JL Childress Wheelie Car Seat Travel Bag, Black

JL Childress Wheelie Car Seat Travel Bag, Black

Use the Wheelie Car Seat Travel Bag by J.L. Childress to protect your child’s car seat from scratches, dirt and germs. Ideal for use when gate checking your child’s seat, bringing the car seat on the plane or for travel by train or cruise ship. The Wheelie folds up easily to store in an airplane’s overhead compartment and features adjustable interior cinch strap, dual rubber wheels, resting pegs and a solid platform to prevent dragging. Adjustable pull strap allows for easy maneuvering. Lockable double zippers, detachable shoulder strap and clear ID pocket with ID card add traveling convenience. Reinforced seams add durability and water-resistant, heavy-duty fabric cleans easily and protects car seat from moisture.

Main features

  • Fabric/Polyester
  • To ensure that this item fits your car seat, check the compatibility chart in Technical Specification section below (Click on User Manual)
  • Protects – Easy to pull – Durable – Water Resistant – Easy to clean
  • Elevated wheel platform for the easiest maneuvering of any wheeled car seat travel bag
  • Heavy-duty, waterproof material keeps your car seat protected during travel
  • Folds to store in an airplane’s overhead compartment
  • Fits Britax Roundabout, Marathon, Boulevard, Decathlon and Diplomat
  • Recommended for use when gate checking car seat or bringing onto plane
  • To ensure that this item fits your car seat, check the compatibility chart below in Technical Specification section below.
  • Made of heavy-duty fabric

Verified reviews


great travel bag for car seats

This bag was a life saver for getting thru the airport and we checked it at the gate. Sturdy construction and easy to put the seat in and take it out. My only suggestion is for the company to make a better handle — this one is just a strap attached to the top — and I think a pull up handle would be perfect.

Kristi Marblemount, WA

Decent travel bag

We now own 2 of these bags, we haven’t had any issues with wear and tear, but then it only used maybe 4-5 times a year. Our older one is 3 years old and has held up to roughly 15 domestic roundtrips. It fits our Britax (Marathon/Boulevard) car seats very well, but was a bit of an awkward fit for the Graco Infant Snugride 35 since it is shaped for an upright seat. With an upright seat there is space inside to fit extra blankets, coats, etc. They’re ok in terms of wheeling it around

Katina Seneca, NM

Not so heavy-duty…

I just got back from a trip to Puerto Rico; this was the first time we used the bag since I purchased it. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it would accommodate our car seat, which is pretty large – http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005WH3RB0/ref=oh_details_o06_s03_i00 – but unfortunately, by the time we got home from the trip, it had a number of holes in it; ranging in size from 1/8" to 1/2". The casters worked well and the straps are sturdy, so I’ll give it 2 stars. Bottom line: It looks tough, but I can’t imagine what it would look like after two or three more trips. For the price, it should hold up to dozens of trips…

Hallie Meador, WV

Great for toting a car seat in the airport

This a fantastic travel product. My baby’s car seat fit inside along with extra toys which I could check on the plane for free.It rolls great and I can pull a large suitcase along with the car seat bag by myself with my son in a carrier. Much better solution than wrapping the car seat in plastic.

Ernestine Elko, MN

Already used it.

It covers the carseat well, but it is hard to get on. very tight fitting. I have to get my husband to put the carseat in. I struggle with it

Hollie Taylor Springs, IL

Childress Car Seat Travel Bag vs. Glad Forceflex garbage bag

I bought this bag with hopes that I could fit my daughters convertable car seat and my older daughters high back booster (back is detachable) but they wouldn’t fit together. However I was able to squeez her backpack carrier in with the car seat. Anyway I ended up using a Glade Forceflex garbage bag to cover our high back booster…Glade Forceflex:-cheap-small rip after 2 flights-went easily through securityChildress Car Seat Travel Bag:-expensive (relatively)-2 small rips along the bottom-had to be unpacked to get through security since the wheels wouldn’t fit through the scanner (Chicago and Seattle), a friend said she had to unpack hers as well, its a big hastle to repack the car seat into the bag when you are going through security with young kids…-wheels made it easier to transport, although the bag is positioned in a way that makes it hard to tow, my husband is tall and it was harder for for him.I would consider using a garbage bag for both car seats as long as someone had a way to tow them…For our next trip I would consider something likeTraveling Toddler Seat Travel AccessoryorBritax Seat Travel Cart Black

Josefa Jayuya, PR

does not fit 2014 Evenflo Triumph LX Platinum Convertible Car Seat

We have a Evenflo Triumph LX Platinum Convertible Car Seat (manufacture date: March 2014) and it *barely* fits the carseat. The car seat is too wide for the travel bag. My husband had to hold the zipper teeth together as tightly as he could in order for me to zip it up and it strained the zipper (I thought we’d have to duct tape the bag closed). You can’t put anything else in the bag either. Will have to purchase a new car seat travel bag.

Rowena Dover, OH

Functional product, cumbersome to use, better than nothing..

Please note that you aren’t buying a piece of luggage…this is simply a shaped, zippered canvas bag with wheels that makes it a slightly better option that having no wheels at all.The Good:1. Protected the carseat well. Fabric felt sturdy enough, seams and zipper seem sturdy.2. Gives you a lot of extra space to store other items in – we stuffed this extra space with a TON of extra diapers, and didn’t need to load our luggage with the extra bulk. Can load this up with anything you aren’t afraid to get smashed up in transit.The Bad:1. My Britax Marathon carseat was too hard to fit into the bag. Design of the bag makes it impossible to fit easily. Had to muscle and shoe-horn my seat in, use both hands and two feet, plus the help of another person.2. VERY hard to start the bag rolling. From a standing position, simply using the handle and straps provided (either the long strap that attaches via clips, or the short handle at the top of the bag) just drug the bag in a standing position, scraping the whole way. I ALWAYS had to kick the bottom of the bag while pulling forward to “get it started”.3. Awkard to wheel around. This bag tipped over every time we hit something with it.4. VERY hard to wheel when you also have another piece of luggage to wheel. ANY bump by the other luggage sent this tipping over sideways, into people.5. Small handle at the top isn’t really useful. The top of the bag is at a height where you can’t keep it low enough with the small handle to keep it rolling without popping back to standing position…so you stoop down about a foot to keep it low…the longer detachable strap is very long, but this makes the back of the bag almost ride on the ground.OVERALL REVIEW: This could have been designed much, much better…problem is that carseats are light compared to their bulk. Designers should have actually tested this, provided better handle options, and figured out how to make it work as designed. However, better than just carrying it, and benefit of extra storage space makes this “JUST OK”.

Lori Berkshire, MA

Bottom broke after 3rd use

The plastic wheel/stand molding beneath the bag broke after our third trip, so it needs to be carried everywhere. Because this damage occurred during travel the airline and manufacturer denied responsibility. Perhaps if exclusively gate checked this scenario can be avoided, so that you have contact with fewer “throwers” (baggage handlers) but good luck if you’re traveling solo and also toting your baby supplies, a toddler and a stroller. Because it seals completely you can’t use it to push the kids around, like some other products. I will be looking at other brands to replace it.

Joan Aspen, CO

Broken the first trip

We were very disappointed with this product. The zipper got broken in our first trip also the handle got broken pretty quickly.

Luisa Langtry, TX

Does not roll well

This got the job done as far as covering the seat for wing check, but it does not roll well. It does not manuever at all like in the video on the site. Fit a britax car seat well.

May Ward, AL

Definitely worth the money for travel with carseat

I used this travel bag last week to fly with my Britax Marathon car seat and it worked very well. The bag is good quality for the price and made it much more convenient to take our carseat. We gate checked it on the first leg of the flight since we were renting a car at the other end and needed to make sure the car seat got there with us, then we checked it at the counter on the way back. It survived both trips intact, no broken wheels or any problems. One of the benefits of this bag is that there is a lot of extra room to stash a few other things in with it. I was able to pack my daughters clothing in a separate bag and put it inside with the car seat which made it possible to take a smaller backpack carry on for me. I also put our jackets inside since we flew from a cold climate to a warm one. If you do not put anything else in with the car seat then your child could easily sit in it (cover on) and be wheeled through the airport. All in all, it is well worth the money if you are needing to take a car seat with you on a trip/vacation.

Krista Scotland, IN

Does not fit new Recaro ProRide

Ordered for our new Recaro ProRide carseat. It will not fit…at least not without bursting the zipper. Nicely made and just fine, but not for our seat. Do yourself a favor and order the JL Childress Ultimate carseat bag – fits just perfectly.

Reva Hodgen, OK

Best Purchase Ever?

Having taken two previous flights and damaging our car seat by awkwardly carrying it by the straps, I ordered this bag for our most recent flight and I am so glad I did. After reading the other reviews about how the bottom fell off, I was worried, but our bag came with the bottom securely attached leaving me to believe that the company either fixed the problem or they have quality control issues. If the bottom does fall off of yours or the zipper breaks, do not throw it away. Take it to a luggage/shoe repair shop and for a reasonable price, the bag can be fixed.I have an Evenflo Triump car seat and man was I nervous putting it in the bag the day of the flight. It…just…barely…fit. Like a glove. My husband tried to pull it at the airport, but it just drug behind him. He complained it wouldn’t work because he was too tall (6’3″). Why does stress make us so stupid? I adjusted the strap and then he could pull it just fine. At first I couldn’t understand why they didn’t put four wheels on this so you wouldn’t have to tilt it to pull it, but then the laws of physics dawned on me and I realized that this was truly the best design.I noticed several couples struggling with their unbagged car seats. I felt so sorry for them. This is so worth the money even for one trip. It survived the trip on Allegiant Airlines back and forth.Update: We have had this almost two years now and it has totally held up through about 8 round trip flights and is still as good as new. We now use it with a Britax Frontier Booster and it works even better. We do have to adjust the back down to get it to fit in the bag (a simple adjustement).

Brandi Dearing, KS

Did the job

This cover did the job of covering the car seat (we used a Cosco Scenera) and was easy to wheel around. I think it would be better if you just wanted a cover to carry through the airport and use on the plane. We checked the car seat on our recent trip and I’m considering replacing it since it got pretty bumped and bruised up since there really isn’t any padding in the case.

Tamara Seminary, MS

it does the job

This is fine if you plan to check your car seat, but honestly we found the one that is a backpack style is more convenient in general. This one just always seemed a bit awkward, the weight always seemed to be a little unevenly distributed with this one which made towing it behind us a bit more of a challenge. Our Britax Boulevard fits with plenty of space which may be why the weight shifted so much. We finally lost this bag when it came back with all the bars on the bottom having been ripped off, I am guessing they got caught on something during handling and ripped off that way. The bag held up for close to 2 years.

Bobbie Jennerstown, PA

Great bag

We used this to carry our Sunshine Kids Radian XT carseat and it fit with no issues. There was more room in the bag to put clothes or other things in it. Bag survived the flight in good shape.

Meagan Absarokee, MT

Does not fit Britax Marathon Classic

Beware this is a decent option but it DOES NOT FIT the Britax Marathon classic car seat despite what the product descriptions says.

Elisabeth Appling, GA


I ordered this item to put my son’s Graco Nautilus car seat in for our one way trip. I will be traveling alone with him and checking the car seat in before going through security. I have not yet tested the item as far as how it will handle during the flight but it seems durable enough for me. I really only need it to hold up this one time but if it lasts longer that would be great. It fits the car seat well and it was not difficult to put the car seat in the bag. all I did was fluff up the bottom so that the car seat would pretty much sit right in it when I set it on the bag and I propped the back of the bag against my sofa so that it would not fall into the bag as the car seat was being put in it. It even gave me enough room to place 3 six packs of my son’s pediasure bottles in it, 2 large blankets, The canopy for my son’s umbrella stroller, and a few other items. I tested out how it would roll with the car seat in it on my carpeted floors and it works great. I’m 5’1″ and The top handle to pull it with is perfect for me. I would definitely recommend. Even if it only lasted one trip I would rather have to get another one than another car seat.

Manuela Elmwood Park, NJ

Hooray for Wheelies!

The wheels on this thing are super! The quality is good, but I do have to mention that it got a small hole in it after our first trip with it, but we have used it many times since then, and it is still holding up well. It is a must-have for travel. We highly recommend it.

Diana Ponderay, ID

Protects the seat and rolls well

Pretty obvious why one needs one of these. It fits our Britax Boulevard snugly, and the wheels work well enough. I can pull this along while pushing a stroller. The zipper does seem flimsy (it’s more what you see on a gym bag than a heavy duty zip from a suitcase). But so far it has been fine, fingers crossed.

Yvette Twelve Mile, IN

Good Car Seat Bag for the Britax Diplomat & Boulevard

I used this for a 3 hour flight and it held up very well. It fit the Britax Diplomat carseat in it easily. It rolls easily also and we had no problems dragging it around the airport. It protected the carseat very well.The only annoyance I have with it is that it doesn’t fold up easily for storage like I would like it to when you’re not using it. But that’s relatively minor.I would definitely buy this again for my next baby.Update: Nov 2011I bought a Britax Boulevard 70CS and this bag fits the carseat perfectly. I’ve used in on two trips where it has been banged to hell and back. Still holding steady and looks great. It was easy to fit the carseat inside and zip up. No problems at all.

Colette Londonderry, VT

Great idea, poor design.

This bag has held up over several flights, which is great, but the roller design is HORRIBLE!! It’s impossible to pull this behind you! It just keeps tipping over. You have to just toss it over your shoulder, which is very awkward! if it had a hard back and a pull handle like a suitcase, it would be amazing! There is plenty of room in this bag, however, for a car seat base and bucket. I think you can put a convertible car seat in it too, but we haven’t gotten to that point yet. Just wish they would fix in the carrying design!

Bessie Williston, NC

Fit our Britax, but broke after 1 use

We bought this to fit a Britax Roundabout 55, and it barely fit, but I think that was a good thing so the chair wouldn’t fly around in the bag. When picking up our bags after arriving home, we noticed that the zipper had broken. It was probably something the airline did, but I wish the bag would have lasted more than 1 trip. Thank goodness for Amazon & their amazing return policy! Overall, I would probably buy it again since it was such a good price and the wheels were so convenient.

Margot Cloutierville, LA

Perfect for someone protective of their carseat.

We have a Britax Boulevard and I was very worried about it getting damaged on the plane. I read tons of reviews and we were very happy with this one. I can’t say it was effortless to wheel through the airport but not bad at all. It folds up nice and actually fits back into the original package and we just store it in a suitcase.

Amie Silver Spring, MD

Great bag initially, but only lasted one trip!

When we received this bag, we thought it was perfect! It fit our Graco Nautilus carseat perfectly. It rolled easily and we had no problems during transit… until we reached our final destination. After just 2 flights (one trip), it broke. It looks as if the screws fell out of the metal frame. Very, very disappointed in this product.

Wilma Round Pond, ME

Travel Bag

I travel recently and it came in handy. I really like that is a little bigger than my daughter’s car seat because I can add things to it and know they are secure.

Christa Satsuma, AL

Works great!

I love this bag.Pros:- It fits a very large convertible car seat- It can attach to another rolling luggage so you can drag both at the same time- Easy to pull- Sturdy wheels- When the car seat is in the bag, there is extra room when it’s zipped. This is where I packed diapers and toys and didn’t have to check another bag.Cons:- It’s kind of hard to get the car seat in, but doable.

Casey New London, IA

Worked great!

We recently used this bag to check our Chicco Keyfit 30 and base on a cross-country flight. It took a little finagling to close the zipper but it fit! The seat arrived at our destination and home again in perfect condition. So glad we purchased this bag as we will be doing quite a bit of air travel as our baby grows and will be able to fit his convertible seat in it as well. Oh and the wheels are a great feature! They allowed me to drag it while I had my son in his sling.

Margo New Freeport, PA

Great bag for air travel

We have two large Britax car seat that we check as airline baggage. These bags work great! They are large enough for the seats, easy to wheel, and keep the car seats well protected.

Sydney Truesdale, IA