Jolly Jumper Sneak a Peek Sneak-a-Peek Infant Carseat Cover Deluxe Gray

Jolly Jumper Sneak a Peek Sneak-a-Peek Infant Carseat Cover Deluxe Gray

Keep your baby cozy and warm from the elements! Perfect for the winter, the Sneak a Peek Deluxe covers the entire carseat with thick, fleece lined, water repellant fabric so baby stays toasty. Double zipper allows for easy in and out!

Main features

  • Fleece Lined
  • Water Repellant and fleece lined
  • Peek a boo window
  • Elasticized, snug fit protects baby from wind and weather
  • Double zipper allows easy access to baby
  • Fits most infant car seats

Verified reviews


Great for first 4 months

We have a Chicco Keyfit 30 and we really enjoyed using this for our LO’s first 4 months. But it was too small after that and it would crush her toes and bent her feet back uncomfortably. If you look at one of the pictures, the infant is already too long for the car seat cover. Otherwise, it worked really well through the winter here in Salt Lake City.

Fran Fruitdale, AL

Jolly Jumper Deluxe Car Seat Cover in Gray

Not wanting to simply throw a blanket over the car seat as winter approaches, I decided to buy a car seat cover, and this is the one I picked primarily for its design with a flap.The Jolly Jumper Sneak-a-Peek cover has a flap that can be closed for the trips to and from the car and opened in the car. There is a Velcro square to secure the peek-a-boo flap in both the open and closed position. Even with the flap closed, there is plenty of room between the cover and the baby’s head.The exterior material is reasonably waterproof, and the interior is fleece-lined. The dual zippers make it easier to get the baby in and out of the car seat.Being from a pet-owning household, I purchased the gray Jolly Jumper car seat cover instead of the black, and so far it hasn’t acted as a pet fur magnet.This cover easily fit our Graco SnugRide 35 car seat.The one con is that the cover is a bit too warm once the car heats up, so for extended car rides you’ll want to remove any blankets packed in with the baby and possibly unzip the cover.

Lorene Trenton, MO

Not for every car seat

This cover was too small for our infant carseat chicco 30. After trying it to pull it over the seat several times we finally gave up and sent it back. Too bad.

Brandy Surprise, NE

Perfect for the wind and cold!

This is perfect for the wind and cold in Wyoming. It fits the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat perfectly, and is very easy to put on//take off. I wish I would’ve had this with my first baby. It would have saved a lot of time fighting with blankets.

Ethel Newbern, AL

Great cover.

Great design and size and easy to use. We cover our baby with a wool blanket over his regular clothes and then cover the carrier with this and he is always warm. I would pay more for a USA made version.

Patsy Mannsville, OK

Wonderful for Winter

Got this for my grandson, born in December…in MAINE! This has been so handy for him, we never worry about the wind on him. We’ve even used the flap briefly to get back and forth from car to building, and it doesn’t touch his face, just protects him from the elements. Very glad I got it!

Selma Lehigh, OK

So easy to get my infant in and out of his car seat and it keeps him warm!

My son was born in the winter and rather than using blankets, i purchased a Jolly Jumper. It is amazing. It’s simple to put on and hassle free when putting baby in and out of the carrier. Some of the other carseat covers look like the baby might have trouble breathing, but not with this one!

Margery Cathedral City, CA

great to protect against cold

Thought the product was a full sack so my fault on that but we put a small blanket over her and then put this on. Does the trick

Jaclyn Parowan, UT

Love the color and functionality.

This is pretty much the same thing as an arctic one but without a blanket. We already had a blanket that we could use.The fabric is surprisingly soft and it feels better than it looks in the picture, also color looks better too. We returned JJ Cole Urban Bundle me, because of it being unsafe for car seats. I was really happy to find out that the fabric, even though a different texture, is as good of quality as JJ Cole’s. Also wasn’t to crazy about the JJ Cole going over the baby’s face completely, and this one seems to leave some room for breathing while serving as a shield from wind and chill. Not sure if it is completely waterproof, more water resistant, but I am not planning on walking around in rain for extended period of time!

Karla Greenbelt, MD

leaves openings.

It works okay if you aren’t in a cold northern state as we are. Or if its not a cold winter day. I had trouble with this had to put extra blankets on the sides because left huge gaps! Right where the seat belt slots are there is nothing for it to hook onto. Otherwise it was nice for spring but I would NOT trust this to keep baby warm without a snow suit and/or blankets.

Katy Cromwell, OK

Super bunting

This works great on our Chicco Keyfit 30 carseat. It is easier for our daughter not to have to bundle our granddaughter up so much when she goes out in the mornings.

Doris Warminster, PA

Perfect Carseat Cover

Purchased as a gift for our grandson. Fit carseat well and is much easier to put baby in and out with the zipper that splits the cover all the way to the bottom.

Tommie Anita, IA

Comfy and Warm Quality Made Cover

Very warm and comfy carseat seat cover. I bought this because winter is coming and it protects from the cold air (I have a rain cover for rain/snow). Quality made cover and unzips to allow easy access to baby. This is big enough to fit my Safety 1st onboard air 35 car seat, there is just a small gap on the sides but all in all it fits pretty well.

Tina Whitmer, WV

keeps him warm

works good, but now that he’s getting bigger (he’s 4.5 months), he’s starting to grow out of it (his feet hit) and he has learned how to lift the cover himself… thats fine for me since its almost spring (I hope!). This was really nice over the winter with a newborn since we learned its safer to use a cover over the car seat (and NOT dress him in snowsuit under the straps).

Essie Talihina, OK