Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller, Appletree

Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller, Appletree

Bring the whole family. Families with three young children will love Joovy’s Big caboose stand on triple stroller how else could one parent take three children out at once? The Big Caboose is easy to use and it includes two full size seats with canopies, two child trays and two foot rests and your 3rd older child can ride on the patented rear platform. If you have multiple children, this will be the first stroller you will use that gives the child in the middle seat ample room. If the standing child tires, they can turn around and rest on the padded rear jump seat. This stroller also includes two universal car seat attachments that accommodate most of the major brands of car seats. The Big caboose has a huge storage basket below and sealed bearing wheels to help you push heavy loads.

Main features

  • Front seats accommodate two children from 6 months to 40 pounds and 44″ tall, rear seat accommodates child up to 45 pounds
  • Two full size seats with two position recline
  • Includes two universal car seat adapters accepts most major brands
  • Patented rear stand on platform for third child
  • Perfect for twins and toddler

Verified reviews


I wish I never bought this!!!

I did quite a bit of research before buying this stroller. I was uncertain based on mixed reviews, but with newborn twins and a 2 1/2 year old I was desperate to get anything to fit the 3 of them so that I could make it out of the house with all three of them. Upon my first outing I wanted to return it. I had found a better deal on another website but unfortunately they didn’t have a return policy so I was out 330+ dollars, and was stuck with this thing. A year and a half later I hate it just as much as the first day, and I am looking forward to Santa bringing our replacement this winter (the Step2 Choo Choo…mothers of multiples, look into this!!! It was retired when I searched for strollers before, and I even have baby #4 on the way that I can pull in her infant carrier with the attachment trailer! My kids are super excited about the choo choo, which has separate “freight cars” for each of them. It also looks very easy and fun to pull!)Back to the Joovy, this is my breakdown of the pros and cons;Cons;1) Very heavy, especially if you plan to use this with infant carriers.2) Did not fit in the trunk of my SUV (Nissan Murano), I now have a mini van & I have to struggle to take off the snack trays to squeeze it in the back of my Honda Odyssey. For a year I could only use this for walks out of my house through the park, because I couldn’t travel with it. I also find collapsing it to be more of a struggle than with other strollers. (I used the double snap & go for my twins during that time & a harness for my son for extra security, & even carried him while pushing the stroller. I LOVED the snap & go for my girls! Lightweight, very easy to push & collapse, cup holders for mom. I was so sad when they outgrew it.)3) Not functional with infant carriers! I used this with my twins in infant carriers at first, I am 5’5 and could not see the front child because the one in the rear was so high up. This was particularly annoying when you want to see your infants face to make sure they are okay. (My twins spent 3 months in the NICU & having them come home off monitors was hard enough, but to go for a walk without being able to see their face to check if they’re okay…blankets riding up? choking? still have pacifier? I almost assembled mirrors on this stroller). Also because it is engineered as a long narrow stroller, when you add the height of the carriers, the babies were at least 4 ft up. We always used the straps on the stroller to hold the seats in, but it almost tipped over on a number of occasions as you can’t see a curb ahead of you (it’s very hard to see anything on the sidewalk in front of you because of how high the seats are up, again with the infant carrier, not a problem thereafter), and it was also tippy because of the way the weight is distributed (all the weight is on top with the babies and it is so narrow so it is prone to tipping on turns, take a turn and miss the curb that you can’t see ahead of you, and forget about it, the stroller is going down).4) Positioning of the Sit & Stand is ridiculous! I feel so bad for my son even having to use this thing. When he sits down on the sit & stand, even now with his sisters in their regular seat sans infant carrier, he is forced to lean forward in his seat because the back seat pushes him forward. Same goes when he stands on it, he has to stand leaning backwards, which is not only annoying but unsafe. He has fallen off it several times. More annoying to mom is that the seat is sooooo low to the ground that my son has a tendency to drag his feet on the ground….imagine having to constantly correct a toddler that they need to put their feet up, as it amplifies the weight of an already heavy stroller, so it’s near impossible to push….but wait, it gets better! His feet are also right next to the break, so any time he feels like it he can step down on the breaks, immediately forcing MOM to a halt. Now imagine how much fun it is to remind a toddler over and over “don’t drag your feet, don’t step on the breaks”. Forget about any stress relief you as a busy mom could have had on a walk.5) Storage space on the bottom is very difficult to access. Plan on breaking your diaper bag down into several small bags to squeeze in there. I’m guessing anyone who needs a stroller this size has plenty of cargo for three little ones. Plan on carrying it yourself, because this stroller is going to be more of a pain to try to squeeze it in.Pros….I’m being generous listing any1) “Fits” three kids…price seems reasonable compared to other triple strollers. If price was relative to quality though, this should cost half the price.2) Snack trays are a good size, although a pain to snap on and off.3) Mesh sacks on the back of seats are good for tucking in a bottle4) Sun canopy snaps on & off easily, which is nice for brighter days.5) Padded handle is comfortable on hands…nice when pushing a super heavy stroller.Bottom Line. This stroller is not worth the money. It has made my life more difficult as opposed to easier. I would look into reviews for the step2 choo choo or anything else.

Mattie Malta, OH

Loved it! The best (and only stroller) my family has used

The Joovy Big Caboose Triple Stroller was a wonderful baby shower gift I received. After almost three years of constant use, I gave it away to someone who had just had triplets. She’s still using it, almost 2 years later, so this stroller has had about 5 years of constant use, and it’s still in great shape.My use was completely urban, traveling back and forth across city streets, and there’s no sidewalks in our neighborhood. In some parts of where we walked, there were gravel pits, but in most places, there were just mud patches where there should be a sidewalk. So this stroller took a lot of abuse, and in the parts of Los Angeles where they have sidewalks, most are broken, so the wheels on the Joovy definitely held up under unusual circumstances. I can’t really comment on the ease or difficulty of folding the stroller up, because it never got closed up, since my family was always on the go, and we didn’t have a car. It’s definitely heavy, even when there’s no babies inside, but I’d rather have a heavy high-quality stroller than some cheap piece of junk that was easy to lift.These strollers make an excellent baby shower gift, because most young families don’t have $300 to spend on a baby stroller, and I’m sure it would be a greatly appreciated (and very much needed) gift.

Priscilla Charlestown, MD

Heavy but only thing out there

It is really the only stroller out there like this. It is heavy and hard to keep straight if you are on even a slight lean in the road or sidewalk. The basket underneath is big, but it is not easily accessible. The toddler seat does secure despite what people say. They all need to look underneath for the strap. There is a strap that secures to the metal rod. I like how this stroller offers the food tray as well as a universal piece for all infant seats to attach. My only complaint is that is is heavy and difficult-ish to control.

Ophelia Sugar City, ID

Love it!

Received the Joovy Big Caboose today and so far, I love it. We have a 2 year old, a 1 year old and a newborn. I put the newborn in the front, the 1 year old in the middle and my 2 year old sat on the bench and it worked great. I see a lot of reviews that it is too heavy and too hard to maneuver, but I think it is great. It is, after all, a stroller designed for 3 children, so it is going to be heavy. It is very long – but after laying the seat down in our Dodge Grand Caravan – it fit just fine and I still have room for shopping bags in the back. I’m really excited to take it shopping, as I can now fit all 3 kids in it and I don’t have to worry about arranging a cart!! There also seems to be a lot of storage on the bottom!!

Jolene Aurora, IA

It’s fine, just not for me.

We had our double jogger stolen at Disneyland. I always somewhat regretted the jogger and secretly wished I had purchased this stroller instead. So I can’t say I was too disappointed when it was stolen. But this stroller made me fall in love with the jogger and miss it terribly!This stroller is WAY to hard to push and turn, and that’s even with the heaviest kid in the back and the lightest in the front. I had to pull it back a bit and then swing it around just right or strain my arms and back.Not one of my three kids (2, 3 and 4) could tolerate the jumper seat. They all wanted to use it, but in the end no one wanted to sit with their elbows on their knees and their feet tucked under them, as the back of the rear seat doesn’t allow for head room and the foot board is almost completely underneath the jumper seat. After the novelty of the new stroller wore off they all started to complain about how all of the seats were too small (that is, they are shallow) and their butts don’t fit. In the jogger they would just sink in and didn’t even need to wear the straps. The straps one this are a MUST or your kids WILL fall out – ask my 3 year old.Also, the basket below was very hard to access except from between the two seats, which is really only convenient if there is no kid in the rear seat when you need to get in there, otherwise their feet are in the way.And finally, it wouldn’t fit in the rear storage area of my 2011 Town and Country, which means I had to put one of the rear seats and one of the second row seats down. Not cool. I was able to get it in the back at an angle and supported by a bungee cord, but that jacked up the wheel (the pressure at an angle flattened one side of it – Joovy was kind enough to send me a new one under warranty). So then I had to put seats down, which meant I had just enough room for my three kids, husband and me and never anyone else.Honestly I can see how some people like this stroller. It’s the best option if you need a narrow stroller, and beggars can’t be choosers (so few options for three kids!!). But you may want to give a double jogger a whirl. I sold this stroller for $150 and got the Instep Safari Swivel Wheel, the same one that I had stolen. We pair it with a Buggy Board. I lost $200 in the process, but it was well worth it to save my back and get two more seats in the van.

Cheri Milburn, OK

Jovvy Big Caboose

I have 2 kiddos and a 3rd due any day. My older 2 are 31 mo old son and 14 mo old daughter. The stroller accommodates the kids good. The few complaints I have are the seats are short (OK for my 1 yr old but she is petite but my 2 yr olds head comes way above the seat so if we were gone all day he cant even sit in the back and go to sleep. Also it is hard to push as I think the handles are awkward. I also do not car for the fact the only accessory is the parent tray, no rain cover or bug netting cover avail separate. When u turn a corner the wheel sometimes com up so make sure u have a hold of it, I have tried my little on in the back and front and still have this issue. On the upside it does accommodate all 3 kids and seems to be sturdy (minus the back foot rest falls off a lot but just snaps back in). The shade covers are large and even cover the kiddo on the jump seat if they are sitting. It is easy to fold and unfold and cleans off easily. I dont quite no if its worth the money but I have yet to find another stroller that accommodates the needs of 3 kiddos 1 being a toddler 🙂 (I have tried the tri mode that accommodates 3 but it is just to wide and heavy also).

Reva Lawrence, MI

The most awesome stroller with 3 babies.

I love this stroller. The licensing agency who holds my foster license purchased this for me as I have 3 babies, 32 months and younger. Two of them are immobile. I had a double but it was soooo heavy I had a hard time getting it in and out of the mini van. This one with the additional rear seat attached over the sit/stand seat is absolutely perfect. My only mobile child is 2 years old. She does not yet understand keeping your feet on the platform when sitting. I purchased the additional seat for this reason. This is the ideal stroller even tho it is missing the parent tray/organizer. I purchased a couple of those to try out as well. the basket on bottom is large, but difficult to get to. access between first to seats is suggested. also, another big plus is the adjustable foot rests. They are truly adjustable–they come up to keep feet up if needed. This one is too long folded to fit straight in in the Odyssey (2013). However, it does fit at an angle. Still have room to load food/supplies.

Beth Orangeville, IL