Joovy Caboose Too Rear Seat, Greenie

Joovy Caboose Too Rear Seat, Greenie

This accessory converts your Caboose, Caboose Ultralight and Big Caboose stroller into a full double stroller in minutes. The Caboose Too seat installs easily onto the existing rear platform and stroller frame. It reclines and includes a 5 point harness, just like the front seat. The Caboose Too Rear Seat is a perfect solution for families looking for a compact double stroller and for those with children close in age. The Caboose Too Rear Seat offers additional support and comfort for children still too young to use the bench seat and the standing platform of the Caboose. This configuration offers the flexibility to use the seat until the older child reaches the point where they want to sit or stand on the back of the Caboose when independence kicks in and they are big enough to do so. NOTE: For new Graphite models, please use the new version: Joovy Caboose Rear Seat.

Main features

  • Caboose Too Rear Seat is compatible with older Caboose, Caboose Ultralight and Big Caboose models. For new Graphite models, please use the new version: Joovy Caboose Rear Seat
  • Full-size rear seat for toddler still too young to sit on the bench seat or stand on platform
  • Installs easily onto the existing rear platform and stroller frame
  • Multi-position reclining seat with 5 point harness
  • Seat minimum age 6 months, max child weight: 45 pounds

Verified reviews


A good product but it has a flaw

When we first added this on to our Joovy double stroller we thought it was great. Both of our kids could sit forward in the stroller very comfortably, but when we started to use the stroller we noticed that our son’s feet have to go in the bottom storage area (there is no where else he can put his feet). The only problem is that his feet push the front of the storage area into the front wheels and stop the front wheels from moving. The friction of the front wheels against the storage area actually created a hole in the front of the storage area. It’s a quality product, but I can’t recommend it due to the functionality flaw. Don’t buy this add on, just use the Joovy double stroller as is.

Catalina Donie, TX

Small but functional

I tried this seat out at Buy Buy Baby but bought from Amazon due to the better color selection…pricing was the same. Since I got to try out the seat before buying it was exactly as expected.We love our Joovy Caboose Ultralight for our 19 month old and 7 week old. The stroller itself is nice because it is the lightest weight double I could find, it comes with the infant seat adapter and it is compatible with our Safety 1st infant seat. It is relatively easy to collapse and very easy to open, but the light weight is the main reason I picked that stroller. Since I was used to the very lightweight Uppababy G luxe as my single, when I started trying doubles I was shocked at how heavy they wre and the Caboose Ultralight was the best I could find.My only reservation with the stroller was that I wasn’t quite ready for my not yet two year old toddler to use the backwards facing bench, so the Caboose Too seat solved that problem.This seat is very easy to install on the stroller. It does make using the basket almost impossible but that’s not a priority for me at the moment. I only plan to use the Caboose Too seat until my oldest turns two and then I will take off the Caboose Too seat and let him backwards face. The seat is a tight fit when an infant seat is installed in front, but it works for now. It is somewhat difficult to get him in and out of this seat with an infant seat in front, but he has an ok amount of room once seated. He is tall but skinny for a 19 month old. Overall I’m pleased with the item as I tried it in person first and knew what to expect. I liked the other aspects of this stroller enough to deal with the tight fit of the Caboose Too for six months.

Angelique Bay Center, WA

Great, but I wish it reclined more!

Great seat, was a life saver while traveling! My only complaint is that I really wish it reclined back a bit more. The recline is almost as meager as the non-existent recline in the original caboose. But overall, came in real handy and we were pleased with it!

Mae Largo, FL

Great option when using an infant carrier in front

We bought this for my 4 year old to use while we are using a baby carrier in the front part. The way the Joovy Caboose Ultralight is made, it is very uncomfortable for the child using the sit and stand part to sit when the baby carrier is being used in the front. I gave it one star off because I think it’s a bit pricey.

Eula Pangburn, AR

Joovy Caboose Too Rear Seat

This has turned out to be one of the best investments that I have ever made for my grandchildren. My son and daughter in law love it and it works exactly as advertised. It’s a very attractive design and sturdy one also.

Corrine Fort Thompson, SD

Essential Add-On

Essential equipment for the Caboose Tandem stroller. I use this product 80%+ of the time with the rear seat. Without it I feel the Caboose is too limited.

Elisha Harmonsburg, PA

Very handy seat, even for preschoolers who might need a rare nap

Pricey, but awesome accessory for the Caboose! My youngest is now 17 months and oldest 4 1/2, but at the time of purchase the youngest was an infant and the oldest was 3 1/2 or so. I bought for those rare times when the oldest would fall asleep in the car and want to continue the car nap or wanted to nap in the stroller after being out all day. By 4 he was too tall and his head would flop back with no support (it came up to his shoulders, he is average height). Also, be aware that the sunshade will not cover the rear rider’s head. It is meant to cover 2 kids back to back. I knew this when buying the seat and it wasn’t an issue. I just wanted to have a second seat in case both kids fells asleep at the same time. It was short lived but I have also used it when babysitting for friends with babies. Also, in case anyone is wondering, it will fit in the basket below with some wiggling. A good place to be able to put the seat if you aren’t sure you will need it. Toss it in the basket so you have it for the "just in case" moment but otherwise the oldest is free to get on and off as usual. If you think you are going to need this rear seat and you haven’t already purchased your caboose, I would recommend comparing prices on the caboose ultralight too which includes the rear seat. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy separately and other times it’s cheaper to get the one that includes it.

April Chalk Hill, PA

Not the same color as stroller

The seat functioning is fantastic in my opinion. It’s easy to attach and remove, and it seems sturdy and comfortable. I really like that it folds down enough that I can slide it in a standing position behind the front seat under the rear bench waist belt and it doesn’t interfere with the function of either seat (although the basket is not accessible with it in there). My only complaint is that the green is not at all the same color green as the stroller fabric. It’s not even a darker shade….it clashes. I will probably return it and get a black seat because I think that would look better than the clashing greens. Otherwise, a very nice addition to this neat little stroller. I’m happy!

Pansy Dwale, KY

Makes the Big Caboose a true Triple

The licensing agency who holds my foster license purchased the Joovy Big Caboose triple stroller for me last week. This week, I saw the rear Seat in black. Since the sit/stand part requires a child to be 2 1/2 and we discovered our 2 yr old would put her feet dragging off the platform and get hurt, I decided to try the rear seat. It went on very easy!!! I was amazed. The stroller folds fine with it on there, no problems. I will now put the two yr old in front seat and the 2 1/2 year old in the rear seat where she can see me. The 11 month old will go in the middle.

Frankie Roxie, MS

Best investment!

I got this after my 3 year old insisted on sitting in the stroller after using the bench for over 6 months. I got tired of hearing her tantrums as to why she couldn’t sit in the seat of the joovy like her little brother.This is the best thing I ever purchased.I do have an orange/black joovy but have not been happy with how dirty the orange gets so quickly. This seat matches perfectly even with the orange bench underneath it. It does recline but my daughter is tall and she is unable to sleep in it since her head hangs over the seat if she did try to sleep reclined, but I don’t really see this as a napping stroller…more of a ‘while we are out being active’ stroller.I do lose the basket underneath, but I actually prefer hanging my bag with the clips. I use to keep it in the basket and it was so hard to get to with the bench. I still have a little room, even with her feet in the basket, to store a few items, and her portable potty chair.Overall… this has been my lifesaver. The kids are happy. They stay put. And even though the canopy doesn’t fully cover both seats, I can still make it work. Easy to put on/take off. A bit expensive, yes! but a great way to turn my lightweight joovy ultralight into a double…

Elva Afton, OK

Love it

This rear seat is expensive but worth the money. It makes my Joovy so much more comfortable for my toddler. He was only 2 when my 2nd baby was born, and I wasn’t ready to have him using the sit n stand seat as it was just yet. This addition is great!

Essie Gorham, KS

Awesome adition to my Joovy Caboose

This turns a sit and stand into a great double stroller. My 2 year old LOVES to sit in the back of the "train". He doesnt even mind when I have the infant seat on the front for our newborn. Highly recommend to anyone with 2 little ones.

Denice Winnebago, WI