Joovy Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller, Charcoal

Joovy Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller, Charcoal

City life, always bustling, living quarters are small, travel is smaller, and being quick is the only option. We all know that children are not notoriously fast, they are curious and not always in the mood to follow instruction. You need a stroller that will be a nimble companion and help you keep everything under control. Joovy’s new and improved Groove Ultralight premium umbrella stroller is your solution. Weighing in at a mere 12.78 pounds, this lightweight stroller is 5 pounds lighter than its already agile sibling. Additionally, the Groove Ultralight offers a multi-position reclining seat, a large storage basket so none of your belongings get left behind, and Joovy signature oversized canopy. No compromise required; comfort, contemporary style and quality are included with every purchase and a smile from mother and baby is guaranteed.

Main features

  • 5 pounds lights than the original groove umbrella stroller
  • Infinite one hand 149 degree seat recline, adjustable 5 point harness and footrest
  • 7″ wheels with sealed bearings and all wheel suspension for a smoother ride
  • Easy one hand fold with automatic fold lock and carry handle
  • Oversized canopy with top view window and tall ergonomic 425″ handles, max child weight 55 pounds

Verified reviews


Has flame retardant TB117 label, back in the box it goes

I cannot speak for the functionality of this stroller, unfortunately, because this stroller is going right back to where it came from. I just opened it up and saw the label that says it complies with California Technical Bulletin 117, which are flame retardants that have been shown to be toxic and completely unsafe for humans, not to mention, babies. I put it right back in the box to be returned. How dissapointing.This is a second product from Joovy that we will not get to use (first one is the play yard). They have what appear to be beautiful and well designed products. But the use of toxic chemicals is a deal breaker for me. Too bad. I was looking forward to testing out our new fancy lightweight stroller today.To compare, I have a Britax B-ready stroller that I love, and it does not have this label. To make sure, I checked their site. Here is what it states: “As of January 1, 2013, BRITAX required all of its suppliers to eliminate certain chemical flame retardants containing bromine, chlorine or other halogens, from all components used in its car seats and all other products — while still ensuring their ability to pass federal government standards for flammability. BRITAX is pleased to report that all of its suppliers have confirmed they are compliant with BRITAX’s rigorous internal standards. Strollers do not have flammability standards. Therefore, BRITAX and BOB strollers are not treated with any chemical flame retardants. ([…])

Rosanne Morenci, MI

My go to stroller! All that you need!

I own several strollers just because I love them! I have chicco cortina, maclaren xlr, britax b ready, toys r us umbrella stroller, aprica (forgot the model) and currently waiting for my mamas and papas armadillo and joovy ultralight caboose 🙂 Okay so I am an addict. Here are the reasons why this is our go to stroller for the past 2 months now. I just loooooove this stroller!1. Sturdy and well made.2. Great maneuverabilty even with my 3 year old daughter in it plus things like diaper bags etc..3. very lightweight. obviously as the name implies. I am pregnant and this is very easy for me to carry or lift in and out of the house and our car. Does not strain my back,4. My medium weight diaper bag does NOT tip this over! Even if my daughter is not sitting on it. It is very stable!5. Adequate storage basket! Not the biggest like britax b ready BUT good size for an umbrella stroller! Love it!6. Canopy is huge!!! Shields my daughter from the sun!7. Its very comfortable! She takes long naps in it :)8. Does not take up a lot of space in the trunk. This is so important especially when we go grocery shopping!I just love love love it 🙂 I have the gray one (I got it off of Joovy site) and I am seriously thinking of getting another one for the little one who is coming soon! Although we also have the joovy bump rider which we will attach once the baby is here.Cons??? I really cant think of anything. Oh, I dont know if this can be washed! I will have to check that out. I am waiting for my skip hop memory foam though so I guess once I have that, it wont be an issue for me whether or not the seat cover can be washed.

Ollie Watkins, IA

Should have upgraded sooner

My old Uppa G-Lite finally broke down completely, and I decided to get a slightly heavier stroller with more features. This stroller is definitely great value for the price. I am using it for my 2 year old, but it is big enough to fit my four year old.Weight: This is supposed to be ~12 pounds, but I don’t notice that it is any heavier than the G-Lite (9 lbs). It is light enough that I can easily lift it into the trunk of my car and carry it up steps.Construction: This Joovy is significantly more ‘solid’ looking than the G-Lite. The individual frame pieces are just wider. Its frame are square pieces, not circular, so I wonder if this is why the individual parts are wider.Storage: The storage on this is great. It has a very nice underbasket that is plenty big enough to carry diapers and other supplies. When the seat is in full recline, you can’t really reach the storage, however. There is also a small zipper compartment and drink stand inside the canopy. Also, inside the seat, where the kid can reach, are two small ‘baskets’ about the size of a drink or snack cup on either side of the kid’s bottom. This kid drink holder is really a nice feature for toddlers.Canopy: Big full canopy. Plenty of sun coverage. Nice clear panel with flap on top and tie-back so that you can look at your baby.Stearing/breaks: workable. You can lock the front wheels to go straight, which is useful for one-handed pushing of the stroller. The brakes lock in an up position, with a pleasing click sound.Height: This stroller is comfortable for me and my husband to push (5’4" and 6’3"). The handles might be a big high for someone very petite.CONS: If ever Joovy reads this, there are several things that could be improved.- drinks: the drink stand on the back of the canopy is not great. I would much, much rather something that attached to the frame like the drink stand on my old G-Lite. Useless for a drink that doesn’t have a spill-proof top.- carry strap / collapse interference: It is very annoying to have this on the same side as the lever to collapse the stroller. It gets into the way so much, that I must tighten and wind the carry strap up, such that it is pretty useless as a carry strap. Add to this all that the collapse clip is on the same side, and you’ve got a crowded bit-of-a-mess over there. I would suggest putting the collapse foot pedal on the other side.- harness: The shoulder straps are a little short for winter-time. (I.E., times when my kid is in a big jacket.) My 32 lb son has should straps that are maxed out.- leg recline: I wish this had a flip out piece to be a bit longer for toddlers. As it is, my half of my son’s leg hangs off, which is uncomfortable, so we don’t really use this feature.- canopy: great sun coverage, but I wish there were a flap so that I didn’t need a rain cover, but could just flip it out to keep water from draining on my son’s knees.

Suzanne Boston, NY

Great stroller!

We were looking for a compact, lightweight stroller to use for short trips with my son. This had all the features I was looking for (big canopy, reclining back rest, lots of storage, and lightweight) and was much cheaper than the UppaBaby G-Luxe we were also considering. The cup holder isn’t my favorite as it is a bit awkward for holding drinks, but otherwise, we love this stroller. Very happy with our purchase.

Lorna Monticello, MN

A great lightweight storage with lots of features

The Groove Ultralight has storage. I was not expecting this in such a lightweight stroller, but it has storage galore. There is a nice size basket beneath the seat, a zippered pocket on the back for cell phone and keys, a cup holder for my water bottle, and even little mesh pockets on the inside of the seat for my little ones toys and pacifiers.This is a very comfortable ride for my children. The adjustable leg support and unlimited recline positions {to 149 degrees} makes this stroller perfect for both my four month-old daughter as well as my 2 year-old son. My children can lay back and nap on the go with the seat reclined to its fullest or sit upright and cruise around with the seat adjusted to a comfortable recline position.The large canopy is great and it keeps the sun out of my children’s eyes while we stroll around the neighborhood. I was not expecting such a large canopy for a lightweight stroller and was pleasantly surprised by how big this one was. I am also a fan of the reflective material on the canopy and seat, making this a safe stroller for our shorter fall and winter days ahead.Have I mentioned yet how lightweight this stroller is? It is so lightweight it comes with a shoulder strap for you to carry it with. It really is that light and when you have multiple children and a ton of baby stuff – light is good.I was provided a sample for the purposes of a blog review {Mom Mart}, regardless all opinions are my own.

Tia Calumet, MI

the material is nice, however

the umbrella shade is rather cheap & does not appear as taut as it does in the picture. the material is nice, however, there is just a sense of overall cheapness in the quality of this stroller. I was slightly disappointed as I felt it got pretty solid reviews. It is cheaper than uppababy strollers, but if i could do it all over again i would not purchase this stroller

Edwina Isola, MS

NaNa bought me a JOOVY BLUEBERRY!

It’s WONDERFUL and my grandbaby loves it! How can you go wrong purchasing an item and knowing that you will be able to use it for years..The blueberry is a great color .. It’s so easy to handle and lightweight yet safe and comfortable .. I love it and so does he!

Sheryl Attica, NY

Love it

I just received my joovy groove today and i love it, very sturdy, nice looking stroller , has all i needed- recline seat, adjustable foot rest, huge canopy, very upright seat which was really important for me and very lightweight ))) i havent tested it outside yet, will try tomorrow, but my 2yo doesnt want to get out of the stroller ))) hope i wont be disappointed outside )))

Nora Tullahoma, TN