Jolly Jumper Insect Bug Net Stroller Car Seat

Jolly Jumper Insect Bug Net Stroller Car Seat

The Jolly Jumper breathable weave Stroller/Play-yard NET protects child against pestering insects and provides comfort indoors and outdoors alike. mesh netting with an elastic hem allows a secure fit on most single strollers, bassinets, cradles and play-yards. Made of nylon, open Size 48″ x 48″.

Main features

  • Protects your baby from insects and bugs
  • Fits most strollers, bassinets, playpens and cradles
  • Breathable weave provides comfort both indoors and out
  • 48 X 48

Verified reviews


Good net, offers decent protection

We walk a lot and with the weather getting warmer and bugs coming out more and more we wanted to protect our daughter. I can’t rate this any less then 5 stars because the title is very accurate. The bug net does fit most strollers. Unfortunately it didn’t fit ours as we had expected. The net is more or less a rectangular shape, we have a Harmony Odyssey stroller and its mostly oval. The net does cover most of the stroller but the problem is the spandex band around the edge of the net that is suppose to wrap around the rest of the stroller is very loose and not to strong enough so it leaves spaces for bugs to get in. The net itself is very good, the spaces between the holes is very small, so little tiny bugs can’t get in and the baby is able to get enough air. I would recommend this bug net but just be aware it fits MOST strollers.

Marta Carlsbad, TX


I haven’t had a chance to use this on my pack ‘n play, but I wanted to use it with my stroller and it just isn’t compatible. I have a jogging stroller but am still using the infant car seat in it so for those cases I would not recommend. It may fit better without the car seat, but again I haven’t tried that.

Lessie Gouldbusk, TX

Does what it says

Awesome! I use clothes line clips to get a better fit around the random corners of our stroller. The net is nice and small weave, keeping the creepy crawlies off lo! Nice!

Casey Daleville, MS

Made in China

Made in China, don’t want to trap my baby in her stroller with all those chemicals, looks cheap like it would rip quickly anyway.

Camilla Humboldt, IA

Fits Graco stroller with ease.

I read several reviews on different products. This mosquito net does fit our Graco snugride stroller with ease. I would definitely recommend. Keep mosquitos away from our little one.

Janna Mesa, AZ

Great at keeping bugs out of my daughter’s stroller

I bought this for when I go running with my two-month old daughter in our jogging stroller. We live in a woodsy area so we have a lot of bugs, especially mosquitos. This net works great at keeping the bugs out of the stroller. It’s not too thick to the point where I can’t see her (only in direct sunlight is it then a little hard to see through). But it’s big and stretches well and stays put.

Tonya Monteagle, TN

worked great

This netting worked great! I live in a area with lots of mosquitos so I put this netting around my (chicco) stroller when I took my daughter on walks this summer and it fit and worked great. I would definitely recommend it.

Christi Kalispell, MT

Perfect for the Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame with car seat

We live in Houston, where the mosquitos are rampant in the summer. However, we love to go for walks in the evenings. This bug net keeps the mosquitos off of our baby, and still allows him to see what’s going on. It’s large enough with a stretchy elastic bottom, that I know it will fit our Baby Jogger when we transition to that. It should also fit our Graco pack & play, should we ever want to bring it outside. Great price, and way better than using a blanket!

Ashleigh Adrian, WV

Fits our playpen

It’s well sawn and fits our playpen so it’s versatility will ensure we use it all summer. Worth the price.

Evangeline Cherry Point, NC

Does not fit Graco stroller

Our Graco stroller is a regular stroller, nothing fancy. This netting is nowhere even close of big enough to fit it.

Isabel Edgewater, FL