Jolly Jumper Sneak-A-Peek – Black

Jolly Jumper Sneak-A-Peek – Black

Keep your baby cozy and warm from the elements! Perfect for the winter, the Sneak a Peek Deluxe covers the entire carseat with thick, fleece lined, water repellant fabric so baby stays toasty. Double zipper allows for easy in and out!

Main features

  • Water Repellent and fleece lined
  • Peek a boo window
  • Elasticized, snug fit protects baby from wind and weather
  • Double zipper allows easy access to baby
  • Fits most infant car seats and carriers

Verified reviews


Cozy car seat cover

Haven’t found anyhing wrong with this purchase yet. Received it a week ago and it proves it can retain heat and block wind. For me there is nothing worse about winter than cold wind here in the north east so I was more than willing to shell out $30 for a quality made product that fits our chicco carseat. saves me the hassle of layering clothing and blankets which always threaten to blow away. Baby seems comfortable and even comforted by the dark cacoon it creates for her. I would recommend this product.

Selma Mayer, AZ

Works great!

I bought this to go over my Chicco Keyfit 30 infant carrier to keep my daughter warm without having to put her in a bulky coat that wouldn’t be safe for her buckled in her car seat. It is very soft on the inside and cozy. The outside repels water which has been nice in the rain. It fits securely over the Chicco carseat and I can even put the sunshade back on the seat over the cover and it works well. I like the little flap that can come down over the baby completely if it’s really cold or rainy between the house and the car. I wish that the face hole was a little bigger as my daughter can’t see out very well when it’s completely zipped up, and as a result she can get fussy when she’s in it. She much prefers her carseat without the cover on it since she can see better. But the cover itself functions perfectly and is exactly what I was expecting.

Rosalyn Canaseraga, NY

Fits great on the Britax Chaperone

I read through all the reviews and couldn’t find anyone who had bought this for the Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat so I was kinda hesitant in purchasing it for myself, but after reading all the reviews and everyone saying it was a great purchase I decided to take the plunge and buy it for my newborn. I have not regretted my purchase.It fits perfectly on the Chaperone and is perfect for the winter and also I’ll have no problems taking my baby out of the hospital with this cover. The outside material is waterproof and I love the 2 zippers that makes it easy to get to baby. Also the flap comes in handy if taking baby out of the car and it’s snowing/raining. and it secures with velcro. It’s also one of the reason why I overlooked the JJ Cole designs since they’re so open.My hospital (military hospital) has been advising about having the covers that fit inside the car seat itself and recommends the shower cap design.Edit: The Britax Chaperone has since been recalled (depends on the date the chaperone was built) but I was lucky to get one that wasn’t. So if you’re one of the lucky ones that has a non recalled Chaperone this would fit.

Karla Sandy, OR

Great warm cover for Chicco Keyfit 30, but works best for smaller babies

We first bought this cover for our son’s car seat (Chicco Keyfit 30), which seemed like a must for our Minnesota winters. (Note: we did purchase this through Amazon, but my review does not have an Amazon Verified Purchase because we ordered it under my husband’s account.) I wanted to get one that had a “shower cap” style that fit snugly over the top of the car seat instead of one that fit underneath the straps, since I heard types that fit the latter style could interfere with the safety of the straps.The good: It fits great on the Keyfit 30, almost as if it was designed for this particular car seat. I also think it’s a very warm and toasty cover, and had no concerns that it was keeping him warm enough regardless of the outside temperature. I would actually recommend unzipping the front panel for car rides with the heat on, since I would often find him sweaty after having kept it closed while in the car.The bad: The problem with the “shower cap” style is that, when installed, the height of the face hole is fixed. This means that if your baby is taller/older, his or her face will be offset towards the top of the hole, which will make it hard to get the baby in and out of the car seat. When we first started using it, our baby seemed like he was starting to get a little tall for the face hole, since he was about 4 1/2 months old. After using it for about two months, I finally had to take it off and stop using it because it was very difficult to not to catch his head on the fabric above the face hole when putting him in or taking him out, which usually resulted in crying. Our baby is on the smaller side for height and especially weight, so I would guess most babies would be too big for this by about 6 months of age. We now use a blanket, which is much less convenient, so I am considering trying our nephew’s hand me down JJ Cole for the rest of the winter.In summary, I can highly recommend this car seat cover for babies born in late fall or winter, especially for those with the Chicco Keyfit 30. If, however, your baby will be older than 6 months by the time you expect to stop using the cover, I would recommend going with a different cover, or expecting you will have to stop using it by then.

Leonor Red Level, AL


I bought this for the winter here in IL. Well hasn’t been much a winter. My LO was born beginning of march and this hasn’t been used. I’m assuming by this time next year shell be out of the infant carrier and this still won’t be needed. I have a britax chaperone infant car seat and it barely fit. I didn’t feel to comfortable with it on there so tight that it might pop off and hit her in the face. If it fit better and it was cold/windy enough that I could use it, it would be a 5 star. It is thick and warm fleece on the inside. The black looks very nice, not cheap, made well. Velcro holds the flap down and when it’s up a little piece of velcro holds it there, a snap or button would be better quality and last longer. Unfortunately I’m returning it since I have no use for it and it really doesn’t fit.

Tamika Milford, IN

Good fit, good quality.

This fits well over our Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat, with no gaps along the sides. The material and the zipper are of good quality, and it appears to be a good three-season cover.

Deanne Hinckley, IL

warm and cuddly

This is warm and cuddly for winter months. No worries about putting a newborn in a snowsuit anymore! Super soft inside.

Nan Independence, KY

baby is finally warm

I love the quality, durability, etc. I highly recommend this product. I ilve in southwestern tx and we get pretty bad winds.

Katharine Lyons, OH


My baby have this and we never leave the house without it!!! He doesn’t need much with it, just a jacket and a blanket and he’s warm! Once I put him a winter jacket (big error) and he was sweating! I recommend this over the JJ Cole Bundle me, I have it and haven’t use it because all I need it’s this and it’s way safer.

Yesenia Harborcreek, PA

Great for the winter!

We got this after being out shopping while it was windy and having the blanket consistently blowing off of her carseat. We have the Keyfit 30 and this thing is wonderful. It is a little bit of a tight fit, but taking off the sun shade helped. Our daughter is really long and it does kinda bump her head occasionally, but still is a great fit. It’s so nice not wrestling with blankets anymore!

Lauren Easton, TX

Returned it

Quality seemed okay, but wasn’t as nice as I expected given the good reviews. Returned and bought a cheaper one at babies r us.

Christie Maben, WV

Fits great on our Chicco Keyfit 30!

We live in WV and it’s been a cold winter with a lot of snow! My little man was born in Nov. and at 10 weeks it’s still keeping him warm and cozy! Best thing about this product is it’s convenience. It’s never removed from the carrier. Just zip and unzip and put the flap down! Covers baby 100% when closed and also helps in sleep longer in stores. I’d pay way more for one of these!

Rachel Autryville, NC

Easy to use

I had originally purchased a similar product that only had one zipper down the middle. With the two zippers things are so much easier. I know my baby is warm and protected from the elements.

Shelby Duncan, MS

keeps baby warm in middle of snow storm

We decided not to get super expensive baby winter clothes but opted to buy this instead. It keeps baby’s face warm in addition to her body and head. Also if snow is falling (or rain) it protects baby from elements. I used it all the time this winter and early spring. (with all the storms we were hit with it came very handy.)

Trina Kinsale, VA

Areas for improvement.

Love the idea, but it just doesn’t fit our Chicco Keyfit 30 quite right. It BARELY fits on there- making it especially hard to manuever when you’re trying not to wake a sleeping baby. It really takes 2 people to get this thing to stretch over our carseat and not slip and slid every which way. Also, if you want to unzip the front a bit for more air flow (it gets rather warm, bordering on hot when completely zipped up), nothing is holding it up so that it doesn’t fall down onto your babe. Once on, it does it’s job- covers babe.

Twila New Bavaria, OH

Great all around carseat cover

I ordered this for my second child, who arrived in early March. It was still cold/rainy, so I wanted something to cover the carseat and keep her warm. With my last baby, I had one of these that didn’t work and ended up using a blanket most of the time, which was a pain because it was always falling off.PROS:-High quality nylon fabric on the outside—easy to clean, goes through the washer well-Inner Fabric-High quality fleece, enough to keep the baby warm, but not too thick/bulky. OK to use in the spring-"Shower Cap" design-I loved that this was so easy to get on. It stayed on pretty well. There were a few times it popped off after being jostled from getting in/out of the car, stroller, etc. but not enough to be a problem. I have a Chicco Keyfit 30 and it fit on fine. I did have to pull the sunshade on to get it on securely. I ended up leaving the sunshade back most of the time, but when I wanted to pull it forward, I did have to work a bit to fit it over the cover. Again, not enough to be annoying, it just took about 20-30 seconds.-LOVED the two zipper design in the front. It was big enough when unzipped on both sides to easily get the baby in and out. A cinch to open/close-Opening in the top is great so that you can leave it open if the baby is awake or flip it down when going outside.CON–The only minor con I had was the velcro that keeps the little flap over the face open. The velcro on each side is about an inch by an inch square, so if you don’t have perfect aim, it’s a little hard to keep the flap open. There were times that I forgot to open the flap when putting the baby in the car and would try to turn around at a red light and it was almost impossible to get the flap to stay. Even when I was in a hurry, sometimes I wouldn’t attach it all the way and it would fall down. I ended up just getting a larger section of velcro and tacking it down on each side. Worked like a charm. This however, is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things.I had never purchased a Jolly Jumper product, but was very pleased with this product and would highly recommend it!

Margo Rebecca, GA

Looks nice/ very warm/ but zippers too close to eyes.

I love the look, feel, and durability of this car seat cover. It’s nice and warm for our Toledo, Ohio winters; however, my complaint is that the zippers are eye level with our 9-week infant in a Baby Trend infant carrier. I don’t like to zip it all the way up, for fear it will get her eyes, although even partially unzipped, the seems on the side have a point to them which also appears unsafe/ too close to her eyes. When she gets longer it may be closer to chin level like the picture indicates, but I think the seams should be rounded, regardless.

Ma Hayes, SD

Warmth and Protection A+

It not only fit the car seat very nicely and stayed secure, but is not up against her face so she has lots of room underneath. The warmth and comfort of the material is fabulous for Michigan unpredictable weather. We use it even in spring for when it rains. It is easy to take along and not difficult to remove in needed. I totally recommend this to someone who has a baby in the winter.

Lucia New Concord, OH

Works great!

Had a winter baby so this was a must. The only annoying thing is it can kind of fall on her face if the flap isn’t down attached to it. We usually kind of folded the bottom flap under instead.

Estela Raymond, NE

Great car cover

I live in the mid-Atlantic, so this is not quite as necessary as many area’s of the country, but attaching this to my b-safe car seat has been very easy and I have used this many times to keep by baby warm when the weather was warm. A great buy.

Kim Wallace, KS

Essential for a winter baby

This was much easier (and safer) to use than a bulky coat or snow suit. Our baby was born in November in Michigan, so it was totally necessary to keep him warm in the car seat. This was easy to put on and off the car seat, but stayed on when you wanted it to. The flap with velcro was good for walking outside in the snow, and the zippers were nice for letting the baby breath once in the warm car.I think you are supposed to be able to easily get your baby in and out of the seat without removing this cover, but we did not find that to be the case. Our baby was over 10 lbs when he was born, so that might have been part of the problem, but we definitely found it easiest to just pull the cover off, put the baby in, then re-install the cover. Luckily, that was all super easy to do. This thing saved us a lot of hassle and money (baby snow gear is so expensive!).

Benita Leesburg, TX

I get so many compliments on this!

The Jolly Jumper is definitely a unique winter baby item that I quickly decided I could not live without. Trying to fit baby in his car seat with his snow suit on was not working, and I was concerned that possibly the plush of the suit prevented the straps to be tightened sufficiently.Although the Eddie Bauer products seem to be prevalent in my area, I did not like how they also lined the back of the car seat. The Jolly Jumper just attaches to the front, so baby is tucked safely in his car seat with nothing interfering. I put a blanket in to make sure he has enough warmth (There is the "arctic" version of this product that comes with a blanket but it was almost double the price on Amazon) and we are always good to go!

Nola Lake Mills, WI


This cover does the job. It is plenty warm and easily fit on my Babycenter car seat. Black is neutral and could be used with either gender.

Leann Lisbon, NY

Perfect Fit!

I read a lot of reviews about different carseat covers and I’m happy to say this one did not disappoint! It fits securely over our Chicco Keyfit 30 carseat and keeps our daughter nice and toasty warm with the inner lining being fleece (she was a January baby).

Lindsey South Prairie, WA

Does what it has to do and is SAFE

This thing is safe – nothing comes between your baby and the seat. Not only is that recommended, but also it helps with the right fit/size in your car seat. My friend said his car seat is getting small for his baby but he has the JJ cole bundle me in there across the back and puts the kid in a coat – no wonder you need longer straps! Way more than just baby in there. Baby is always toasty in this thing in the coooool Northeast. Wish there were more colors.

Keisha Roundhead, OH


I have suggested this product to so many other moms! This is the best invention ever especially if you live in a cold environment like New England. We were previously using blankets to cover the car seat but in a state like MA, the weather gets really really cold and windy and it snows! This product is the best purchase we made for our baby. My husband also loves it. It keeps our 4 month old son warm and toasty. We love that it has a window for the baby to see (which you can flip down for the short trip from the house to the car-has a velcro tab to attach) and you can unzip the front part if needed in the car with the heat turned on so the baby does not get too hot. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!

Lorna Glen Campbell, PA

Really liked

Got this for son and daughter in law who had just had a baby. They had a cover but weren’t really happy with it. I got them this one and they didn’t look back. They were very very pleased with it, because it unzips to give more rooom to remove the baby, it has a flap that keeps cold air out. Worth the price.

Taylor Sodus, NY

For small babies

Bought this for my daughter – her baby is 4 months old. Maybe he is particularly big (but I really don’t think so) but she will not be able to use it, as the window is in the middle of the cover and his head is at the top. If you open the window all you see is his belly. Will probably save it for the next grand child.

Deirdre Rochelle, IL


If you have an infant when it is cold and wet outside, this is the product for you! Not only does it keep all of baby’s body heat inside, it also keeps them dry, keeps toys inside and from other people reaching in and touching them. Beware that you will have lots of people ask you if there is actually a baby inside. 🙂

Evangelina South Lyon, MI

this will do the trick

This shower-cap car seat cover worked well for the semi-cold winter days in Chicago. The only problem was that it barely covered the crook of the car seat at the handle. Nonetheless, it worked pretty well & kept my baby warm.

Jade Williamsburg, NM