Jolly Jumper Stroller Caddy

Jolly Jumper Stroller Caddy

Parents out for a stroll who like to have a coffee on their outing will love the Stroller Caddy. This handy caddy fits onto the stroller handle bar and has 2 spaces for drinks and zipper pocket for keys, phone etc. Attaches easily and securely to the frame with four Velcro straps.

Main features

  • Caddy has 2 spaces for drinks and zipper pocket,
  • Washable nylon fabric
  • Attaches easily and securely to the frame with four Velcro straps

Verified reviews


it’s ok for some strollers

I have an UPPA VISTA, the handle bars are at a 45 degree angle with no bend in them. The Jolly Jumper fits on the handle bars but the bag also sits at a 45 degree angle. Basically, this would work if I always carried around a drink with a cap on it but never an open container. If you have a stroller that will hold the bag level it will probably work better for you.Aside from the angle of the handle bars, I wasn’t thrilled with it in general. The cup holders are not large enough to fit larger coffee cups or even larger water bottles. There is nothing that really gives the caddy any structure so the bottom part swings while the top stays rigid, making things bounce around. I tried this caddy head to head with the Sunshine Kids Buggy Buddy (which is cheaper) and found that caddy to be better material, better structure and the cup holders stretch to hold larger cups.

Bridget Art, TX

Great stroller caddy – fits my baby jogger city stroller

I can’t really compare it to other stroller caddies because this is the only one I’ve tried. It works perfectly and fits great in my Baby Jogger City stroller. Only drawback is it only fits standard bottles or water bottles, nothing larger or wider. The zipper pocket is perfect for keys, phone, or other little stuff.

Marie Medon, TN

Better than the Bob one

The Jolly Jumper caddy is almost identical to the Bob single caddy except it has an extra pocket for stuff – you can see it, towards the back – would be good for pens, membership cards, things like that – and the straps are longer. I guess the longer straps would allow you more flexibility in what stroller you attach it to but they are super long and kind of sloppy looking on a Bob single. Assuming you don’t plan to use it on anything else you could trim them. It’s not a huge issue. At half the price for a better item, it’s a good deal. You don’t get the Bob logo but personally I went with the JJ one because I think Bob is getting too much money already nickel and diming for add-ons so that’s a plus to me. The one I received had a gray logo, not multi-colored – otherwise it is as pictured. I would have liked the multi-colored style but oh well. It works.The only drawback to this caddy is it will not work on all strollers – it won’t work on more upright ones, you need a sort of flat area – but if it works, it’s wonderful.edit to add this works awesomely on the B-ready. And it’s much cheaper than the one Britax is releasing. Imagine that. 🙂

Doris Carleton, NE

Works amazing with the Bob!

Love this!!! Works awesome on the Bob Revolution handlebar. It has a great zipper pocket for storage that fits snacks, my wallet, cell phone, sippy cup, drink for myself, etc. Perfect for strolling around a the zoo! Also the one I recieved was black with grey writing. Matches my black stroller perfect.

Eugenia Bonita, LA

Pleasant surprise!

I must admit, I wasn’t 100% sure this would be what I wanted when I ordered it. I read some of the great reviews, but I was still leaning towards the BOB caddy. I’m so glad I bought this instead!!! I’m using it on my new BOB Revolution (2012 model) and it fits perfectly. I love all of the pockets and storage compartments. It arrived very fast and in perfect condition. I don’t know how it will hold up over time, but for the price, I’m really happy with it. Also, the “Jolly Jumper” logo is discreetly embroidered in grey/silver on mine. It’s not as ostentatious as the colorful writing in the picture. I was pleased with that. 🙂

Tammie Elmendorf Afb, AK

Works great with Baby Jogger Summit XC

I purchased this because my baby jogger summit XC doesn’t come with a parent tray. It fits perfectly on the handlebars and doesn’t interfere with the hand brake. It is a little difficult to find a water bottle that fits in the cup holder (a regular one, like poland springs, fits fine, but I had to try a couple reusable ones before I found one that fit). I love the middle storage space. I originally used it for key, wallet and cell phone, but then figured out it fits my son’s handled sippy cup perfectly. Now I put my stuff in the front pocket and his sippy cup in the holder.

Neva Pocahontas, MO

Fits perfectly

We have a Harmony Odyssey Juvenile Deluxe Modular Stroller. We have been looking for a handlebar organizer for about 3 months now. When we go on our walks we really have no place to put our water bottles only the storage we have under the stroller. The Jolly Jumper Caddy is great, The straps that attach to the stroller are Velcro and are adjustable. We have them set up tight enough that the organizer doesn’t slide down the handle bars. The two cup holders are standard size for bottles, we tried a regular Poland spring bottle and a bottle of coke and coffee cups and they all seem to fit well. The little zipper pocket is great, if you don’t want to drag your bag or wallet with you, you can just put whatever cash, cards and cell phone you need. We haven’t really put anything in the zipper pocket except cash and cards & cellphones but the pocket is fairly large for a small caddy like this one and could possible hold several diaper/wipes, or maybe some accessories like pacifiers for the baby.Our stroller has straight 45 degree handlebars and this organizer works like a charm. We love it and would definitely recommend it to others.

Beth Jacksonville, IL


its very hard to put on the stroller and some strollers you cant fold them with it don’t recommend it

Mari Bakersville, NC

Is soooo much better than the uppababy cup holder!

I have the Uppababy Vista and was fed up with the Uppa cup holder b/c it really stinks and bottles literally fell through the chains onto the sidewalk all the time not to mention that it made the stroller even wider. So, I got this one and I really like it. And to address other people’s concerns about it not sitting level – if you adjust the straps properly it does sit level. plus the weight of a bottle in it makes it level. i love that it fits a bottle for me and a bottle for baby and has a spot to hold your cell phone. And it’s so inexpensive. I def recommend it.

Hillary Akiak, AK

Better than the Bob Stroller Caddy

I first purchased the Bob Stroller Caddy and it broke before the first use. I found this organizer and loved the fact that it had more pockets than the Bob. I have now been using the caddy for over two months and love it. The caddy makes any stroller that does not have a cup holder so much better.

Dina Dorchester, WI

Great alternative to Bob

I hesitated lest this not look as nice as the Bob one… Yes, I do care about looks. It fits perfectly on the Bob handlebar and is a great addition to the stroller. I highly recommend for the price.

Stephanie Porter, OK

does not fit double strollers

I know most of the pictures are single strollers but the item description does not mention single or double strollers only says it fits ‘most strollers’ We have a double instep safari swivel and the velcro had to be stretched so far that we weren’t confident it would even hold 2 drinks without coming apart from the weight.

June Carter, KY

Works Great

I use this on my uppa baby vista and it works great. you really do have to position it correctly and don’t expect to be able to lay your baby all the way down to the lowest angle, but other than that, it keeps drinks and other misc. stuff at my reach, so I am happy with it.

Silvia Crozier, VA

Great addition to Phil & Teds Explorer

This caddy is a great addition to my Phil & Teds Explorer stroller. It fits easily on the handlebar, but the only thing I would “complain” about (it’s minor) is that it doesn’t stretch as tightly across the handlebar as the picture shows. There is some slack in the caddy even with the straps pulled as much as they can go, but it is a minor complaint. It is really convenient to have this for my water, snacks, keys, phone, etc. since the P&T doesn’t come with anything like it. Worth the purchase!

Cassandra Conway, MO

Try something else first.

Eh, it does the job on my UB Vista, but it’s clearly not meant for it. I would try something else first, like the Skip Hop or Britax organizers.

Shelley Wolfeboro, NH

Works Great!

I purchased this based upon other reviews that it works for the BOB Jogging Strollers, and it does! Fits perfectly and is cheaper than the BOB brand, but not cheap in quality.Arrived early than expected which is always a plus 🙂

Elaine Branchville, IN

Great product

Affordable and good quality organizer. We initially looked for some cup holders for our stroller. The price of one is more than the price for this entire organizer. It looks exactly like the picture, with plenty of room to keep your wallet, tissues, phone, and baby bottle/ water bottle/ coffee cup.

Greta Sinajana, GU

Perfect Accessory

I have a BoB Revolution SE, and I wanted to be able to carry water bottles and my cell on a walk NOT in my pocket. I got this and put it on the stroller and it fits wonderfully. The bottle carriers are slim, but they fit the SMART water bottles just fine (I don’t want it to carry Cokes or anything, so I am not worried about them being bigger). The straps don’t look long or sloppy at all like others have said. They Velcro securely. Overall, a really good purchase for the price!

Jocelyn Seale, AL

Awesome and affordable

Much cheaper than the BOB organizer. Quality seems good and has plenty of pockets and water bottle holders. Zipper seems sturdy. It works well on my BOB but I think it would work well on basically any stroller that has a horizontal handlebar.

Alba Stillwater, NJ

life saver

I bought this for my Bob stroller. It fits perfect and holds more then you would think. I love it. Much cheaper then bob attachments.

Fran Lancaster, VA

Great product!

Works great, easy to use and to assemble on stroller. Love the zipper compartment. Bottle holder holds baby bottles and water bottles wonderfully.

Elvia Gilman, MN

Great for the price!

I have an uppababy Cruz. It fits well. It works great for water bottles, keys, iPod, etc..The pockets are deep.However, the cup holders do not work well with coffee cups with lids or open containers because it sits at an angle.

Queen Sun City West, AZ

Works great!

This works well on my Baby Jogger Summit for the fraction of the price of the Baby Jogger counsole. It stays secure and fits two bottled drinks snugly. The zipper compartment is nice for keys, cell phone, wallet, etc. It does not get in the way of the handbrake at all. Great purchase!

Dina Lilbourn, MO

Love It!

We got this to go on our BOB stroller. We use this every time we go on a walk. I have used it to hold headphones, drinks, cell phones, keys, dog poop bags…. The options are endless. It actually holds a lot more than you think it will.

Katherine Deeth, NV


This thing is just OK. We got it to use with our bugaboo cameleon and its a little bit of an eyesore on a modern looking stroller that we ended up removing it after a month or 2 of use and broke down and bought the pricier actual bugaboo cupholder. I do like that it has a little pocket for your cell phone, or camera etc. and it does hold 2 cups for pretty cheap price. But I just wish it was less bulky and awkward laying. Maybe it is the type of handles the bugaboo has but we had to constantly mess with the velcro straps to get it to lay right so that the drinks where not angled weird.

Tara Dublin, GA

Buy one 🙂

I use this on my bob revolution. It’s perfect. I can put my cellphone,keys, 20oz water bottle and even my baby’s sippy cup. I’m sure I could put more stuff in it but I don’t usually jog with a bunch of junk on hand. But if I did need a place to put it . This jolly jumper thing would do it . Oh and the one I ordered didn’t come with the colorful logo . It’s Grey, and not an eye sore

Linda Stroudsburg, PA

Great for Phil and Teds E3

I needed something to keep keys, drinks, cell phone, etc. This does the job, without looking cheep. I saw some reviews that said theirs was navy- but mine is all black, and matches quite nicely with my Phil and Teds E3. It’s velcrow is very sturdy, and I walk A LOT, and it’s never even budged. Happy I bought it:)

Carey Andrews, NC


not too bad, cheaper then in stores did the job! not as sturdy as I thought it might be BUT it did the job

Mallory Starrucca, PA

It was a great product, just did not work on our stroller.

We have the Joovy Caboose Ultralight and it did not fit that great and the way the handles are angled it fit weird. Plus with the one kid facing backwards it was in their way.

Simone North Norwich, NY

Couldn’t live without!

I have a graco stroller that had a cup holder on the outside of the handlebar and not only did it make fitting in the trunk difficut but I bumped into everything I passed. This organizer has allowed me to remove the annoying outer cup holder and use this convenient one! It is wonderful to put my keys, phone, drink, etc all in the organizer and not have to dig through the diaper bag every 5 seconds. The only downside to this organizer is if your handle doesn’t adjust horizontally, like mine, it will be unlevel.

Mitzi Rose Hill, KS