Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller, Black

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller, Black

The new Ultralight Caboose is the lightest, most maneuverable tandem stroller available on the market today. At 25.9 pounds the Caboose Ultralight is 20% lighter than the original Caboose and far lighter than most double strollers. When we say maneuverable, we mean it. The Caboose Ultralight can navigate narrow spaces with ease. And thanks to its minimal weight, you can steer with just one hand. The large, comfortable front seat now includes three reclining positions for the front riding passenger. When the front seat reclines to its lowest position, your older child can still stand on the rear platform. The patented Stand On Tandem design gives your older child the freedom to choose between walking, standing and sitting. Parents tell us this single feature alone has given their child a head start at developing a healthy independence, a win win for both parents and kids alike. Parents of an infant or newborn will love that each Ultralight Caboose is outfitted with a Universal Car Seat Adapter that snaps easily into the tray housings. The new Ultralight Caboose has linked rear brakes adding extra security when the stroller is parked. The new 4 wheel suspension will make for the smoothest ride for your back seat passenger. A new and improved larger storage basket will hold plenty of gear for your outings. Joovy’s signature oversized canopy has been designed with a sun visor extension that provides shade for both children and protection from the elements. The Joovy Parent Organizer is included with every Ultralight Caboose. After your outing, the Caboose Ultralight folds super compactly for storage. In fact, it can be placed in the trunk of most compact cars. And at 25.9 pounds, lifting the Ultralight in and out of your car is simple and easy.

Main features

  • Most lightweight, compact, maneuverable tandem available
  • Oversized canopy with visor extension, three position reclining front seat
  • Large storage basket, parent organizer included
  • Linked rear parking brakes, easy trigger fold design
  • Child tray with 2 cup holders, universal car seat adapter included

Verified reviews


Not impressed at all

I have owned about 8 strollers. For child #4 I got this. Any double is just too awkward to take anywhere, and I wanted to be able to use the carseat but have a spot for the toddler (or one of the 2 preschoolers, even). I’ll use this stroller if we are at an outing where my toddler might need a ride. It’s not a bad product, but I am not impressed. The price is not even good.1. My 4-year-old is over the height and weight limit for the sit and stand part.2. I could not put it together. I’m not an idiot. It’s confusing!!! Had to get help. There were a million small parts. Total choking hazards.3. To fold it, the manual shows about 10 steps. Ouch! Why can’t it be super easy?4. It’s heavy. No lie. OK, so it’s the lightest tandem stroller, but it’s heavy! I don’t plan to use it daily.I went out and bought a Baby Trend Snap and Go that is 11 lbs, right after this came. I LOVE it. I put it together in 5 minutes!!!! Just snapped the wheels on. The Joovy requires you to put all these screws on and read a ton of information. So, the Baby Trend has no spot for the toddler, but I can’t deal with the Joovy everyday.

Willa Winton, MN

The ultimate double stroller

I can’t say enough how much I LOVE this stroller. I neurotically agonized over which double stroller I wanted to buy (since our first was a Graco DuoGlider and I might as well have just set $225 on fire), and I am so glad I chose this one. We started using it when my oldest was 2 1/2 and my youngest was just barely 1, and it has been perfect for our needs. Even when I only have the 1 year old with me, this stroller is small enough to use with just her- I no longer have to remember to switch the strollers in my trunk when I go out. I didn’t buy this stroller as my initial double stroller because I was afraid my first child would be too young to sit in the jump seat (and not have enough room even if she could), but now that Joovy makes a seat converter to make the jump seat a forward-facing seat, I think this stroller will be fine for us when we have our next baby. The sun shade is huge and great for both kids, but not too bulky when we don’t need to use it. Weight-wise, this is the lightest heavy-duty double stroller out there- I have no trouble lifting it in and out of my car. Overall: if you have one kid who needs to be in a stroller and one who likes to walk sometimes, GET THIS STROLLER. If you need to use an infant carrier and have another child who still needs to be in a stroller, consider buying the jump seat converter and GET THIS STROLLER . 🙂

Elinor Middleburg, FL

It’s not a five star product

5 stars- Really?Just received this stroller today in the mail – disappointed…- 1 handed pushing? I don’t think so.- child tray does not flip open- bench seat should lock in place.- difficult to fold- Seats are not well padded, I can understand the bench but the front seat should be softer.- The canopy makes a loud clicking noise when ever it is moved. Anyone else’s canopy really loud? Did I get a defective stroller?- Handle bar too high, wish it was adjustable… (I’m 5’2)If anyone has any suggestions on how to add something to lower the handle are (a reverse handle bar extender?) that would be awesome.

Julie Wiergate, TX

Wish I’d tried it sooner – Perfect for infant and toddler

I have been searching for the perfect stroller for a year now! My kids are now 3.5 and 18 months. My 3.5 year old still usually wants to ride. My 18 month old doesn’t want to ride, but I make him so he doesn’t wander away.I started with the Combi Twin Sport. If I was only pushing one kid it pushed horribly! Plus the wheels were too small to go over sidewalk cracks.I tried a Sit n’ Stand. It didn’t work with my chicco carseat and I felt like I was pushing around a bus.I got a Phil & Teds Sport. I LOVEd this when my youngest was a baby. But now that he is bigger he doesn’t want to ride in that lower seat and I don’t blame him! Plus it is very hard to get him in and out.I got a Kelty Deuce Jogging Stroller. It is nice for jogging, but it doesn’t fit through doorways so you can’t use it for anything else.I WISH I had just purchased this Joovy from the beginning. Here is what I like:Both kids can easily ride. Or just one can ride and it doesn’t make it feel off balance like a side by side.My older child can easily hop in and out.The seat almost fully reclines. It is easy to recline it too.It holds a car seat.It is very easy to foldIt isn’t much bigger than a single strollerIt is fairly lightweight.Both kids can be covered by sunshade.What I don’t like:Compared to the Phil and Teds it isn’t that easy to push, but it does alright.It is hard to get into that lower basket.I think the solution for me is going to be to keep this one in the trunk for trips to the store and the mall and whatnot. I also want to buy a BOB for walks and runs. Yikes, that is a lot of money! But I do highly reccomend this stroller if you have a toddler and a baby or an older toddler and a younger toddler!

Fanny Patillas, PR

I really wanted to like this one.

I needed a double type stroller that would hold my Chicco Keyfit 30 Car seat, and also carry my 2.5 year old son. I read many reviews and also tried the Sit n Stand for comparison. The Joovy actually says that it’s compatible with the Keyfit, whereas the Sit n Stand does not, even though some people have had success using it that way. For comparison, I will say the quality of the Joovy is MUCH nicer that the Sit n Stand. The Sit n Stand seemed very cheaply made to me. And the Keyfit really does fit in the Joovy. (It sorta did in the Sit n Stand, but it tips the baby back too far. Sit n Stand doesn’t actually claim anywhere that it is Keyfit compatible.) The color was awesome (I had the Greenie) and I liked that the ultralight was lighter than any other stroller I tried, came with the parent organizer (as opposed to the regular Joovy Caboose) that the front seat reclined more than the other Joovy, and that the storage basket was bigger. Worth the extra money if you ask me. The deal breaker for me with this stroller, was that truly if you are using the front seat with an infant car seat, it renders the back sitting area useless for a toddler or other child. Honestly, I even tried to like it despite that. I even have to say that there really isn’t even enough room for them to stand comfortably in that area when you have an infant seat in front. I had read other reviews saying this, but had to see for myself. I really don’t understand why Joovy wouldn’t just add a few more inches to this stroller to make it work for both an infant and older child. Why bother having it be compatible with an infant seat at all? To add a few inches to this stroller wouldn’t even make it too huge. It’s a very reasonable size as is, and I can’t see why making it longer would ruin it. After trying many other double strollers, this one seems very small, so it’s something I think they could easily do, and still have a lightweight stroller. I ended up returning this stroller, and we have purchased the Baby Jogger City Select.

Nell Addis, LA

So glad that we got this!

I looked at a lot of double strollers when I was pregnant with our second child. I landed on the Joovy Caboose Ultralight and am so glad that I did.My girls are 23 months apart. My older daughter didn’t ride much in the stroller even before we had the second so I was immediately attracted to the sit and stand models because it fit her independent personality because it allows her to get on and off my herself and decided whether she wants to sit or stand.I was attracted to the joovy sit and stand because it is so compact. Some of the double strollers I have seen are so big that I cannot image pushing them through a lot of stores. And this one maneuvers pretty easily too.I decided to go with the ultralight model instead of the normal caboose because I decided that I did not need to be lifting or pushing any more weight than I already am with my girls! And I liked that the ultralight has the Cool Essentials Parents Organizer included (a $25 value) – the organizer is one of the coolest and most useful thing!The only problem we have had with the stroller is that it barely fits in the truck of of our Civic especially when you have the infant car seat adapter on it. So if you are looking at this stroller you might want to check the dimensions to make sure it will fit in your trunk.

Karin Plains, GA

Not the best option for 2 different aged children

We bought this stroller as a 2nd stroller to keep in the car. We live in a city and have a primary stroller for every day use so this stroller did not meet our needs for several reasons. We have a 2 1/2 yr old & a 2 month old.*When using the extender for the infant car seat it is actually over 50″ folded despite what the dimensions read on the description and it didn’t fit in our trunk.*When using it with a car seat in the front you have to recline the front seat & it makes it very uncomfortable for your toddler to sit on back seat (you can see this in the pics). So it is not the best option when using it for a toddler & an infant.*You also have to put the car seat in the front & I would prefer to have my infant closer to me than in the front of the stroller so after much comparing of these type of strollers we found that the BabyTrend Sit N Stand Ultra is actually a better choice cause it gives you this option. Its much more versatile.

Tanya Hunters, WA

REALLY 4 1/2 STARS. I will explain the confusion, READ THIS REVIEW

The reviews are a bit mixed and here is why. THIS IS A STROLLER AND HALF. Not a true double. You can purchase the Joovy Rear Seat Too, and that will make it a full double. If you have a newborn, then the car seat option is really for a much older kid, who wants to hitch a ride, every now and again. Not a stair step ( back to back in ages). Since the Neck, and back room is totally compromised, with the car seat attachment. This stroller is much for efficient for travel, large crowds, and getting through doorways, without “pushing a tank”. As is the case with most, double Tandems. If you want a true double, get a Britax-B-ready, Citi Mini or Mountain buggy, which accept car seats,The britax also allows you to hide, you newborn when need-be ( by placing the car seat on the bottom) Also can option a carry cot.- sold separately. I use the Joovy for my 3 and 4 year olds ( with optional 2nd seat). This affords me the TANDEM maneuverability, with the benefits of an in-line stroller. This stroller can be folded with 2nd seat attached, unlike the Phil and Ted’s and B.O.B. DUELLE. ( both I have tried). I own the JOOVY and the B-ready, and the b-agile. On the b-ready My son outgrew sitting “shot gun” with his sister, on the bottom, and wanted to see out in the world. The B-agile, does not fit through standard doorways without a fuss and push routine, and can easily clip little one’s fingers, if they are sticking them out. And they always do. Otherwise, EXCELLENT quality, and steering is like a Benz. However, for large crowds, or airline travel, a side by side stroller, is nearly impossible, to negotiate with. That’s why I went to a “tandem” model. Hence, the JOOVY. It’s a good value stroller, with clear- high points, Canopy, size and price. The CONS are may not work for all families, even though it says good for newborns. I think the car seat adapter, pushes the baby out too far, for my taste, I think putting the newborn, on the bottom of the B-ready is WAY BETTER. No strangers, attacking the baby, and baby can sit facing MOM. Then you can graduate to the 2nd seat on the Britax ( your smaller child, will out grow the Jumpseat, around age 3), From 3 through 10 years old ( front seat can hold a 6 year old), the JOOVY is perfect.

Deana White Deer, TX

Has some minor flaws, but overall a great stroller

ME: 5’7" Mom of a 4 year old who weighs 30 lbs but is about 42 inches tall and a 7 month old who is average weight and height. USE: Primarily a stroller for the baby, but an occasional place for the 4 year old to rest. PREVIOUSLY OWNED STROLLER: Chicco Cortina CONS: 1) The tray is really hard to remove, on my chicco, I could just lift it out of the way with the push of a button, but it isn’t a big deal to work around it to get baby in and out of the stroller or for that matter to lay down the seat and change a diaper 2) When it is folded up, it does not stand up on its own, not really a big deal, it was just nice that the Chicco did that. 3) When the carseat is in the front of the stroller, the jumpseat in back is not usable, a child can stil stand on the platform, but sitting is out. 4) If the front seat is reclined at all (any position other than straight up), the jumpseat in back is not usable, again a child can still stand on the platform, but cannot sit comfortably. 5) The basket is very hard to access, no way in heck a diaper bag is getting in there. There are snaps on the side so you can put blankets, jackets, small toys/things in from the side easily, but nothing big that isn’t mushable. PROS: 1) Super light weight, weighs less than my Chicco 2) Really easy to unfold 3) The sun shade is awesome, it comfortably covers both kids sitting in the stroller. 4) Manuevers really well, took it to a park and drove it down a sandy hill with random rocks and tree roots jutting out and drove it back up this with all our gear in it and both kids in it, all with no issues. It actually handles better than my Chicco 5) nice parent organizer, holds 2 water bottles and has several pockets WHY I GAVE IT 4 STARS: It is much lighter than my chicco, so it is easier to take with us everywhere. It fits just fine across the back in my Hybrid Ford Escape (with the sun shade on). But unlike my chicco, it has a place for my daughter, both kids can sit in the stroller comfortably. If I need to recline the seat for the baby to nap, it is simply time for my daughter to walk or stand instead of sit, not the end of the earth. Although I can’t get my diaper bag in the basket, I have a JJ Cole bag that came with stroller straps for the handle bar, and with nothing in the stroller, I hung my fully loaded bag from the handle bar and the stoller was 100% stable, that problem was solved. Plus I still had all the pockets in the organizer to put cell phones, snacks, etc. We also loaded 3 coats and a blanket into the basket and it still had room. Even with the stroller fully loaded like this it manuevered beautifully, I easily pushed it around corners while on a cobble stone street! Overall it is a great stroller, a few minor flaws that I think Joovy could easily fix, but no need to wait until the next version to get it, you won’t be disappointed, unless you are looking for a a stroller that will allow 2 kids to sit almost all of the time.

Lucy Kendrick, ID

Nice stroller, but probably better for two older kids

I have this stroller for my 3 year old and 6 month old daughters. It is a pretty big stroller, but I know that is how double strollers are. For my younger daughter we still put her carseat in the stroller, which leaves very little room for my older daughter. The seat has to be leaned back, which means if my older daughter wants to sit she has to lean forward. For standing it is okay. Once my younger daughter is sitting in the stroller without her carseat and we can put the seat upright I’m sure it will work better. My older daughter doesn’t really want to ride on it that often because it isn’t really comfortable enough. For us it is almost easier to just bring our smaller single stroller. I am wishing we had done a side by side stroller instead because then maybe my older daughter would actually ride in it.The quality of this stroller is nice and it manuevers very well for such a large stroller. It is also very light weight, which is why we bought this model. Hopefully this is a stroller that we will get more use out of once my girls get older.

Vivian Mclean, TX

Adore this stroller

Prior to purchasing this, I let my husband convince me to get the cheaper Baby Trend Double Sit and Stand strollerBaby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller – Elixerbecause we had a 25% off coupon to the big box baby store. When it (thankfully) broke after about 3 months, I convinced dear hubby that this one was worth it based on numerous other reviews and from a test drive at a local baby store. They didn’t carry the Blueberry fabric, so we purchased from Amazon. A year later and we’re still loving this stroller. We have used it with the infant carseat adapter, and yes, it does limit the spot on the back for my oldest, but she doesn’t really seem to mind. Once my youngest could sit unsupported (about 6 months) we retired the carseat adapter and that solved that problem. It reclines far enough that my youngest can nap, and it isn’t much longer than my single Graco stroller. Steering can be accomplished with one hand when needed, and the canopy is quite large. The parent organizer holds more than you’d expect, I routinely store my cellphone, keys, chapstick, compact camera and tissues in it, plus 2 drinks. My oldest is now 4 and likes to walk most of the time, but also still needs to rest on occasion. She loves being able to hop on and off with ease, standing or sitting. One thing I did purchase was a side slingJ.L. Childress Side Sling Stroller Cargo Net, Blackwhich my oldest uses for a couple small toys, her sunglasses and an extra juice box. I have it so that it is attached on the outside alongside the basket. The basket is quite large and sturdy but can be a pain to access, especially when a child is on the back. That is really my only complaint. It can be accessed from the side if need be as well. The Blueberry fabric has held up great and still looks like new, no fading, tearing, pilling or other damages I’ve experienced with strollers. It shows minimal dirt. Folding is easily accomplished and we fit it into the back of our Kia Forte regularly. The canopy comes off if you need it even more compact. The stroller is light weight, easy enough for us to carry up a few stairs when needed. I regularly recommend this to friends who are expecting their 2nd (or more) child. My children are 2 1/2 years apart and this stroller still works great for us. We especially like using this when we go to the Zoo or into NYC since we can store so much stuff in it and it’s nice and light.

Lucia Calhan, CO

Quality product

We love this stroller. We purchased this when our newborn arrived, so that we could have our 2 yr old ride along with the baby.PROS:High quality construction (extremely durable)Tray and shade are easy to install/remove (but don’t fall off unintentionally)Light WeightEasy to SteerSmooth Rideworks great for the standing and baby seat configurationEasy to fold and stowCONS:The space for the sitting child (when also carrying a car seat) is limited. It is very doable to have the larger child sit, but not for long periods, as there isn’t much space.When stowing in a car, and having the baby seat extension/holder installed, the product is very long (understandably) so you may have to remove the extension to fit into your vehicle. this is not a hassle, just one extra step.

Madelyn Oak Creek, CO

Great for shopping and such

This is a great stroller we keep in the car for shopping trips. I wouldn’t want to go for walks around the neighborhood in it (not the right wheels or build to tip up to get onto curbs without a ramp) But otherwise great. Easy to open and close and adjust seating, not terribly heavy, and we have a minivan so fits fine in the back.

Nell Kasota, MN

Wow, we have 3 of these…’s that good..

We own an orange ultralight for home, and a regular weight red one for one Grandma’s house and a regular weight orange one for another Grandma’s house. I love the narrow design and it’s perfect for walking in malls, zoos, community pools, National Mall and museums, Disneyland, Six Flags, to parks, etc. It might be more cumbersome to take along on flights, hence we have 3, but it really is great for everything. I always get stopped by folks asking what kind of stroller it is. If you have two kids, this is one of the best double strollers out there.

Alice Thorndale, PA

Wanted to like it.

My toddler loved to ride in the back seat and was exited to use it. Parents not so much, here’s what bothered me the most:- with the infant car seat in front it was hard to steer,- flimsy and moving frame,- back seat moves back and forth all the time.I have Broitax B Agile double stroller and it is so smooth in comparison I can’t believe it. It is wide though and I wanted sit and stand stroller. For now I use Valco baby hitch hiker, but will look somewhere else for sit and stand stroller, something more stable. If you tried different one that you love please leave a comment! Seems like most of them have their own issues.

Ina Naples, NY

2 1/2 years of great use

This stroller has made life with two children who are within two years of each other much easier. I tested some classic double strollers with seating for both children, but all of them were just so huge–either too long to push over the bumps in our older neighborhood’s sidewalk or too wide to fit through aisles when shopping. This stroller is just slightly bigger than my old single stroller, and actually folds up smaller (in fact, without the removable hood and snack tray, it’s only wider but not longer than my umbrella stroller).Features that have been useful for us:1) You can put a Graco carseat behind the front full seat (instead of using the attachment to put it over the front seat). Although the stroller is not designed for that purpose, using it that way allowed me to keep my 2-year-old in the front seat until her sister was about 8 months old. You kind of tilt the carseat in and it fits snugly between the handles designed for a standing child. Both kids are facing forward, and it works well until your baby gets tired of the carseat or starts kicking the back of the front seat.2) Both seats have straps–a 5-point harness for the front seat and a 3-point seatbelt for the bench seat in back. This was helpful when our baby had moved to the front seat and my older daughter was still only 2 (and kind of a wanderer).3) The seat cover is removable for the front seat. I do sometimes wish that the armrests of the front seat were not cloth-covered, as they get dirty quickly if my daughter eats something while in her stroller, but the cover is washable. It has some faint smudges that haven’t come off with one or two attempts at plain laundering after 2 1/2 years of regular use, but I think that’s to be expected.4) The sun canopy is wide and contoured and can easily be angled to offer the best sun protection.5) The basket is not huge, but big enough to stash a couple of kids’ light jackets, an adult sweater, and a smaller pouch of necessities or shopping bag. I usually hang my diaper bag from the handles, and the stroller doesn’t tip over because it’s nicely balanced.6) It’s extremely lightweight for a double stroller (I’m a very small woman and can lift it easily and carry it around) and steers easily with one hand on a smooth surface (even when I have a 2 and 4 year old in it). It’s also not hard to push on uneven surfaces, though two hands are required.7) The cupholder is adequate–I’ve ended up using the zipper pocket in the center much more than I thought, and it has some other slip pockets (two small and one large) for small items, plus two cup holders. The cupholders are fine for a closed bottle and usually fine for a lidded cup of coffee or a soft drink. I did once brush lightly against my coffee cup in a tight elevator, and because of the design of the cupholder (it is snug fabric and puts slight tension on the cup), the lid came off, and the cupholder compressed my cup so that liquid sprayed out–not good. But now I just keep an eye on it, and it’s fine.Things I’m not crazy about (only minor):The cupholder, but it doesn’t even bother me enough to buy a different one. Also, I wish the fabric were a more stain-resistant or washed a bit better.

Tracy North Wales, PA

Joovy caboose ultralight is great for two boys who are 1 and 3!

We love the joovy caboose ultralight stroller. We’ve had for about 3 months now. Normally gets used for carrying two kids in/out of daycare but has also been used for festivals and regular walks. It folds ups nicely and has a little latch to secure it. The car seat adapter was also really easy and way convenient when our second little guy was asleep in his car seat. Love the parent organizer as you can store lots of stuff in all the slots along with two drinks. The canopy is enough to cover both kids when older one is sitting down. The big thing for me was ease of use and it’s weight and both are great. I can push with one hand perfectly fine when needed and opening up is super easy. Just unlock the latch and pull and it snaps right into place. The storage underneath is great but it is hard to access sometimes. Other than that it’s a great stroller all around with two boys and we love it.

Staci Woodville, WV

Does what it’s supposed to

I researched all double strollers and sit n stands for almost six months before settling on this. It does the job; infant carrier fits in the front, toddler can sit or stand in the back. BUT, and here’s the big BUT, it is not as light as I expected. I’m pretty slender but I’m not so weak and I struggled to lift this monster. I also struggled to fit it into my SUV’s trunk! If I had known this thing isn’t so light, I would’ve saved a hundred bucks and gotten the standard Joovy Caboose. Also, the canopy on the toddler side is too low, my fairly short 3 year old’s head rubs against it when it’s closed. My Graco Snugrider car seat doesn’t “click” into the adapter which makes me kinda nervous, not sure how secure it is when strolling. Overall, this is an okay stroller but considering all these issues, it should be priced lower.

Margarita Breinigsville, PA

Love it

I use this stroller every day and it is great. I have a now one year-old and a 4 year old. I like that it is easy to get in and out of stores through the doors, and that my older child can hop on and off if she wants. Or if she needs to sit still, I just buckle her in on the back. I also like it better than the side by side double-strollers, so when I just have one child with me, I don’t look silly, it just looks like a normal stroller. I live in a hot climate, so I paired it with the Meeno baby seat liner, another product I highly recommend.Car Seat Liner Color: Baby Blue

Erica Brookline, NH

Good Stroller

As far as strollers go, I personally don’t think there is one that is just all around convenient. I think they are, by nature, bulky and cumbersome at times. That said, I think this stroller is about as good a fit for our family as possible. We travel a lot and have to often fit our luggage with a guitar and we’re still able to have this stroller in the trunk with creative packing. The carrier attachment works well with our Britax Chaperone, although, it came with no instructions on usage and we’ve never figured out how the straps function. We’ve just had to place the carrier on the stroller with the seat reclined completely so that the carrier will sit deeper. With it that reclined, however, my older child can’t have a super comfy ride. Our infant has recently gotten old enough to ride in the seat without her carrier, though, and that gives our son more room in the back. We’ve used our stroller extensively both indoor and out over all different types of terrain and haven’t had any problems with it. Although, our son is older, it’s still very convenient to have a seat for him to plop into when we’re doing a lot of walking or if we need to get somewhere quickly. Plus, he loves playing with his sis as we walk around. The basket isn’t that great as it’s not easy to get to, but it’s better than nothing. Most disappointing is the lack of a good cup holder for the parents.

Yvonne Bulls Gap, TN

Lightest dual stroller I could find at the time.

I have two kids and did a lot of research on dual strollers before I settled on this one. The main thing I was looking for in a dual stroller is size and weight. We own a small car and my wife has trouble lifting heavy things so this stroller seemed like a good candidate.Seating:The primary limitation of this stroller is that your kids won’t be able to sleep at the same time. There is a seat recline but only for the front passenger and that’s given that no one is sitting in the back. Despite this setback, the stroller has worked out well since our kids are a bit older now and nap a lot less. When our younger kid was an infant, we used this stroller along with our Graco SnugRide car seat. It attaches to the front with the included attachment or you can even put it in the back. The stroller wasn’t designed for the car seat in the back but it happens to be a nice setup when our older one wants to nap. We can set the Graco in the back and put our older kid in front with limited recline (enough to sleep).Storage:The basket looks bigger than it is in the pictures and doesn’t really hold too much. Access to the basket is also difficult. You either need to unbutton the straps on the sides or have your child in the back get up so you can go through the seat. The basket is likely not big enough for your diaper bag unless you really cram it in. What we typically do is hang our diaper bag on the handle. There is also an included pouch that wraps around the handle that has a two cup holders and a zippered pocket for small belongings. The cup holders don’t work very well since they are angled. Unless your cups have a lid, you’re going to spill your drink.Navigation:The maneuverability of this stroller is not the greatest. Actually I haven’t found any tandem dual stroller to be easy to steer. Typically the side by side strollers are easier to push around but they are difficult to get through narrow doorways and aisles. Anyway, the wheels are smooth but the fact that this stroller is long and uses lightweight metal, you can feel the stroller have a little bit of flex when you try to turn. Pushing this thing around feels like driving a clunky bus. It’s not that big of a deal but if you expect to be zooming through the supermarket with the Joovy, forget it!Other features:The front tray has a cup holder and is removable for easy washing. There’s nothing for the child in the back but there’s a slip pouch behind the basket that they can use to hold their sippy cup or whatever else. The hood on this stroller is excellent and provides plenty of coverage for both passengers. There’s a one step break in the back that works well except for the fact that your child in the back can step on it too–you can imagine how fun that would be for a toddler! Bringing up and collapsing the stroller is relatively easy but you need to remember to take everything out of the basket first (remember difficult access).Overall, this is a good, affordable, well designed stroller that serves its purpose 90% of the time.

Camilla Mc Ewen, TN

GREAT Tandem stroller

Love this stroller for its functionality, compactness, and ease of use! Wish this were available when we had our first son, because it works better than any that come with carriers and would have had the longest use with multiple kids!

Elva Allentown, NJ

Allows me to get out of the house with TWO

We have a 23 month and a newborn. The Joovy ultralight with the addition of the extra “too” seat allows me to get out of the house with two little ones. Very easy to use, excellent to fold up, and fits just fine in my car. We are using the infant car seat with it right now, so we have to take this piece off when we put it in the car, but no big deal. Rear “too” seat is something you purchase separately but well worth the price. It also reclines nicely so your little one can take a nap on the go!

Pansy Morris, IL

Not what we thought

We bought this for our 2Y old and our 7M old. Here’s the bad: This stroller is NOT lightweight in my opinion. Once you put the thing together, it is very heavy, big and not easily stowed in the back of our SUV (a Honda CRV) – it’s pretty long and cumbersome. The handle is really high so this stroller would better suit someone over 5’10" I’d say. The seat in the back is not very comfortable for my son bc our 7M old needs to have the seat in front slightly reclined, which puts the bar right in the back of the 2Y old sitting in the back seat. The canopy can’t cover both of them – pick one to be shaded only! The basket is under the seats and you can technically access it from the sides of the stroller, but the only thing you can put in there that way is a bottle of water…then how do you get it out? The brakes are not easy to apply – you really have to put some pressure on there for them to lock in. The front seat is HUGE – my daughter was swimming in it. I can’t see how you could safely put a 3M old in this stroller, which is the lowest age advertised. The maneuverability isn’t great either.The good: Very easy to assemble and sturdy and it’s probably perfect for 2 toddlers or a toddler and a young child. Easy to fold and easy to unfold. Price was great for a double.We really wanted to like this stroller but it’s just not for us for now. This better suits someone with older babies who is very tall and doesn’t need to load this in the car daily.

Leanna Double Springs, AL

I can see only two flaws…

I purchased this double stroller after much research and I am not too disappointed in it. Yes, it is heavy but let’s be realistic here, we are talking of a DOUBLE stroller for TWO kids, I think Joovy did a very decent job at designing a stroller that would be not too heavy and still sturdy and maneuverable.The + :- the lightest of double strollers I could find- relatively easy to steer. I am not strong, far from it, and I can get it over the sidewalks by putting my foot on the bottom bar- very wide canopy which is very important in Texas- accomodates a variety of car seats, works well with my Chicco Keyfit 30- the harness in the front seat can be shortned at shoulder level – great to not have your tiniest one’s ears cut by the straps- the basket has very ingenuous pockets on the sides, where you can fit the things you need the more or the most often. The bottom basket accomodates a lot- the neoprene sleeve is accomodating a lot – drinks, snacks, phone, camera. I like the zippered compartment for the camera or the phone- now that both my kids can sit they are both comfortable.The – :- as many ave said, when you have an infant in a car seat, the older child cannot sit comfortably. It would not be difficult to make this better – by just having the feet platform slide, like the seat- the bottom basket cannot be accessed when your older child is sitting.Overall, I like it and I would recommend it.

Lana Swayzee, IN

So far, so good!

The stroller came and looks awesome, went together smoothly and my daughter loves it. Have yet to use it with our new baby that’s due in July. So far, it appears that it is very light, folds well, turns on a dime and will fit all of our 3 year old’s and newborn’s needs. I will have to update the review after further use. The green color is really cute and the parts all seem to be well made and functional.

Lesa Hubertus, WI

we love this!

We surely love this stroller! my boys like it because they get to be in one stroller. the ride/push is so smooth. it’s easy to store and unfold this stroller. lastly, i like the orange color for my boys.

Berta Pineland, FL

Great stroller

Overall great stroller. Not comfortable for the kid in the back on long trips, so I wouldn’t advise using this at Disneyland unless your kid rarely sits. Perfect for quick trips around town. Folds up easy, but its long. A little challenging to get to the underbasket since you have to squeeze past the little seat in back. Not a huge deal, but good to know. I’m using this with the car seat adapter (which is easy to place with a strap to secure) in front so I might have to come back another time to review how it works once my son can sit up front.

Brittney Winneconne, WI

Love this stroller

I’ve had this for two years. I used it for my 1 and 4 year olds since the one year old was 6 months. Great for the summer. If you need a plastic cover buy it at joovy website.

Bettie Mahto, SD

Bulky and not the best in manuverability

I did so much research when I was expected my 2nd baby and when I finally went to the stores to check out my favorites, this one turned out to fall to the bottom of my list. (It was at the top because of its weight).The caboose is smaller and shorter than most tandem strollers, but it still isn’t as smooth when it comes to maneuvering as the side by side CityMini or Britax B-Agile. I folded it down and it’s even longer than the side by side which will take a little more room in your trunk. I also lifted it right before lifting the CityMini and even though it’s supposed to be lighter by 4 pounds, it didn’t feel lighter. Maybe because it’s kid of awkward to lift when folded down.The back seat doesn’t seem as comfortable as the side by side strollers either. I wanted to get the Too seat for the 2nd child so they could recline, but it just seems like a lower quality than the CitiMini and Britax. The canopy also doesn’t cover both babies entirely and it’s an odd setup so to get an add on shade would still be difficult to attach.I’d recommend you go try it out before you buy this to make sure it really fits your needs.If you would like more reviews on baby products, what to put on your baby registry, what to expect during delivery in the hospital, or even a full stroller shopping guide, visit the website,

Rosalinda Montague, NJ