Jolly Jumper Musical Play Mat

Jolly Jumper Musical Play Mat

This cushioned musical mat by Jolly Jumper plays 3 fun music modes at baby’s touch. Use dial to select tone mode: Dance, Jungle and Silly Baby learns cause and effect-touch the toy and the music starts. Great for using under a doorway jumper. Jumper and batteries are not included.

Main features

  • This cushioned musical mat plays 3 fun music modes at baby’s touch.
  • plays 3 fun music modes at baby’s touch ,Dance, Jungle, Silly
  • May help encourage pre walking skills

Verified reviews


Do you like loud chaos?

This is a neat concept with horrible execution. The positive is bright colors and size of mat is good for door jumper. The cons are 1- No volume control which would be ok if it was at the usual kid toy decibel level. It is so loud I had to put a towel over the speaker. 2- The individual sounds are not that horrible, though not that desirable either. The problem is they go off all together regardless of where you touch the thing- it is very chaotic like putting three toys on at one time. My 6-month-old hates it and he was scared by the volume. He likes the crinkly sound it makes when he jumps with the sound turned off, but I could put a paper bag under the jumper for free.

Pansy Cottonton, AL

She loves it!

my baby love this, I use this to put it under her swing, and she love the sounds it makes every time she step on it! very easy to fold and put it away!

Rosalind Linwood, NY

Good Concept, Bad Design

The idea of something that makes boingy noises as your baby jumps on it seems to be a good one, but when they implemented the concept into this item, it came up severely lacking. If on music mode, it doesn’t complete one song before moving to the next. So as your baby bounces, you get the first 3 notes of one song and the first 3 of another all mashed together. The jungle sounds are about the same level of annoying. The sound effects are somewhat tolerable, but not really engaging to the baby. As if those annoyances weren’t enough, this thing slides all over the joint as baby bounces. I was constantly having to move it back under baby’s feet. Really not worth the money. Just put some crinkle paper under baby for the same effect with no money out of pocket.

Rosalinda Hawleyville, CT

The Baby loves this thing

I feel that its bit noisy but my son is in stiches laughing with this under his feet. I don’t get it but he loves it. It is a little softer under his toes and it gives him a real laugh. Good stuff.

Lorena Kelly, NC

worked well with the jolly jumper! our grandson was …

worked well with the jolly jumper! our grandson was able to see the cause and effect of his own jumping/movement of his feet !

Elisha Glenn Dale, MD

Made in China

Made in China. Gives off chemical smell. Not bpa free. Looks like a cool mat but not willing to let my baby breath in and be exposed to all those chemicals.

Alyce Rochester Mills, PA