Jolly Jumper Universal Safety Strap for Seating

Jolly Jumper Universal Safety Strap for Seating

Safety strap Keeps your child secured safely to a chair or shopping cart, Fully adjustable strap with quick release buckle, Soft, comfortable foam padding, Compact and convenient for travel, Machine wash and dry, Fits easily in your diaper bag so it can be taken to restaurants and supermarkets.

Main features

  • Safety strap Keeps your child secured safely to a chair or shopping cart
  • Adjustable strap with quick release buckle
  • Machine wash and dry

Verified reviews


Expensive for what it is

This strap basically works as intended but it’s a bit expensive for what it is. Also, I have to tighten it as far as it will go to fit my 8 month old, I’m not sure who it would be intended for if you extend the strap all the way.

Hollie Ambrose, ND


This is so great for helping to keep my 17 month old in restaurant high chairs or grocery store carts that have broken straps. I wouldn’t use it for a regular chair though, I would be afraid of my son leaning over and taking the whole chair with him.

Marie Cold Spring, NY


Love this thing! I take it everywhere with me! Its great for using with shopping carts, high chairs, even regular chairs if need be. I would highly recommend it!

Letitia Donnelly, MN

This is a must have

I use this every time I go shopping or out to eat. I don’t even try using the pre-installed buckles on carts or highchairs anymore because they are either broken or almost always too small. My son was 9 months when I got this and he was wearing 18 month size and the buckle fit him good on the tightest adjustment so I can see how this might be too big for a smaller baby. But you can put the straps around a wider part of the cart in the back if that is a problem. I expect to be using this for a long time. Great product, planning on getting one for a friend of mine who is pregnant.

Penny Muir, PA

Works great but can slide on old chairs

We got this strap to contain our wriggly then 8 month old on the old wooden high chair that I had used as a baby. The chair no longer as straps and the chair was rather large. I looked around for a useful system of straps but they all seemed really expensive and I wasn’t sure if they’d fit. So we got the jolly jumper. It’s a padded strip of fabric with nylon straps attached so each end (which are adjustable) with a quick release buckle. It took a little bit of time to adjust the straps but it works great. An instant-belt. My daughter’s learned to try to scoot under the strap recently but that’s mostly to get attention when she’s done eating and the adults aren’t done yet. I think this is going to be a useful product for a while. I might even get one for out at restuarants since the first one lives at the grandparents house. I hate when the straps are broken on high chairs in restaurants.

Lucia Adamant, VT