Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller, Black

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller, Black

The best, lightest, most maneuverable Caboose yet! The Caboose Ultralight Stroller is so compact, maneuverable and lightweight you might forget that it’s a tendem stroller. At a mere 21 pounds the Caboose Ultralight is 20% lighter than the original model and far lighter than most double strollers. The Ultralight is also ultra-maneuverable because it has sealed ball bearing wheels to make it faster and smoother! Moms and Dads will really love the neoprene Cool Essential Parent Organizer, too. It has plenty of room to store your keys, cell phone, etc. and the cup holder will keep your drink cool. The deluxe sun canopy also offers more protection for your children on sunny days out. Features: Commfortable two-position front seat Accommodates children from 6 months to 45 lbs. Deluxe rip stop nylon fabric Deluxe harnesses include Adjustable padded rear seat allows standing child to take a rest Foam covered handles for child to hold onto while he stands 3-point harness on rear bench seat Patented rear platform allows child that is at least 2-1/2 years old to stand Oversized canopy with sun visor extension Provides maximum protection from the sun on a bright summer day Also deluxe fabric with reflective tape Removable Child Tray and Universal Car Seat Adapter Child Tray has two cup holders Universal Car Seat Adapter fits most major brands Foam covered handles for both parents and rear standing child Storage basket under seat with elastic sides for easy access Specifications: Back Seat and Platform: 2.5 years and up, up to 45 lbs. and 40″ tall Front Seat: 6 months and up, up to 45 lbs. and 40″ tall Assembled Dimensions: 21.5″W x 38″D x 41.5″H Folded Dimensions: 21.5″W x 43″D x 10.5″H Stroller Weight: 21 lbs.

Main features

  • Lightweight aluminum frame, 20% lighter
  • Oversized canopy with sun visor extension
  • Includes the Cool Essential Neoprene Parent Organizer
  • Deluxe fully adjustable 5-point harness in front seat and 3-point harness on rear bench seat
  • Includes universal car seat adapter – accepts most major brands

Verified reviews


Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller

I absolutely LOVE this stroller and it has confirmed my doubts about the kolcraft. Here are the pros and cons of this stroller:Lightweight aluminum frame, 20% lighterOversized canopy with sun visor extensionIncludes the Cool Essential Neoprene Parent OrganizerDeluxe fully adjustable 5-point harness in front seat and 3-point harness on rear bench seatIncludes universal car seat adapter – accepts most major brandsPros: 1.pushes beautifully on grass, gravel, and pavement due to the suspension on the front end.2.seats are independent and fully recline- they also have velcro tabs to make the seats more upright3.backs of seats are very supportive4.straps adjust small enough for my 8 month old twins and are easy to adjust the height of the straps- just undo the latch on the strap and adjust the strap to the desired height by selecting the appropriate rung on the seat….no threading the strap through the seat back.5.easy to fold…just undo the safety snaps on the outside of the stoller and pull up on the straps in the seat marked pull to fold….it’s that easy and now they have a strap to keep the stroller closed.6.extra large independent sun canopies with two peek a boo windows7.seats are extra wide and my six year old can fit into them (though she never rides in the stroller I just wanted to see if she fit).8.the stroller has two double front locking wheels to make the stroller more stable when running or jogging.9.the fold is very compact and fits nicely into the storage area of my toyota sienna minivan.10.lightweight….it’s 26 lbs compared to 53 lbs with my old stroller11.very easy to steer which can be pushed and steered with one hand while carrying two babies totaling 36 lbs.12.the handle has a nice rubber grip so your hands don’t slip while pushing it.13.large mesh organizers on the back of each seat where you can store lots of stuff.Cons: 1.the basket underneath is a decent size but very hard to access since there is a bar that goes right in front of the access area (you cannot get a large diaper bag in there).2.the accessories are expensive and you have to buy everything separately such as a belly bar, child snack trays, parent organizer console, cooler(which I ended up returning since I couldn’t get it to fit properly on this stroller).3.will only accomodate one infant seat at a time and you have to buy the infant seat adaptors you can see the pros outweigh the cons and that is why I absolutely LOVE my baby “double stroller”. My babies love to look out at everything and now they can with this stroller.

Lucia Glen Elder, KS

This is a hit for us!

I needed a stroller for my 2 1/2 year old and 10 month old. I was using my Peg P3 with the baby while my oldest walked, but this only really worked when doing a short errand or when my husband came along and carried him when he got tired. It was time for a double stroller! This stroller was easy to assemble. I was pleased with the orange color. The real test was whether my son would sit or stand on the back. The minute I pulled it out, he sat on it and I couldn’t get him off. He rode on it inside the house for a long while. He was wary about standing on it, but I’m sure that in time he’ll be more comfortable. I’ve used it twice so far at malls and he’s stayed on it, which is great. My 10 month old has no complaints either. She seems very content. The stroller is definately easy to push, easy to open and close. It fits in the trunk of my small 4 door sedan (although it uses up almost all of the room). The parent organizer is awesome. I was even able to put a Starbucks frappuccino grande in the cup holder! The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because I think they should have designed the front seat to recline further down (maybe 3 options instead of 2) so that the baby could sleep more comfortably. Yes, it might be a problem for the 2nd child to sit, but they could stand or just walk along side the stroller. Also, there might be times that us parents might only have the younger child with us. Otherwise, this is a great stroller for those parents looking for an alternative to the side by side or long tandems.

Evangelina Fortson, GA

Wonderful Sit and Stand

I researched a ton of double strollers, sit and stands and tandems before I chose to purchase this particular stroller. If you’re looking for a light weight stroller for 2 kids (toddler and a younger child) and do not want to spend in the $300’s and $400’s, this is the one to buy. It was really hard to find a stroller that can accommodate 2 kids that is reasonably priced, lightweight, and had the nice parent trays, etc. I belive this stroller has most of those qualities. Pros: I love the parent organizer. I can fit 2 drinks, my wallet and 2 cell phones comfortably in it. It also has an oversized umbrella that can cover both child. You can move it and adjust it to block out the sun pretty well. The color of this stroller is very bright, but I like it because it’s easily spotted in a crowd of strollers, which makes it easy to find. Cons: The basket on the bottom is smaller than my ideal. It’s also harder to access because the seats cover up most of the open space where you can stick your hands in. Currently, we’ve been putting a baby car seat in the front so we are able to stick a diaper bag on the front seat under the car seat and it works better for access. The pull-out seat (where the older child sits) is able to pull out further (if child wants to sit) and slides back in when the child stands, but when they’re sitting, it slides back a lot and I end up having to pull it out further for my son. It’s a little annoying. It doesn’t make very tight turns so be careful with that. It never flipped on me, but I had it off 2 wheels at one point. Also, I’m not sure how it will work when my son is a little taller (he’s currently 33″ tall). It’s hard to put him in the pull out seat because you have to watch out for the handle bar. Also, it seems like if he were taller, his head might hit the umbrella? Not sure on that one. The parent organizer is in front of his face when he’s sitting. He’s able to pull out some of our drinks from it. It’s only a problem now, but when they’re a little older, they wouldn’t be messing with the items in the parent tray.

Rosetta Walker, MO

Only complaint: wish I had bought it earlier

1. The ultra light version of the Joovy is so worth the extra cost…don’t think about it, just get this one.2. Great great stroller after having a couple of crummy ones (and one good one, but that was big and bulky). Have used it for about 1.5 years and VERY happy that we bought it. Wish we had bought it sooner.3. This is one of those purchases where I was initially thinking “wow that’s expensive! Is it going to be worth the premium cost?” Contrary to my normal self, I relented and not only bought the Joovy, but this ultralight version. The answer is yes, a thousand times yes, it’s worth it. So easy to fold, throw in the back of the car, and go.Highly recommended.

Maxine Foley, AL

I LOVE this stroller!

I love this stroller!It has been great for both my now 11 month old and my 4 year old. I have owned several different strollers and it is my favorite by far.PROS:~ Maneuvers like a dream! I can easily steer it in and around stores and through doorways with both kids on it without feeling like I am pushing a loaded wheelbarrow up a hill. Even with one hand. It does great on nearly all surfaces, although I probably wouldn’t take it through the wilderness.~ Folds flat. It folds really easily as well. It is a little long when the canopy is attached but it is quick and easy to remove if you need to fit the stroller into a smaller trunk.~ Lightweight. No kidding, it is even lighter than my Eddie Bauer single stroller.~ Sun canopy is very large. It has, by far, the best canopy on any stroller I have seen and used. And it really makes a difference in temperature for baby! I live in Georgia and in the summer months it is HOT, but my daughter is always much cooler and more comfortable than the rest of us when she is under the canopy (I swear it is a 10 degree difference).~ Sturdy and reliable. I have had it for just shy of a year and the fabric still looks like new! It still performs just like new too and I can assure you…it gets used a lot. This stroller gets used nearly daily, so that is a lot of opening, closing, rolling, and tossing into the trunk with no visible signs of wear or tear.CONS:~ The front seat only has 2 recline positions. It is not a big deal for the older baby, in my opinion, but a younger baby would need to be in the car seat carrier longer than they might in other strollers.~ When the car seat attachment is used it does detract from the amount of room the rear seated child has. But even so, my son never complained and still enjoyed riding in the stroller…we just had to push the seat all the way forward.~ The basket is not as large as others…but to me that is a VERY minor con.Overall I would recommend this stroller in a heartbeat to anyone interested in a sit and stand. It is simply wonderful and worth every cent! =-)

Noelle Gloucester, MA

Simply Wonderful

This stroller is wonderful! It’s compact and lightweight. Both babies can fit in it and it works perfectly with the chicco keyfit 30 carseat. Would highly recommend.

Patti Trenton, NC

The best stroller built for two!

My 2 boys are 6 months and 3 years old. The baby sits in the front and the 3 year old in the back. Compared to other tandem strollers this one is very light and compact. Also it is extremely easy to maneuver in large crowds. While I was preganant with the 2nd child I spent about 6 months going to stores and reviewing all the tandem strollers out there and found this to be the best for my boys. Most were too wide or too long. This stroller is almost as compact as a single stroller. My 3 year old loves it because he can get in and out of it very easily. He likes to walk, but when he gets a little tired, he hops right on without a problem. I also love the fact that it is very easy to fold away or open up. It’s not like other compact tandems that force you to remove one seat/part of the stroller and fold it separately, before you pack away the main stroller.

Fran Jacumba, CA

Very pleased, but there’s no such thing as perfect

Pros:lightweightsmooth rollaccommodates 3 year old and newborn (using Graco snug-ride infant seat)canopy protects both kids from bright sunparent organizer- drinks don’t topple over, zippered pocket for cell phone, miscellanyeasy assembly, including carseat adapterbench seat slides to access basketCons:Small basket, holds a purse or SMALL diaper bag, but not your shopping bags at the mallbench seat does not lock into place (minor detail, doesn’t affect usability)Requires two hands to fold and unfold… slightly awkwardWe test drove multiple double strollers, and finally settled on the Joovy. I literally stopped Moms and Dads at the zoo and other places to ask how they liked their double strollers, and the Joovy received consistent praises.No double stroller is going to be perfect, and as a parent you have to decide what features matter most to you. If the big storage basket and multiple cup holders are what you need most, this is not the stroller for you. (Though the 2 cup holders in the parent organizer are good, the snack tray’s cup holder does not seem stable). If you are looking for maneuverability and something that will work as your kids get older and outgrow huge diaper bags, but still occasionally need to rest from walking, this stroller is practically perfect.My 33 lb, 38 inch tall 3 year old loves the big kid seat. She also still fits in the front seat when the baby is not with us. The baby doesn’t really have an opinion, but he does fall asleep on strolls, and between the canopy on his infant carrier and the canopy on the stroller, his eyes are protected from the sun.It fits fine in the back of our Toyota Highlander.I am pleased with our choice overall.*****I took this with is to Disney World last summer (June 2010), and it was AWESOME for my 4 1/2 year old and almost 2 year old, except for the limited storage capacity. Next time I will buy the rain cover to go over it.

Lupe Riggins, ID

So happy with this stroller…

My kids are 2 1/2 years apart, and I was seriously hoping I’d never have to buy a double stroller. I lasted a whole year– I would wear my daughter in a wrap, and usually bring our Maclaren Quest out on long trips so my older son could ride in it instead of complaining that he wanted to be carried, too. It was a good setup.When my daughter turned a year, she suddenly discovered strollers. My son was now 3 1/2, but also very attached to *his* stroller and didn’t want to share. Doing day trips was getting a little harder, and I started wishing I could have a better place to store my diaper bag, not to mention a place where both kids could sit. I remembered looking at Joovy strollers when I was pregnant, but I never got one. I decided to start looking at them again– we were planning a trip that summer and I knew that it would be nice to have a new stroller before that trip.After much research (especially after viewing Baby Gizmo’s video review), I decided to get the Joovy Caboose Ultralight. I LOVE it. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with a stroller, and this is my fourth one.Easy to maneuver– Of course, it’s harder than my Maclaren, especially when it’s fully loaded with kids, but it’s so much easier than other double strollers. If I really need to, I can sort of push it one handed for a short time, especially if only one kid is riding. Since my kids are both totally mobile, they don’t ride in the stroller the whole time, but it’s not really cumbersome to push the empty stroller. It’s also not very big– I think it’s just slightly bigger than a regular single stroller. I can fit it through doorways and it doesn’t take up a lot of room when parked.Storage– Keep in mind, every time I’d put a diaper bag on the back of the Maclaren, it would tip over if no kid was inside, so it’s SO NICE having a storage basket. It can fit a pretty full diaper bag. The only complaint is that my older kid has to get out of the back seat if I need to completely remove the diaper bag, but it’s not terrible. I can also put things in the outside pockets, so I usually stash snacks and water there. The parent organizer is also really nice to have. I find myself bringing the stroller even when I don’t expect my kids to ride in it for long because I can also fit things in the seats. I’ve managed small grocery trips where I put the small basket in the back seat.Other features– The stroller has a 3 position recline, which I’ve only used a couple times. If you do recline it fully, the older child can only stand in the back. The sunshade is nice and big and can cover both kids sufficiently. The seat belts are easy for me to fasten and unfasten, and it’s nice having the seat belt for the back seat, too. It’s only a 3-point harness in the back, but it definitely works to restrain my 3 1/2 year old, though unless he’s fighting to get out of the stroller (hooray tantrums!), I usually don’t buckle him in. My daughter also enjoys her snack tray, though her Nuby sippy cups don’t fit in the beverage slots on the tray.Collapsing the stroller– My only big complaint about this stroller is that the locking mechanism for when the stroller is collapsed doesn’t hold very well. It comes undone when I put the stroller in the car or I take it out, so the stroller sometimes threatens to open when I’m not ready for it to open. But it does collapse easily, and you can open the stroller with hardly any effort. The size of the collapsed stroller isn’t tiny, but it definitely fits with no issue in our minivan (along with an extra stroller, our bike and tricycle, plus all the other miscellaneous items we keep in our trunk).You can also strap in an infant carseat to the front of the stroller, but since I didn’t get the stroller until my daughter was over a year, I haven’t needed to use that option.I highly recommend this stroller to anyone who has two kids and is looking for an option that isn’t a big clunky double stroller. I almost look forward to taking a stroller with me when I’m out and about with the kids.

Callie Ottosen, IA

Nice sit and stand

I consider myself very educated when it comes to strollers. We have so many of them. We have a single stroller. We have a double stroller. We have an umbrella stroller. We have the umbrella like stroller that is a little better than a typical umbrella, but not quite as big as a regular single. We have a jogging stroller. We have a child’s wheelchair. and of course we have this sit and stand. I love this sit and stand. I’ve used it with my older 2 kids, when they were little. I had baby in front and big boy standing in back. Now I use it with my youngest 2. My 4 year old with CP sits in the back (there is even a seatblet back there) and my 2 year old sits in the front. Really either kid could sit in the back, but I like trapping my 2 yr old in so he can’t jump off and run out. The sunroof is detachable, which I would suggest if you have 2 kids in there. There are nice handles in the back for the child who is in the sit or stand part. My only complaint (which is really my kids ;)) is that when they sit back to back they constantly pester each other, since they are sharing a backrest. If I could do it over again with all my stroller purchases I would have this one and my city mini single stroller and a cheap umbrellar and not have wasted with the others. Stroller still holding up in excellent condition after 4 1/2 years of occasional use.

Leah Calumet, PA

Great stroller!

LOVE the color, Love how small it is. We are military stationed in England and things are smaller here, so it works perfect! I love how my daughter can sit or stand, the bench on the back is bigger then i thought it was going to be. it is So Light!!It comes with a list of carseats that fit it, so there’s no need to worry it will accommodate graco, chicco, peg preggo, etc.

Lindsey Harmon, IL

Money well spent

I struggled between purchsing this and the Sit n Stand LX and poured over the reviews before buying the Joovy ultralight. I feel that I have made a wise purchase. The Joovy Ultralight is a dream to push and maneuver around busy and tight places with my 14 month old and 3 year old. I love the sun canopy for both my children as well. Both my children are very tall (99th percentile for height) and the sun canopy does shade them both without my 3 year old son having to duck underneath. This is a big deal for me given my desire to minimize sun damage to my children. There are, however, two things that concern me about this stroller 1) the front seat is pretty low so my daughter’s legs already go past the foot rest. I wish Joovy would raise the seat up more to allow for more distance. 2) The basket is useless. I don’t know about you, but with two kids I always carry diapers, toys, wipes, snacks and a change of clothes. Unless you just place these items loose in the basket, there is no bag in the world that will fit in there and forget about bringing your purse. If Joovy put on larger wheels and raised the seats higher, I bet they could make a deeper and more functional basket. Why they didn’t think of this is beyond me. Despite this, I really love how lightweight and how easy it is to push this stroller. I did borrow my neighbor’s Sit n Stand and gave it a whirl around the neighborhood and the local mall. I was disappointed how hard it was to push my kids around. The Sit n Stand was long and heavy and just a bear to maneuver around places. If you have used the Graco Duoglider, the Sit n Stand is comparable in length and weight which I wanted to get away from. Although there is no perfect stroller out there, I am pretty pleased with this one.

Lucinda Maynardville, TN


This stroller is perfect for anyone who has an infant and a toddler. My daughter is 3 and she likes to walk when we are out, but there are times when she wants to sit or when it just isnt safe for her to do it. With this stroller – she jumps right on for the ride through the parking lot, or sits when she has had enough walking. Also – I still had my Graco infant seat from my daughter, so I was able to use it for my newborn because this stroller will hold just about any carseat out there – safely I must add. It makes turns well and is easy to fold up and pick up – it is a bit long with the carseat attatchment on it, but I havent had a problem with it- it is easy to remove and put back on and at 6 months- baby can sit in stroller seat. I constantly get comments and questions about this stroller when I am out. So pleased with this stroller!!!!

Arline Brookland, AR

Perfect for me!

I love this stroller.PROS:- It fits in my Mazda 3 trunk, as opposed to many other strollers.- It is light.- The older kid (2.5 years older than the baby) likes that he is riding like a “big kid” and can hop on and off any time (any time I let him to).- The stroller had car seat adapter.- It is really short! So you can maneuver in stores and restaurants. It goes smoothly on pavement.- I’m 5’8″ and it’s comfortable for me to push.CONS (why I do not give it 5 stars):- The seat for the baby is not the most comfortable available in the market. I mean it is comfortable alright, but I saw more luxurious ones on other strollers.- I have to remove the canopy and the tray in the front in order to put the stroller in the trunk. The “buttons” you have to push to remove them are hard on my fingers, so I have to use a car key to push them. I guess I have to get a different car 😀 You do not have to remove them if you are putting the stroller in Honda CRV.

Lora Blue Springs, MO