JL Childress Cup ‘N Stuff Stroller Pocket, Black

JL Childress Cup ‘N Stuff Stroller Pocket, Black

Keep drinks, cell phone and keys within easy reach while strolling with the J.L. Childress Cup N Stuff Stroller Pocket. The Cup N Stuff features an insulated pocket to hold bottles, cups or cans. Two exterior mesh pockets provide storage space for personal items such as cell phones, keys, sunglasses as well as baby’s needs. The Cup N Stuff attaches to both horizontal and diagonal stroller bars with a non slip adjustable strap and the unique soft design of the Cup N Stuff allows for it to be folded together with the stroller without breaking. A must have stroller accessory.

Main features

  • Insulated drink holder with pockets
  • Non slip strap attaches to horizontal or diagonal stroller bars
  • Mesh storage pockets
  • Won’t crack or break when stroller is folded
  • Also use on bikes or shopping carts

Verified reviews


Cup holder that can’t hold

The main problem is with the flimsy and thin velcro that attaches the “holder” to the stroller won’t keep anything upright, so any liquid you put in the holder will spill.

Lorrie Hillister, TX

Very nice

This cupholder works great with our Uppababy Vista. Easy to take on and off and the storage pocket is nice for walking around the neighborhood. Very nice product.

Rosie Balmorhea, TX

Don’t waste your money

Initial grip is really good but after a while, the weight of the bottle of water started to turn it. Eventually had to remove it from the stroller because the bottle was about to fall off. Tried several times after adjusting, but never really work.

Ingrid Seville, FL

Not worth it! – purchased for Mutsy Easyrider

Not worth any money. If you use the angled slots for an umbrella stroller the cup holder will stays up , but since it only has one strap and it is fabric, it is nearly impossible to keep a cup upright. The weight of anything that you put inside will angle the holder. I have a velcro hook on the stroller handles, so I cut a small notch at the top the holder and passed the hook’s velcro strap thru it to give it more support. It seems to work better, but it will never be as good as a plastic holder. It will work for sippy cups, but not with a cup of coffee.FYI: the slots only work on the RIGHT side of stroller.

Elizabeth Teaberry, KY

Works great

I got this to use it on a stroller I love that doesnt have a cup holder. Works great and I like that it is cloth, I had a plastic one and it was ALWAYS a pain and hard to use because of issues with folding.

Eloise Baden, PA

Doesn’t hold drinks upright

This is a waste – I bought it for my MacClaren umbrella stroller, but (1) there’s not an obvious good place to attach it, and (2) although you can twist it to be positioned vertically, as soon as you put a drink in it, it tips over. I guess you could use it to hold your keys.

Wanda Scott, OH


i can’t say enough about what a waste of money this thing was. doesn’t stay on a stroller. doesn’t keep stuff cold.. isn’t heavy enough for a paperweight.. so basically useless.

Elva West Rockport, ME