Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak-A-Peek Infant CarSeat Cover With Attached Blanket, Weatherproof – Black

Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak-A-Peek Infant CarSeat Cover With Attached Blanket, Weatherproof – Black

The ‘Arctic’ Sneek A Peak keeps baby cozy and warm while in the infant car seat. The unique feature of an attached blanket shaped perfectly to swaddle, keeps baby warm in the very cold weather. Perfect for the winter, the Arctic Sneek A Peak is elasticized for quick & simple installation. Thick fleece lined water repellent fabric protects baby from the elements. Dual zippers allow easy access for baby to go in and out!

Main features

  • Features an attached blanket shaped to swaddle baby
  • Water resistant cover with plush lining
  • Fits most infant car seats & carriers
  • Machine wash & dry

Verified reviews


Super warm, but not for taller babies

I used this on a Graco SnugRide 35 Car Seat for my now 7 month old baby. While it is definitely warm and one of the easier buntings to get baby in and out of the seat, it doesn’t work entirely well for larger/longer babies. My baby is only in the 50th percentile for height and he was pushing his feet out to pop off the bottom of this bunting. Given that the AAP is recommending kids stay rear-facing for longer and longer (age 2 nowadays) and they’re designing infant car seats to fit babies going up to even 40 lbs nowadays, it’d be nice to get a winter bunting that would fit the seat and the baby comfortably. I had to return it because of the poor fit.But if you have a winter newborn, this may be the perfect bunting for you! If you found this review helpful, please let me know!

Selena Little River, TX

Love it!

I can’t rate this a 5/5 because I havent had the opportunity to use it yet but it seems great! I love the fabric, its very soft and the blanket inside is a nice addition. I like that there’s velcro to hold the flap down as well as keep it open. I had a hard time finding a car seat cover that fit my car seat (Chicco KeyFit30) and this one fits perfect. I originally purchased the JJ Cole Arctic Bundle Me and was disappointed it didn’t fit. I like this one because it’s a shower cap style which I know won’t interfere with the safety of the carseat.

Roslyn Comanche, OK

Best car seat cover out there!

Some car seat covers call for you to have one part on the inside bottom where the baby sits on and then the part over the baby… WHY??? It interferes with the cover shade for the car seat! It’s extra trouble to have to install it, and you might not need to use it four days in a row after using it for two, so then you have to take it back out…! Not worth the trouble!Also, some car seat covers have you unzip around the baby’s head to be able to see the baby, they don’t have a simple little flap that you just velcro back… isn’t the point of the seat to cover the baby’s head? The little flap on THIS car seat cover allows you to not suffocate baby while still keeping her head and body covered. Also, it allows the EASIEST installation of … simply pulling it over the car seat while being able to still use the cover shade!!By far, the BEST and EASIEST car seat cover!

Reba Westbrook, CT

Love this!

I bought this car seat cover because I live in Wyoming and the winters gets bitterly cold and very windy. I needed something that would keep my baby warm but mostly protects her from the freezing winds. I love how this covers easily over my carseat and has a wipeable outer shell. The extra blanket that swaddles baby inside is a huge plus! The little window is nice because it still protects baby even when open but can easily be closed. The double zipper makes unstrapping and strapping in baby a breeze!

Marcy Midway, KY

Love it and is a must buy if winter baby

I dint buy any sweater or body suits for my baby.He was born in december and I have used this extensively and I love it.It is a must buy for a winter baby.But it does attract a lot of dust very easily

Aurora Eure, NC

Great idea… Only one flaw!

This fits my carseat perfectly and keeps the baby nice and toasty! I LOVE how it does not interfere with the safety of the carseat. The only thing I do not like is at the top of the zipper there is a piece of fabric that sticks out right where the baby’s eyes are. I actually stapled it so it was out of the way. I still love it and would recommend it. Once the baby is taller it will not be near his eyes. 🙂

Marva Sherman, IL

MUST for cold winter!

With this cover I don’t need to worry about a jacket or other bulky clothing for my baby. It’s really handy, you have to kind of manipulate it to get a 6 month old baby in there without removing it but it’s easy enough. It zips up easy and it is definitely warm in there! Another bonus, is the flap, to keep the wind out and also can be used to help baby sleep like when you are out shopping.

Peggy Glasgow, PA

A few things

I have only had this cover a few dayss and so far for warmth/comfort I would give it 5 stars. However I find it a little tedious getting the baby in and out of the car seat, I have to basically go in the hole then sooch him up to have him properly sitting in the correct spot. He is only 2 months and 24 inches. I am a little worried how long it will last for his length as it is right snug to the bottom of the car seat no room for growth if his little legs grow too much. Its very cute and love the way it looks, it will serve its purpose to keep my baby warm from the house to the car and if I need to bring him outside for a short period of time.

Graciela Sedona, AZ

so convenient!

absolutely love this cover – was using blankets for my 4 month old all winter but after he was blasted by the latest arctic freezing wind, i finally made the purchase & am so glad i did! super convenient to throw over the pumpkin seat in seconds & keeps my lil guy nice and cozy (but not overheated) – love it!

Paige Oakford, IL

Works great in Green Bay, WI

Been down in the negatives and baby is cozy as can be. Using this with a chicco car infant < 30 lbs car seat. Has a little hook too that you can attach toys too. Highly recommend

Marla Mohrsville, PA

Better than I expected

The cold is just setting in here (slowly) and I realized that when I get my baby ready to go to daycare early in the morning, there is not a great way to keep him warm between the car and the house. I’ve read that it’s dangerous to strap a child into a car seat wearing a heavy coat. I tried tucking in blankets, but my son always manages to kick those off. So I bought this cover. I got it on in two seconds! The funny thing is, my son loves it! He just gets hysterical when we open the little window and play peek-a-boo! So it was a great purchase, one which I’m sure we will enjoy for a while.

Kayla Deer Park, CA


I had a feb baby and the center where I gave birth required a car seat cover. I decided based on reviews that this is what I was looking for. Without taking it off it was hard to get the baby in and out but it kept the baby nice and warm. It worked perfectly for trips outdoors and my daughter loved being tucked away on walks. It kept the wind, rain and snow out but if it was slightly warm I found that it got too hot even with it open. Being able to unzip it was a nice feature for when we went in doors from outside and I loved the extra blanket layer. I used a different brand for my first daughter and I preferred this one so much more.

Graciela Somis, CA

A lifesaver

This has been an invaluable tool for a Chicago winter with a newborn… especially with flu season in full swing. We feel much more empowered to take our daughter out – if we have to brave cold weather or crowds, we just flip the peekaboo flap closed and she’s warm and mostly safe from the flu. Did I mention that she’s warm? I’m blown away by how toasty it gets in there when she’s all enclosed. Definitely a must-have for a winter baby!

Staci Merion Station, PA


My baby was born January 3rd and the weather was cold. This cover made it so easy to go out. All I had to do was place baby inside the car seat and cover him with his Jolly, forget the extra clothes or blanket. It is easy to wash and easy to storage. Definitely a keeper for next baby!

Luann Dothan, AL

Warm, maybe too warm

This cover is very warm and I LOVE the built in fleece blanket. It fits my Britax B Safe alright. It fits better if I remove the canopy, but I hate to do that because I like to use it to block the sun from lo’s eyes. Unfortunately this cover can’t fit under the canopy, it has to go over top. However, I’ve found that this cover is WAY too warm to leave on in the car anyway. My LO would be sweating like crazy when I took him out if I left the cover on for even short drives. I find myself using this for going too and from the car and stillusing a lightweight blanket in the car. It would be nicer if I could leave it on, but I wanted something warm for the cold northern winters. Iay have to buy a second one for spring if my LO is still in the bucket carrier.

Darcy El Portal, CA

the blanket isn’t detachable

we bought this based on another review because it said the blanket was detachable. well, it’s not. you could definitely cut it off, but just wanted future purchasers to know that the blanket is attached. it keeps her toasty warm and we’ve had subzero temps this year, but i don’t worry about taking her out to the car because she’s toasty warm. tho, i will say, the outside collects lint like nobody’s business.

Geri Burlington, KS


This cover fit my Graco Sungride carseat perfectly. Yes, there are little gaps under the handles on the carseat, but I just stuff the ends of the blanket there and my baby is toasty warm. I ran it through the washer once and it held up perfectly (hang dries in less than 24 hours). I love this!

Beth Port Saint Lucie, FL

A must-have in Minnesota

The only thing that would make me happier would be a tighter fitting flap. My babe gets so warm in his cat seat even without a cover that I have to remember to unzip this cover once he is in the car so that he doesn’t overheat. A nice cozy cover that stays put and isn’t so bulky around the sides that it interferes with clipping into the car seat base.

Marisa Galien, MI

Awesome cover too small by far

I live in Oregon and was frequently using this cover in high 20’s to low 40’s, hard rain and snow. It worked wonderfully!! It kept my little man dry and quite warm. I stuck my hand in the face hole a couple of times and it was toasty warm in there. My problem, and the reason for the 3 stars, was the design. I know these are supposed to be safer but my son is 5 mo old and 70th percentile for height and his knees were scrunched up in his chest all the time. The cover is so tight and short on my Peg Perego car seat that it eliminates 3 to 4 inches of leg space. Now that he is 6 months I have stopped using it, it’s just too small.

Lillie Carlton, GA

love it

This is perfect if you live in a climate with very cold winters. It has kept my daugher nice and warm all winter. It is very soft and again warm. There is a built in blanket the goes over her legs so no other blankets are required. I have a Chicco car seat and this fits on it without a problem. I would highly recommend it.

Justina Robbins, CA

Warm and Happy

I love this item. My daughter is warm and its so easy to use. It cleans easily and pops off fast if the weather warms up. I live in the Northeast and our weather is always changing. Its a great price for a great product.

Julia Bear Branch, KY

Easy, Warm, Perfect

This is just what I need on a busy day! I can buckle my son in, check the weather and slip it over the car seat when its cold. It lets me use the car seat as it is designed and I don’t have worry about changing the efficacy of the car seat. My son stays very warm, I can cool him easily if needed and I don’t worry.

Latonya Hastings, PA


I had a JJ Cole Bundleme with my first child. I really liked it. However, I found it got to be too warm at times since it couldnt be taken off without removing the baby. Once I became informed about car seat safety and realized only the shower cap style was safe…I knew that I needed something different for my second child. These aren’t as stylish as the JJCole covers, but they aren’t terrible either. This is the warmest cover I could find in the shower cap style, which I need living in ND. It fits my Chicco Keyfit 30.

Savannah Copalis Beach, WA

Fits the Chicco KeyFit 30 very well!

My baby isn’t here yet, but I was very excited to get this product and test it on our infant seat. We have the Chicco KeyFit 30, and it fits on the seat very well. The cover does not prevent the seat from snapping into the base–the seat is still 100% functional and safe. I had to remove the sun shade to get the cover on snuggly, but the sun shade easily snapped back on over the cover. The cover is well made and includes a little blanket inside that you can either push out of the way or use to swaddle baby in the seat. The inside is also lined with fleece which adds to the warmth and comfort of the cover. I also like that it can be closed up completely to keep out the cold, or you can leave the little window open for baby to peek out. I would say this is a must-have for an infant who will have to use an infant seat in a bitter cold winter. I can’t wait to use it with my baby since it seems to be great quality.

Lottie Grand River, OH

great car seat cover

We love it. Great quality and it fits our standard Graco SnugRide car seat perfectly. Only quibble is that it’s difficult to use the seat belt (rather than the base) to secure the seat in the car when the cover is on.

Chris Queens Village, NY

hands down the best

This is perfect! It is soft and warm and safe! I love the little extra blanket attached to the inside. It is so hard to find this in stores so thank god for amazon! This is hands down better than any one sold in a store!

Eileen South Burlington, VT

I’d buy one. Oh wait. I did! 🙂

I did lots of searches for many different kinds of car seat covers. I didn’t have one for my first baby b/c I thought they were ridiculous and just an extra "thing" stores try to sell you. However, my first baby was born in the middle of the summer, (so it wasn’t needed) and my second baby in Oct (so it WAS needed). We were throwing blankets over his car seat, but if it’s windy, the blanket flew off. Or fell over his face. Completely impractical. So I started looking into these. This one had great reviews, which is why I decided on it. I’m not sure if I really needed the one with the attached blanket for more money(which is pretty thin, (like a receiving blanket,) but fleece feeling, so it seems warm), but it IS convenient and the whole get up seems to keep my baby warm. The face cover, doesn’t stretch far enough to actually latch, so we always just pull it down as far as we can. MUCH better than throwing a blanket over the handle, trying to keep it in place. I’d recommend this.

Alyce Millersburg, PA


I live it Vermont It gets pretty darn cold here. This thing worked great for my newborn. In fact it was so warm that he just wore regular clothes, not a jacket. It can be a little tricky getting him in and out. But I guess that depends on the kind of car seat you use. Overall, it’s really great. Very pleased.

Sofia Mount Cory, OH

Good Cover, fits Britax Chaperone though not very well

This is probably the best car seat cover I have used for my children.Pros: Very Warm, does not interfere with the safety of the seat, easy to get my 5 month old in and out of the seat, attached blanket for extra warmthCons: Lack of variety of colors. The black color picks up every piece of dog hair and lint and generally just looks messy very quickly. Also, although it fits our car seat, Britax Chaperone, because the seat is so large cover is pulled a bit more than on smaller seats. Because of this the flap that goes down to protect my baby’s face does not actually cover the entire opening leaving some room for cold air and snow to get in.Overall I would recommend this car seat cover if you are looking for a warm, safe cover that mostly fits large car seat.

Heather Stephenville, TX

Easy to put on, keeps baby warm and dry

We use this on a Britax B-Safe infant seat. I like that I can leave it on the seat and just unzip it to put our baby in and take her out. The attached blanket is fantastic because you can tuck it around baby for extra warmth. I have never put the top piece down over her face because the canopy on the car seat protects her from any rain/snow. My baby almost never wears a hat or extra layer in her car seat thanks to this cover!

Bettie North Kingsville, OH