Jolly Jumper 2 Piece Seat Back Protector

Jolly Jumper 2 Piece Seat Back Protector

Protects back of your car’s seats Keeps from getting dirty and muddy from children’s shoes Easily attaches to back of any automobile’s seat Easily wipes clean Package of two (2).

Main features

  • Protects the backs of car seats from children’s shoes
  • Easily attaches to back of any seat
  • Easily wipes clean

Verified reviews


its ok.

It serves its purpose for the most part. The top corners fold down which I don’t like, but I guess feet arent really going to be that high up.

Gwendolyn Indianapolis, IN

Great in Toyota Highlander

Fairly unnoticeable on the beige leather in my Highlander. Happy it will keep the seat looking new. They aren’t very poor quality as some reviews claim. That said I was carefully installing. On par with a $6(each) product. They tie up top with shoe lace like string. I was able to tuck the extra under the headrest so you don’t see any of the material. The elastic strap goes around the seat and then tucked into the crease between the seat and back on the front seat. Looks clean installed!

Reba Alexandria, NE

Works well

These work well so far. They do not completely cover the seat but they keep it pretty clean. We have a mini van.

Lydia Muskogee, OK

Bad quality

The string that ties it to the back of the seat ripped within a week of using it. Not well made and not worth the money.

Kathrine Sproul, PA


Not that great. Seem a bit narrow and cheap .Had ordered 3 sets for my mini van however sent 2 sets back and had to use 1set to cover one of the very backseats of the van where my double stroller stands folded to keep the seat back clean.

Rhea Neche, ND

Good While It Lasts

I liked this product, but it did eventually tear up. I will have to either purchase a new one or find something that will hold up better.

Maritza Big Sky, MT

Keeping it clean

These have worked out great! I love that my 2 1/2 year old can still kick the seat and wipe anything on it and it doesn’t hurt the upholstery because its protected. It definitely helps to keep my car clean.

Arline Linn, KS

did the trick

On the muddy sloppy days this keeps the back of my seats clean. I keep it there for the kids and dog. It wipes off easily and isn’t noticeable from the outside.

Kenya Oakley, ID

Not worth your money

This is not worth your money you cannot tie the ends down. You can only strap around the headrest in newer cars.

Nora Ashland, MA

Save your car seat from dirty shoes!

It helps save the carseat back from toddler shoes! The plastic is quite durable and I dont have any complaint. I bought two sets for my Honda Accord and Range Rover HSE and it fits both perfectly!

Silvia Rocky Mount, MO

Low dollar solution to an annoying issue

I hemmed and hawed on which one of these seat protectors to buy and ended up going with these due to the price. I couldn’t be happier I did. These are being used on our 2008 Buick Enclave and fit relatively well and seem to work well at protecting the seat backs.My wife and I couldn’t be happier!

Eileen Curdsville, KY

Does the job

I had no issues getting this to fit on my car seats like other reviewers had. I think it’s a great value for the price and it helps protect the seats from kid’s messy shoes.

Willa Fonda, NY

Great Cover

I researched different seat covers and decided to purchase this one. I like that the material is clear plastic so it blends in with any type of interior. It was great that it came in a two pack so I had one for each car. Very easy to clean and easy to attach to the seats. Great purchase!

Marcia Vass, NC