JJ Cole Swag Diaper Bag, Silver Drop

JJ Cole Swag Diaper Bag, Silver Drop

The ultimate in fashion and function. This chic hobo-style diaper bag features a body made of rich patterned fabric complemented by a soft, animal-friendly faux leather top. The spacious interior includes multiple organizational compartments, while the exterior offers easily-accessible open and zippered pockets.

Main features

  • Canvas
  • Insulated side bottle pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder strap

Verified reviews



I purchased this bag after the birth of my second child, needing more space in a diaper bag but without adding too much bulk. (I used a very slim, sling style bag from JJ Cole before this, and was happy that it fit the essentials and gave me freedom… who needs a huge heavy diaper bag?) This bag fits everything and more — I’m continually impressed with how much I can stuff in it, and the pockets are well placed and roomy. It looks great, too! My sister in law (who is in college) thought I had bought a cute new purse and insisted on carrying it for me when she visited my family because she thought it looked good on her! I use the pouch/wallet even when I’m not using the bag (it’s a cute wristlet!). One reviewer noted that the silver color is actually more muted — this is true. I’d call it pewter rather than silver, and the white is actually a little creamy too. I’m just now seeing that they’ve added the bronze color and am so tempted to get a second swag bag… It’s nice to have a useful product that lets mom have some real style, too. I’d recommend this to anyone, even women without kids — it’s an excellent bag.

Marilyn Slippery Rock, PA

Best Diaper Bag ever!

First of all, it was hard for me to hit the button and purchase this diaper bag not being able to view it in stores first. I tried Target and Babies R Us and neither had it in stock. I had this diaper bag on my baby registry for 7 months before I finally bought it. Boy was I NOT disappointed. The bag looks even better in person. I opened the box and did the “WOW”. The bag is high quality and is very fashionable and has just the right color combination. It also is big enough to hold everything you’ll need, but not look over-sized on you. I’ve read a few reviews that “short” people thought it was too big for them. I’m 5’3″ and it looks great on my shoulder or on my stroller. So happy that I purchased this bag!!!

Lenore Gualala, CA

Very stylish!

PROS: This bag suites me very well – practical and stylish. It comes with a changing pad, stroller hooks, and a zippered pull out wristlet. I can’t wait to use it! I’m a first time mom-to-be and this bag seems to be practical but we’ll see once I actually start using it. The lower canvas portion of the bag is black and white (on the website it looks navy to me). The silver part is very soft, and the strap is wide and should be comfortable on my shoulder. I plan to use it messenger style as apposed to purse style. (But it’s great to have options!)CONS: The opening at the top could be wider. But, in general the bag is a little stiff, so it may just need some breaking in. Front zippers are chunky and don’t open/close smoothly. It’s not so clear that the front pockets will be of much use once the inside bag is full. Quality is good, not great for the price.

Karina Martville, NY

Absolutely love this bag!

This is a fantastic diaper bag! I originally had a Fisher price generic brown bag so that my husband wouldn’t be embarrassed carrying it. But after a few months I really wanted to upgrade so I got this bag in the Silver Drop. It is very roomy and has plenty of pockets to store the dozens of items and supplies I need to carry on a daily basis.It comes with a convenient diaper changing pad and a little zipper pouch that’s handy to carry pacifiers. The outside has two insulated pockets for bottles. The strap is wide and adjustable which is nice, though I wish it was even longer so I could wear it like a messenger bag. One of my favorite features are the stroller grips it comes with. They have a rubber top which makes them stay on the handle of my stroller very well. The two loops at the bottom of the strap click right into place so you can easily hang your bag from the stroller.The bag is pretty expensive but worth it in my opinion. It doesn’t necessarily look like a diaper bag which is nice, and now my other bag is solely used by my husband.

Eddie Grand Rapids, MN

Stylish and practical

I had my eye on this bag for ages, but had a Skip Hop Versa in cream links in decent condition, so I couldn’t justify spending the money. I hated my Skip Hop though because I had to hand wash it super frequently, which was a pain. I finally got the Swag bag, and I am so glad I did! It’s got great pockets- the inner pockets actually fit cloth diapers easily, which is a big plus. The strap is comfortable, the bag isn’t too heavy, and the material is heavy duty canvas that doesn’t stain easily- a major plus. It also has metal studs on the base so that it does not rest directly on the floor. I was worried about how many folds it takes to fold the changing pad, but it is actually pretty easy to do- even one handed. The little wristlet is super cute too, I carry my phone and cards in it so that I can just grab that when I’m running a quick errand and don’t want to take the whole bag. It is slightly smaller than the Skip Hop Versa, but I think that will only be a problem when flying- otherwise it fits a LOT easily. My only complaint might be that the front pockets are a bit on the small side, so they aren’t very practical, but otherwise I love this bag and hope it lasts through my diaper bag days- this is my third one, and my daughter is only about to turn 1.

Silvia Killdeer, ND

Love it

I love the style of this bag and use it as a handbag when I don’t even have my baby with me. However as he has got bigger and requires more accessories, the bag does not hold them all and I will have to use my other ‘Mode’ diaper bag.

Ilene Hardaway, AL

Best diaper bag EVER!!

This bag is SO roomy, and it looks more like a great purse. It holds everything I need for my two year old, and my three month old. It has cart/stroller clips, and a fantastic changing pad. It has plenty of pockets, and areas for keys, cell phones ex…

Jennie Oak Forest, IL

Just like a purse

I had been looking for something more stylish than a plain diaper bag for quite some time. I LOVE this bag! It is roomy enough for all of the baby stuff, plus mine since I don’t carry this AND a purse. I have had many compliments on this bag, many people don’t even realize it’s a diaper bag! My only complaint- and why I didn’t give it 5 stars- is that the outside pockets (not the zipper ones) stick out to much if there is anything in them. I would love it even more if they laid more flat.

Harriet Washington, CA

Great for what I need

I love this diaper bag!! As with other reviewers, I agree it can be a bit small if you bring a lot of stuff with you, but for 90% of our outings, this bag is just perfect. I love that it looks like a purse and not a frumpy, cutesy diaper bag! For a lady who likes her purses, this was a must. I find the interior pockets to be very deep and hold a lot and I really liked the little bag it came with for keys or credit cards; I use it for extra pacis so it’s quick to find.I don’t find it to look cheap at all, I’ve had it for 4 months and it’s still holding up very well (even taking several long trips with it). Many diaper bags don’t have a zipper top but this one does and that was a must for me. The strap is adjustable; I like to wear mine messenger bag style. I have a large chest and the length is just great. It probably won’t hang way low onto your hip if you’re taller (I’m 5’2″) like a regular messenger bag so if that’s what you’re looking for this may not be for you. It hits my hips and I have a decently long torso. Can it fit plush blankets? No. But during our last trip I had two juice-box-sized milks, a sippy, three pacis, an extra outfit, two things of sunscreen, a hat for my son, my wallet, a camera, two phones, a few small toys/teethers, a burp cloth, 4 diapers, a travel size wipes, face wipes, a bag of snacks, and a puree pouch with some room to spare. It didn’t feel heavy at all. This was for an outing at the local fair.It could be bigger and sometimes I wish it was, but if it were roomier then it would be too large of a bag and not something I would carry on a regular basis. When we’re going on a plane or a longer trip I bring a different bag. This bag is perfect for a stylish everyday bag.

Megan Choteau, MT

Love this bag!

This bag is perfect! It’s a little on the small side, but then again, I’m an overpacker. I can fit all the necessities plus a little room to spare. The strap is easily adjustable and keeps me hands free. I just took this bag to disneyworld and it handles the weight great! Still really comfy! I hooked it on and off of my stroller all day long and it clips really smoothly! My only complaint is that if you stuff it full it’s hard to zip shut. This isn’t really the bags fault though. If you register it online at jjcolecollections.com they give a two year warranty! Overall, very happy and would purchase again!

Vonda Republic, OH

Durable for almost 2 years already

The front angled pockets are big enough to put an adult water bottle in (like a regular Camelbak one for example), the outside insulted pockets on the ends are big enough to put a small throw-away water bottle. Inside, the four little pockets are each very spacious and in one I always keep a change of shirt and pants for my baby. There is room to put several cloth diapers in the main inner cavity, I usually put cloth diaper covers in one of the four pockets inside, snacks for me in one of the four inside pockets, wipes in the last of the four inner pockets, and room for your wetbag, baby’s snacks, wallet, and even small toys. I’m listing what my bag normally contains to show just how much this bag can hold. It looks cute worn short on one shoulder and equally good slung across the chest and worn low. Also, the changing pad is cute and sized great, when I need to put a piece of paper in my bag I fold it in half and slot it in next to the changing pad – perfect for the papers they send home with you after a well-baby visit! Oh, and the little zippered pockets in front are good for a couple easy-access credit cards or diaper fasteners, just small things. Awesome bag.

Terry Wakefield, NE

Love this bag

This is a very nice bag and the metallic color goes with everything. I get a lot of compliments on it. However, I do wish it is was slightly bigger to better accommodate all the stuff a mommy needs to carry around!

Cecile Marshallville, OH


I just purchased this bag. My daughter is 19 mo & I’m no longer in need of my petunia pickle bottom boxy backpack. It’s too big to carry when out, along with a purse. I needed something that served a dual purpose. I wanted to carry all my things in addition to throwing my daughters sippy, snacks, diapers, etc in without too much hassle. I’ve had it for only a few days & it works perfectly. I LOVE that it has only 1 strap that is cross-body. I need both hands to carry her and this is perfect. Also the TON of pockets and zipper closure with magnetic strap is super helpful. I can leave it unzipped, for easy access, but stays ‘closed’ cuse of the magnetic flap.I plan on taking this bag on our first plane trip, later this summer. I think it will work perfectly.I did my research on this bag, YouTube videos & reviews helped to see the bag in someone’s hands.My reason for only 4 stars: I am 5’1 and this bag is a ‘tad’ too big for me. Don’t get me wrong I love the size and the capability to fit everything I need. But sometimes I feel like I’m lugging a suitcase around. Yet if I remove my daughters things and use it as a purse it tends to be more collapseable and less bulky. Also, there were very minor imperfections in the bag, some little scratches to the faux leather portion, but not enough to send back. I purchased this at amazons discount price of $56. Out the door, free shipping! So I am pleased! Shipping was extremely fast! Purchased Saturday, shipped Tuesday & recieved less than 12 hours later at 10am on Wednesday!

Tameka Bondurant, WY

Sigh. I am in love. And it even works for tall women!

Like many moms, I am no novice at diaper bags. Call it an addiction but I have bought many diaper bags including, the JJ Cole Mode diaper bag, the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe and more recently the Skip Hop Versa (just to name a few). They all had something that turned me off. Either way too big, not enough organization, cheaply made, and/or the strap was uncomfortable. So when I saw this diaper bag my poor husband just shook his head.We have two little boys, 2 years old and 3 months old, so I needed something that had excellent organization but wasn’t too big because I like to keep it to just the necessities. Sidenote: I personally like to keep a tote in the back of my car stocked with even more “extras” for emergency so I don;t have to overload the one I carry around. In my diaper bag I can eaily fit pulls ups and sippy cup for toddler; diapers, wipes, a couple of onesies, tommee tippee bottle, formula dispenser, light blanket and maybe a burp cloth for baby, wallet, phone and keys for me and probably a bunch of other random small things. It’s fits it all beautifully plus even MORE! Some have complained it was too small but for me it is the perfect size. Unless you’re the type to pack the kitchen sink, it will work great for most people. I LOVE how it looks like a high end purse. The pockets on the outside are deep, all the hardware is top of the line and it just feels so nice!Now for the strap. I read all the reviews and I was worried that the strap would be too short for me to wear it messenger style, which is my favorite. I am 5’10 with a medium frame (not your “petite” gal) and although I DO wish it was longer and hit me lower on the hip, I can still easily toss it over the shoulder and not look ridiculous. I have it on the second to last hole (looks like it might come undone on the last one) and it totally works for me messenger style. Oh and the strap is quite comfortable. I sold all of my other diaper bags except for the backpack one for daddy and this IS IT! The perfect one for me! I’ve had it a few weeks, I am just as thrilled with it now as I was when I got it and it can easily go from playdates to date nights with the husband.PS. I got the silver drop and all the reviews are correct. The silver part is in NO way like the astronaut colored silver in the picture. It’s much more muted and has nice pale gold undertones- and in my opinion way better this way. You won’t regret this purchase!

Carlene Roundhill, KY

The is one fly bag!

I love this bag its stylish and nice and is good for quick trips with baby. It can whole alot for its size and is good if you are going for lunch or something. If baby is visiting grandma or other relatives the larger caprice bag would be best. I have them both and don’t need anything else!’Very important to note, you dont need to buy the stroller bag straps, they come with the diaper bag. i wish i knew that cuz I now have three lol

Nellie Garrison, MO