JJ Cole Paisley Feeding and Nursing Pillow, Ash Woodland

JJ Cole Paisley Feeding and Nursing Pillow, Ash Woodland

JJ Cole Collections Paisley Feeding & Nursing Pillow – Ash Woodland The JJ Cole Paisley Nursing and Feeding Pillow makes feeding time simple and comfortable. Ultra lightweight and easy to use, the Paisley fits moms of all sizes and is perfect for C-Section tummies. The Paisley Pillow is compact enough to fit in chairs and rockers, while an easy-carry handle and machine washable cover make it a snap to use. Dimensions: 10″ x 19.5″ x 6″

Main features

  • 100% polyurethane foam/100% cotton
  • Imported
  • Easy-carry handle
  • Removable machine washable cover
  • Compact design fits in chairs and rockers
  • Lightweight contoured pillow designed to lift baby to the optimal height for more comfortable feeding
  • For use from 5-35 lbs (2-16 kgs) with base

Verified reviews



This was better than those darn boppy pillows (which I got 3 of from my shower!). I wish i had gotten this sooner. Great for nursing. This just fit my body type better. Im not tny, but not huge, I found the boppy was hard to place around me, it felt awkward and my baby would slip between me and the pillow or roll off the side! This pillow is nice and sturdy, lightweight and fits perfectly on the side or front, whichever you prefer to feed. My baby did outgrow this and im still nursing, but definitely worth it for the few months in the beginning. She is 8 months now and that’s why i gave 4 stars not 5 since its too small to still use. I would say she was able to use this up until about 6 months.

Lessie Evanston, WY

cute but way too small

I bought this when I was desperate to find a nursing pillow that worked with a football hold. The cover is uber cute but I sent the cushion back it was wayyyy too small/short for my long limbed son, & without any strap it just did not stay in place.

Nina Summit Station, OH

Versatile and supportive, complemented by lactation consultant

This pillow is everything I wanted in a nursing support:- relatively small (compared to Boppy and My Breast Friend)- removable cover (would love it if they sold the covers separately so I could have a clean one on hand)- vertical sides make it fit your body snugly. Using normal pillows in the hospital was difficult because they created a chasm for baby to fall into next to my body – no problems here!- the handle makes it easy to grab when needed (I keep it on the back of the couch) and rotate into position- The curved shape allows it to be used with either the large or small end under the breast, or even rotated vertically and stuffed under the arm for narrower chairs with armrests (like a rocking chair)When I took this pillow to a nursing mothers’ group, the lactation consultant asked about it and complemented its shape and firmness. My husband also likes it for the small size and can’t imagine why Boppies are so popular.

Minerva Mc Gee, MO

a great nursing pillow

this is a great nursing pillow that keeps its shape and does not immediately absorb milk that spills on it. the down side is that the covering is a little diffulcult to take off and put on, well, for me. my husband was able to easily take it on and off.

Maria Anton Chico, NM

I tried several and this was the best

When my baby was born I used the My Breast Friend pillow for the first two months and finally got fed up with it. I tried the new Boppy breastfeeding pillow, and it was nice but didn’t fit me quite right. So I took a chance and ordered this pillow, and what do you know, it was pretty great! Sometimes smaller IS better! The pillow fit just right lengthwise between the arms of my glider. The baby fit well on the pillow with room to grow, but it wasn’t so big that it took over my entire lap. I could get her right up close to my body without feeling like she was going to roll into a crack between me and the pillow. The fabric cover is not cotton, which means it won’t shrink as fast when you wash and dry it. Actually, it air dries pretty quickly so you could probably get by without having to put it in the dryer much at all. As my baby grew I followed the advice of another reviewer and made a little pillow out of a rolled up burp cloth to put under her head and keep her in proper position. When she got even bigger I rolled up two burp cloths into a bigger pillow. You can also put your arm under your baby’s head, but I found I needed my hands for rubbing baby’s back and keeping little fingers out of my nose. And maybe the occasional game of solitaire. I also found it easy to cross or uncross my legs to adjust the height of this pillow, based on the chair I was sitting in. It’s a great size to travel with, so keep the plastic cover it comes in and you can easily throw it in the car.Are there any negatives? Well, it is kind of annoying to have to turn the pillow over when you switch sides. But honestly, I was willing to deal with that to have a nursing pillow that fit me so well, and you get used to it pretty quickly. It would be easier to flip it over if there was a handle in the middle instead of the end, which is my second complaint.I used this pillow for over 8 months and was very happy with it. If you need a smaller nursing pillow, or have tried others and been dissatisfied, then I think it’s time for you to order a paisley pillow.

Melanie Isle Of Wight, VA

Talk about a comfortable pillow for both

I love this pillow, I believe boppy pillows are overrated so upon receiving one at my baby shower, I returned it and ordered this. I love how perfectly it holds my son while I nurse him. I can nurse him in any position and it not only supports him well, but it is comfortable for both him and myself. I love the green cover as well. The firmness of the pad is nice because it is supportive but not uncomfortable. My favorite feature other than the contoured design is the ridge on the outer edge that makes me feel like he isn’t going to slide off. I really love this pillow and the price beats all the others as well.

Gay Glen Flora, WI

Awesome for C-Sections

I just had my second C section so I was looking for a nursing pillow that was taller than the average boppy or my brest friend. With my first baby I had the my brest friend and that didn’t work for me in the hospital at all! They have you in a semi reclined position in the bed because of the incision and that pillow had to wrap all the way around your body. Just didn’t work for me at all. I’m 5’1" and have a short torso so I needed something that could easily rest on my legs and give me the right amount of height so the baby was in the correct placement for latching. Its tall, compact and comes with a carrying handle. Works great for me but it is a bit smaller. I prefer it because it can easily fit in a chair that has arms with room to spare. Definitely recommend!

Allison Saint Paul, VA

Too small and foam is falling apart

I didn’t realize this pillow would be so small, however since I was planning to keep it in the car I figured I would keep it. But when I was removing the cover to wash, the foam was already falling apart. The pieces that are glued together are separating even though this is brand new. I am going to return to amazon. Also, the cotton cover is thin and the zipper opening small so you have to be careful not to tear the seams to the zipper. I use the My Brest Friend pillow at home and it is a much better product for the price.

Marcia Southbridge, MA

Small but good for traveling

I chose this nursing pillow because I have a long torso and the boppy was not tall enough. The pillow is not very big, so it will probably only fit your child for the first 6 months at the most. If you will be breastfeeding your baby in many locations, it is nice because it has a handle and is not big and bulky. I am a daycare provider so I end up nursing her outside, on the floor, and pretty much everywhere you can think of. I can’t leave my kids, so I have to carry the baby and everything I need to nurse in one trip. The handle makes this possible. I use my boppy for tummy time and to lay my baby on and I also have the Gia. I use the Gia when I put her to sleep at night in the rocking chair. I don’t know if I could just choose one, since they all have their benifits depending on where I am nursing.

Doreen Macomb, OK


this is so much better and easier to use the the know "C" shaped feeding pillow. there is a lot more support and will fit with any body type.

Elisha Oldfield, MO