JJ Cole Urban Bundleme, Ice, Infant

JJ Cole Urban Bundleme, Ice, Infant

The quilted outer nylon of the Urban Bundleme protects against wind and rain while the luxuriously soft inner thermaplush adds style and warmth. The Urban Bundleme is for use with car seats, strollers and joggers and features a removable top for easy temperature control. The design allows safety straps to rest directly on the child. The wind and water resistant material is machine washable for easy care.

Main features

  • Outside fabric: 100% polyester; Inside fabric: 100% polyester; Filling: 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Use with carseats, strollers, and joggers
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Removable top for easy temperature control
  • Allows safery straps to rest directly on child
  • For use with strollers, joggers and car seats
  • Removable top for easy temperature control
  • Allows safety straps to rest directly on the child
  • Crash tested – FMVSS 214

Verified reviews


Does not work with Baby Jogger or BOB

This is not a universal cover because it does not work with the 2 most common jogging strollers. The entire line of Baby Joggers (City Mini, City Elite) and BOB strollers have connected hoods/mesh to the back of the seat. You can not slip it around so it will never be secure. The company really needs to advertise that it absolutely must slip behind the back of the seat. Most common strollers it is okay but most jogging strollers (which I think is what you use the most outside) you can not use this item. Big disappointment. Hope this saves someone else from the hassle.

Yvonne Adrian, IL


This product goes under the baby and affects the harness fit. Instead, buy a shower-cap style cover that ONLY goes over the carseat. Don’t risk unsafe products when it comes to your baby.

Rosanna Lynnwood, WA

doesn’t fit well on the chicco keyfit, but it does keep her warm

I don’t know if it fits better on another brand of car seat, but the fit on the chicco keyfit, is all wonky, it doesn’t cover all of the top, and it runs quite short. We were up in Conn. during a snowstorm over Halloween weekend recently, and being from VA, i wanted to make sure she stayed warm, so i got some tight and this to supplement what clothes i had with me to keep her warm. It did keep her warm, but it doesn’t even go to the end of the car seat on either end, and my husband hates to try and buckle her in with it as he has a hard time find where straps have gone, its a good thing i don’t think we will be using it long as shes over 6 months now. I posted pictures because i wanted to see how they fit before buying one initially, and nowhere did i find pictures of them on different brand seats.

Leann Souris, ND

It fits the BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller, YEA!!!

I wasn’t sure if this Urban Toddler Bundle Me would fit the BOB Revolution jogging Stroller since I’ve seen conflicting reviews. We just bought a BOB last week and thought we’d take a chance with this cozy looking blanket/footmuff. Thank goodness it fits the BOB stroller. I’m looking forward to taking our LO running and having him not get cold (with this along with the weather shield). We have the brown/blue stroller and the Soho (brown) Bundle Me looks sharp in it – a pretty good color match for being two different companies. So, for the record, this bundle me fits the BOB Revolution. Whew.

Tracie Christine, ND

Started with the Original Bundle Me-Like this better

I started with the Original Bundle Me because I was using a friend’s but she was also pregnant and needed hers back so I purchased this one and I like the JJ Cole Urban Bundle Me better. Here is why: the faux sherling on the original, was prone to pilling of the fabric and caught lint, hair and other debris. The original was heavier and a bit bulkier. I like the fabric of the Urban Bundle Me better. It’s lighter weight and the exterior material wipes clean easier. Overall the product is great and does what it says, which is keep your baby warm. Having tried both the original and this Urban version, I like this better.

Loretta Calvin, ND

returned this

didnt fit properly on my stroller and the material is not of desirable quality . .. its all polyester which was not great for my baby. I prefer natrual fibers

Deborah Kihei, HI

The Original Bundle Me Seems to Be Warmer

I own the Original Bundle me and bought this new Urban bundle me for my cousin’s baby. The Original Bundle Me seems to be warmer with the faux sheepskin on the inside instead of the micro-fleece on the inside of the Urban version. The faux sheepskin seems to be cozier for baby, too. When it is super cold outside, you have to add your own blankets inside either bundleme, but having the bundle me definitely helps keep the blankets where you put them.One aspect of the Urban version that I liked better is that the nylon exterior of the Urban picks up less “debris” than the fleece exterior of the Original. The fleece seems to attract hair, dirt, etc. The nylon Urban is also rain/water resistant. The Original fleece one never seemed to get wet even though it doesn’t make the claim that it is water resistant.Another point to make is that I bought the Bundle Me Lite for the spring and fall months, but didn’t really use it all that much. Unless you live in an area where the spring and fall months are cool for an extended period of time, I would just stick with the Original or Urban version. Here I guess the weather goes straight from Summer to Winter!The whole line of BundleMe products is an AMAZING god-send if you have ever had to put a baby into a coat or snowsuit and then tried to put the car seat straps around them. I can’t tell you which one will suit your needs more, just trying to help make your selection process more successful!! Whichever one you choose will definitely make your life SOOO much easier!This is a link to the Bundle Me Original that I own:JJ Cole Original Bundleme Graphite

Anastasia Marblemount, WA


Perhaps if I hadn’t already had a different type of bunting, I wouldn’t be so disappointed with this one. My sister loaned me her Eddie Bauer bunting when my son was born. She will be having her next baby any week now, so I had to return it to her which meant I had to buy a new one. I saw nothing but great reviews on this product, so I picked one up.First of all, I followed the washing instructions, washing it separately on delicate and drying it on low, and it ripped at the one seam!! Based on that alone, I will be returning it.Aside from that, having used a bunting with a different design, I am not thrilled with this one. Part of the point of using a bunting is so that when you’re in a car where you have heat, you can open up the bunting on a longer drive so baby doesn’t overheat. This bunting zips down both sides to the bottom (by the way, zipping/unzipping is tricky with a baby kicking around; the zipper gets stuck in the material a lot), rather than down the middle front (that style zipper was NEVER a problem). Then you have this thick cover at baby’s feet and nowhere to go with it, as the bottom of the carseat is up against the back seat of the car! So you either have to rig it so it is up the back of the seat and tucked under the headrest, or you have to leave it on baby’s legs.Also, the top of this bunting does fold over so that baby’s face isn’t covered unless you want it to be, BUT…my 5-month old has no problem picking it up and pulling it up over his own face. He did it this morning on the way to daycare. This bunting is too thick for me to feel comfortable with him doing that. And I can’t be reaching in the back seat to pull it down off his face!There is no disputing that the concept of a bunting is great, and that this particular bunting is toasty warm. It is wonderful being able to put the baby in his carseat and strap him in safely w/out a snowsuit being in the way, or having to bundle him up before going out and unbundle him every time you get to your destination. But I don’t think the design of the Urban Bundle-Me is great and I actually think this bunting is TOO warm (even with the bunting open on a long car ride the other day, my son’s back was all sweaty when we took him out of the carseat). After calling several stores and looking at all my options at Babies ‘R’ Us, I ended up ordering a new Eddie Bauer All-Season Bunting from Target.com (which cost less than $20 including shipping). I can’t wait till it gets here. I will be returning the $60 Urban Bundle-Me as soon as I can.

Adrienne Riverdale, CA

Very Warm

Love this! It attaches easily to both my strollers (First years the wave & Britax B Agile) and carseat (chicco key fit 30)

Reyna Los Lunas, NM


Have you ever tried to get your infant into a jacket, snowsuit or thick blanket and then into the carseat straps? Not so easy huh? Well this fabulous product saved me from that headache – although I tried just to see if it really was that difficult!I love that I can put my now 9 month old into the carseat with the bundle me and zip her up! Thats it! the front covers her face if it is windy and she is warm and cozy inside! On especially cold days or when she is dressed for cute rather than cold I put an extra blanket on her inside the bundle me and she cant throw it off!I have the lite version which I used all spring and summer (air conditioned car) and now this one for the fall and winter!Some have commented on how easy it is to move baby in the bundle me from carseat to stroller – I have to disagree I would just get a second one for the stroller. The velcro in the back that holds it into the carset will wake up a sleeping baby if you try to remove the whole thing with baby inside.A great product!

Tommie Panama, IA


These really are the greatest things ever. So much easier than getting your little one into all sorts of outerwear every time you need to run an errand. I purchased it in “Stealth.” Highly recommend.

Kirsten Nunica, MI

Great purchase

I love this! It is so easy to use. Simply velcro it in place and you are ready to go. Also, it fits both my Britax B-Agile and my BOB Revolution. Baby boy is nice and snug inside. Would definitely recommend it.

Brianna Nichols, SC

Great product for the winter in Philadelphia

Great product for the winter in Philadelphia. My daughter stayed nice and snuggly in this. I hope we get another winter of use out of it!

Bernice Buckholts, TX

We used this everyday during cold Canadian Winters

I love, love, love the bundleme. To beat the winter blues I took the baby out for a daily walk and this cover was a must for us. I’ve been out in -40C with my little one in her winter coat and the bundleme and she was never cold. It’s also perfect for spring and fall when the weather is still a little chilly.This fit perfectly on my Uppababy Vista and also on the Joovy Groove.

Elvira Reedsville, PA

great product!

Great for winter use! Works better in carseat than it does in our strollers (Kolcraft-due to straps in strollers), but it did keep our daughter super warm during Christmas in Park outing!

Johnnie Crandon, WI

Like a warm fuzzy sleeping bag

i love this! easy to fit into britax b-safe car seat, looks warm & comfortable, easy to take the top off if too warm, machine washable. best part is that baby had a poop explosion the other day and most was caught in the bundle me, rather than flowing into the car seat grooves – yuck, but not as bad to clean up as it could have been… my baby is 9 pounds now and fits in it very well – it will fit her for a while!

Dona Old Bridge, NJ

Nice and Cozy!

When I had my preemie I was looking for something that would keep him comfortable and warm. He was very uncomfortable in the carseat even with the extra padding so my mom purchased this and it did wonders! He loves it so much even in the warm weather he needs the back cushion to make things extra comfy. Love how soft and how easy it is to wash and all the lovely colors. Definitely recommend this!

Trisha Supply, NC

Extremely warm with perfect pocket for pacifier/teether!

The pocket for the pacifier is a lifesaver and this kept our baby warm through the winter. We had tried other carseat blankets but this was properly snug and the material was thicker and softer. The zipper is a little tough at first but with time became quite smooth. We bought this in Soho (brown) to go with the Sahara Chicco Keyfit carseat and it matched beautifully! Definitely worth the price for ease of use through an airport and while traveling to not worry about blankets getting blown away. For spring we now use theJJ Cole Bundle Me Lite – Taupewhich doesn’t have the pocket but perfect material for this warm weather. You will not be disappointed, JJ Cole always delivers!

Chelsea Germantown, MD

Nice alternative

This was a great alternative to just draping a blanket over babies & bundling them up! Didn’t have to worry about blanket falling or re-draping! Didn’t have to put extra layers on babies just to take them out again! Timesaver – which was really important to me as a new mother of twins!

Claire Holiday, FL

Very warm!

Keeps baby super warm against chilly Wisconsin winter! I had to start dressing my daughter in fewer layers if she was going to be in the car seat a while because she’d be sweaty by the time I unpacked her. I can have her in a long-sleeve shirt and cotton pants with a winter hat and I know she will be warm enough. It was also very easy to install into her carrier, we are using it on a Graco click-connect carrier/carseat. I would recommend this to anyone with a little one in a cold climate.

Trisha Smyer, TX


I just received this item in the mail. I purchsed the toddler size in the color stealth. I originally wanted the color ice but, I m glad I got Black instead. Especially since the cost for the color stealth was 13.00 cheaper than the ice color. ( I hate when that happens, its a color!! ) The product was very easy to add to my stroller. I have an Uppababy Vista. I had tried to read some previously written reviews to inquire some information about the fit because I was so worried that the bundle me wouldn’t fit my stroller but IT FITS GREAT. It doesn’t have a slot for the seat recline handle bar, but you can still recline the seat by using the handle bar with the bundle me over the handle. NO BIG DEAL. Uppa baby has their own version but its double the price. The bundle me is very soft, seems like it will wash well. Overall using this will benefit both me my son. Me, because I wont go nuts trying to keep a blanket on him. I dont have to worry about his blanket falling on the floor and getting dirty and wet in NYC slush ice or worst respending money on lost blankets. My son is guaranteed to be warm and dry. I definitely recommend.

Claudette West Bend, IA

So easy!

We love this product. It was so easy to put on and kept my son warm and cozy throughout the fall, winter and spring. It has held up well and we haven’t had any issues with it. Highly recommend!

Liliana Jackson Center, OH

Great warmth option

So easy to use and works well. Not bulky, easy to install, soft and comfortable. Works with our Britax B-Agile. 7 month old enjoyed it from the get go. Versatile. We’ve used it in 50 degree to 30 degree weather. We can cover our daughter up almost completely and add a hat so that she’s very toasty, but she can pull her hands out or tuck them in depending on her comfort. We fold up the stroller with this attached.

Lorie Odell, IL

Fits the BOB stroller

This works great in my BOB stroller. I live in Seattle so it’s pretty rainy and you can’t let that stop you, but I wanted to keep my daughter warm on days when I went to Stroller Strides in nastier weather. It’s easy to thread in the straps. The biggest problem is my daughter won’t stick her hands underneath it and won’t wear gloves, but that’s not JJ Cole’s fault.

Betty Hannastown, PA

Very snuggly

Soft and snuggly, but I wish we had gotten the toddler size so there would be more room to grow. The baby size is not going to last us for more than one winter.

Rosemarie Mount Ayr, IA

They need to make Adult-sized versions of this…

…because it’s just THAT good. Instead of spending $$$$ in buying a gazillion baby coats and still worrying the baby’s cold, this on-the-go sleeping bag does the trick. It’s a lot better (warmer, stays put) than compared to using a bunch of blankets.PROS:-does it’s job, keeps the baby warm-very soft, yet material is still strong/resilient-easy to assemble and use-can be used with a variety of systems: fits inside car seats as well as strollers-easy to wash in washer (or just spot wipe if there is spit up)-looks nice/relatively fashionable and not too uglyoverall it’s a terrific product! I really wished they had these in adult sizes for our cold cars during the winters!

Janette Catheys Valley, CA


I just purchased my second Bundle Me and am not disappointed. I did end up purchasing it at a local store that had it on clearance, but aside from that it is the Urban BundleMe in Stealth. The first one we purchased was for my last child and I loved it. The only issue I had with the original was that it collected a lot of lint, but aside from that it worked great on our Graco infant carseat. The BundleMe is easy to get on and off for cleaning. I love that the top part comes unzipped from the rest for when you don’t need the extra coverage or for when it is the only part that needs cleaned. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a must have, but it is definitely a plus rather than using blankets that are constantly falling off! I love love love this!

Lorene Wilton, IA

Fits our stroller great!

I bought this for our 2010 city mini stroller. It fits really well and we couldn’t be happier with it.

Laurie Kyburz, CA

Not the same as the infant

Ordered this only because I love the infant car seat one. It worked amazing when I put it on her stroller. Only downside of that is that her little legs are too long for it. So, we ordered this one.While this is very similar to the infant one, it doesn’t work on all strollers. This didn’t fit into my Graco Click Connect. This is made for strollers where it doesn’t have different levels for LO to lay/sit. This is made more for the strollers where you just swing the seat to the sleeping position from the sitting.On the head piece, there’s like a little cap that you put OVER the stroller to keep it in place. There is also a rubber band like the infant seat to keep it in place as well. Because of this, it doesn’t fit into the other strollers because it wouldn’t allow you to put the seat down from sitting to sleeping.I feel like I have to cut the back/top of this. Because if I leave it laying down with out putting over the stroller, it would cinch together. I feel it’s kind of dangerous for LO to sleep in this that way. So, I always have to keep LO in the sitting position…Maybe I can find a way to get it to work with out destroying it 😉

Jannie Halfway, OR

Car at cover

This is a Great product, and it had a good price, shipped fast. It kept the baby snugly warm. Free shipping jj cole products are always great.

Susana Cary, MS