JL Childress Crib Mobile Attachment Clamp, White

JL Childress Crib Mobile Attachment Clamp, White

Safely attach crib mobiles with the easy to use Crib Mobile Attachment Clamp. The Crib Mobile Attachment Clamp features large rubber pads that grip the crib railing and protect your crib from scratches and damage left by post and knob style arms. Use the clamp as a replacement for post and knob styles that don’t fit all cribs. The crib mobile attachment clamp fits onto both traditional and convertible cribs, including Baby’s Dream and specialty and decorative cribs. Can also be used on changing tables. The clamp opens to 2″ wide and the arm features a convenient safety button to lock the clamp in position. The quick attach clamp is easy to use simply push on the lever to open the clamp and slide it over the crib railing; the clamp will automatically adjust to the width of the railing. The attachment clamp is portable and perfect for use on vacations. Measures approximately 18″ high when assembled. Not recommended for soft or rounded crib railings. Extra assembly require for mobiles with closed attachment loops or closed loops at the top of their music box.

Main features

  • Safely and easily attaches mobiles to cribs
  • Large rubber pads grip the crib railing and protect your crib from scratches and damage
  • Clamp opens to 2″ wide
  • Convenient safety button locks the clamp in position
  • Caution: adult use only, not a toy, remove mobile from crib when baby begins to push up on hands and knees, do not hang mobile directly over baby or within baby’s reach, clamp is not for use on round or soft rails

Verified reviews


Crib Mobile Attachment Clamp

I have a convertible crib and cannot find a mobile that will attach to it. This product clips on the side just fine but is too short to be useful. Even if I altered the mobile that I was planning on attaching it would be within the reach of the baby. I sent it back. The only way you could use this product would be if you lowered the crib mattress and bent down further to pick up your baby…not a good trade in my opinion.

Louella Fairmont, WV

Just terrible. Doesn’t fit, is way too short, and is unsafe. Save your money!

I hate this crib mobile attachment clamp. As my title suggests, it is way too short. Unless your mobile is one inch long, it will hang dangerously close to your baby. The clamp is very weak and can be moved easily. A cheap, terrible product.

Cleo Bridgeport, WV

Didn’t work and had to return

This is a large arm that appears to be very sturdy and well made.The end of the arm where the mobile attaches has a closed loop. Our other mobile arm has a hook.If your mobile has a hook, this is the arm for you. If your Mobile has a closed loop as ours does, this arm is useless. We returned ours.

Dena Nokomis, FL

Do NOT buy this clamp!

Very short and doesn’t hold much weight at all!! Also the hook at the top does not open so it doesn’t work with most musical attachments. Very disappointed in this item!

Staci Rio Medina, TX

Excellent replacement arm

I bought this to replace the weirdo arm that came with my little one’s mobile. It works great on both her crib and play yard.

Lina Bingham Canyon, UT

great clip

This clip is very useful for the pack and play when you need to hand a mobile but do not have the slats in a crib to put the usual twist knob on (like on a regular mobile). The clamp is easy to open and can be pushed closer to the baby if needed, without risk of falling off the crib. It bends in the middle for portability if carrying from place to place.

Pansy Mount Nebo, WV

OK solution, but hangs low and clamp may not fit all cribs

This was the most cost effective solution on Amazon for hanging a new mobile. It is fast and easy to install, and decent construction, but it has some issues that some other reviewers alerted me to.1) its a clamp, not a screw attachment, so its easier to install, but also easier for baby to pull over. My 6 month old daughter managed to pull it over about 10 seconds after I installed it and the mobile… (I moved it to the headboard to get another 12″ distance)2) the clamp end only opens about 2″, so if you have wide rails, it may not fit. Our crib rails are right at its maximum opening, so if you have a wide top rail, you will want to spend the extra money for the screw type.3) Its really not very tall. If your baby is reaching for things, its amazing how far they can get so you will want to be careful with placement or consider lowering your mattress.Anyway, it works for what we need it to do, but I would have preferred one of the screw type attachments for better robustness.

Aurora New Madrid, MO

As described

So far so good! It’s be nice if the hook were adjustable but overall it’s a great product and works as expected.

Evangeline South Fork, MO

doesn’t fit on our crib

I did not read the description carefully and realized that it doe not fit on our curved crib. My husband threw out the box it came in so I can not return it. I also wish that it was taller because I can not even put it on the changing table because our mobile hangs to low. I guess I will be giving it to another family that can use it.

Iva Railroad, PA

Kind of short!

We have a crib that is the same height all the way around the top. So when the mattress is all the way up to the tallest setting, this clamp’s height doesn’t seem to be high enough to put a baby under it. It will be fine when we lower the mattress but I was hoping to use it when she first arrives and to have the mattress at the highest setting.

Roseann Bajadero, PR

Glad I Read Review Before Buying

The review explaining that it had no open loop was helpful so I prepared to find another loop or something to attach my mobile to. When I got it in the mail I loved how compact it was, and also that it clamped safely to the side of the crib without scratching the finish, unlike our old one (which has a missing piece which is why I bought this one). Our old one had to be screwed on and I was always a little worried about the finish being messed up. It’s not as secure as I would like even though our crib side is completely flat (the grip is a little loose), but it’s secure enough for the age group it is recommended for 0-5months. I ended up just using some stiff ribbon I had in some newborn items and I think it will be sturdy enough. I would recommend this to product to other parents.

Juliana Mountain Home A F B, ID

Good price-great for my hand made mobile

This worked out great for the mobile I made for my little girl. There were certain part of the crib the clamp part would not fit on. This may be an issue for some people.

Margot Billings, MO


It’s handy to have this to not only hang a mobile from but to hang anything safely I love your baby… I hung some of his favorite toys above the changing table so he has something to now look at.

Janette Benedict, MN

Works great!

This is a super easy, no hassle attachment. It can also be easily moved, nothing complicated about it. Great product!

Dora Graham, KY

I love it! Works great!

This works perfectly and is exactly what I needed for the Skip Hop Crib Mobile to attach to my crib.

Silvia Senoia, GA

Not great

My kids broke my baby’s mobile so I got this to replace it. Not great. The baby can pull it down now that she’s standing. It’s not super secure. I also had to loop the mobile stuff through with fish line because there was no hook on this.

Shanna Radom, IL

not very strong

I was hoping this would clip onto the side of my pack and play but every time I attached the mobile it would fall over. Needless to say I returned this product.

Haley Bagwell, TX

Clip isn’t very strong.

This ended up falling on our sons head while he slept, much to his displeasure. We had a pretty run of the mill mobile attached to it, but the clamp was not strong enough. We had it clipped onto a pack and play, which is not as solid a surface as a wooden crib, but there is a metal bar that a clamp should be able to hold on to… this did not.

Rhea Isabela, PR

Functional, good looking and effective.

There’s not much more I could I ask for in a mobile arm. It is sleek, sturdy and has a responsive grip. I’m just trying to figure out how I will use it next, when the muchkin outgrows his mobile days.

Jessica Stockholm, NJ

Great for a Pack-N-Play

This product works great if you want to hang a mobile over your Pack-N-Play. Easy to use, easy to remove and store.

Gena Garvin, MN


Like others have said, this arm is short & the mobile hangs low into the crib. For now it’s ok for us because our newborn sleeps on the opposite side of the crib. I move her under this during awake time & she loves it. Our mobile is just lightweight colorful birds. She’s already able to bat and kick the pieces at 7 weeks. We are going to hang it from the ceiling instead. I’d like a higher arm, but haven’t been able to find one.

Henrietta Conway, PA

Love it

This is a great product if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the expensive mobiles sold in baby stores. I have one that came with the crib set I got at a baby shower but wanted one I could use with his pack-n-play and would be easily transportable. This one expands to 2" and easily fits the side of the playard. I ordered a separate battery operated music box on Amazon and am so pleased with the purchase!

Margret Winona, OH

Works okay, but could’ve used more details in the description

Works okay. Did not come with a hook to hang the mobile with, at had a loop instead. So I needed to hang a hook onto the loop, as a result the mobile hangs fairly low into the crib. Works well for now, but I only have about a month before my child is old enough to grab the mobile.

Sonja Thornton, WA

Sits too low

This is a quality clamp. I like that it locks and it’s nice that you can remove it easily if you want, but the mobile we had hangs WAY too low with this. My baby is only 11 weeks and he could whack it if he really wanted to, so we don’t leave it on the crib ever at night. If we could put it on the head or foot of the crib (as shown in the image), it would not be as much of an issue, but the clamp does not open wide enough, so be sure on measurements before you purchase.

Tamra Attalla, AL

Lovely non-scratching design, doesn’t hold much.

I love the bright white color and non-scratching design but I was disappointed that it wouldn’t hold the mobile I bought. It wouldn’t hold it at all. Unless you’re buying a very light weight mobile I would skip this mobile arm and buy a more expensive one.

Nelda Bellwood, NE

Not wide enough

More my fault than anything, but the molding on the edge of our crib didn’t work with this clamp. I had a hard time finding one that did!

Ollie Griffithville, AR

Great but very small

This product is fine and all BUT it is very small in height so you would need a tiny mobile. Maybe this could be used in a bassinet or for travel but not for your crib…again arm does not go up too high at all.

Jody Leedey, OK

Cool concept but too short

I purchased to use with my husband’s 1980s crib mobile for our daughter’s nursery. I was dissapointed with how low it hung to the crib. This one is just too dangerous to use long term. I do like that it makes the old mobile look updated and new though. Feels safe and secure attached to crib.

Viola Foster, NE

Works great!

Easy as heck to place on and very stable. Didn’t have any issue with it being too short. Our baby sleeps in a wooden sleigh style co-sleeper and it has so far held its place without us having to worry about the baby reaching it or the mobile being to close to his face (4 months of use so far). We place our baby to sit in a Boppy pillow inside his co-sleeper and now he is able to grab the mobile while in the sitting position but even with his tugs the clamp holds its place.

Beverly Medford, MN

Perfect for Arms Reach Co-sleeper bassinet, or pack-n-play

Clips easily & securely onto the bassinet. It’s perfect for the mobile I bought, and easy enough to clip on and off depending on my whim. White plastic is sturdy and unobtrusive, but not particularly pretty.

Beth Sims, NC