Jolly Jumper Pashmama Nursing Cover, Black

Jolly Jumper Pashmama Nursing Cover, Black

The “Pashmina” nursing cover by Jolly Jumper is designed to look like the classic pashmina scarf. No need to feel uncomfortable nursing your baby in public-the Pashmina works well with any kind of outfit and is discrete while nursing. Wear the bracelet (included) to remember which side baby last fed she will wear this long after baby stops nursing, Machine washable.

Main features

  • The essential ‘scarf’ for breast feeding moms
  • Discrete nursing cover
  • The fashion accessory that allows mom to feed baby in privacy

Verified reviews


This does not look the same as the picture!

This product is a green color but fades from the middle up to the neck. It fades from a green to an almost dark gray color. I dont mind it too much but wish the picture would have shown that. When you wear it as a scarf it shows the two colors. Just thought you may want to know in case you are set on a solid color. I thought the fabric was defective so i called the seller and they said that is how they all are but the pictures dont show it. Nice! Obviously, the picture clearly shows it one color and it is not. The fabric is light and soft for nursing. I am still keeping it because it gives good coverage to your front and sides. It only hits to the shoulders in the back. Hope this helps:)

Lidia Newtonville, NJ

Very practical way to discreetly feed your baby.

I just received this in the mail yesterday. I have the blush color and it is more like a light pink than the picture shows as a beigy pink. It is very pretty. I haven’t used it yet, as I’m due in another 6 weeks, but I can see that I will be perfectly comfortable using this when we have visitors over, rather than leaving the room and our guests.I ordered this over the typical apron style cover ups because I don’t want it to look like I am about to bake some cookies. I feel those other styles call too much attention to what mom is doing. And I think they are hideous. But this is pashmina and so soft. Great quality. And the blush is not see through either. I didn’t want black because I don’t want the baby thinking it is in a hole while nursing. And this blush will go as a great looking scarf with any outfit.I am a shorter person and petite built. I thought the length was perfect, even if you were average or taller in height. It has a nice stitched “Pashmama” logo on the back of the neck that is the same color as the material of the scarf you select. Very tasteful. You won’t have to worry about a peep show wearing this. It is very light for baby and breathable. But, I will be testing it soon enough on the baby.

Tanisha Great Falls, VA


I’m so happy with my purchase! Better than what I thought it would be. It totally looks like a typical scarf and the material is light weight so it will still be great for summer time which is what I wa worried about since right now spring has already started. What sold me is that it’s the only nursing cover I can throw around my neck and carry vs all the others I’d have to fold and store in my already full diaper bag. Even after nursing I can still use it as a scarf If I want to. I’d totally recommend this to any mother!

Judith Fe Warren Afb, WY

Perfect for the stylish mama!

I own a couple of the traditional Hooter Hider type nursing aprons but didn’t like the fact that it screamed “baby cover” every time I broke it out. When I took this out of the package, I fell in love because it looked just like a stylish pashmina scarf, just with a hole for your head. It’s super soft and well made, and the length is perfect. My son loves to wriggle around and wave his arms while nursing, and this was still able to cover him and myself with all his fidgeting. I liked how afterwards I could just tie it around my neck like a traditional scarf. Love this purchase!

Fanny Kaneohe, HI

Awesome “boobie cover” =)

I got this because the other hooter hider type things just looked ugly to me and this didn’t have that feel at all. It shipped very quickly and the quality of the product is great. Really soft, and light material and the color is a very pretty shade of pink. To the post prior to mine saying that it doesn’t “hide” the baby from the sides is kinda hard to believe since there is ample material on either side of you when you put it on, and I’m a big girl (5’5–170 lbs(pre pregnancy)) and it hides the baby perfectly out of veiw from onlookers. Its also fits great into the diaper bag, if you do put it in there since it looks great for you to wear it anywhere like a scarf.

Emilia Lee Center, IL

Great cover

This cover is great! It covers everything, is lightweight and it doesn’t look like a breastfeeding cover. I highly recommend it.

Karyn Attapulgus, GA

works great for nursing or pumping cover!

i love that this doesnt "look" like a nursing cover. ive used it mostly when we’ve traveled. i wear it like a scarf but can then cover myself when need be. i’ve flown twice without my baby while pumping and have had to pump on a plane. i was able to put this over me and pump in the window seat and no one new what i was doing. love it!

Latoya Peapack, NJ

Best cover ever

I am a midwife. I have used many different covers. This one does not say "nursing cover", it’s discrete and cute. When in Hawaii I wanted to pack with fewer items, so I just used it as a light shawl in the evenings. The light blush color is subtle and sweet. Get a maxi dress that opens enough to breastfeed or a nursing dress and pair it with this shawl and you can go out for evenings!

Pauline Potterville, MI

Good so far!

So far this product is exactly what I was looking for, I wanted something discreet for nursing & this is great for that. I don’t have baby yet so I’m not sure how it works & how coverage is with nursing yet but when trying it on it seemed to have plenty of room to have full coverage & the material seemed light enough for baby to not get too hot under.

Doris Empire, CO

Super Useful!

I wasn’t coordinated enough to use a regular pashmina for nursing so I found the slit/neck hole useful. After I stopped breast feeding, I kept it to use as a regular pashmina. In retrospect, this wasn’t a Must Have item but I found it useful and was happy to have it. It’s held up well and I plan to use it with #2!

Melisa Roxie, MS

It works.

This is a nice product. The fabric is soft, the v-neck goes over your head like a poncho and doesn’t hang so far down that it is indecent, but does allow you to peak your head through to verify placement of the baby on your breast. It works MUCH better than the breast feeding covers sold that have straps, hooks and latches. Those always fall down at an awkward moment and leave you exposed, I reccomend the poncho style covers.

Lucinda Humboldt, NE

Soft, But Can’t Make it Look as Good as the Picture

Extremely soft, nice color, and the head hole is appreciated – makes it more secure. However, I have never been able to make it look quite like a pashmina when I actually have a baby under there. All the movement and pulling means the parts that should wrap around my neck just fall forward. So, I’ve got coverage but not style. What might have worked better would have been to have some snaps to help hold the pashmina drape in place.

Stefanie Brooklyn, CT

Product appeared to be washed out by the sun

The color spectrum was inconsistent as if it had been placed in the sun and washed out on one side. While the idea was neat, I couldn’t get past that and returned the item.

Lisa Amboy, IL

Can’t say enough about this nursing cover!

I love this nursing cover! It is very stylish, in my opinion, and it doesn’t scream "nursing cover." It looks like a very nice shawl. I’ve used this during the heat of summer and it is still breathable for the baby under there. It is easy to wash, easy to pack in the diaper bag, easy to use, and it looks fabulous!

Odessa Boon, MI

nice but wouldnt buy again

I exclusivley breasfeed so I use this almost daily. I love the look and feel of this however, you cant see the baby so you have to hold it out away from you in order to see and it also gets really hot underneath for them. ive even used it as a shaw when i was cold thats how warm it can make you. it is pretty and can be used for a scarf but, i should have bought the other one that looks more like an apron just because i could have been able to see my daughter.

Tami Fieldale, VA

Cute but….

This is very cute but it sucks as a nursing cover. It’s too hot and just hangs in baby’s face. I never use it as a nursing cover anymore but I found it works great to cover the car seat when baby is trying to sleep and we’re out and about. It’s a very nice, soft material.

Katrina Dorchester, NJ

Great, discrete cover!

I get compliments on this cover all the time! People always ask me if it was intended as a breastfeeding cover or if it is just a cute scarf :). It is also really soft and easy to use.

Janette Awendaw, SC

Wearable even without Breastfeeding

Other than my Coach diaper bag (fab push present) This is my go to fashion baby item. I put one of these on everyday before I leave the house. I have the blush and the black. Usually one is in the wash while I wear the other. It IS a fashion scarf that has been converted to a nursing cover. I never worry about it slipping off while feeding. I actually feel great wearing this and its nice to have a back-up something to wipe-up baby dribble 🙂

Brianna Casey, IA



Carlene Worth, WV

Stylish and Comfortable

I absolutely love this cover. It’s got great coverage without having too much fabric hanging around (and I’m a pretty small person). I love that I can use it as a scarf when not feeding — especially nice now that the weather’s getting colder.It can be a little tricky to get my daughter latched at the beginning, but I usually just duck my head inside the opening for a moment or two. It’s certainly better than having an apron around your neck while feeding. My wardrobe has had to make enough sacrifices for my baby, so it’s nice to have something baby-related that still makes me feel good about the way I look.Update: 7/6/2013So, my daughter is now 9 months old and we’ve got a pretty good handle on this whole breastfeeding thing. And the cover? Well, it spends most of its time living in the bag with my breast pump. See, breast pumps don’t object to having a blanket thrown over their heads while they’re just trying to have lunch. And I do still feel self-conscious about using the pump, whereas feeding my child in public is just a Thing We Do. Also, it’s now about a bajillion degrees outside and the idea of draping myself in fabric, shoving a wriggling ball of heat and limbs under it, and sitting that way until either she finishes eating or one of us passes out from heat exhaustion… So we spend a lot of time nursing without any sort of cover. But I’m still glad that this is the cover I have, since I can use it as a scarf when the weather gets cold again and it doesn’t feel so much like a crappy apron.

Araceli Oconto, NE

I won’t leave the house without it!

I absolutely love the “Pashmama”, and I never leave home without it. It makes nursing so easy. Before I had this item, I would use a gauze-like blanket, it worked ok, but I’d always be nervous that it would fall off my shoulder. This cover has a little hole in it to stick your head in, and I feel more confident that it won’t fall off, or that the baby will pull it down. I like the fact that it comes in neutral colors and blends in with my outfits too. I bought the black, but now that it is summer time, I might need to buy a lighter colored one so that my little one won’t get too hot or feel like she is in a dark cave! Again, this really is a must for nursing mothers!

Rachael Empire, MI

Beautiful, classy and discreet

I LOVE this cover, it’s so easy to wear as a normal scarf (thus taking up less space in the diaper bag), super soft, and works beautifully for full coverage. Even my antsy little 4 month old doesn’t fling it off. My husband says the pink is see-through but I don’t think so, perhaps just shadows. It’s a nice blush color that goes with everything which is good since I wear it everywhere we go just about. This would make an excellent shower gift for a nursing momma.

Bernice Laurel Hill, FL