dollar I would say it was worth in but not for what I paid for it….

Stacey Speonk, NY

cute idea

This item is cute, perfect for one or two pacifiers only. Its good to keep a spare pacifier just in case the one in your baby’s mouth falls out and gets dirty. It’s an accessorie, looks cute and stylish. Not really needed but useful …Just in case.Keep in mind this only fits two pacifiers.

Patti Stratford, WI


I received this today and I love it. I already put it on my diaper bag and fit two binkies (pacifiers) in it. It could even fit one-two more if I wanted to. Our daughter is not due until February but I know that this is a must have for a diaper bag. My friends are always trying to find their binkies in their diaper bag so I just knew that I would need one of these for easy access. I am very happy that I bought this!

Lana Petersburg, IN

Perfect size

Love this and can’t wait to use it. It’s also great because it holds 2 pacifiers. Just wish they offered more of a variety of designs.

Natasha Martins Creek, PA

Fits 2 AVENT-style pacifiers

We have one of the AVENT-style pacifiers and a bunch of the Hawaii Medical pacifiers, which are very similarly shaped to the AVENT pacifiers. I can easily fit 2 of them in this, which is enough for an outing and a spare in case one gets dropped. I’m able to hang it off of my Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag, thanks to the little snap handle, so I always know where to find it.

Roxie Granby, CT

Just as described

Two binkies can fit in this. The pattern looked a little different when it came in the mail, the orange wasn’t visible, but maroon was, so beware it won’t look exactly like the picture. It’s perfect to know just where the binkie is in my diaper bag.

Laverne Clifford, VA

Great item!

This is very handy. You can put it anywhere and it keeps the pacifier clean. I need to order another one.

Dorothea Copperopolis, CA

Keeps Paci’s where you want them!

No digging around in the diaper bag required when using this pacifier pod. Love the trendy design … purchased it to go with my different Miche bag shells.

Lorraine Laurel Hill, NC

Very handy

My daughter loves the pacifier holder for the diaper bag. She loves it for carrying an extra pacifier since it is so easy to misplace them. Very good price and nice products. I am happy I purchased it for her & I Would recommend them.

Laurie Orcas, WA

Easy access paci pouch

This pacifier pouch does the job very well. It easily snaps onto my diaper bag handle and I never had any problem with it getting detached or anything. I like that it has a simple, velcro flap closure instead of zipper closure on a round case as many other pacifier pouches have, so it’s very easy to get the pacifier out. I usually have my baby in one arm when I want to take it out, so velcro makes it easier for a quick, one-handed opening. I usually keep one NUK pacifier with a Booginhead Paci Grip attached to it, and it’s a perfect fit. I have taken 2 pacifiers and it was kind of tight, but if you don’t have the strap, 2 pacifiers would fit pretty well too. The outside fabric is wipable so it’s easy to clean if anything gets spilled on it or something.

Concetta Marietta, NC


This bag looks better in person. I love that it has an easy velcro closure and it holds up great.

Luisa North Royalton, OH

So Cute!

I love this little pacifier bag! Keeps extra binkies handy and CLEAN! What a relief when you have your hands full and a crying baby to have the binky right there! Highly recommend!

Phyllis Protem, MO

Live it

So cute. Can hold 3 mam pacifiers and one pacifier holder. A must so you don’t have to dig in the diaper bag to find a new suckie.

Deanna Horner, WV


its perfect. its just the right size, snaps onto the bag not Velcro like other ones so it never falls off!

Stefanie Jackson, MI


This would be more functional if I’d remember to use it! Fits one of my Soothie pacifiers. Very cute and clips right on to diaper bag or purse.

Darcy Valley View, TX

Very nice pacifier holder

I love this whole storage system by JJ Cole. It’s practical, super cute, and the material is very durable while being easy to clean with a simple wash rag. I really like the pacifier holder specifically because it was designed to hook on the outside of the bag where it’s convenient to grab and you don’t have to dig through the diaper bag to find it when baby is crying.

Claudine Thomas, OK

So cute

I love this thing. My husband rolled his eyes and asked how much I spent on this, but when I told him it was only $8 he was okay with it. Everyone loves it when I tell them what it is. It holds 2 Avent pacifiers in it.

Reba Amorita, OK

Love these

I have several pacifier holders, but this is by far the easiest to access because it has velcro instead of a zipper. Comfortably holds 2 binkies, even soothies.

Janice Sautee Nacoochee, GA

Really cute pacifier pod

This is cuter in person than the picture shows. I saw it a Babies R Us and it was much more vibrant than the photo online, so I ordered it from Amazon. About the same price at both places. It holds two pacifiers.

Madge Buffalo, TX

Does the job

I got this bc I wanted to keep my baby’s pacifier on hand just incase she wanted it. I keep it hanging on my diaper bag so I always know where it is and never leave the house without it. I was able to fit 4 small pacifiers 0-3 months ones, I’m sure ill be able to fit less as she gets older n they get bigger.

Kayla Thermal, CA