JJ Cole Strap Covers Pink

JJ Cole Strap Covers Pink

The Reversible Strap Covers are a stylish way to make baby’s car seat more comfortable. Wrap them around the car seat harness to protect your child’s face from the rubbing on rough seat belts. Plush faux shearling easily reverses to a soft, embroidered side that’s trimmed in delicate satin for a touch of style. It’s a simple solution at an affordable price.

Main features

  • Front Fabric: 100% polyester; Back Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Imported
  • Reversible for all-season comfort and style
  • For use with car seats or strollers
  • Plush fabrics, soft satin trim and embroidered patterns
  • Machine washable
  • Reversible for all season comfort and style

Verified reviews


Waste of money

When I was pregnant I went crazy and bought everything I thought I could possibly need. I own a chicco keyfit for when my son was younger and now have a Britax and neither needed this product. They both came with similar products attached and my son was never one to spit up in the car so its not like I needed to clean them a lot. Some cheaper carseats may need these but I think most already have this covered.

Lolita Gepp, AR

Don’t use aftermarket products with carseats!

While this seems like a great product, you are not supposed to use aftermarket products in your child safety carseats. Do your research!

Corine Anthony, FL

strap covers

Bought these for 2 reasons – one to protect the straps when she spits up and the other to make sure the straps don’t dig into her when she’s in the car seat. They’re easy to attach. Getting her into the seat is a little annoying but I’m sure after doing it a few times it will be easier.

Nelda Northfield, CT

Must-have for newborn

We didn’t have these when we brought my son home from the hospital. I cringed when we put him in the car seat. He was a very average 7 lbs. but his Graco carseat seemed to swallow him and the straps dug into his neck. He seems so much more comfortable now that we have these. He never slept in the seat before but since we got this and the Snuzzler he falls asleep almost every time.

Janine Warner, OK

Great for Chicco Keyfit 30

The strap protectors that come with theChicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base, Adventureare really horrible. Not only do they not protect newborn necks, but my daughter was allergic to the synthetic material. Enter the JJ Cole Strap Covers. Yes, they are large compared with the standard protectors, but they are MUCH better. Currently my daughter is 4 months old and the straps work wonders. She no longer hates the straps in her car seat, and they no longer cut into her neck. It’s a win-win!

Iva Compton, MD

Perfect Solution

We have a Graco Snugride car seat on which the straps were digging into my newborn’s neck on one side. I tried adjusting it but the only way to not hurt her neck was to keep it loose, which was out of the question. Then I discovered these and we haven’t had a problem since. They are reversible, and since it is warm now, we have it turned to the pink side. The straps are no longer a problem and I still have plenty of room to close her chest buckle. They velcro on and off and even though I haven’t washed them, I don’t foresee any problem doing so. It was a small price to pay to ensure my daughter’s comfort in the car.

Alexandra Homestead, PA

Absolute Must-Have

These should be standard-issue with all carseats. The carseat straps rubbed my baby’s neck and he hated riding in it until I got these. They are soft and keep the straps from making red marks on him. Now we have a happy baby in the carseat!

Jacquelyn Lititz, PA

Serve their purpose, hold up well in the wash

I have been using these for almost 9 months now to add a little padding around my baby’s neck but also to protect the straps on his stroller and car seat. They work well and stay attached with the velcro. They have been washed so many times I have lost count, but have held up really well. Great buy, good value, ships quickly. I would definitely recommend.

Adeline Belzoni, MS

Good strap covers

I think these are nice strap covers, I do wish they were a bit thinner so that they didn’t cause me to loosen the straps on the car seat more when I have them on, but other than that I can’t complain. They get the job done and seem to be made of quality material.

Maryellen Clifford, VA

nice product

these car seat strap covers are very soft. i am glad i purchased them from amazon.

Lana Livingston, AL


Easy to use and clean and love that they are reversible. They def accomplish the job was hoping they would

Hannah Rewey, WI

Comfortable and still safe

These were great for my son’s infant carseat! I wish we’d bought them sooner. So many strap covers have pictures of them in suse where the carseat’s harness clip is too low because the strap cover is too long, which is dangerous and would be very uncomfortable for a child in a crash! This one was just the right length to protect my son’s neck from the edge of the strap while still allowing the carseat to be properly fastened. I bought another set just like it when we got his covertible carseat.We keep the cover turned to the fuzzy side all year long even though it’s really hot here because the quilted side just seems a little rough.

Katie Cromwell, IN


These are exactly what I was searching for. They’re quite soft and protect my kids necks from the straps. The Velcro could be a bit stronger (my 2.5 yo twins can rip there off in a flash…sigh) but otherwise the covers are a great invention. There’s no good way to secure them that’s safe as well as easy to remove and wash. You have to sacrifice one to get the other.

Ester Peachland, NC

Strap Cover

These JJ Cole Strap Covers were bought as a baby gift. The recipient was please with the quality of the product.

Sasha Taftsville, VT

Nice strap covers

These work perfectly on my daughter’s car seat (once she stopped pulling them off and throwing them on the floor). They are reversible with a super soft, fuzzy, fleecy side.

Savannah Reynoldsville, PA

Exactly What I Needed

I was looking for something similar to the JJ cole ones I already had on my 1st car seat. These were perfect and a great price!

Pamela Silverlake, WA

Fantastic to protect neck

I purchased these strap covers to protect our daughter’s neck when she is in the car seat. They work really well – no red marks at all! Also love that they’re reversible so that I can use the fleece side in the winter. I’d highly recommend this product!

Staci Agoura Hills, CA

So Cute!!!

It’s very soft and is a great addition to our little girl’s carseat. Very soft on both sides. I’m sure it will last a long time.

Karin Closter, NJ

Product made well

These work very well. I like them but my daughter would snatch them off which is why I am giving them a 4.They are made well and wash well. Unfortunately, I just can’t keep them on the strap :-).I think they would be better if there was a button along with the velcro.

Staci New Martinsville, WV

Well made but not quite for newborns

I like the feel and quality of the covers but i think this may be best suited for infants and toddlers. We tried it with our three week old but they are too long. I look forward to using them when he gets a little taller.

Caryn Oktaha, OK

Love these!

Wish I had know about these strap covers before my daughter was born. My daughter is 20 days old and the car seat is so uncomfortable for her, especially the straps. But now she doesn’t mind being strapped in so much because she has soft fleece rubbing on her face instead of rough straps. I haven’t tried the satin side, but they seem very soft and comfortable as well! Buy these!

Chrystal Knowlesville, NY

Nice product

I like these very much because they are like sheep wool on the inside and smooth on the outside and easily reversible. Unfortunately my one-year-old loves to pull these off as soon as I sit him in the chair (I suppose the Velcro sound is too irresistible to him) and then ends up with strap chafe on his neck on our road trip but I don’t think that’s the fault of the product.

Florine Woronoco, MA

Soft and cute

I love it.It’s really soft. One side is with kind of sheep =) the other is just cloth but both are really soft.Very easy to put on and off.I even think of buying one for me for seat belts in a car as they always scrab my neck =)

Betty Blair, SC

All infant seats should have these included!

My wife and I are about to have our fourth child so you can imagine how many car seats we own. Honestly, we didn’t know better when we only had a single infant carrier. It wasn’t until we bought our first convertible that had padding on the straps to protect the neck that we realized that we need it for the infant seat.Although our oldest never had the opportunity to enjoy these, all of our other kids did. Baby seat straps are rough and I know I wouldn’t want my neck rubbing against them as I’m being jostled around in a car. This little bit of padding will prevent red gashes around your kids necks. Well worth the $10!

Gussie Lakeside, CT

Baby hates it

I was under the impression that this would make my baby more comfortable with the strap covers but it made the strips bulkier and more bothersome: my baby does not like it at all.

May Arlington, IA

neck saver

Does exactly what they should…..protect my kids neck from the 5 point harness straps. There was alot less complaining during out 14hr trip.

Hannah Danbury, TX


As a new mom, I love anything washable that looks great and does the job. This covers are very thick and stylish. They look great in my baby’s car seat. I’ve wash them once and they still look great. So, if you don’t see an update in the future it means they still look great.

Helen Anderson Island, WA

Well made and keeps the straps from rubbing

I was hoping this product would be a little larger and help keep my babies head from leaning forward when he sleeps, but it doesn’t. They do keep the straps from rubbing his neck though and that is good. I like that they are reversible so you can have the fur in the winter and the quilted in the summer. They also remove easily for washing. They are a little better made and larger than the munchkin straps covers and I like this better.

Hallie Crawford, WV

Helps keep baby’s head from hanging

We bought this in conjunction with the JJ Cole Body Support in the same style & are so glad we did! We used them when our daughter was a newborn in her infant seat and, when placed high on the shoulders, they really helped hold her head up and straight. At 4 months old, we decided to transition her into a convertible car seat and used them in that as well. Not only are they good for holding baby’s head up, but the soft material keeps her much more comfortable than she would be with just the car seat straps alone. The fact that they are reversible depending on the weather is also a nice feature. We have washed them multiple times and they still look new. Very happy with this purchase!

Mina Babbitt, MN


Cute and do the job. A little big so they don’t fit as snugly as I’d like, but that’s probably different for every car seat strap.

Justina Lincroft, NJ