Jolly Jumper Bumper Bonnet Toddler Head Cushion

Jolly Jumper Bumper Bonnet Toddler Head Cushion

The Bumper Bonnet is a Toddler Head Cushion is designed to cushion your baby from everyday bumps and bruises, especially when learning to walk.

Main features

  • One size fits all
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Machine Washable

Verified reviews


baby your baby’s head

When my 7 month old started pull up on things i looked into items to keep those first few months of discovering and learning a bit more cushioned. I original leaned to foam mats but decided against it. Since our main room is multipurpose there wasn’t much space to devote to an interesting play area. Baby would get bored and want to roam. So I decided on the bumper bonnet which can go everywhere with him. The design is simple enough that you could sew one yourself. Yes. He would try to ripe the the sucker off in the beginning and still does on occasion but usually doesn’t as long as he is happily playing with something. His head is in the lower percentile so I had to sew one of arches together otherwise it would be too big. I figure I can take out the stitches as he grows. The bonnet has saved him when he gets himself under tables and then stands up: totally softens the “blow”. My husband(and his friends with kids) thinks it is too ridicules and unnecessary so my son only wears it part of the time. he does just fine without it and survives the “blows” although I have to hear his poor cries. But for $15 why shouldn’t i baby my baby a bit longer.

Gabriela Nelson, NH

Gee-ma Request

My daughter was 9 months old when she starting wearing this thing on her head. I gotta tell ya, she looked like one of the rug rats with the diaper on his head. My mom’s house isn’t all kid proofed and my daughter fell a lot, well yeah they have to learn somehow. Anyway gee-ma heavily suggested i get this to protect her head from bouncing off the floor. It does protect her head but she hated it. She got used to it but it did make her head sweat. It has holes in the top but her head still got sweaty. The cool thing about this diaper hat is that she bounced off things pretty well, the wall, the floor, tables and corners. A couple times i was glad she was wearing it. I know i didn’t have these when i was a kid, but i guess society is more judgemental now a days and jump to the worst conclusions if a kid comes in the ER with head trauma. Once she got better at walking and falling a lot less then i took it off of her. I suggested that we stick her in a human hamster ball. But i actually looked those things up on amazon and i would buy one for me cuz that looks like it would be fun to roll down a hill. Then googled that and they have races!!! Awesome!!!

Corrine Buckman, MN

Needs more padding and tweaking but it does the job

I am a foster parent who had a child placed in my home who had a healing head injury. I have tile throughout my house so protecting the baby’s head is a top priority for me. The concept is great, the material not so much. When looking at it, it seems as if someone’s grandma sewed it together. I think it could be made much better as far as construction and the material could be something a little sturdier than what it is made of. It is similar to polyfilled pillow strips that are sewn together. There is no adjusting the circumference of the bonnet only the chin strap. My little guy is 10 months and this bonnet is just too big for him. I had to adjust the two center strips, the one going from the forehead to the cross section in the middle of the bonnet as well as the strip going from the middle of the head cross section to the back of the head/neck section. I made both of these strips shorter and the bonnet fits well. Before doing this, the bonnet kept falling into the face of the baby and he would get so frustrated. The bonnet will prevent bumps and bruises but if a baby were to fall, this bonnet would not avoid an injury like a helmet would. It serves its purpose now that I fixed it so it fits the baby.

Alma Cross Fork, PA

Only for those whose kids will keep it on their head

I got this thinking it will protect my one year old (now trying to stand) from bumps…but she doesnt keep it on her head even for a second…she can easily pull off from her head even with the strap on. Its kind of bulky for their little they feel it odd to keep it on. I tried several times but no use for me…

Gale Alapaha, GA

it works!

This product works great. My baby didn’t care for it much at first, she cried and yanked on it so much, lol. I kept it on her though, and everyday we put it on, she does better with it. She lost her balance learning to walk and fell onto a tile floor; fussed a little from the scare, but no crocodile tears or bruises. Gives me wonderful peace of mind. I like that it’s adjustable on the chin strap, its almost a little big, but I’m able to make it snug, and she has room to grow later. Very pleased with the product. I ordered the pink one, but an ivory one with bears came…no big deal, I bought it for safety not a fashion statement, she looks like a mushroom guy off of Super Mario Bros. or like she has a sumo wrestler’s loin cloth on her head, crazy cute.

Yvonne Ivy, VA

Great for the price

I reviewed other hats but decided on this for the price and the reviews I read. My son gets hot easily and I read some of the other products did not have good ventilation. I was worried because it is all cushion and no hard protection but it works great. The baby keeps it on and it has saved us lots of crying when he bumps his head crawling around. It came in a cream color with bears on it. It was also a lot cheaper than the other hats. I have no complaints.

Eve Riverton, NJ

It is supposed to be breathable. But the baby still sweats.

Baby sweats. It mention protecting the baby online. But, when you get it, there is a disclaimer abut it is not meant to protect the baby. What a croc.

Angelina Alsen, ND

Waste of money

I thought this would be less hot than the other options I saw, but it made his head so hot!

Lawanda Burr Hill, VA


My son has started walking extremely early. He is ten months old now and has been standing and walking for almost 2 full months and has bumped his head on just about everything! Both my wife and I spent a night in the hospital because my son was practicing his standing, holding himself up on the ottoman to our chair. He lost his balance and fell cracking his head on the corner of our coffee table in the living room which happened to be near by. He hit his temple leaving a baseball sized welt on his temple which also swelled. He screamed in agony so we took him to the hospital and ended up spending all night there just to make sure he was o.k and no concussion. Needless to say this little bumper Bonnet has saved us many gray hairs since then and most importantly protected our little guy’s head!

Celina Acushnet, MA

One of the best buys

We have been using this for about 5-6 months now, every day. It saved us from a lot of trouble. The downside is that you can’t wear it in hot weather (obviously) since it’s really thick and the baby would get too hot. One of the best buys that is really useful and totally worth the money. Highly recommend.

Kristin Greenfield, NH

head bangers!

this bonnet was great untill he figured out how to take it off….it is still helpful for "head bangers" and for safety when toddling around.

Mayra Garrettsville, OH

Useless, too hot for the little one

My 9 month gets her head soaked with sweat with 10 minutes of wearing it in Chicago spring (no heating indoor)…. She tries hard to yank it off, and often pulls it down just enough to block her view. I guess she just has to learn from falling and bumping her head.

Morgan Aredale, IA

Really helped

I was so scared my son would fall and hit his head on our wood floor I bought this for him. It worked great because when he did fall he wouldn’t be afraid to get back up, and I wouldn’t have a heart attack. I will be using this with our next baby as well. The only down side is this thing is thick so their heads do sweat a lot in em, and they will look like the little mushroom guy on super Mario brothers LOL

Lily Greenfield, IA

Very good baby head protector

The product is very useful and helpful for babies who just start to walk or like crawling. It can help protect head from damage due to falling down suddenly. But the only thing parents should worry is that the hat is too thick and my 11 month girl always sweats a lot ( wet hair) after wearing it for a short while when playing.

Shanna West Van Lear, KY

Lets me relax (a little)

My daughter went through an clumsy phase where she could pull herself up but couldn’t drop to her knees or bottom without falling over. We bought the Bumper Bonnet and its saved her from several bruises. She now has the hang of cruising and is attempting to go from one piece of furniture to another. We are using the Bonnet again (thank goodness) I can see that when she is walking and us tall enough to graze her head on the tables and counter we will be using the Bonnet for a third stage. I’m very happy to have this and I’m glad she keeps it on.

Krista Floyd, VA

Great for Visiting Non-Baby proof places

We have been using our Bumper Bonnet when we visit our relative who don’t have a baby proof house. Its saved my little guy so many bruises to the head. Coffee tables, side tables, dining chairs all are a threat at his size. Its nice to relax and enjoy the company knowing that his head is safer.

Mara Murphys, CA


this did its job, everytime she fell she was safe. it protected all sides of her little head and stayed on.

Fern Cameron, OK

Fun Hat/Helmet

I bought this for my son when he was a year old. He hated keeping it on his head. A few months later he started enjoying hats and wanted to wear it around the house.The strap that goes underneath the chin is completely useless. My son can always get the helmet off with it in use, but after he takes it off he can’t put it back on! I’ve had to cut the strap off completely to allow my son ease of access.Overall I like this, but it’s probably not as useful as it was supposed to be.

Kelli Grantsboro, NC

its okay

This worked great for my son but then i brought it again for my daughter who is 8 months and 17lbs tall but small frame and small head.. she was swimming in it. Didnt return since it was worn but it was too big for her head.

Dianna Ketchikan, AK

Good in theory…

My baby has started pulling herself up on everything in the house, resulting in a few head bonks and crash landings. This seemed like an answer. My baby will not keep it on. She screams and manages to pull it off- even with the chin strap. This has been another one of those baby purchases that ended up being a waste of money. I’m glad I did not splurge for a similar product that was more than double the price!

Penelope Otley, IA

Good product but……

The idea was great and the product is good. There are some "cons" the strap needs to be Velcro instead of snap because potential choking hazard. Also, when wearing for 20 min or more child could become to warm. The material is flannel-like.

Angel Vaughn, WA

Keeps baby girl safe when daddy lets her explore

Daddy likes to let our first daughter explore with the best of them. She climbs, cruises and wants to get into or onto everything and daddy lets her. This thing has saved some headaches for both daddy and daughter when she falls and goes boom. She has wacked her head like every other kid and the crying could be heard down the street. With this on, the shock is on her face but the crying is minimal at best. Love it

Karla Little River, KS

Great product for the cost!

It is exactly as shown, and it is a good price. My child won’t actually wear it but I don’t think it has anything to do with the actual product.

Robert Casmalia, CA