JJ Cole Reversible Body Support Graphite

JJ Cole Reversible Body Support Graphite

JJ Cole’s reversible body support has soft velour on one side and a breathable embroidered knit on the other, providing comfort to baby in any season. The head support is adjustable and detachable, which accommodates baby’s growth.

Main features

  • Front Fabric: 100% Cotton; Insert: 100% Polyester; Back Fabric: 100% Polyester; Filling: 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Reversible fabrics for year round comfort
  • Fits snuggly around infants of all sizes
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews



Soft and fits perfect. After I purchased it I found out that nothing should be in the car seat, so i never used it.

Veronica Fingal, ND

Hospital advised me to return this item

A clinician at the hospital advised that this type of 3rd party device is not recommended for use in a car seat. Two reasons: 1) Apparently, it could cause an infant to slip under/over car seat straps. 2) Not crash tested along with the car seat. She stated that it’s best to purchase a car seat with built-in infant head support to be sure that it has been rated and crash-tested for that specific car seat.

Marion Huffman, TX

Keeps your little one snug!

Our baby carrier was great but had a little too much room for our daughter, which meant a lot of movement from side to side when we drove. Once we installed the support, she was a lot more comfortable and had a lot more cushion.

Carmen Pelham, NY

Very Snug, better for Stroller, not car seat

I bought this to line an infant carrier that I use only in a stroller. I have to say that it is very plush and comfy, but I think it’s probably to thick to use in a carrier or car seat. I highly recommend it for stroller use as it’s comfy and snug. It’s also beautiful and very well made.

Leona Clover, SC

Only fits newborns

This product seems very soft and comfy, but the 0-8 months is completely off! I have an average sized 3 month old and it was too small for him- he was squeezed in when I tried it in his carseat and started crying it was so tight. Disappointing. I would say it would be perfect for the first 6-8 weeks and that’s about it.

Tracie Austin, TX

Great for small infants!

Great product! I bought this along with the Summer Infant Cushy strap covers. My daughter HAT ED her car seat until I got these! She did grow out of this insert fast… By the time she was 11 lbs she looked squished and with it being June/July she would sweat in it. But it did make her more comfortable for weeks 6-9. I wish I had it from the very beginning!

Harriet Golden Valley, AZ

Don’t use aftermarket products with your carseat!

I bought this when I found out that my daughter would be very small when born. Then I learned that you are not supposed to use any aftermarket products with any carseat. Do your research!

Lucile Roland, IA

Nice & cozy!

I bought this to go in the Britax Marathon 70 for my newborn. It is super cozy and plush and will fit her perfectly! I don’t know how long it will last, but for my purpose it is great.

Elva Lyons, WI

Keeping my son comfy

I’ve been using this since my son is born. It keeps him comfy in his stroller specially when his newborn.

Cleo Dennis, KS


This is definitely a plus to have over some of the supports that carseats come with that don’t really support anything. It fits most carseats, strollers, and even swings or bouncers!

Mae Bush, KY

Love this!

I put in my BOB stroller for my newborn and don’t need the infant car seat! This is perfect for any strollers you don’t want to snap the car seat into!

Pamela Amo, IN


Bought pink one for my third child. Sleeps great in it and fits the peg pereggo car seat. Although will probably outgrow it’s use in the car seat shortly since baby is growing out of it. Highly recommend.

Nannie Willard, NM

Every newborn needs one

I got this while I was pregnant and put it in the Graco Snugride car seat we had. As a first time mom, I wasn’t sure whether it was really needed or not, but I am SO glad I got it! Our newborn baby girl had a safe, comfortable ride home from the hospital because of it. No hanging head like with the standard head supports. The material is beautiful, thick, and soft, and can be reversed to the fleece side for warmth in the winter. We used it until she was 2 months old, and then started using it again at 4 months in her new convertible car seat. One of our best baby purchases I would say!

Jewell Golden City, MO

Great for newborns but does NOT work for up to 8 months…

Worked great for my newborn and it’s super soft. I would say this works 0-3 months not up to 8 months like stated in the description. My baby is now 12 lbs 22.5″ long and the insert is way too snug for him but I am still using the detachable head support. I am going to use it in my stroller and see how that works. It does make my baby too warm (for summer) but would probably work great for winter time. I give it 3 stars because I could only use it for 6 weeks and it makes my baby hot.

Alexandria Matagorda, TX

Bought for use in Bob stroller

Since my car seat was not compatible in the BOB stroller I bought this so I could put my baby in it for walks around the block. SO, far it has worked amazingly well. He is snug and warm in it. If you lived in a warm climate or it is summer it might be too hot. But, it is fall and I live in the PNW so it is perfect. I love it! It is super soft and insulates him well.

Joy Frankston, TX

The Best Support

Love this support carseat product. it is so comfy and easy to use. washes great. A must have for any new parent.

Michaela Willisville, AR

Nice quality but too hot

We used this pillow with the highchair for our 2-3 month old: it worked great during winter. The baby seemed to enjoy it. When it started getting warmer, the baby would sweat while sitting on (in?) it.

Lori West Alexandria, OH

Worked great!

I got this pillow so my 3 month old baby could go in our regular fold up stroller.It worked perfect to fill the space and hold him up.

Frankie Shannon, GA

Supports my daughter better than what came with the car seat…

Im glad i got this for my daughter. I thought that the support that came with the car would suffice. I was wrong. Withe body support, my daughters head is well supported her wait area is snug. Im glad i got this. I would definitely recommend this product.

Kari Kings Bay, GA

Nice concept but …

This body support has a nice concept but is way too hot. My 3 months old who is always cold sweats on this (on the side that should be cool) when we go out in the freezing NY winter. This is great for newborns in car seats, probably too tight for a 3 months old already although u can still use the cushion on a regular stroller and the head support is good to keep it straight.

Johnnie Doss, TX

Doesn’t fit the Graco snug ride car seat

This is really nice and plush but it dies not fit the Graco Snug Ride car seat even for a week old preeie

Janie Little Rock, SC

Comfy, nice material

This works very well however the cushion part of the head support does not hold up over time. The filling shfts around and becomes lumpy. I contacted JJ Cole and their customer service department has made me jump through hoops to get a replacement. This is too bad because I really like JJ Cole products but their customer service is lacking!

Adele Kinta, OK

Best body support for babies

If you own a Graco Snugride you figure out fast that unless your baby is older, “snug” isn’t part of the ride. The head support that came with it was awful and we tossed it. We tired the JJ Cole one hoping that it would work, other ones had not. And it did! The arm wing looking things fill in the sides of the car seat so the baby doesn’t scrunch down and the head rest keeps his head up. Now that he is getting to where he doesn’t slump it offers the bonus of keeping him warm – which he loves. He loves it so much he prefers to nap in his car seat over anywhere else….If you live in a warm environment this isn’t a good choice but if like us you live where it is often chilly, consider it.Ours came with the car seat strap covers which helped the straps fit better (the Snugride ones can be floppy). Once he hit 6 months we took them off as he didn’t need them anymore. They also worked well for collecting drool, always a bonus.PS: All of the parts launder well. No shrinkage.

Gertrude Frederick, IL

they grow so fast!

LO grew so fast that we used it only once or twice. Not really worth getting if you plan to stay home a lot but I can see it being safe for infants that travel more

Elvia Manchester, GA

Another great JJ Cole Product.

There are simply some products that says quality. This body support is plush, comfortable, and supports baby, it fits great in our car seat and supports our little one perfectly.

Aurelia Foyil, OK

Very Comfy for newborns

It holds my Newborn in place when he’s in the car seat extremely comfy it holds my baby’s head when he’s asleep. It does the job very well. *2mos. later…. I dont need it anymore…. My Son is 20 1/2 inches long and weights 12 Lbs. and this support makes him really tight in the car seat I’ve adjusted the belts in his seat but it just seams to bulky now so Im using it when he gets on his swing.. I think by 5 months of age I wont be using it anymore.. When they say 0-8ms. I say get real! 0-5mos…

Mary Uniontown, OH

body support

its a cute body support to support your child. you can also remove the head piece if needed for washing

Effie Houston, AK