Jolly Jumper Fitted Insect and Bug Netting for Infant Carrier

Jolly Jumper Fitted Insect and Bug Netting for Infant Carrier

This handy breathable net protects your baby from pestering bugs a while in the car or infant seat, Tailored with Elasticized edging to fit all infant carriers and secured by adjustable ties.

Main features

  • Protects your baby from insects and bugs
  • Tailored to fit all infant carriers
  • Elasticized edging and secured by adjustable ties

Verified reviews


Perfect for intended use

We now use this on son’s jogging stroller and love it. Keeps the bugs off (and we have ALOT of those were we live) and it is very sturdy. Good value for the dollar.

Lizzie Savoonga, AK

good bug net

I purchased this to use on my baby trend car seat and it fits good with some extra room for a larger car seat. I have also used this on my sons bouncy chair which makes it nice that it fits more than just the car seat!

Nelly Channahon, IL

Saved from the bugs

This works great – no more worries about our baby being eaten alive during evening walks! We have a standard infant carseat and it fits perfectly.

Polly Ouzinkie, AK


the strings keep the netting off the baby, the mesh is tight enough to keep the bugs out, elastic fit over my carseat easily.

Graciela East Poultney, VT

Love it!

Works on the car seat and on our stroller as well and keeps the bugs out. So far it has been very durable. I even use it for a toddler “sneeze guard” when I have to take my infant with me to pick up my older child from daycare.

Susanne New Rumley, OH

This is great and cheap!

We live in Texas where the bugs can carry you off. Plus you know when a bug bites a baby it is 10 times worse than when it bites an older child or you. This is a great buy! Plus it even shades from the sun a tiny bit.

Rachelle Fayetteville, TN

Need to be bigger

These nets do the trick, but they need to be bigger. They are somewhat hard to get down around our Chicco keyFit30 carseats. They do fit, but just exactly. I’ve got twins, so I have no time to be fooling around trying to get all the sides down properly on this. Would be better to be larger with a stronger elastic, so you could just snap it down around and go. As it is, I frequently find that one end has pulled up and there is a gap where mosquitoes can enter. I live in Africa, so this could mean malaria or dengue – not just an inconvenience. I kept them as a back-up, but then ended up ordering different carseat nets made by Jeep that work much better.

Lavonne Neelyton, PA

small tears possible

i live in the south and really needed these. they work great my only complaint is that with normal wear/tear i already have a small hole. can probably be sewn closed but just be careful with them, they are delicate.

Penny Grand Isle, ME

what a necessity!

i live in south Texas where in summer time you know there are a lot of mosquitoes! Went to a bbq party and took this and everyone just loved it and wanted to know where i had gotten it. I’m SO thankful i had this. we also used it when we go for our evening walks. Baby is safe and mommy is worry free about bug bites. 🙂 Now that baby is older and out of her carrier we got the bigger one to cover the entire stroller.

Hattie Hansford, WV

Perfectly protected

I ordered this to shield my baby from the bugs when we go on our walks. It works perfect. Easy to pull over the car seat/stroller. the elastic makes it flexible enough to fit most any seat and its clear enough that baby can see you and vice versa.

Robyn Baden, PA

We use this daily

This works well as a barrier for insects and also for people who want to touch your baby. We use this daily on our walks.

Marian State Line, IN

Sufficient as is, probably great with alterations

I purchased this net for my Britax BSafe carseat and it fits well. I like that the net is up and off of my babys face and I can still carry the car seat by the handle with no interferance from the net. However there are gaps in the base of the handle area that persistant mosquitos can enter from. I imagine if you sewed some velcro on the netting those gaps could be closed. All in all, it keeps a good amount of bugs away from your baby.

Colleen Craddockville, VA



Carmela Colleyville, TX