Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers

Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers

The Jolly Jumper on a Stand is a baby exerciser port-a-stand that is great for any child in the pre-walking stage. The Jolly Jumper helps your baby improve balance and develop rhythm while strengthening muscles and developing coordination. Firm support for your baby’s spine ensures bones will develop properly and posture will remain upright. This product also has convenient portability, making it easy to take anywhere you and your child may need to go.

Main features

  • Jolly Jumper Improves balance and helps develop coordination
  • Develops coordination and strengthens muscles
  • Firm support for baby’s spine, Convenient and easy to transport

Verified reviews


Works but…

The jumper works. My daughter loves it. But it is the hardest thing to get the baby in. I always end up pinching myself really bad. If I had a doorway to use a doorway jumper I would trash this thing. But, since I don’t I have to use it. I only put her in it once a day because it is so hard to get her in it. If you have a doorway don’t use this jumper. If you don’t have a doorway it works but be prepared to bite back the swear words as you try to get your baby in it. If it wasn’t so hard to get baby in it then I would give it 5 stars.

Betty Agua Dulce, TX

Jolly for the Jumper!

I love this Jumper, however it does have areas that can be approved. Its a “free standing” jumper, so you don’t have to confine your baby to only doorways or worry if a jumper will meet the height of a doorway. Though this item does not come with any toys or tray, I am glad that it doesn’t because it really gives my 5 month old son the freedom to move around without being distracted. The jumper retracts a lot more than other bouncers I’ve seen and babies don’t have to use much effort to get this thing going. Once they realize this, it’s nothing but fun and excitement. Check out a few “You Tube” videos on Jolly Jumper, you won’t see any unhappy baby. The only area I dislike, is actually putting him in the Jolly Jumper. You have to unclip the seat (if you’re looking at the picture I am speaking of the blue bar from the chain that it hangs by.) You have to lay the baby down and place him in the seat as though your putting on a pair of pants. My son gets a little agitated by this and once he’s agitated enough, forget the jumper because his patience has been worn. Other than that, I love it:)

Katheryn Windber, PA

a 2nd pair of arms

One of the best products ever. well made & keeps baby happy & as active as he wants to be. Deff worth having. Plus baby is not confined to a doorway. The stand can b move to any room or even out doors. It is very light weight but extremely stable. And it doesn’t make noises when baby jumps around.Only issue is putting baby in & taking baby out of the seat.But this product with the stand is a must have. Money is no object when you see your baby jump & kick around lauging & playing in this thing. Log onto youtube to view the product at work. But always b attentive while baby plays & always direct your attention to your baby.

Lindsay Allred, TN

Our son never got very interested in it

Our son never got very interested in it. We had it from 6 months to 1 year. We tried it once every couple weeks, but he never really got into it. He wasn’t that stable in it either, he would often be leaning forward or backward, so we frequently had to hold him steady. Now he’s too tall for it, his head almost hits the bar.Maybe most kids love it, but not ours.

Polly Bloomsbury, NJ

Tough to Review

Oh, this is so hard to review. I want to start with, I love it and my baby who is 4 months old loves it! It is perfect for what I bought it for.With that said, I want to complain about how difficult it is to get the baby in and out of it, but I knew that by other’s reviews so I can’t really complain, can I? It is bulky (knew that too), but I do find it very easy to unscrew separation bars and compact it for storage.It was VERY easy to assemble.Honestly, I think the only thing that stops me from using it as often as I would like is how hard it is to get the baby in and out of it. Otherwise, when I have the time to fuss with it.. I totally love watching my baby play in it.Probably one of the most difficult items to reveiw, I don’t know if I would recommend it or not really. I guess its up to you to decide if you want to hassle to watch your kid have a blast, or hunt down something more practical. Good luck 🙂

Henrietta Chenango Bridge, NY

MUCH wider than the picture looks..difficult to get baby in and out

I purchased this after reading the other reviews. However, upon receipt, I quickly realized that this is much wider than the picture makes it look. If you have a LOT of room, this is not an issue, but the width of this, once assembled, is bigger than our outdoor swingset. Also, you need to be aware that you cannot just slide baby in and out of this seat like most bouncers. You actually have to unclip the seat from the frame every single time, unsnap the fabric, unvelcro it, lay it out, place baby on, like you are changing a nappy, and then do it all back up again. Then, with baby in your arms, you have to reattach the seat to the bar one handed. If none of this deters you, then this is probably a great bouncer.

Noemi Ettrick, WI

great item!

I have only had this item for a week but i love it. my baby just finished 5 months old. she is tried of swing, bumbo seat. she wants me to hold her standing up and she askes me to jump her. I did that however it is really hard to jump a baby constantly. I had my eye on this item for a long time. I finally ordered it. same day that it arrived i got really sick and my husband wasnt feeling as well. my baby was having a blast and we survived our sickness through this wonderfull thing. otherwise she was going to sit and cry out of boredom. it took her day to fully understand she can control her jumps. once she did she was sooooooo happy. she loves to be on it even when shes not jumping to be in standing position. she goes crazy and I dont get scared if she is secure because design is very nice and smart. my husband as a harsh critic loved it. the other reviewers were saying that it is hard to put baby in and out and i undestand why. the instructions given are the most secure way however not the easiest. I simply slide the baby in very slowly than i make her sit on my lap while i velcro sides evenly and buckle up. practice makes perfect. My husband is cluless how to get her in still other than instructed way:)ohh another thing i hate eye sore baby products and only two cons it has that it is not easy to tuck away, not convient at all and it looks like a little torture chamber on the side of the living room:) (especially when baby is not in it) but i put up with the way it looks since it makes my life alot easier:)

Melisa Knightsen, CA

Fun, fun, fun…

Martina Rapelje, MT

Finally, a bouncer that she really can bounce in!!!

My daughter ADORES this bouncer!! She is a preemie so very small. She couldn’t reach the ground in her stationary toys until very recently. She is almost 6 months now. She was ready to bounce and do the activities of a stationary bouncer at 3 months, but she was too short. 🙁 We got this at about 4 months and she could use it right away! She took to it immediately and is absolutely thrilled about it. Uses it almost daily, for at least 20 minutes at a time.We tried the regular doorway jumpers (much less expensive) but our house doesn’t allow for installation – our doorways are strange.The only complaint is this is a bit of an ordeal getting her in and out of, but I suppose there’s no other way to do something like this. Safety is important. In that regard, I gave it only 4 stars because the balance bar is very difficult to maneuver around. I wish it was easier to work with – perhaps if it was detachable while you’re putting baby in the seat part? Anything they could do to make this product easier to get in and out of would be a good thing. But, even with the difficulty, it is more than worth it!

Tommie Raymond, WA

Absolutely loved it, but lasts only short window of time in development

For about 3.5 months our little one could absolutely not get enough of this. We were careful not to let her jump too much especially early on as she would go nuts (we were a little concerned that she could hurt her neck while her legs seemed to almost spasmodically pump like pistons run amok). But our daughter grew very quickly and started walking much earlier than expected (walking unassisted at 8 months). Of course, this early walking (and really surprising agility) might have been thanks to the jumper. One thing for sure, this jumper saved my arms, back and potentially bruised thighs as before purchasing it, she constantly wanted me to be the jumper. Awesome purchase, just wish they grew up a little more slowly sometimes… especially for a slightly high expenditure for such a short period. We didn’t really pull her out of it due to her being too heavy, she simply lost interest once she could walk around on her own.

Doris Reardan, WA

My son loves this!

We bought the Jolly Jumper for our son when he was 4 months old. He’s now 5.5 months old goes in it everyday. This is his favorite toy and it was so easy to assemble.

Lupe Westport, KY

My baby loves this jumper!! 🙂

My almost 6 month old loves his Jolly Jumper and has since the first time he tried it, when he was about 3 1/2 months. If I ask him if he wants to get in his jumper he gets excited and starts jumping in my lap. It is a tiny pain to get him in and out, but it’s totally worth it! I never get tired of watching him jump up and down…it is amazing!

Lourdes Ridgedale, MO


Our twin girls loved this jumper. They started using it around 6 months and can still use it now at almost 11 months. It does take up some space, however, it works well when you don’t have a doorway available for the other type of jumpers. It may seem a bit pricey, but it is well worth every penny.

Amanda Bellflower, IL

Great Buy!

My 5 mo old son has absolutely loved this. It is easy to put together and fairly easy to move from room to room. It holds baby very securely and the construction has been very sound. It is a little tricky getting a squirmy baby in and out with one person, but with practice it can be done with little hardship. My only regret is that I did not purchase it sooner. I highly recommend!

Madeleine Kincaid, KS

So Much Fun!

We started using this jumper when my son was 4 months old. He is now 9 months old and we still use it on a daily basis. I don’t like to keep him in it too long because I worry about his hips, but we use it for 20 to 30 minutes of jumping each day. He LOVES it, and starts trying to jump before I even get a chance to secure him in.

Gilda Middle Village, NY

Great exercise for baby

I’m glad products like this are out for active babies like my son. He can jump in there for several minutes and sometimes an hour. Helps him release his energy so he takes longer and less interrupted naps. I like this product.The product is safe to me. He slipped out once and fell but since then we learned how to secure him in there properly.

Connie Ivanhoe, NC

Love it

This is our baby’s favourite activity – he has much more fun in this than playing with his toys. I also think this is great as it’s made in Canada (which is rare to find nowadays).

Nadine Rindge, NH

Couldn’t survive without this!

I am so grateful for this product! This is the only thing that entertains my four month old for any length of time. Usually a 45 minute stretch. He figured it out the first day. It gets him a great workout fortunately because my son is quite an eater. It makes a good lesson in cause and effect. He jumps to the rhythm of any music playing and entertains us! This is baby approved. Friends have tried it on their babies and rushed out to buy it as well. I like the freestanding ability since we don’t have a convenient doorway and really high ceilings. We have no complaints. Highly recommend!

Molly Ladonia, TX

Best Bouncer on the Market

Our second child is now ready for the Jolly Jumper and we are so excited. Her older brother loved it and spent so much time bouncing around and laughing. I love how secure the harness is, even if it’s a bit more time to get in to. The baby is so well supported and she is just getting the hang of the bouncing motion. It won’t be long before she is bounding around like her brother was. Its hours of entertainment watching them. Its the best on the market for sure!!

Wendi Johnston, SC

The greatest piece of baby equipment I have ever purchased!

This is the greatest thing ever invented for babies! My daughter loves this thing and could play in it for hours if I would let her. It is a little bulky, but folds down easily so you can just stick it in the corner when not in use! Highly recommend!

Suzette Vichy, MO

Great fun for little ones!

What an awesome jumper! Our daughter loved it and figured if out within a minute of being on it! It was great fun for her for a good 5 months but she didn’t want to go in it anymore when she got close to her first bday. I wish she had enjoyed it longer but it was still worth it.We especially loved the fact that we could set it anywhere in the house! This was a life saver for me to organize the kitchen, make dinner, even shower (our bathroom is big enough and we have glass doors in the shower so she loved jumping while I sand to her and I could still watch her!). She would usually stay in it for about 15 minutes before asking to be taken out.Easy to set up and store away when not in use. It’s now back in the box waiting for the next baby 🙂

Claudia Given, WV

Awesome baby fun!

Not every baby’s cup of tea. My kid absolutely loved this but when I handed it down to my friend, he only used it a handful of time. I personally think that the thing is probably a terrifying experience at first for some babies so it may get some getting used to but it’s something a baby should get over. My 2 cents.

Katina Iota, LA

great buy

my baby is 4 months old and She love this jumper. With the jumper my wife has more time to do other things. It is easy to carry around and u can put it any where u want to.

Leah Arlington, AL


My 6 month old loves this! Its a little difficult to get him hooked up but its totally worth it!

Alberta Eden, AZ

Best purchase for our daughter

Absolutely a must buy item. Our daughter loves this. It was purchased when she was 6 months and she is about to turn 8 months and she gets incredibly excited by it. The harness takes two or three times before you get used to putting it on but you will get used to it. A fantastic baby toy.

Amparo Charleston, IL

Simple classic jumper

This jumper is great! I love that it doesn’t have brightly colored cartoon characters or plastic toys stuck to it. I also love that it can be folded up and put behind a door or tucked away in a closet when not in use. We bought this when my son was about 5 months old and he didn’t really like it. Now he is 10 months old and thinks its amazing!

Renee Rosholt, SD

well made and easy to assemble

well made and easy to assemble ! Our 7 month old grandson loved using this as he seems to feel free and happy to be upright and moving !

Rebekah Turkey City, PA

boucing rite along

bought as a gift i put together and really easy to do. I cant wait until she is big enough to use

Nikki Shelby, NE

Awesome jumper!

My 5 month loves this jumper. I had two different doorway jumpers and he just did not really get into them at all. I found this one and saw videos of babies using it and they all looked like they loved so I got it for him hoping he would like it and he totally does. It was super easy to put together, took like 10 minutes tops. All you have to do to fold it up is unscrew one side of each bar by hand and then fold it up and put the screw thing back on until you take it out to use it again… takes like 20 seconds. I had no problem getting him in or out of it, I leave the seat hanging and set it on my knee and slide him in it then buckle it up. Definitely a great investment!

Johnnie Burrel, CA

Kid loves it but takes up a lot of space

My first choice for a jumper would have been a space saving doorway jumper, but, living in an old San Francisco victorian home the decorative wide door frames in these old homes are just too big for the doorway jumper clamps to reach around. Since my 5 month old loves to bounce and is very active I decided I needed to get SOMETHING. I purchased this and he loves it BUT it is kinda big and takes way too much space in a small SF apartment. I minus one star because it is not designed to fold up and be put away when it’s not in use. To fold it up you have to unscrew stuff which is time consuming and a hassle.

Maureen Davenport, NY