JJ Cole Wearable Blanket, Bright Giraffes, 0-6 Months

JJ Cole Wearable Blanket, Bright Giraffes, 0-6 Months

JLWBG-S Color: Bright Giraffes JJ Cole’s Wearable Blanket eliminates the need for dangerous loose blankets in the crib while keeping baby covered and warm throughout the night. Zipper opens from bottom to top, making it quick and easy to change your sleeping baby. Features: -Wearable blanket. -Available in Bright Giraffes, Green Birds or Primary Elephants colors. -Material: 100pct Cotton. -Sleeveless design fits over regular sleepwear. -Machine washable.

Main features

  • 100% cotton
  • Imported
  • Sleeveless design fits over sleepwear
  • Double zipper for easy diapering
  • 100% cotton

Verified reviews


Not impressed

Received one of those blankets today ( size 0-6 in Primary Elephants)…Once again the colors are a little washed out and the fabric is rather rough and stiff. I was expecting a much softer fabric. I bought muslin blankets from JJ Cole and wasn’t impressed either as the colors are extremely washed out. The positives are that the wearable blanket is a good size and has a zipper and a safety snap up top. You will be paying for the brand name not for a quality blanket..sorry.

Jeannine Marchand, PA

My baby loves the weight of it

We were using muslin wearable blankets because it’s so warm here. We had been gifted this one, but hadn’t used it thinking it would be too heavy for our climate. During a particularly crazy day laundry was overlooked and we ended up trying this one out since our others were all dirty. Turns out the baby prefers this heavy cotton over the muslin ones. I can’t speak for it’s longevity because we’ve only used it for three nights, but I can say that our 2 1/2 month old went from waking us up every 2 hours on the dot, practically since birth, to immediately sleeping almost completely through the night all 3 nights he’s been in it. We went from 4-5 nighttime wakings to 1 or 2 the same night we used this sleep sack for the first time. It could be coincidence, but I suspect that he actually prefers the added warmth or maybe the thicker feel of the material. I’m not gonna claim these will get your baby to sleep through the night, but I will say babies are quirky and have very individual tastes. It’s worth experimenting with because it’s got a unique weight to the fabric. It’s cooler than the micro-fleece ones that are far too warm for us to use right now, but warmer than the lightweight muslin ones, which are turning out to probably be too lightweight for our baby’s comfort. I haven’t come across any other brand that has a fabric weight and feel exactly like this one, so we will be ordering a couple more. I see some reviewers don’t like the bottom opening zipper, but I find it convenient for diaper changes and easy access to the Snuza movement monitor we use overnight.

Adrienne Point Reyes Station, CA


This is ok, my son needed something a little smaller but if your baby likes a lot of room then this would work well for you. It’s light weight and I like the way it zips on the side.

Elma Cairo, WV

Cute and comfy, but huge!

This is a nice alternative to swaddling once your baby gets larger and the weather gets warmer… but good gracious, it’s gigantic. I pulled it out of the package and it looked like an adult-sized dress. It did fit around my baby’s arms and neck comfortably (he’s 10 weeks and not very big), but it seemed like there was an extra yard of fabric at the bottom. I think it’ll fit him for a good long while, so that’s a plus.

Judith Moundville, MO


The real thing doesn’t look as good as the picture. The fabric is flimsy. Should have bought the Halo wearable blanket.

Kerri Beasley, TX


We have several of these, I love sleepsacks for when babies are too big to swaddle. It is soft and cozy and the zipper is in a great spot–so you don’t have to take it all off to change a diaper. After several washes the colors faded a bit, and it started to get "pilly" which was a bit disappointing, but didn’t affect the function of it.

Nancy San Manuel, AZ