Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover for Soft Baby Carriers, Black

Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover for Soft Baby Carriers, Black

The Snuggle Cover is fleece lined with water repellent exterior to keep baby warm while in the soft baby carrier, stroller or car seat. It has a roll-away hood for baby, pockets for keeping adults hands warm, and even has access to baby through the pocket you can touch their little legs. The Snuggle Cover can also be used for protecting baby from the elements while in the stroller or car seat too – the ultimate multi-use item. .

Main features

  • Water repellent, Fleece lined cover
  • Covers all baby carriers and fits strollers and car seats
  • Water repellent 100% nylon outer, 100% poly fleece inner

Verified reviews


Perfect for NYC trip

This was perfect with our Beco Gemini carrier for a March trip to NYC when temps were down to 30 degrees. Baby was perfectly comfortable and my husband and I loved it. Love the pockets and the hood… It kept our 5 month old warm and dry all week and was easy to pack away when not in use. I can see using it next winter with a stroller (or the Beco) for sure.

Elvia Lexington, IL

It isn’t the best choice.

The description of the product doesn’t show how this product works so allow me to inform you that it has a strap that goes around your neck. You can see it if you look very closely at the pictures of the people wearing it. It does not attach to the carrier itself like other products out there so back carries are out of the question. The product is good if you don’t mind having a strap around your neck. The fleece lining and the outer nylon lining are of good quality so they work well at keeping the child warm and dry. I had a friend alter this product by cutting the strap, and making it into two loop straps with snaps to attach to my BabyHawk Oh Snap’s straps (much like the Ergo cover). I found that this didn’t workout as well as I had wanted it to so now I just use this product on my toddler’s convertible carseat. It is a well-made product, but for serious babywearers with real baby carriers like Ergo, Boba, BabyHawk, Beco, etc. carriers, this product isn’t your best choice. Look for the Kowali cover. Happy Babywearing!

Kristy Auberry, CA

Warm and snuggly, but hurts my neck.

This is great to use as a car seat blanket or a cover while wearing my baby. Love the hood and pockets. There are a couple of drawbacks -He occasionally sticks his arms or legs out of the sides. Not a big deal, but maybe a pocket design blanket would work better than just an elasticized one.He straightens his legs, pulling down on the blanked, which in turn makes the strap dig into my neck. Kind of painful. It would be better if this attached to the carrier instead.

Dixie Taylor, MI

Perfect for Ergo

I love this. The price is great, much cheaper than the one Ergo sells. It fits well over my Ergo carrier, the SnugRide 32, and our umbrella stroller. Though it’s almost too big for the umbrella stroller, it seems to be meant more for standard and luxury strollers.It fits both an infant or a toddler underneath. It is perfectly warm for fall, and it has been fine in winter over the ergo because that’s already warm, but I stick a blanket underneath in the stroller and car seat in the winter. The cover is super soft, and the waterproof exterior was a lifesaver when it poured outside

Sara Pheba, MS

Great for mid-Atlantic winters

I got this because of the versatility; I sometimes use an Ergo and hate trying to stuff the baby into the Ergo with a coat on. This is a fantastic option for babywearing, as you can easily put it over the baby while in the carrier, but remove it quickly once you enter the store to prevent overheating (without removing the baby from the carrier). It’s a little long, but the elastic keeps it secure and cozy. I have also been able to use this over the baby in the car seat. Again, the elastic around the edges makes this much more effective than a regular blanket. The outer shell appears to be semi-waterproof and it is fairly warm on a 30-40 degree day. I would note, however, that this is probably not warm enough for someone living in a much colder climate (like New England or Upstate NY). But we live in the DC area and this is perfect. On very cold days, I layer with another blanket underneath for carseat use.

Georgia O Brien, TX

Handy and Versitile.

I have three kids and run a home based daycare. I have 2 snuggles covers and can’t get through a chilly day without them. The snuggle covers fits over the baby’s car seats then slips off easily to fit over the stroller. There is enough stretch that the toddlers can use them in the car seats and stroller as well. I have used it for the front cover too. Its a great way to keep the baby warm without having to put them in a snowsuit inside the carrier. The snuggle cover also shares your warmth with the baby in the carrier.The cover washes easily and has held up for over a year of constant use. I really recommend this for the mom and care giver.

Evelyn Aurora, MN

keeps baby toasty!

I used this on a recent trip to Tahoe and was able to walk around without fear of the baby getting cold (handy since a stroller was not going to work well in a ski town). I am also to take her out for evening walks before dinner more comfortably too. I previously would wrestle with a baby blanket and it just would stay put and would always require adjusting. This adds a great deal of convenience and truly keeps the baby warm and comfy in cold climates.

Kellie Randolph, WI

One of my favorite baby accessories

I have used this so much in the 11 months so far and foresee using it through next winter so a total of 18 mo at least. I love it for over the carrier, it keeps me warm as well as the little one, and the pockets are perfect for carrying lots if needed. I use it most days in the care seat and sometimes in the stroller. I’ve even used it as a nursing cover at times.

Carlene Cleves, OH


This is a great product. Great price and can use in multiple ways. I think if people want a good quality product at half the cost of the Rain or Shine kids get this one.

Georgia Findlay, OH

Very easy and very functional

This is the way to go – pop it over your head and you’re good to go – no fiddling with snaps, clasps. And the pocket in front is terrific for walks.

Cheri Vidal, CA