JJ Cole Pacifier Pod, Lemon Posy

JJ Cole Pacifier Pod, Lemon Posy

Easy-to-clean laminated canvas;Attach-anywhere handle;Machine washable and dishwasher safe;PVC and phthalate free

Main features

  • Easy-to-clean laminated canvas
  • Attach-anywhere handle
  • Machine washable and dishwasher safe
  • PVC and phthalate free

Verified reviews


A must have for any parent or grandparent!

I keep giving this to my friends as a shower gift. Thet all RAVE about it because it hooks to anything. The dad’s like it to because they can carry a clean pacifier without having to have a big bag with it in it. Fits a wide variety of pacifiers and keeps a clean pacifier handy without having to dig for it when it’s needed.

Leann Fort Worth, TX

Cute, but not functional shape

This is a cute little bag for the pacifier, and it certainly helps that it can snap onto the diaper bag– that way you always know where to look and you’re not digging around in a binky emergency. The thing I don’t like about it is that it squishes the pacifier because it’s not wide enough to hold it, so you end up folding the nipple of the paci over to squeeze it in. Just seems strange that a product called a “Pacifier Pod” doesn’t seem to be shaped to actually fit a pacifier… I’ve seen other pacifier holders that are cylinder-shaped and these seem much better to fit a pacifier or even two, without bending.

Casey Afton, MN


I think this pacifier pod is perfect. It holds two pacifiers and I had no issues with them being “squished”. I love that it attaches to the handle of my diaper bag for easy access. The inside of the pod is plastic, so it’s totally water-proof. It also is a great way to keep your paci’s clean while you store them. I also love the cute designs. I definitely recommend this product.

Lottie Gilman City, MO

Cute and functional design

Since our pacifiers came with their own clip-on covers, I actually use this for my nipple shield that is needed for me to breastfeed. It fits perfectly and is much better than the plastic baggie I had been using! It has a velcro closure and it’s nice that the strap has a snap so you can hook it onto diaper bags, etc.

Gale Mount Aetna, PA

Cute Pattern

I have this attached to my diaper bag. It makes it so easy to find the pacifier without having to dig around through your diaper bag. It is also easy to wipe down and has a cute pattern.

Agnes Rosedale, VA

pointless buy

This is one of those tings new mommies look at and wonder, “How did my parents ever survive without one of those?” Then you buy it and you quickly learn it’s because it’s completely useless. I ended up keeping the binky on a clip that hooked to the baby’s clothes whenever we went out. This kept it from falling, and also made it unnecessary for me to use a bag at all. If I needed to put it away, I just threw it in the diaper bag (which is clean, and I’m not a germaphobe).Also, the snap on the loop always came open, so I couldn’t trust it on the diaper bag strap. That’s the whole reason I thought it’d be cool…so I didn’t have to dig through the diaper bag for the binky. But I ended up having to keep it in the bag anyway because it would just fall off.Now my older son thinks it’s a cute purse and shoves little things in it.

Letitia Collyer, KS

More than a pacifier holder

My little guy never took to the nuk.Now I’m glad for it, but there were times I really wished he had :)I had one of these pods regardless, as I futilely carried around a Newborn Pacifiers by Soothie Blue 2-Pack in it.While my little guy didn’t care for the pacifier, he LOVED chewing on this pod.I went with it.I recently purchased this one as a gift knowing that it will come in some kind of use. Plus, it’s super cute.

Janet Tobyhanna, PA

Perfect for binkies and nipple covers

I purchased the matching Lemon Posy diaper clutch and this looks great along with it. The handle with button closure works great at attaching to the clutch. The snap is very sturdy and so is the handle.I have had several other brands of pacifier pods with a previous child and none of them held up very well. They were all very small and did not clean up well.This one I love for several reasons:1. The material is not stiff, so you can stuff a lot in there2. Easy to clean; I am not sure if you are supposed to place it in the washer or dishwasher but it held up in both. On accident it got throw in the dishwasher and it held up fine. I did place it in the washing machine in a lingerie bag and it worked great; just don’t dry it!3. Although the pod is small i was able to fit a nipple cover and a binky inside itOverall i would suggest it to anyone with a child that requires a binky or a nipple cover.

Estella Bracey, VA


What an odd shape and size for a pacifier bag. It’s very thin. It looks cute but it’s not very functional. I ended up getting a Nuk case from Target.

Magdalena Collins, WI

Love It

I love this pacifier case and I’ve gotten lots of complements on it. I keep it on my purse so that I always have a pacifier handy. I’ve gotten lots of complements on it.I have no difficulty fitting a pacifier in this. It’s possible to fit two pacifiers but works better with just one.I especially love that this is both dishwasher safe and machine washable. I’ve sent this through both the dishwasher and the washing machine and it comes out looking like new.The only thing I don’t like about this case is the snap. The snap comes undone pretty easily when you pull on it which can cause it to fall off occasionally.

Susan Empire, CA

Nice color, is waterproof inside and fits one pacifier

Fits the soft silicone pacifiers and keeps them clean. Easy to attach to car seat, stroller etc. Nice color and pattern, I believe there are matching items, like diaper bags.

Amelia North Pitcher, NY