JL Childress Bottles ‘N Bags Stroller Organizer, Black

JL Childress Bottles ‘N Bags Stroller Organizer, Black

Organize your on the go needs with this handy stroller organizer. Easily attaches to all strollers with 2 adjustable buckle straps. Features 2 expandable pockets for bottles, cups and sodas. Two spring lock hooks keep diaper bag, purse or shopping bags secure. Zippered security pocket with reflective trim holds cell phone, keys and other on the go necessities. Long zippered pockets hold diapering needs. Detachable strap allows for Bottles ‘N Bags to be carried over shoulder or around waist.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Stroller organizer
  • Attaches to all types of strollers
  • Two cup holders
  • Two zippered pockets and one front pocket
  • Detachable strap to carry over shoulder or around waist

Verified reviews


Very handy product

I have liked having this on my umbrella stroller. The cup holder is not useful for coffee cups, the bottle needs to have a top on it. I would not hang bags from it as illustrated because it makes an umbrella stroller unbalanced. It also can get in the way when opening an umbrella. That being said, it is great to have some place to put my phone, wallet and other items that I want handy.

Elena Seward, AK

Organizer? Sure. Cupholder? Not so much.

I have a Maclaren Volo and love it, but I wish it had some kind of cupholder with it. I looked at the Maclaren organizer, but decided against it when I saw this product which seemed so similar, as well as cheaper. I also saw that several people preferred this organizer over the Maclaren. So I gave it a chance. The organizer itself seems fine, there are several zip compartments where you could put all kinds of stuff- cell phone, keys, diapers, etc if you were so inclined. I’m not so sure about the incuded mini carabiners to hold bags- this seems like it might create a tipping hazard if your child is lightweight or gets out of the stroller. Also, with the Maclaren’s handles open the way they are, I would just loop a bag around the stroller handle rather than attach it by a little ‘biner. But that’s just me.The important thing was the cupholders. Several reviewers said that the cupholders were big enough to hold their waterbottles and that they worked great as long as the container had a lid. My “cups” of choice are a Klean Kanteen waterbottle 18 oz and a coffee mug from Starbucks- 16oz but tall and skinny. Both these fit into a standard cupholder in a car or what have you. With these two items, the cupholders are a fail. The tops of the cupholders are elasticised, meaning that you need two hands to wrestle pretty much any cup into (or out of) them. I did get both of my cups into the holder, but both were way too tall and caused the organizer to tilt precariously even with only one at a time. The coffee mug does have a pretty beefy seal to prevent spills, but it’s not completely leak proof and at the angle it was resting at I though it might leak even with the sip hole sealed. This and the difficulty getting cups in and out made this organizer worthless to me. I recently saw in person the Sunshine Kids stroller organizer, and was amazed at how great it looked in person. Cupholders that actually work! Plus, it’s half the price. I just returned my JL Childress organizer and will be buying the Sunshine Kids one. Can’t wait to go to the zoo with my coffee.

Jayne Edwards, CO

A GREAT stroller organizer that’s Just Right!

This is a perfect stroller accessory if you don’t have a tray on your stoller – I highly recommend!It is black, fits both our stollers (Maclaren and Graco), and it seems like it should fit just about any stoller (except double-wide) with its adjustable buckle straps. (It might even fit on a smaller shopping cart – haven’t tried it yet though) It is also very easy to adjust, attach and remove from the stroller.I bought this one after lots of searching and 2 failed/disapointing similar products.The compartments are just right – the cup holders fit my son’s sippy cups and my water bottle/soda bottle/take-out cup (a 32oz+ fountain drink cup did tilt the holder a bit and it leaked until I drank about 1/3 of it, but this was not a real problem at all – cup was just way too big).The center compartment & pocket are perfect for holding a wallet, cell phone, keys, etc.The longer zipper pocket in the back is perfect for travel wipes and a diaper or 2 and some coupons. It is a bit difficult to rummage around in this pocket with larger cups in the holders, so remove a cup if you need to search or dig through this pocket.I love that it does NOT have a deep pouch, which tended to encourage putting too much in it and tipping the stoller when my son got out. It holds just the essentials and does not cause the Maclaren stroller to tip back without a passenger (which is AWESOME).The clips are great for holding a bag, or the JJ Cole changing pad, or a sippy cup leash. I wouldn’t count on the clips holding too much weight for safety (tipping) reasons, but they could likely hold a couple shopping bags if your child is riding, just watch the weight.I received it in black and was not aware of any other colors offered…?Customer service from JL Childress was great! On 2nd use, one of the plastic buckles broke off when trying to open the stroller. I emailed customer service, and they quickly mailed me a replacement buckle for free!I’ve used mine for about 2 months now and I LOVE IT!

Leigh Bronwood, GA

limited use

Munchkin straw sippy cups won’t fit. 16.9OZ water bottles go in with a fight. The storage compartments are nice. I guess if you are planning to use this organizer for a couple diapers, 2 baby bottles, and cell phone, lip balm etc, this organizer is good. But if you want to hold water bottles or sippy cups, look elsewhere. The carry you milan organizer is much nicer for that purpose.

Claudette Crestview, FL

Great Concept – but not a fit for my stroller

I wanted to get some extra organization/storage for my lightweight stroller – peg perego aria (10lbs and functions like a full size) and thought this might be a good fit.It’s not – our handles are a full cross bar (not like the stroller handle in the product picture). The straps were tight but it wasn’t stable, and I could see our drinks wobbling/sloshing about. I did a test with a sippy cup and the organizer leaned or the stroller bar got in the way. The hooks would be useful if they were hanging off the handle – if we were to hook bags on our stroller, it would drag on the floor – or bang against our legs as we’re walking.This would be ideal on a stroller that doesn’t have a reclined seat – like a maclaren/umbrella. It would be better if there were anchor straps/hooks to secure the bottom to the stroller. Or a stroller that had handles like the product picture and was a taller/higher stroller to utilize the hooks. The hooks are relatively small and won’t hold much weight. If your stroller doesn’t meet these requirements, then keep looking.I found another organizer that fit better for my stroller’s handless by Sunshine Kids – buggy buddy

Julie Weston, OH