JL Childress Clip ‘N Carry Stroller Hooks, Black

JL Childress Clip ‘N Carry Stroller Hooks, Black

The Clip N Carry Stroller Hooks by J.L. Childress provide an easy and convenient method to attach shopping bags, diaper bags, purses and more to your stroller. The Clip N Carry’s innovative design rotates 360 degrees allowing for the Clip N Carry hooks to attach to horizontal, diagonal AND vertical stroller bars. They will even attach to the handles of umbrella strollers. Made of heavy duty metal, the Clip N Carry won’t break like plastic hooks. The Clip N Carry’s non slip adjustable strap fits all stroller bar sizes and the spring lock clip discourages theft. Packaged in a 2 pack.

Main features

  • Metal
  • Imported
  • Stroller hooks
  • Fits all standard, double, jogging and umbrella strollers
  • Can also be used on shopping carts, infant carriers or bikes

Verified reviews


These have been fantastic!!

We have the Britax b-agile stroller and needed something so that I could hang my daughter’s diaper bag from the stroller since it is too big to fit in the basket below. I ordered these and they have worked perfectly. I love them when I am out shopping. I can easily hang her heavy diaper bag and all of my shopping bags from these and have no problems. I’ve been using them for about 5-6 months now with no issues. I have these on the handle bar right next to my Britax stroller organizer and everything fits perfectly!

Karin Jamestown, CO

What I need, but not the best quality

One of the clips completely broke after 7 weeks of use. Thought the Velcro would be the first thing to give out, but apparently not. I got what I paid for though. Can’t beat the price. It’s perfect for what I need, but definitely should plan on having a back up set.

Elisa Greenwich, NJ

Stroller clips

Love these! I purchased them for the handles of my Maclaren Volo. I use them to carry my Built gourmet getaway lunch tote (with my son’s milk & snacks) and my Built 20-30oz water bottle tote. They work perfectly and are very sturdy. The carabiners are metal and feel like they will last forever. The Velcro is very strong & sticky.I’d definitely recommend them!EDIT: these newer style ones don’t have the metal grommet that holds the carabiner to the Velcro, just a loop of black fabric. The ones with the terrible reviews are the old style, these new ones are much more sturdy, and won’t have the same issue with clips falling off, as these are one solid piece, no grommets holding things together. So don’t let the older negative views sway you, the redesign is great & these will really last!

Mamie Passaic, NJ

work great

My only complaint would be that the straps that hook to the stroller are HUGE. Honestly, you could strap these things to a 3 inch pole. But they work great. And you can wiggle out the carabiner and flip it so the opening is on the side that is most convenient for you. This was helpful for us since the best place to put them to keep bags away from the large wheels of our jogger meant that the opening of the clip was blocked until we flipped it. These clips area huge step up from the S hook we were using before. Been using them for months, often with a heavy load, and they’ve been very sturdy.

Jessica Universal, IN

Liked them so much, I bought another set.

I really like these because I can attached them to a lot of different places on the stroller. We often have a few small items that we need to access quickly, like reusable water bottles, and I can just hang them on these hooks. The straps are long enough to fit around the stroller’s handle or other areas like sidebars. The hooks are solid and don’t feel flimsy. We have two strollers, so I came back and bought another set after liking the first set so much.

Anne New Woodstock, NY