JJ Cole System Bag – Graphite/Green

JJ Cole System Bag – Graphite/Green

With additional organizer pockets as well as other specialized compartments for cell phone bottles and an MP3 player pocket with cord escape the System Diaper Bag in graphite/green features a spacious interior. With its wide adjustable shoulder strap the System is easy to carry but when the shoulders need a break the bag conveniently attaches to the stroller. Durable rubber straps readily loop around the strollers handle and grip to keep the System in place while on-the-go. Simply clip or unclip the bag as desired keeping the subtle straps on the stroller for effortless transitions. Features Over-the-shoulder design makes it easy to carry and it can also be converted with stroller attachments Carry all your child’s needs in a lightweight functional and stylish bag Exterior: 100% coated nylon; interior: 100% polyester Stylish graphite and green coloring Over a dozen compartments and pockets give you all the carrying capacity you could need in a water-resistant.

Main features

  • Stroller attachment straps for carrying convenience. -MP3 player pocket with cord escape
  • Includes coordinating pacifier pod and changing pad & tote. -adjustable shoulder strap
  • Interior with organizer pockets. -water resistant outer materials easily wipes clean

Verified reviews


Love it!

This is a great bag! It is well made and easy to use. There is plenty of usable space, but it doesn’t feel too big. The front pouch holds my stuff (keys, cell phone etc), and I keep sunglasses and a water bottle in the side pockets. The front pouch easily lifts up to access more flat pockets. The main compartment is unzipped from the top, and there is lots of room for cloths, clothes, and the diaper pad pouch. There is also a side pouch for more storage (I put a blanket and cloths there too). It easily attaches to a stroller (I have a bugaboo), and the bag itself can hook and unhook with the 2 clasps easily, leaving the hooks on the stroller itself. The color is nice – not too bright, and my husband doesn’t mind carrying the bag if he needs to. The shoulder strap is padded and adjustable, and comfy to carry over the shoulder.

Melba Camden Point, MO


This was my first diaper bag. I bought it for the non-diaper baggy design and the decidedly androgynous color scheme. It remains in my diaper bag collection only as a back-up bag or for the days when my husband takes the baby without me. I have also used it while hiking so as not to ruin my nicer, more expensive bags.Pros:-The colors! I know that is totally subjective, but I love gray and I love lime green, so there you go.-The little insert is fantastic. That thing gets used quite a bit. We keep in in the car with two diapers and a little cellophane packet of wipes (not the hard-sided travel case, but the little packet). It’s waterproof, wipe-able, compact, the handle is a great length, it folds out to a decent sized changing pad, and it has a little zipper pocket that holds a sanitizing hand wipe packet, my license, and some cash perfectly.-It’s nicely sized for a day bag.-The zipper is smooth.-Lots of useful pockets.Cons:-There is a round magnet that holds the front cover closed, and it kind of shows through the fabric. Wouldn’t really be a problem if I didn’t keep forgetting that it is a magnet and starting the great hunt for the mysterious missing quarter. Seriously, I have lost more minutes to that damn quarter/magnet thingy than I care to confess.-This bag is totally devoid of style. Sorry, it’s true. This is the cinder block of diaper bags.-I can be hard to maneuver in the main pocket- it’s kind of a big compartment with a proportionally wrong opening.-The pacifier pod thing is totally useless. I’m pretty sure I threw it out.-The bottle pockets on the outside are a little bit off. The narrow Evenflo bottles are a bit loose and the wider Playtex Drop-Ins are very tight. And don’t even think about shoving a Tommee Tippee bottle in there, not unless you are a magic mad scientist and have figured out how to harness the power of wormholes.Overall, it’s just an OK bag. It’s really bland looking (it may be good for a man who doesn’t want to scream “LOOK I’m carrying a purse/diaper bag) and it’s very basic, but functional, and for the price, I think you can do a lot better. The changing pad thing is awesome and well worth the money if you can buy it separately. I really can’t comment on the durability because it gets used so rarely, but for what it is worth, I have had it for a little under a year and I have had no problems with it.

Faye Wimbledon, ND


I love it! It’s stylish, big enough but not too big, has a lot of great compartments and the changing pad is fantastic. I get a ton of compliments on it. Comfortable to carry, too.

Evelyn Newfield, ME


Look no further. This is the BEST diaper bag. There are tons of little pockets inside to keep everything organized. And I love the “wallet” feature under the front flip cover. We use the mp3 player compartment to hold our camera so it’s always in easy reach to capture my favorite baby moments. 🙂 And the bag is comfortable for both my husband and I to carry – not only is it “cool-looking” enough for him, but it’s just the right size for the both of us to carry comfortably without even having to adjust it. My favorite feature is the stroller clips that allow you very easily hang the bag from the back of your stroller. It’s so convenient. You must get one!

Renee Okabena, MN

Roomy, stylish, but flimsy

I bought this bag after a friend told me that the reviews must be crazy because she thought it was awesome. I do like the bag–I think it is set up nicely, has plenty of room, and looks really good, but there are a few issues. My zipper broke after a few months of use. The company sent me a replacement, but it wasn’t a good sign for such an expensive item. The bag just isn’t wearing well. The gray is dirty and easily stained and the shoulder pad is starting to fray. The compartments are nice, but I feel like the changing pad doesn’t fit well in its designated pocket once filled with diapers (which is how it’s designed to work). I really like the design and it is comfortable to wear. I also like that it clips to the stroller. Overall, I’d buy it again, but only if the company keeps replacing parts!

Hillary Guide Rock, NE