JL Childress MaxiCOOL 4 Bottle Cooler, Black

JL Childress MaxiCOOL 4 Bottle Cooler, Black

The MaxiCOOL holds 4 standard bottles, 3 wide body bottles or 3 sipper cups. This multi purpose tote features a leak proof lining that is PVC, lead and phthalate free. A convenient front pocket provides storage for bib, utensils or personal items. The MaxiCOOL is fully insulated and includes a reusable ice pack. Snap handle attaches to all strollers.

Main features

  • Holds up to 4 standard bottles or 3 wide body bottles
  • Front pocket for storage
  • Includes reusable ice pack
  • Pull out lining for easy cleaning
  • Lining is PVC, phthalate and lead free

Verified reviews


Dirty when received.

I was very disappointed when i received this item. I received one that had a stain looks like a blood stain. I cleaned it and it did not go away I was disgusted by it. I was very upset and return the item.

Lilia Cordova, NM

Perfect fit!

This is the perfect size. Not too big – not too small. I can fit four regular sized bottles or three wide bottles in here. I can also fit my breast-pump parts. Today at work I brought three Avent (wide) bottles and my Avent Isis Manual pump and was able to fit it all in this bag along with two ice packs. It kept my milk cool for 8 hours while I was at work. I never put it in the refrigerator and it works great! I kind of want another one. This will also be perfect when my little guy starts eating food. A great lunch bag!

Jolene Uneeda, WV

Good transport bag

Although this says it is a 4 bottle cooler, we have never fit that many in it. If you have skinny bottles, maybe 4 would fit, but only 3 Nuk bottles will fit in this bag at a time. WIth a thin ice pack this bag is perfect for transporting milk to/from home/daycare/etc. The side pocket is nice for slipping a bib, spin, pacifier, etc into.

Melva False Pass, AK

Bottles don’t fit nicely with tops

Overall okay, seems durable enough, the problem is if you want to use tops on your bottles (which my daycare requires) you would struggle to get this thing closed and if you put the coolers in there it will be even harder to close. I understand the tight fit, but this is too tight! Plus it doesn’t stand up on it’s own it tips and some people wouldn’t like that. I would have purchased a different one.

Mai Earp, CA


The ice pack is not rugged at all. I wouldn’t say we were particularly hard on it, but after 2 or 3 uses, it began to leak blue gunk everywhere. The bag is nice, but it could be slightly wider so it doesn’t just fit the tall thin (
• cough
• Dr.Brown
• cough
• ) bottles…since lots of people use other bottles. It will fit 3 of the large Tommee Tippee bottle, but they’re kind of staggered. I don’t recommend this item at all.

Kelli Glens Fork, KY

Works great!

I purchased this cooler mainly to transport expressed milk from work to home. I got the cocoa/pink one and I really like the color. The brown bag looks very discreet, but that pink lining adds a little bit of personality. The zipper on the top is great to seal in the coolness. The handles have a button so that they can snap together and hang from stroller handlebar.I fit four Medela 5oz bottles along with three ice packs, one of which came with the bag. I added two of my own, about the same size as the included one. They’re all about 5-6 inches tall and about 1 inch thick. I put two ice packs on the side and one on top of the bottles. With my setup, there’s still a little bit of room on the top (about 2-3 inches), therefore, it’s easy for me to zip and unzip.My commute from work to home is about 30-40 minutes, and when I get home, the bottles are still nice and cool. It definitely met my expectations. This is great value for under $10 bucks!Update 9/14/2013: After a year, I am still using this bag for when I go out with my baby. It fits three 8 oz Dr. Brown bottles with some excess room. Most of the time though, I pack a couple food pouches, one or two jars of baby food, a small bag of Cheerios, one Dr. Brown bottle… it could get tight, but because sealing the coolness isn’t the priority anymore, I can leave part of the zipper open if necessary. The front pocket I store some napkins, a couple baby spoons, and most of the time a waterproof bib… gets a little poofy, but who cares? Haha! All in all, I still think that the price I paid for this bag has made its return and I’m satisfied. =)

Twila Stockton, IL

There I went and bought it again

Lost the black version of this a few weeks back and promptly bought this in a different color for my toddler’s daycare lunches. I never use the little pouch/compartment in the front, unless my LO is on medication and I need to put the syringe or med dispenser somewhere clean and separate. The inside is lined so you can wipe or rinse clean easily. The outside is a sturdy canvas type fabric. The black definitely stains less than the blue but that said, it has gone in delicate cycle into the washing machine and come out clean and intact once already. The handles are great so he can take his lunch into the kitchen himself when he arrives at daycare. It will easily fit three 9oz. bottles or four 5oz. but might get a little tight at the top zipping it up with the larger bottles. I never used it for bottles – just lunches and snacks so cannot say how well the milk keeps.

Betsy Iron City, TN

Works for Dr Brown’s bottles

I use this to store 3 Dr Brown’s narrow neck bottles to and from daycare. Sturdy and fits them well.

Juanita Tidioute, PA

Stays cold for hours and hours, not just for babies, works for lunches too

I love this cooler! It’s small enough to fit into a diaper bag or big purse (or pump bag) but big enough for 3x 8oz Avent Natural bottles and one the JL gel packs. Sometimes it stays so cold that any breast milk that I bring along for an outing doesn’t even get a chance to melt (obviously in the case that there are one or two gel packs inside). It doesn’t leak when there are spills, and I use the little pocket for a bib or small burp cloth. On weekdays I use it for my lunch bag at work! Super easy to clean because the lining can be pulled out and rinsed down.

Stacie Southfield, MI

Works great

Every time we go somewhere, this is in the diaper bag! I use the Tommee Tippee bottles and 2 bottles fit in there with an ice pack. (I use a different ice pack than the one that comes with it). It fits nicely in the diaper bag and so far I’m extremely happy with this purchase!

Celeste New Lebanon, OH

No Flat Bottom… makes it just OK.

Considering sending this back as there is no solid/flat bottom for the bottles to stand up. Since I use Dr. Brown’s bottles, I was happy that they would fit in here, but if they fall over, they leak so I don’t think this is the right bag for us. If you were using wide neck bottles (that don’t leak when tipping over), then I think it would be fine.

Mindy Albany, TX

description is wrong

Like some other reviewers mentioned, this does not come with the single bottle cooler and second ice pack. Even if you contact customer service and get a replacement order, you still only get the 4 bottle cooler. Other than that, it is a decent cooler. Not sure it will hold more than 3 8oz bottles, but I only need it to go down the street to daycare. By the way, Buy Buy Baby sells these and the single bottle cooler if you need it, which I did so I bought it from there.

Priscilla Englewood, CO

great bag

This bag is perfect size and everything for transporting expressed milk. It holds about 6 small medela bottles w/ cap or about 4-5 with their nipples along with the icepack. The little pouch on the front it nice…especially to put new breastmilk bags into before use. And it should hold about 2 of the bags and at least 4 bottles with caps of milk comfortably along with the ice pack. That’s perfect for pumping a few times a day while at work and then transporting home (unless you decide to do all bottles and then it would hold about 6 w/ caps).I use a pink one to put my daughter’s bottles in for the sitter, and take a black one to work with me to pump into and take home. They work out great!

Shelley Lake Hamilton, FL

Use to transport bottles everyday!

We take four Dr. Brown’s 4 oz. bottles to daycare in one of these everyday and it works well. Tight squeeze (but we use two ice packs, not just the one it came with).

Vera Lothian, MD

Perfect for transporting bottle

This is the perfect cooler for transporting expressed breast milk home from work. I carry two 8 oz Avent glass bottles in this bag, but it could easier accommodate 3 bottles. It is tall and thin, and not bulky at all.

Kris Totowa, NJ

Convenient for one or two bottles

We just hang these off a clip on the stroller and go with some ice packs. We also have a bigger bulkier version, which we hardly use.

Adelaide Mantua, NJ

Great for daycare, but not 4 bottles

We use the Playtex Dropin Nursers and can really only fit 3 large bottles in this bag. Which is fine because that’s all I need for my son in daycare. But I don’t know about 4 bottles. Works great though, just small, keeps them cool & easy to carry – that’s all you need!

Misty Bradyville, TN

Great product

This came in the mail pretty quick to me which was great. I ordered this for storing my breast milk that I will be pumping at work. Its a nice size but I wouldn’t think it could hold as much as it says it does. But since I’m just going to be storing milk storage bags in there I’m not worried about it. It comes with a reusable icepack but I’ll probably be adding another one in there that way it will be colder in there. But other than that it seems to be a good bag so far.

Anna Winterthur, DE

Perfect little bag for Pumping at Work

This bag is perfect for transporting bottles and forth from work when pumping. It fits about 4 to 5 of the smaller medela/ameda 5 ounce bottles and 3 bigger 9 ounce bottles. I put a little bag of ice in there and it fits nicely between the bottles, an ice pack would be too bulky. I like the fact that this bag isn’t too big, and is narrow, so I can throw it in my work bag easily.

Gay Johnson, KS

Perfect size

I use this to keep pumped milk good until I get home from work. Also fits some of my pump parts for in between pumpings.

Gwen Taylor, NE

great for daycare

we use this for daycare and it fits three bottles and his food really well. keeps everything cool and does the trick!

Brandie Blackwell, TX


It comes with an ice pack but i found that the Medela 4 bottle ice pack works better and fits your cooler perfectly- Then you have cold around both sides and not just on the bottom, like with the ice pack it comes with.Its a good design and clips to almost anything. Its good not just for bottles, but as an upright lunchbox.

Candice Farwell, NE

Awesome for baby babas

Stick some reusable ice packs in there with the babas, and keep it zipped and it keeps them cold almost all day. Perfect for parents on the go!

Christian Concord, NE

Good bottle bag

this bag can fit 3 4oz bottles comfortably and squeeze in 4 4oz bottles if you place the ice pack on top. I haven’t tried using any bigger size bottles with this bag. I like the look and design of this bag. where you see the pink line is basically also another pocket to place miscellaneous things but you really can’t place too much since it’ll affect what you can place inside the bag. This bag is just for a mini outing not for a long trip.

Chris Eagles Mere, PA

didn’t work

this think doesn’t work well and doesn’t hold much .i got the lesportsac triple bottle bag and it’s lighter and works better.

Wendy Hill Afb, UT

Great product

This keeps my stuff cool. It’s not too bulky and it easily fits 3 Medela 5-oz bottles and a couple of cooling packs.

Delia Gibsland, LA

such a better deal

I used to have the munchkin cool wrap 3 bottle bag ($20) and lost my ice packs. This was WAY cheaper and is a nice small size. I can usually fit 4 of my 6 oz madela bottles in there just fine with one laying across the top. It’s a great size bag – not too big. The ice pack is a little lame, so I used something else I already had but it works great.

Edith Elk Creek, MO

Easy to wipe clean

This cooler holds three 8 oz Dr. Brown’s Polyproplene bottles (very snug fit toward the top – seam must lay flat for zipper to close).

Joann Glen Haven, CO

Keeps things nice and cool, holds three Medela bottles.

I bought this to carry bottles of breastmilk. I use the ~6oz bottles that came with my Medela breastpump. I can make three bottles and an ice pack fit OK, but the narrow space at the top is somewhat wasted. I find that it keeps things reasonable cold. If I knew I was going to be without refrigeration for a while, I’d actually stuff the whole cooler in the freezer overnight and that definitely helped. Now that my son is older and doesn’t need as much milk, it will work well as a regular lunchbox.

Marie Pine Bank, PA

Could be bigger

It looks like a pretty good size bag, but it’s pretty small – it fits 3 big Medela bottles, but if you want to put anything else, there is no room for it…

Tamara Monrovia, IN