Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller Red

Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller Red

Strolling around has never been easier with two children. The versatile Caboose Stand-On Tandem allows an older child to stand on its patented rear platform while a younger child rides comfortably in front. If the standing child tires, they can turn around and rest on the padded rear seat. Fully equipped with a universal car seat attachment system, the Caboose can accommodate an infant in the car seat so you can use it as soon as your new arrival comes. And parents make out too because the Caboose is lightweight and folds up compactly. It also has a large basket and storage pockets for everything you’ll need to take along with you. And the rear platform means no more lifting a heavier older child in and out of the stroller when they want to see or get tired. The Caboose Stand-On Tandem makes strolling two children a breeze!

Main features

  • Comfortable two-position front seat
  • Deluxe harnesses include reflective stitching for night time safety
  • Adjustable padded rear seat allows standing child to take breaks
  • Removable canopy with ratcheting adjustment
  • Includes universal car seat adapter – accepts most major brands

Verified reviews


Don’t buy this unless your older child is MUCH older

Eight years ago, when our oldest was 5 and our second-born was 1, we bought the original Sit and Stand Deluxe. At the time, we thought the world of it — the baby could sit up or recline in the front, while our kindergartner could stand and see everything as we strolled, and could sit when he grew tired.We now have a 3 year old with a baby due in two months, and we knew we would need another double-style stroller (our original Sit and Stand was garage-sale fodder years ago). At Babies R Us I immediately headed to the Stand On Tandem Stroller, remembering how well this worked for our oldest two. We learned very quickly that it does NOT work for an active toddler/preschooler. Among the problems:1. The front seat does not fully recline; it only partially reclines. The baby would have to be able to sit comfortably before being able to use the stroller.2. The adapter that supposedly accepts all infant car seats did not accept either the Evenflo infant seat or the Graco SnugRide infant seat that we tried at the store. The sales associate also could not get the SnugRide to lock onto the stroller.3. When the front seat is in the reclined position, the back of the seat takes up all the room in the rear where the older child would be sitting.4. When the front seat is in the reclined position, it is virtually impossible to access the storage basket beneath the seat.5. When an older child is seated, the storage basket is inaccessible.6. If your older child is tired, there is nowhere for him or her to sit comfortably or supported — just the narrow little bench.7. With our 3 year old seated on the bench and nothing in the front where a baby would sit, this stroller did not steer very easily. With our 3 year old seated in the front, this stroller still did not steer very easily.8. The standing platform with handgrips does work well, but let’s face it. Two to three year olds get tired or bored of being in the same position very quickly, and then they either have to sit on the bench (provided the front seat is not reclined) or they have to be carried or they must walk. We tried to convince our 3 year old to go for a ride standing up, and he lasted all of 3 minutes before he started fidgeting and letting go of the handholds, creating a safety issue. The standing platform should work well for a preschooler/older child, but forget it for the 2- to 3-year-old set.9. A minor detail, but there is no storage stray or cupholder for the parent.Yes, it is very lightweight and folds compactly when compared to other double strollers, but the negatives far outweigh the positives. We went with the Graco Duoglider instead, and strongly recommend to any parents considering this stroller that they go to a Babies R Us store and actually try it out before purchasing it.

Tamera Adak, AK


THE NEW BABY TREND LX SIT N STAND AT TARGET IS THE BEST !!!!!! FOR $30 LESS THAN THIS ONE WITH ADDED BONUS’!! HERE IS MY REVIEW AT TARGET.COM FOR THAT ONE -Ok, so I finally got to use this stroller for the first time today. I couldn’t decide between the Joovy and this one at first but this one is definately the best!!! First of all the Joovy has way less room for a child to sit or stand in the back, it doesn’t have cupholder, and it is nearly impossible to get to the basket! Now I’m reading here that people are having a hard time getting to the basket in this new Sit N Stand BUT…….if u read the instructions or the box or just look at the stroller u will see that this new sit n stand version has easy side access to the basket. Just unsnap the snap on the side of the basket and there it is! All the access to the basket u need.After using this stroller today and I cannot find NOTHING bad to say about it at all. I love everything about it like…….

Juliana Springport, MI

I really hate this stroller

This is a great stroller for 1 child but not for 2It was impossible for my 2 year old to sit or stand in the back with my 1 month old riding in the front which I thought was the entire point of this strollerIt is only a good buy if both of your children are old enough to ride in the seats only the infant carrier part is completely useless !!!

Ivy Royalty, TX


It’s like pushing around and old fashion steel shopping cart full of watermelons. When the car seat is on it invades the second seat so my son can’t lean back comfortably, also you can’t hang a diaper bag on the handles without compromising the second seat or standing are. It’s a heavy hunk a junk that is hard to fold and takes up my entire back seat, really regretting this purchase!

Maxine Waunakee, WI

I love this stroller

I searched everywhere for an alternative to a double stroller, having a 2 1/2 year old and a newborn I wanted something that wouldn’t be to big to move around. This stroller works great, my toddler can walk until she tires and then hops on for a ride and my newborn is in the car seat in the front. The wheels are super smooth and easy to manuver and I think it is very lightweight at 24lbs. for a “double” stroller. I can easily lift it in and out of our suv without any trouble and it isn’t much bigger than my single stroller when collapsed.I do agree though that the seat shouldn’t slide back and forth and that the basket isn’t accessable at all, but all in all my 2 year old daughter loves having the option of standing and it is a nice alternative to those huge double strollers!

Sarah Henagar, AL

Dangerous for little 3 year old feet!

My 3 year old when sitting in the rear sticks his feet in the wheel. Not only does it put the stroller to a hault, his foot also can roll with the wheel and get jammed in the back, twisting his foot ankle and leg.The buckles are super cheap too. If you pull on them they come undone. My 10m old was able to pull the buckle apart in the front seat, as could my 3 year old (37 months old) with the back harness buckles too.the basket is large, ya… in length but its VERY shallow. Your not fitting too much in there.Steering is ok, but because its the way it is, it doesnt turn on a dime nor can it be used ever 1 handedly. I never drove over grass with it, once his foot kept getting stuck i decided to never use it again.It looks nice, bright fun colors, looks appealing by style, and folds up nicely, but its not practical.

Leta Townsend, WI

Best double, period.

I’ve been looking for a double stroller for quite some time now – I’ve been reading reviews, looking in stores, etc. and I thought I wanted a side by side, but I changed my mind after I saw that Joovy came out with the extra back seat for this stroller. There’s a few down sides to this stroller, but overall, it’s by far the best stroller.PROS:Compact – fits easy into the trunk of my 2005 Nissan Altima (As a note, with the canopy on, it does NOT fit between the wheel wells, but without the canopy, it would easily fit into the back part of the truck between the wheel wells)Solidly built – most strollers are mostly plastic, which leads to things breaking very easy on them – this stroller is mostly metalQuality seats – my youngest is just about 7 months old, so sometimes she falls asleep in her car seat and I don’t want to wake her. This stroller comes with the car seat adapter, so it allows me to put her in the stroller without waking her, but easily switches back to a regular seat. The 5-point harness isn’t padded, but it’s sturdy.CONS:Heavy – this thing is a beast, but it doesn’t bother me. The product description said it weighed 35 lbs, so I knew what I was getting into. Since this stroller is mostly made of metal, it makes sense that it weighs that much. I would imagine if you’re a smaller person (I’m 5’6") it would probably be difficult to lift into a car or SUV trunk. I’ve toted around 2 kids at 20 and almost 30 lbs at the same time before, so lifiting a 35 lb stoller into my trunk doesn’t bother me.Storage – the basket under it is tiny. I’ve got a Egro Baby backpack that I use as a diaper bag and it doesn’t really fit easily into the space. I bought the extra back seat for this (to turn it into a true double stroller) and with little feet down there, I wouldn’t put anything down there that you don’t want kicked or stepped on. With the extra seat, you can use the foot rest area (that they would normally step on with just the bench) as a storage area. They also sell a parent organizer for the top part of the stroller, but that was about $25, which isn’t BAD, but since I’d already spent close to $200 between the stroller and seat, I didn’t want the extra expense right now.Overall tho, I LOVE this stroller. It moves smoothly and is nice and compact so it’s not sticking out really far. I’m very happy with this purchase and look forward to many, many days of use of it!

Marta Wharncliffe, WV

Looks beautiful

My son-in-law just put this together. It was easy to assemble and my 3-year-old grandson immediately took it over and felt right at home. Love that you can put the baby car seat in the front – great for those 2-kid families.

Jacklyn Crawford, TN

I love my Joovy

I have a 4 1/2 year old(who is very tiny) and an 18 month old. This stroller has been awesome so far with both kids. The stroller is able to manuever through narrow spots and and glides along so nicely. I have owned 4 stollers and so far this one has had the smoothest ride. Today i took it to Griffith Observatory which has hills and tight areas but we got through just fine. One woman actually told me what a cool stroller i had. before i bought this stroller i bought a baby trend sit n stand and that one was HUGE. This one is much smaller, and maneuevers so much better yet it does not compromise the amount of space the children have. This stroller was everything i wanted in a tandem stroller. i cannot wait to take it more places! Also i own the red and it looks great

Kathie Custer City, OK

Great double stroller

Perfect for moving two children around. I like this design much better than a double wide stroller as it is easier to maneuver. My 2-year old likes the sliding seat, but we did install the Caboose Too seat to give her a proper seat. I would estimate that we use that seat 80% of the time, the other 20% is the rear facing sliding seat / standing platform. Good distance between the stroller and the wheels – this allows me to run behind the stroller and not kick it (I’m 6’4" so it should work for most).A potential draw back is that the rear seat does not have a sun shade. I bought a after market clip-on umbrella that addresses the issue, but I only use it when it rains.

Mona Dayton, NY

Loved for a little bit… now unwieldily…

I thought so long and hard about buying this stroller… and I’ve thought equally hard about the review. I so wanted to love it and for it to make life easier- but aside from a few trips I really feel like it wasn’t needed and we could have made it without.Kids ages when bought:Lil’ Sib- 1 monthBig Sib- 2yrs 6 monthsReason we bought:-We wanted to get a car seat stroller frame- and since we were already going to spend so much on one (We have a Chicco Keyfit) we thought might as well get a tandum that could hold the carseat/baby and toddler.When it came in handy:-When lil’ sib was a infant and slept a lot so was kept in the carseat.. EXCEPT that this wasn’t always comfortable for Big Sib, since you have to recline the front seat all the way so its always touching the back of their head if they are sitting. When standing he really enjoyed being able to look at lil’ sib in the carseat and lean on it.-We took it to Disney World, when kids were 3 months and 2yrs 8 months, was semi handy EXCEPT it’s really a two handed fold… and that’s hard to do with two kids, unless baby is in the carseat, if you’re carrying baby in your arms, no idea how you would fold unless you had a safe place to put him/her…-Towing an infant and toddler through many airports/layovers.. even when they weren’t in it (baby in carrier and toddler running a muck) it was like having one of those big airport push carts.Why I’m now not crazy about it…-The seats are unwashable… nothing tailored for babies and kids should be unwashable! Especially since it comes with a tray attachment for snacks/drinks. Kids + Snacks = Mess. Also Big Sis, would sometimes put feet on the Toddler seat in the back… Toddler Feet + On things= Mess.. We got the purple, so it hasn’t shown too much, but still.-It’s heeeeaaavy. I’m trying not to be surprised by that- I mean it has to be heavier than a single it’s bigger, but you really want to take that into consideration if you don’t live in a very flat neighborhood (we don’t). By the time you add the Car seat… the baby and the toddler, you’re adding about 40+ lbs to the stroller.-Unless you’re on flat paved ground, it’s unwieldy to push. Just a few small rocks or few day old unmowed grass and the front wheels are gonna go nutty on ya.-It takes up the entire trunk (regular sized sedan). And you have to take off the carseat adapter to really get it in.-Now that infant is older, awake and playful and we’re no longer using it with the carseat (Lil’ Sib is 9 months, Older Sib is 3yrs 2 months) it’s waaaay less useful. Toddler doesn’t want to sit in a stroller as much due to age… and so we wind up taking the single 9/10 times and bring the baby carrier in case we’re out close to nap time an toddler wants to ride.Soooooo long story short, it was great as a carseat frame stroller with the perk of toddler being able to ride along, but once we were no longer using it as that- it just couldn’t pass muster as our daily stroller. We’re going for another big trip and have been thinking which stroller to take… The Joovy is staying home- Maclaren and Beco Butterfly 2 baby carrier coming with.So I give 3 stars… when it was helpful (for those 3 or so months) it was great- but then… its usefulness was over and you’ll find ours on craigslist.

Lorie Valley Park, MO

I love it!

I have (soon to be) 7 daughters. The youngest are age 3 and 17 months (and I’m due again in 2 months). This stroller is great. It gives my independent 3 year old the option to sit or stand and she loves it. She likes riding on the grocery cart the same way so this stroller seemed to be perfect. We liked it so much that I purchased the triple stroller from E bay (used). I’m sure we will get tons of use out of it as well. I like that it holds the carseat with no fuss and another child can still ride comfortably. I will definitely recommend this stroller to anyone with more than one child under the age of 5/6 and the triple if you have a litter like I do! It is well worth the price.

Marva Glassboro, NJ

Great tandem for older kids

I’m late getting a double stroller. My girls were 4 and 2 and we use this for traveling. It folds pretty flat. Steers well and looks comfortable. I like that the tray and visor can come off to reduce bulk. The handle is at an odd height for me, 5’2” but its perfect for my husband, 5’11”. All in all a great stroller for older kids.

Marisa Rollingbay, WA

Great Idea, poor design.

I bought this stroller because I found it on sale for almost the same price as a ride on board attachment for my stroller that I already have. I ended up selling it 2 weeks later. My 4 year old and 7 year old did like the back seat..but did not fit under the canopy. My 3 year old fit in the front seat..but the tray does not come off easily so I had to lift him in and out..and that gets old fast!! The basket is nice, and the fabric is high quality, but I went back to my bob revolution duallie and used the money from selling this to just buy the adapter to the duallie that I am very happy with.

Erika Herreid, SD

Returned it even without opening it up

I took this out of the box and boy was it toooooo heavy. I dont know how you could use this… had to return it right away and i didnt even bother putting it together. too heavy.

Pamala Newburg, PA

We love love love our Joovy stroller

We love love love our Joovy stroller! We have borrowed friend’s double strollers but we found them to be so bulky & cumbersome. There was never enough room in the trunk of the Corolla to store those strollers so we were relegated to the SUV.This stroller compacts easily & is quite small when folded. It fits easily in our compact sedan. I have no problem grabbing two small levers & folding the stroller with my foot.The best part of this stroller for us is the smooth ride. My mom used the stroller this weekend with my 1 & 4 year olds. My older daughter jumped in & out constantly. My mom said she hardly felt like she was pushing anything & it was so easy for daughter to get in & out as she pleased. The front wheels pivot seamlessly & gently. It is sooo easy to guide this stroller.I love that the stroller has a tray with two cup holders for my daughter. The tray is sturdy & my daughter can easily access items on the tray.The canopy is very big! In fact, it is difficult to maneuver the canopy when my older daughter wants to sit down. It seems to get in the way sometimes.My only other negative about the stroller is that the storage compartment under the stroller is not big enough for my diaper bag. We have to hang the diaper bag off of the front of the stroller. If we are going to be using the stroller for a long time, like a day at the zoo, I have to use a different, smaller diaper bag.We have a great joovy cup holder with some storage pockets that attaches to the front of the stroller. That’s a must have for drinks, cellphones, keys, & other small items. My older daughter takes her drinks in & out of this holder so I don’t have to worry about her drinks. So convenient!We are so happy with this stroller. Better than any double stroller we have tried! We will be using this joovy stroller for years as it’s sometimes so much easier to have my older daughter climb on the back rather than to nag her to keep up as we walk.

Miranda Crane, TX

Doesn’t work for toddler sitting in rear and infant car seat in front.

With the infant car seat in front (Chicco Keyfit 30) and my small toddler in back, she had to lean forward at about a 45 degree angle and the car seat still touched her head. Very uncomfortable, and thus, unable to use. Returned. Thank you to Amazon for making returns of this nature so easy!

Saundra Earlington, PA

Great Purchase

I purchasded this for my 2 1/2 yr old and our upcoming trip to Disney World. Last year we took an umbrella stroller and he hated it – he really wanted to see everything and coudn’t. The beauty of this stroller is that the child gets to decide how he wants to ride – sitting on the bench, standing on the step, or lying down if he’s asleep. I’ve been using the Joovy Caboose for a couple of weeks now and my child absolutely adores it. He gets very exited to ride on his “big boy” stroller. It was easy to assemble – did it by myself in about 15 minutes. The materials are good quality and easy to clean. I am also rather tall, and the height of the handle is perfect. The stroller is not really hard to maneuver, considering that is is a double, and is very nice looking (exactly like the picture). The only thing I am a little dissapointed about is that it is very, very heavy and hard to collapse for storage. Overall, great purchase and highly recommended.

Deena Lodi, MO

Should do the job

I currently have a boy almost 4 and a girl due any day now. I purchased this stroller instead of a traditional double stroller because my son doesn’t need to be in a stroller all that often, but he still needs it occasionally. So far he loves the idea that he can sit or stand. I’ve put it together ( it was super easy!) and it’s sitting in the nursery right now waiting on the little miss to get here. My son is constantly in there wanting to sit or stand on the stroller which gives me hope because like a typical boy, he hates to sit still. This steers very easily. I “test drove” it around my small apartment and was able to steer around sharp corners with ease with my 35 pound son it. Since my daughter isn’t here yet I added some weight to the car seat just to see how it would work with both the kids on there. Not quite one handed steering, but close! I decided on this one as opposed to the ultra light mostly due to the price. The shorter wheel base, larger sunshade and lighter stroller just weren’t worth $100 to me. Granted the carseat adapter will have to come off to fit in the trunk (I have an ’07 Fusion)), but that’s an easy thing to do. And I bought an umbrella to add to the back if my son needs the extra shade. But that shouldn’t be too much of an issue as the sunshade on the stroller is adjustable. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that the basket is a bit awkward to get to. In order to put anything there, I’ll have to move my son if he’s sitting.

Alissa Detroit Lakes, MN

Very functional

We love this stroller, got it to keep in the car for our 6 month old and 3 year old. The only issue we have is that we can’t seem to fold it when the tray is attached. We popped it off and it’s fine, but it looks a little funny.

Beatriz Brooklyn, WI

Great stroller

I’m very happy with the stroller. It seems to be well-made and sturdy, folds quite compactly and steers well. The colors are fun and bright.

Rae Lindon, CO

Great Stroller

Decided to get this after finding out baby number 2 will be here soon. Already tried out with our 2 1/2 year old and he loves sitting on the back and standing. I wish we would’ve gotten this with just one child because of all the room it has. You could easily use the back bench to put large shopping bags or anything else to carry. Very easy to maneuver also.

Jaclyn Ernest, PA

Perfect Alternative & Lightweight

I bought this stroller as an alternative for bigger double stroller for our 2 year old and baby on the way. I decided to purchase it ahead of time because I figured my 2 year old could get a better use of it at the moment and I won’t have to worry about getting one in a few months. Things I like about the product is, compare to the other double strollers and tandem strollers I’ve seen in stores and tried, this one is by far is lightweight in compare. It is very easy to maneuver even with one hand and easy to push and most of all doesn’t drag it’s weight like the others. This kind of stroller is perfect for the mall or for doctor appointments in hospital. One thing I found isn’t on my liking is the front seat. It’s a little too small even in regular stroller standard and I wish it could’ve been a little bit more spacious, other than that I find it doable since I won’t be using it for an everyday use. I would recommend the product to other moms.

Camilla Belle Plaine, IA

Not for giant toddlers/preschoolers with tantrums

I wish I would have gotten something a bit bigger, stronger..When we got that stroller, my child was about 28mo old… now at 3yo I still have the same issues (just worst)…My child is very tall for his age (3yo, 41.5 inch, 40lb) and is absolutely able to take off the brake with his feet, push on the floor and roll away from the back sitting position (with his little brother in tow, mind you !) We can’t really use the canopy with the toddler either (too low) and try to sit and attach a tantrummy toddler on a sliding seat having to go under the handle…good luck !!!It’s also definitely a 2 hand stroller (cannot turn with one hand)… (I am running back to my single Bob stroller as often as I can (but it’s not the same price tag))That said, I love the color and the storage is decent.

Margo Lake Montezuma, AZ

I wanted to love the stroller, but just CAN’T! Ultralight was not any better!

I ordered both the caboose original and ultralight, to compare them side by side…First off, I could really not notice any difference in the weight. I lifted each and they felt exactly the same to me. However, the ultralight that came was defective. The folding trigger was not put on correctly. Also, the ultralight frame felt cheap and wobbly. When I shook the stroller side to side, the original frame did not move or squeak, the ultralight moved and shook and squeaked.The BIGGEST con of the original is that the front seat does not recline. It is a 1 position recline that is basically almost still fully upright. This means napping comfortably is out of the question. If you have a child that likes to sleep in their stroller, do NOT buy this.The seats are a bit hard and not super padded, the material is also a bit rough.Other than that, I actually liked the original caboose, and I liked it better than the ultralight because it felt sturdier.The ultralight had a nice recline, but felt too flimsyFor the price, your stroller should at least be able to recline and it should be a bit more padded than it is. I kept the original over the ultralight, because I could not get over how rickety it felt and how it was not solid.I am going to purchase the too second seat attachment, because it reclines a bit more than the front seat. However, the child in the rear seat gets a lot of sun exposure because the hood does not go all the way back to cover them.If the front seat reclined and it had a bit more padding, this stroller would get 5 stars!

Grace Kewanee, IL

Skeptical that it would be much different than the Sit and Stand…it is!

I bought this to replace my GIANT sit and stand which I never used anymore because of its size and length. Just too big! I felt like I was pushing a limo around. I LOVE this Joovy Caboose 100x better. Just the fact that it looks nice and classy is reason number one. The color black looks rich and very high quality. The handle is comfortable (wish it did have a built in cup holder though). I use a Chicco Keyfit car seat with it and it’s a little snug for my small three year old to sit but it works just for what I want it for since half the time my three year old walks anyway. Once my baby is using the seat, I know this will be perfect. It’s compact and wonderful. And for the price? You can’t beat it. Wish I never wasted my money on the sit and stand.

Dee Strafford, VT

great at the airport

I bought this stroller before flying across the country with my 3 year old and 5 month old, and it was great. First of all, the stroller folded fits perfectly through the scanning machine you send your carry-on items and shoes through. I don’t know what people with larger strollers have to deal with passing through airport security, and I was happy not to have to find out. I was able to check the stroller at the plane door for both flights which was a necessity flying with two kids by myself. I did not bring the snack tray or car seat holder since they stick out farther when the stroller is folded, but I guess I could have.My 3 year old son LOVES the stroller. He hates being strapped in which is why I chose this over a double umbrella. He is unbelievably well behaved when he can ride standing. I was worried he’d be constantly jumping on and off but no problem, he stays put.My 5 month old sits fine in the seat as long as you put the footrest in the straight out position to keep her from sliding forward too far. I just added a body support for herJJ Cole Collections Body Support, Khaki, 0-8 Monthsand it was definitely a good choice, keeps her from flopping over and having the seatbelt rub on her neck.Great stroller, highly recommended.——————————————————-My daughter is now an average sized 2 year old and is probably reaching the limits of sitting in the front seat, she still fits in there for now, but I don’t imagine she will when she is 3. My son (almost 5) is still very comfortable standing or sitting in the back. His head doesn’t fit under the canopy when he’s standing, but I think the canopy is really only meant for the kids while seated. We don’t use this all the time, but I wouldn’t dare to go for a day at the zoo without it! Really happy we have had this, it’s a great product.

Mary Bluffton, TX

Great sit and stand stroller

I got this to be able to take my infant son and 4 year old on walks together. It works great. The front adapter holds the baby’s carseat well and keeps him high up so he has a good view of me and the scenery. My 4 year old enjoys being able to sit or stand in the back. Pros: very easy to assemble (I did it myself in about 10 minutes, and I’m not mechanically inclined at all), very well built and sturdy, smooth ride, easy to fold and unfold. Cons: with two kids and a carseat, it’s HEAVY, so if you need to walk a lot or up a lot of hills, you’ll be working hard! The sun shield is too low to cover the infant car seat, which is annoying. The basket underneath is tiny. Too small for more than a phone, keys, etc… No way to keep a whole diaper bag in there.

Concepcion Oak Grove, MI

Like it very much!

I have a 7 month old and a 3 year old, so a stroller such as this was much needed! We originally had the Chicco travel system with the KeyFit carseat, and I’m really happy that this Joovy can accomadate the Chicco car seat!Setting it up was easy enough, it took my husband about twenty minutes. We were plesantly pleased with the overall design once we began using it. This stroller seems to employ a lot of functional, good ideas to make one efficient stroller!Our favorite aspects of this stoller design areL
• the toddler seat slides forward and back to easily adjust and allow access to the basket
• the canopy snaps open to get rid of any slack or can remain relaxed when desired
• attractive color scheme, we chose the “Appletree” which matches our green & gray Chicco set
• the addition to accommodate a car seat is brilliant, and makes this stroller diverse and easily customized for each use
• well designed features, I was impressed by the pouch to roll up the car seat strap into, as well as other well designed featuresSome areas that aren’t out favorite aspects:
• due to the design, and typical to a double stroller of any type, it’s not quite as easy to maneuver as a regular stroller
• the tray, car seat support, and canopy each have to be removed to fit into our SUV’s trunk. This is fine, just a little bit of a hassle that they don’t fold up attached to the stroller and still fit into our trunk
• stroller, when folded up, does not stand upright
• wheels do not allow for “off-roading” like our Chicco travel system could, it just doesn’t handle curbs, grass, gravel, etc as well as some stollers.Over all, I am very happy with this stroller and it’s capabilities. I would definitely recommend it to the parents with two little ones, but this model seems more designed for light, city-use. It’s not the stroller I’d recommend for heavy duty use.

Leila Rogers, KY

Great stroller with slight comparison.

We love this stroller. I have bought it recently as my sister-in law has the Sit-n-Stand and it was just to big to fit into my wife’s little toaster car( Scion Xb). This stroller fits snug but it fits. I like how the infant seat is very well padded and the front double wheels are actually spring assisted but not visible in the photo. We have logged about 60 miles of walks already and its holding up well. Last night my sister in-law came down with her two kids and sit and stand and we did a few mile walk. Lets just compare the two from the walk last night. Sit and Stand(S/S) was much longer with handle configuration but Caboose was same size inside for kids. S/S was much heavier to push and the little platform that comes down for the kids to stand on was super noisy on our walk and we had to put it up for all of us to talk and it always bounces around and sounds like you are dragging something through gravel all the time. The S/S does have a larger bin to store things under the toddler seat but its not much bigger. I do like the Caboose much better, it steers easier and tracks straight, it is lighter and less noisy and much smaller foot print. Also has steel square frame that is very strong and does not bend when kids are jumping on and off. The S/S seems like it fights you when steering and I hated that. We bought green because it was the cheapest, I would probably buy black as it hides small spills better but green was much cheaper and the pads are easy to wash :)** Edit 8/13/2012 **We have now used this stroller for the summer and have placed about 50 miles of sidewalk concrete walking and the rear tires are starting to bald but this is probably normal and hopefully will have many more miles left. The only issue I have had is the underneath storage canvas is attached by snap buttons and one of them would always unhook when anything was placed in it. I fixed with a dab of Krazy glue and the other 3 have not had the issue so far. Green is showing some dirt as expected but not a big deal. Buy black is the price is equal, green does get a lot of attention from the other moms at the mall my wife has said, they think this stroller is from space as no one has ever seen one where we live.

Verna Merom, IN