Jolly Jumper Rocking Moses Basket Stand, Expresso

Jolly Jumper Rocking Moses Basket Stand, Expresso

Need a hand to put your little one to sleep? This Rocking basket stand made from solid natural hardwood with a smooth finished surface will gently rock your little one to sleep. Moses Baskets and/or Cots fit securely into this lightweight and portable stand. . Easy assembly, no tools required. Basket sits securely in the stand, and allows you to sit beside it and gently rock your precious little bundle Basket sits 14 inches above the floor.

Main features

  • Sturdy wooden stand designed especially for Moses Baskets
  • Gentle rocking motion soothes baby
  • Fits most Moses baskets; 30-33.5″ long and 13-13.5″ wide.
  • Stand is 15-1/2″ wide x 33-1/2″ long

Verified reviews


NOT for the Uppababy Vista!

We bought this after reading several reviews of people using this stand for the bassinet that comes with the Uppababy Vista. For us, this did NOT work. What I dislike most about it is that the stand isn’t deep enough to properly hold the bassinet, so the sides of the bassinet fall inwards which makes me nervous for baby’s safety and also gives much less room for baby to sleep. The stand is also a few inches longer than the bassinet giving it too much room to slide around. Even aside from the issues we have with it for our particular bassinet, the rocking motion is pretty clunky, definitely not a nice, smooth rocker. Assembly wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t great. Since its already assembled, I doubt we’re going to take it apart and send it back because it was a bit of a pain to put together and several of those screws are definitely not coming back out again so it’ll probably be going up on CraigsList in hopes that we can recoup a few dollars. If you’ve got the Uppa Baby bassinet, don’t waste your money on this.**UPDATED** – Please see the comments for info on how to fix the sides of the bassinet to stand up on their own. By doing this and moving in the end brackets, this works much better. The rocking is still really clunky, but I feel much better about putting my baby in here now that the sides stand up properly. If you don’t mind not having a smooth rocker, this is a decent alternative to the much more expensive Uppababy Vista stand.

Silvia Crescent City, IL

great, inexpensive product; assembly instructions are a little tricky

You don’t really need to spend boatloads of money for a good moses basket stand–this one looks great and is really lightweight and easy. The Burlington Baby basket fits well into it, and it has room for a longer one than that. The assembly instructions are a little confusing–be sure to read steps 2 and 3 before doing step 2. Step 2 has you screw things in, and then step 3 tells you how those pieces were supposed to be oriented… if you didn’t already do it right by accident, you have to unscrew them and start over. Still, 5 stars as a product; just take this into consideration as you’re assembling it!

Araceli Coyle, OK

Assembly is a pain!

My husband had a heck of a time getting this thing together. Some pre drilled holes were not drilled properly so he had to bring out his own drill to line things up correctly. Once together it seems sturdy enough, just the initial assembly is a pain in the rear.

Jordan Cushing, ME

Great Stand for bassinet

The stand works great and looks good. It is lightweight and can easily be carried between rooms. We use it with our Bugaboo Cameleon bassinet and it fits well. It can be rocked with one finger when the parents rest in bed. Only negatives, the instructions aren’t the clearest with regard to what side of each piece faces in/out (and thus, may require more than one attempt at having the various pieces face in the right direction). Also, it is held together exclusively with socket head screws tightened with an Allen wrench. The screw sockets wear out quickly, which is unfortunate.

Tammi Thelma, KY

Works for the Uppababy Vista Bassinet

We used the UB Vista Bassinet for baby’s main sleeping bed during his first 3 months. We didn’t want to spend a fortune on the UB’s overpriced bassinet holder, so we looked at this option. The bassinet doesn’t fit perfectly, it’s a little bit smaller, but nothing concerning. If you really plan on rocking the thing, the size difference might pose a problem, but otherwise, the bassinet fits just fine. Actually, we probably did rock it a little bit when baby was very new born and because he was so little, it didn’t shift around at all. It was probably when he was a little bigger that we had to be more careful if we chose to rock it (but even then, we barely did).Constructing the thing was simple, but it’s kind of like Ikea…hit or miss. I recall that some of the holes weren’t perfectly aligned, so it was a pain at times. We still think it was a worthy purchase to avoid buying the UB one.

Kelsey Marysville, CA

It’s just OK

For the price I was expecting something a little better quality. First and foremost, the factory applies an UGLY and tacky Jolly Jumper Sticker to the bottom wood piece which can not be easily peeled off. I covered mine with a black permanent marker. The pre-drilled holes are not very well drilled or aligned. Assembly can be very difficult and tough on the wrist and hands with the supplied Allen wrench. My rocker would not assemble correctly because of this. I bought a standard size Hoohobbers Moses basket and the support plastic (which secures the basket) is WAY too big. I’ll have to disassemble and manually adjust the screw placement for a proper fit. I’m 8 and half months pregnant and it took me about an hour and half to put together because of the ill fitting screws and improper fit. Fix the sticker, improve the quality of pre-drilled holes, allow the basket size supports to be adjustable and this would be a good purchase. In the meantime, I’m disappointed with this purchase.

Lavonne North Marshfield, MA

Best for the price!

I bought this to go with a moses basket I ordered at the same time here on amazon (Burlington Baby Moses Basket with Gingham Liner, Sage/White(mine is pink)and the fit is pretty well..its a tiny bit larger than the basket but its stable in there and I dont see it being a problem in any way! it also rocks nice and you can use your foot to gently rock it for baby. i can also squeeze my valco baby buggster stroller bassinet (one of the largest stroller bassinets i have ever seen) in this stand very snugly, I just have to kind of reshape the plastic support right after I take it out and its fine 🙂 Also the rocking motion is pretty smooth/gentle, the screws are not even close to sticking out to make it bumpy like a review I read on one of these brand stands 🙂 I also put it together in about 20min by myself (well my children were “helping” haha. Last of all the espresso color matches well with my espresso crib set!

Priscilla Harristown, IL

Doesn’t Work With Britax Bassinet

Ordered thinking it would work with the Britax Bassinet. We were disappointed to learn the stand did not support our bassinet. Once put together, it was flimsy, the wood is not the best quality, and it doesn’t rock smoothly. It looks cheap especially with the plastic hoop. You have to weigh the pros with the cons. If economical outweighs quality and function this may be the product for you. Even if our bassinet had fit properly we would return.

Essie Cherrylog, GA

Nice but not super clear assembly instructions

Really love this product. Came in on time and in perfect condition. Would have been a 5 star review except assembly instructions weren’t the best. Had to make a change when putting on the final touches but it wasn’t a huge change. Could have gone without this step so that’s why i knocked off a star. I ordered the espresso Badger basket moses basket to go with it and it works great. It’s a little small, not a snug fit, but should be just fine. Order this rocker, it is great!

Rosella Mehoopany, PA

Love this

Used this with the Uppababy Cruz bassinet until my son was 4-months old and outgrew it. A fantastic purchase and will use again for subsequent babies.

Serena Chelsea, MA


It was easy to fix it. I like the color. Steady but run bigger for my moses basket so I manage to change the hole for the plastic holder. Now it’s fine and my baby sleeps as an angel.

Brianna Kearsarge, MI

Perfect for the Britax B Ready Bassinet!

We leant out our baby bassinet (5-in-1 Carry Me Near from First Years, which was great for travel) after our first son was born and it was ruined. So for baby #2, we were looking for a new set up. I didn’t like the wheels/footprint on the Carry me near, and I hated that it wasn’t washable (spot clean only). We already had the Britax B Ready stroller, so I was looking into the bassinet as a permanent option in the home. I didn’t want to just put it on the floor — my first son was an emergency csection and I would have never been able to get to him on the floor in those first few weeks. I stumbled on this stand, but wasn’t sure that it would be secure or look very good with the Britax. Yesterday, I found it on clearance at our local baby store so I picked it up to get a closer look. I wish I could show a picture — it’s adorable! We have a black/green bassinet for the stroller that fits PERFECTLY in this stand. It looked a little too utilitarian for me so I whipped up a quick bright green and white striped bassinet skirt and now it is totally suitable for the nursery (or next to the bed.)I love this stand because it fits the Britax Bassinet, which means our bassinet can pull double duty — a must for something you only use for a few months. I also love it because it is so reasonably priced, unlike most baby items. I love it because there aren’t wheels sticking out for me to stub my toe on in the middle of the night (like a co-sleeper we borrowed and our old Carry-me-near bassinet). I feel like it fits our family and style more– we don’t have a bunch of frilly white things… and most bassinets are exactly that. I love that it is SO light. It is much easier to move this bassinet/bassinet stand combo around our old 1928 house (with 32 inch doors). There were two rooms that we couldn’t but the old bassinet in without taking it apart.This was our perfect solution! I should have bought this 3 years ago!

Jerry Ruby, LA