JL Childress Full Body Portable Changing Pad, Black

JL Childress Full Body Portable Changing Pad, Black

Protect baby’s entire body with this oversized full body changing pad from JL Childress. When folded, changing pad conveniently fits in purse, diaper bag or travel bag. Webbing strap can be used to attach diapers or wipe container to changing pad.

Main features

  • Fabric/Nylon
  • Fully padded for baby’s comfort
  • Wipe-clean changing surface is made of safe, waterproof PEVA which is lead and phthalate free
  • Folds compact to easily fit in purse, diaper bag, or travel bag
  • EXTRA LARGE! Opens to 19 x 30 inches and folds to 6.5 x 10 inches
  • Provides a clean, germ-free surface for baby when diapering on-the-go

Verified reviews


Folds down small as other sizes, yet nice & big for public changing tables

Headline says it all. We needed to replace a lost changing pad that came with our diaper bag (the skip hop deluxe) and I like this one so much better! It covers the whole koala care station in public restrooms. Wipes clean. I also like that it’s clear what side goes down on the dirty surface and what side is for baby.

Nichole Garrison, IA

great changing pad

Wonderful changing pad! It has a big surface area and it is easy to wipe off messes. Love the velcro strap as well. Just what I was looking for!

Elena Tescott, KS

Great product

We were looking for a bigger changing pad to replace the one that came with our diaper bag. We really loved the pad that came with the JJ Cole Diaper Caddy but for some unknown reason, they don’t sell the pad by itself. This was the closest pad we could find on the market. It has easy to clean white vinyl on one side and durable black vinyl on the other side. It’s also pretty large so you don’t have to worry about your baby touching the nasty bathroom changer. When our son would pee when we were changing him, it never got off the mat, which is really nice when we were changing him on a bed at a relative’s or friend’s house.

Dorothy Talmage, UT

Worth it!

This has come in SO handy. LOVE the big size and material is easily wipeable. We use this all the time downstairs instead of going upstairs to the changing table each time. It also folds up so nicely for storing!

Sheryl Bellflower, MO

Very useful

This waterproof pad folds up small enough to fit in my purse, but is much bigger than the pad that came with the SkipHop diaper bag (which my baby has now outgrown). It is sturdy, and with enough padding that I can change him on hard or rough surfaces.

Kathie Hookstown, PA

Works great

Love that large size for my toddler. I store 2 diapers and small container of wipes wrapped inside. Surprised there are not more companies making their changing pad this size.

Marina Merrimac, MA

Favorite Gift To Give

This is a great size. We have one at home, one in each bag we take, and at each grandparent. The size is great for both infants and toddlers.

Yvette Cayuga, ND

Finally a black changing pad

You’d think this just makes good common sense. Love this pad. I put it over the white padded one we have and I no longer need to worry about stains.

Bertha New Hartford, CT

Five Stars

Nice and large and convenient.

Shannon Veteran, WY

easily carried, large when open, easily cleaned

I bought this and a Kushies deluxe flannel. Both were well made and served their purpose. The Kushie was softer and warmer to touch, where this one was cold plastic. However the cold plastic gives it a distinct advantage in that it can be wiped with a sterile wipe and ready to go again. The Kushie would need washed and dried, although our child might prefer the extra work for the soft warm feeling. this one also wraps up into a handy travel pack. So it gets the majority of the playing time. I just try to leave my child’s shirt on during the change to avoid the cold skin to plastic shock.

Tia Berlin, ND

Great size!

This is much bigger than standard change mats that come with your diaper bag. Great for public restrooms. Has decent padding.

Jill Hudson, WY

So compact!!

I bought this because I got a new diaper bag (Skip Hop Grand Central) and the reviews said the changing pad that comes with it is small and bulky. They were right so we bought this one to fit in the back. I am SO FREAKING GLAD we bought this. I have a tank for a son (30 pound 1 year old) and he LOVES to roll when I am changing him in restrooms which for the most part don’t have changing stations so I end up having to change him on the floor (ew) and our other changing pad was just too small. This folds out to be 19×30 which is HUGE compared to other changing pads. I won’t lie, it is not super cushy or luxe or anything. It serves its purpose and serves it well. Which for less than 15 bucks what more can you ask for?! It wipes clean (he had a blowout the other day at play group) and it wiped right off. So A++!!

Tanisha Red Lion, PA

Works great at the ballpark

Our family has season tickets for the local baseball team so we attend a lot of games at the stadium. We change a lot of diapers and clothes on the bathroom changing tables or family bathroom table. My daughter was born in April 2013 so last season she was small enough to fit onto the changing pad that came with her diaper bag and she wasn’t moving around much. As she turns one this year and is much more active, we needed a pad that would provide better coverage when we’re changing diapers or changing clothes. This pad is a great size and covers a lot of space. It folds up nicely to fit in our diaper bag or in one hand while heading for the restroom. The blue/green pad is the larger size (30 X 19) but I noticed when I was shopping that some of the items with the same description were much smaller – make sure to check the dimensions before you buy.

Freda Belgium, WI


I love the larger size because it covers more when using a public changing station. Tight squeeze fitting into diaper bag.

Katherine Broaddus, TX

great product

Great size and great price. Works good for an extra pad to keep on hand for in the car or s smaller size diaper bag.

Adela Bryn Mawr, PA

Large changing pad – good value

I wanted a larger changing pad since the one that came with the diaper bag seemed to fit half of our babies body. I saw this pad and thought for $10, I’ll try out a fully body pad. It definitely is large and has a wipeable surface. If you’re looking for a larger changing pad, then I would recommend this one.

Sandy New Prague, MN


This is so much better than any of the other pads you can find in stores, It has decent padding, is easy to clean and the size is just wonderful- I have no problem laying my daughter wherever I need to in order to change her, and this pad keeps everything "in" the space it needs to be.

Janet Brimfield, IL

Nice and Big

I purchased this as a baby gift for myself after realizing how tiny the changing pad is that came with my diaper bag. I haven’t utilized it yet, but I like that it is significantly bigger than all of the others I considered.

Susana Lake Hopatcong, NJ

its big!

I was looking for a changing pad that was big so my baby could still fit on it when he is larger. It’s so much bigger then the one that came with our diaper messenger bag! It looks big for my little 9 week old but my 16 month old nephew is only slightly lager then it and he’s a big boy! It folds up well and fits nicely in our diaper bag. It’s got a little padding to it, like a thin quilt and it cleans up well.

Candice Whiting, VT


I love how big this changing pad is!! It is padded but only minimally. However, the lack of a thick padding is what allows it to be folded up so small. For me the point is not so much the padding but mostly to have my super tall baby fit on the changing pad, and this does the job.

Tonia Edgewood, IA

Largest changing pad I ever had

The color is pink with soft pink trim (not what I ordered) not a big deal since I have a girl, I kept it.The affordable changing pad is very wide and I love this because when I change my baby on the public changing table, I don’t have to worry anymore about her arms touching the table. It has a soft and easily wipeable white lining material. I use this in my Ju Ju Be Mighty Bag in Shadow Waltz for quick 2 go outings. I also have the “Skip Hop Pronto” which I love and have large pockets.”Key Minus”:It is not lined with some type of antibacterial treatment.It is not an easy wipeable outer material- feel like canvas (the exterior side that touches the table).It is possible that it is made with PVC but not enough information on label to confirm this.I hope tis helps.~Mimi

Lynn North Lewisburg, OH

Perfect size changing pad

I just got this changing pad in black and I love it. It is the perfect size, not too small like the one that came with my diaper bag. In fact, I’m thinking about ordering another one to replace the one in my diaper bag!!!!

Callie Macedonia, IA


Fits over pretty much the full changing stations. Still large enough for our 18 month old. If you need a changing pad this is great. Folds down very well to fit in diaper bag or purse.

Maryann Cowarts, AL

JL Childress Full Body Changing Pad

Size is larger than most portable changing pads, folds up nicely, this is a great item at a great price!

Rena Mooresville, MO

Great for taller little ones

Nice size. Folds easily. This larger pad was a must with my 11 month old son being 32" tall the small one that came with the diaper bag is a joke anymore.

Lydia Heber City, UT


Why are changing pads so small to begin with? I understand babies are small at first, but they do grow! I never understood why I can either have my daughter’s head protected from the nasty public changing tables OR her legs but not both. Well, I found my solution with this pad. Plenty of room for a toddler to be changed and slightly more peace of mind for a germaphobe mom like myself. We actually have a couple of diapers bags and I have found myself switching out the pads to this one whenever I can remember.

Hattie Haldeman, KY

Great Size, Folds Up Nicely

When shopping for a travel changing pad, my sole concern was area of coverage. I don’t want my son able to touch ANYTHING head to toe. At 7 months old it is getting a little small now, but I think getting anything larger would not be convenient. This one folds up nicely & even offers a small amount of padding for my little one. Any “accidents” can be wiped right up.

Deborah Eleele, HI


this changing is absolutely perfect! i was looking for something with a large coverage area when opened but thin and easy to put away as i am packing my diaper bag these days for a 2 month old and a 13 month old. this pad folds easily and compactly and i dont have to worry about my children touching dirty surfaces when we are out.

Tameka Smithfield, KY

good size and easy to use

This is a good item for my diaper bag and a great size! Works well and i am able to slip the diaper wipes container under the black strap to have them kind of all in one. 🙂

Phyllis Orondo, WA

Cheap and Good

What can I say? This is cheap and good and doesn’t reek of any chemical smell. Of course there are changing pads out there with nicer prints (but also much more expensive), this is no frills and serves its purpose.

Jaclyn East Killingly, CT