Jolly Jumper Solar Safe Net – Black

Jolly Jumper Solar Safe Net – Black

Provides 85% UV protection Fits most strollers, playards and pack ‘n plays Includes self storage pouch Protects against harmful UV rays

Main features

  • Provides 85% UV protection
  • Fits most strollers, playards and pack ‘n plays
  • Includes self storage pouch
  • Protects against harmful UV rays

Verified reviews


Great for strollers!

I needed something that would protect my daughter from the sun during hot days. I really like this sun cover but the only con it has is that you can’t see your baby clearly, so you have to check on your baby once every while. I do recommend this product.

Rosalie Jacumba, CA

Great shield from sun and bugs

I live in Florida and have a BOB revolution jogging stroller. I originally bought the BOB sun and bug shield but it was way too hot and too thick for what I was looking for. This Solarsafe net is awesome, very lightweight and breathable, plus you can still see your baby through the screen. I use it over the car seat that I have attached to the BOB. It works perfectly. Highly recommend.

Susanna Polk, NE

High Quality and Did the Job

Used this on vacation with our Britax B-Agile stroller. The next is great and kept the sun and mosquitos off during naps.If it had been a few inches longer it would have been perfect. The B-Agile has a huge canopy and it took a little work each time I wanted to use this to stretch it just right over the top. but I did always get it on and in general it stayed on.This net has a nifty little pocket built right into it out of the net material, so when you’re not using it if folds up into itself and becomes this small little pouch. Very handy.Highly recommend.

Gail Highmore, SD

Worth purchasing!

Great product, great price. What I like is that from the inside it’s white so the child isn’t in the dark and feeling too enclosed. It’s quite large, too, and convenient.

Millicent Stantonsburg, NC

Look no further!

We have a Graco travel stroller, and this fits wonderfully. It works PERFECTLY, even better than I had expected at protecting my baby from the heat and sun! She even felt quite cool under there, while I scorched in the sun. It even conveniently folds itself into a pouch. A must-buy!

Doretha Bristol, ME


This fits lots of things including our baby jogger stroller, snap and got and pack and play. Like that it keeps mosquitoes out, shields the sun and air can circulate. It is a bit dark, so it looks a bit creepy pushing your baby around under netting but glad she is good and out of the sun.

Tasha Lawndale, IL

Works well, hard to see through

I wanted a solar shade that would also keep bugs off for my newborn who couldn’t wear conventional sunscreen. This fit our unusual stroller (a British model) and definitely keeps sun and bugs off — it’s elastic all the way around so it will fit any shape. It has a built-in storage bag so you can just shove the net back into the bag (since it’s attached, it won’t get lost) for storage.Drawbacks are that it gets warm in the stroller with this over the top — I live on the Gulf Coast and when it’s hot outside, this eliminates all the cooling breezes on the baby so I have to vent periodically. Also, you can’t see through it very well — I have to pull it back to check on my child and I don’t think she can see much if anything.

Carole Brandt, SD

Effective, but not so “neat” looking as the picture

I found this net to be highly effective both against the sun and the mosquitoes. However, unless your stroller is exactly as the one pictured, it won’t look as "neat" and you’ll have to put some efforts into tucking the net around. On the plus side, it will fit any stroller. Altogether a great find!

Tina Cranberry Lake, NY

Very dark, can’t really see baby.

You can’t really see through the netting to see the baby which can be an issue for new moms who want to keep an eye out. Very large though which is great.

Debora Weedsport, NY

Good for bugs and sun

I confess that I have yet to use this on the stroller. I’ve been using it as a playard cover to keep the cats from jumping in. It is large enough to fit on the Graco Square Tot Bloc playard. It is breathable material and would be great for UV and bug protection outdoors.

Gwen Penn, PA

works well

This provides excellent UV protection. I used it all summer for my infant and never had a sunburn. It does let light in though so you need to watch their eyes. I used baby sunglasses.

Kelsey Etna, NY

Not pretty but it gets the job done

It doesn’t fit either my regular or jogging stroller very well but I use clothes pins to hold it in place. It does keep the bugs and sun off baby which is my main concern. Not aesthetically pleasing though

Lolita Franklin, IL

Perfect for sunny days!

Our son hates having the sun in his eyes – this solves that problem!Now we enjoy our walks/runs together in the stroller. Thanks Solarsafe!

Gertrude Vandemere, NC

Nice Net!

I like to use this net when I take my baby on long walks at the park. It does seem sort of thick though. I recommend using this during cool weather.It also is a little dark which makes it a little hard to see through. Overall it’s a good product.

Kay Niobe, NY