JJ Cole Premaxx Sling Carrier – New Edition Red Orange

JJ Cole Premaxx Sling Carrier – New Edition Red Orange

You don’t need to put Baby down to have both hands free with this PreMaxx carrier. Comfortable for both you and Baby, the design promotes face-to-face contact, making it easy to communicate and bond with Baby as you go about your daily duties. Worn as a sling, babies 0-5 months fit snuggly inside, with the integrated cushions as support and added comfort. From 6-18 months (or 35 lbs.) Baby sits upright, comfortably riding on your hip. Features a sporty design and convenient storage pockets. One size fits all; easily adjusts to fit both parents. 100% cotton. Imported.

Main features

  • Keeps your hands free and your child happy
  • Convenient pockets for diaper, cell phone, wallet, etc.
  • Fashionable color choices
  • Durable wide strap which adjusts to fit both mom and dad
  • 0-18 Months

Verified reviews



My son was 7 lbs 1 oz when he was born and 20 inches long… He wasnt the tiniest baby… I tried putting him in the sling and it just looks like he’s falling and being enveloped by this huge orange thing… It’s the WORST product ever, I am definitely NOT using it and will probably donate it to goodwill…

Rosalind Pittsford, NY

Negatives outweigh the positives

I was very excited to get this sling. I love that most people don’t realize I’m holding a baby when wearing it — this makes nursing even more discreet than in a normal sling as you don’t draw attention from people wanting to see the baby. The outside zipper pockets are great for keys, cell, wallet, etc., and the style is great (it looks more like a messenger bag until you’re close up) & I’ve recieved lots of complements. My 2 mo. old dd is very comfortable sitting in it.That said, I would not buy it again. My daughter hated it as a newborn & would immediately scream if I put her in. The drawcord needs to be knotted to avoid danger of strangulation (very unsafe, not to mention inconvenient for adjusting). The sling is uncomfortably narrow at the shoulder & doesn’t distribute weight well.

Joanne Monroe, WA

Great for newborns

I have three baby carriers. It seems eccessive but I never found one that really was doing it for me. I started with Gracco carrier and it turned out to be a nightmare everytime I had to put the baby inside. My son was crying while I was snapping all the 1001 snaps it has there but after that he was stopping crying even though he wasn’t looking too confortable.When he got older (5 mounths) we bought a backpack carrier. This is a really really a nice buy. We loved it and so did our son. The problem with it is that I wouldn’t put a baby younger than 5 mounths inside.So when my other son was born we tried this new carrier. I think that’s the best for newborns because they don’t have to support any body part. More over, when the baby sleeps, he is in a nice position and they seem to like it (even though I though his head was in a weird angle ?!?!) As soon as the baby gets heavier (8 or 9 lbs) it’s getting a bit uncomfortable mostly if you have I large breast as I do. It slips from its place so the head of the child doesn’t stand on your shoulder anymore but on your lower chest (so when you have a large breast the baby’s head is really really in a weird angle !). I think that it doesn’t worth the price for the time you use it. Now that my younger son is 5 mounths, I don’t use it anymore.

Monica Lake Dallas, TX

I just cannot decide about this sling!

I love the idea of this sling and it is sturdy and attractive, but my 10 week old son just cannot get comfortable in it. I keep thinking he’s just too small and is getting lost in it, but even as he grows I am still trying to make him more comfortable by adding a blanket to position him better. I really want to use this sling, but I feel like he’s either too deeply inside the sling and he will suffocate or by adding a blanket underneath him, he’s too close to the edge and will tumble out. The edge draws strings to tighten him in just do not do the trick. I’ll keep trying because this product seems like a great idea and it was not cheap, but perhaps it’s just a little too much work for a newer baby.If this company or any other consumer, has any ideas on how to improve my situation with this sling,I would love to hear from them. Email me at: Jul262003@yahoo.com

Tabitha Little York, IN


Not great to lay your infant inside, but ok if you leave it closed and slide it under baby for extra support. You can’t let go of your baby this way, but it works great when your baby has already fallen asleep and you need something to support their weight.If you are carrying your child on your hip, you could slip it under their heiny to support their weight.It’s a quick fix for tired arms but, it doesn’t free you up completely.

Jennifer Wilmot, AR

Hard to figure out!

I was excited when my husband brought it home since I had read some good reviews, however after placing my son in it his chin was on his chest and not comfortable for him at all. Also the material was in his face. I followed directions and thought I had it right, mabye they should send out someone to show me how it works. I gave it a 2 since it is stylish & I hope it works in a few weeks when my son can hold his head up and he can sit in it…we’ll see. Wish I had saved my receipt!

Sandra Milliken, CO


I do not own this item but I tried it out in the store and it HURT my shoulder!!! The shoulder strap is too narrow, it digs in, and I only had it on for a couple seconds. I went with a New Native pouch and I LOVE it!!!!

Angel Menemsha, MA