JL Childress Pack ‘N Protect Tote for Glass Bottles and Jars, Black

JL Childress Pack ‘N Protect Tote for Glass Bottles and Jars, Black

The Pack N Protect Tote surrounds glass bottles and food jars with thick padding for protection and insulation. Padded bumper shelves easily adjust to hold multiple combinations of 4 9 ounce . bottles and food jars. The Pack N Protect is fully insulated and features an interior mesh pocket to hold utensils or an ice pack. The exterior mesh pocket holds bib, wet wipes or pacifiers. Also includes ID card in clear ID card pocket and an adjustable buckle strap to attach to strollers or diaper bags. The Pack N Protect’s sleek styling makes it compact to fit in a diaper bag or travel bag. Meets CA Prop 65 and CPSC standards.

Main features

  • Protects and insulates glass bottles and jars
  • Holds multiple combinations of 4 ounce bottles or 8 9 ounce bottles and all jar sizes
  • Compact to fit in diaper bag
  • Mesh pockets for storage
  • ID card in ID pocket

Verified reviews


worked great for our needs

we bought this product to keep our baby food cold while flying. this worked fantastic. i would definitely recommend it.

Elsa Dyer, IN


We love this tote for the diaper bag. You can customize the inside to hold 2 (4 oz bottles) and 2 jars of baby food, 2 (8 oz) bottles, or 6 jars of baby food. Each of the dividers comes out. And, later on, the middle divider will lay flat so you can use the whole tote.

Christie Marcellus, NY

practical and versatile

Love it! It is so versatile that all of my baby’s feeding bottles and food tupperwares fits in there. Most important, does the job of keeping temperature for several hours.

Erma Roscoe, TX

Great Choice

This is one of the best presents we recieved at our shower. I love that you can remove the dividers to make different size bottles fit. I would highly reccomend purchasing this product.

Rachel Cheneyville, LA

So-so quailty, but the design is good.

I like the functionality of the cooler bag. I plan to use it for bringing expressed milk back home from work, as well as when my baby starts on solids, I can bring home-made baby food out.The dividers materials just seems to be a bit poorly made. Also the one I got the left side seemed a bit asymmetrical.It’s okay for the price.

Sally Brooke, VA

Useful Item

I used this one a lot for traveling, very convenient. However, I didn’t get to use it for as long as I though I would. My girl is 18 months now, and she prefers fresh fruit and veggies, so we cannot go for jars bought at the store. Still this tote was awesome for many of our trips.

June Coila, MS

Nice Size

The bag is nice for holding different size bottles and compact enough to take around with you. I don’t feel it keeps things super cold. If you are planning on using it more than 2 hours at a time, then this probably is not the bag for you.

Keisha Paramount, CA