Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller, Blueberry

Joovy Groove Umbrella Stroller, Blueberry

The new and improved Joovy Groove stroller is totally new from the wheels up. First thing you notice when you open up the box is this techy looking super strong rectangle aluminum frame attached to the cleanest looking 600D fabric ever. Available in Joovy’s bestselling colors, Blueberry, Greenie, Orangie and Black. Pop the huge canopy open and step back. You are the proud owner of the best looking and most functional umbrella stroller available today at any price. Just so happens that the Groove is a great value too. All of these features in a 17 pound Joovy built umbrella stroller. With a handle height of 42. 5″, sealed bearing wheels and a comfortable child, pushing a stroller has never been easier.

Main features

  • Infinite one hand 149 degree seat recline, adjustable 5 point harness and footrest
  • 7″ wheels with sealed bearings and all wheel suspension for a smoother ride
  • Easy one hand fold with automatic fold lock and carry handle
  • Zippered storage pocket, 2 cup holders and in seat mesh pockets for child
  • Oversized canopy with top view window and tall ergonomic 425″ handles; Max child weight: 55 pounds

Verified reviews


Strong, but not easy to use and very heavy

I had high hopes after to doing lots of research, but it was clunky and stiff. Its even uglier and bulkier in person for not much added features. We returned it, and decided to go with the britax b-agile. It folds differently, but smaller than the Joovy and a little lighter. Joovy is hard to open and close, and the storage is tiny! Britax B-agile i can close with one hand while holding my baby, fit my huge diaper bag in the storage and it out maneuvers the Joovy everytime, not to mention the canopy is larger and it is a GREAT looking stroller and way less $$. Dont go with Joovy for a stroller, i have both the Joovy playyard and playyard2, which are perfect and wonderful, Joovy is a great company, but needs to stick with play yards.

Janis Gallina, NM

Great Stroller!

I love this stroller in spite of one major oversight on my part: it doesn’t fit in the back of my car (which is admittedly small: a MINI). I don’t care. I love it anyway! A friend said “well, you can return it.” Well, I think I’ll just get a new car. Okay, sort of kidding — I am getting a new (bigger) car anyway. So definitely keeping the joovy! Some of my highlights:–It is great for a taller parent (I’m 5’9″)–It drives like a dream! Steering is effortless, even with one hand. and the handle grips are super comfy.–The 5-pt harness is easy on-and-off–The multi-recline positioning is nice (and easy to use)–The canopy is terrific, a great big shady awning!–The basket is reasonably roomy (not huge, but manageable)–And, as for the ‘superficial details’ … I love the color choices, so fun and vibrant.Great stroller. You’ll LOVE it. 🙂

Lizzie Providence, UT

Best stroller for so many reasons

I love this stroller! I watched a ton of videos of stroller reviews before purchasing this one. There are so many requirements in selecting a stroller. For me it was the canopy, easy maneuverability, the cup holders, large basket, easy fold, lightweight, and full recline. An attachable tray would be nice, but we’ve been managing.

Shawna Senecaville, OH

Great Stroller

We just got this stroller in last month. Love it. One of our best purchases for the baby. I spent months research umbrella strollers. I made a great choice! It is stylish but pratical too. It is a must!

Melva Avoca, AR

Please read

This stroller is beautiful but why would i buy this one when i can buy joovy groove ULTRALIGHT umbrella stroller? This one is much heavier and the seat is more reclined in the up position. also, the color is gorgeos but I think it should have had more gray in some areas, such as the handles and the middle of the seat. its not just a matter of taste, this stroller got dirty just buy tanking it out of the box. also, the seat is a little unconfortable in the back since it has like metal rails on the other side unconfortable for your babys back (you want him to let you shop, don’t you?) The ultralight doesn’t have this problem. the fabric is durable and good quality but very rough on baby’s skin. the ultrilight’s fabric is different and i think it is water proof.Buy the ultrilight instead and you will LOVE it. I was going to review it but unfortunatelly amazon doesn’t sell it. I returned this one and bought the ultrilight at buybuy baby. and since amazon doesn’t sell it I will review it here…so,THIS IS A REVIEW OF THE JOOVY GROOVE ULTRILIGHT STROLLER, THE ONE YOU SHOULD BUY INSTEAD OF THIS ONE:Today I went to 4 different places with my daughter and I loved every time I had to take out the stroller…it is hard to believe it but its true. most high quality umbrella strollers are heavy or bulky (or they are ultra light and cheap but don’t have the features the ultrilight joovy has). I am 5 feet and everything feels big and heavy to me. I suffered greatly with my first stroller, chicco cortina travel system. but this one I LIFT IT WITH ONE HAND, and its a very small hand.the CANOPY is EXTRA LONG and you can move it back and forth completely for total coverage of your baby (or your toddler except for the legs) , or you can make the canopy pretty and tight by using the two locks on the has a CONFORTABLE, TALL AND WIDE SEAT!!! with the most important feature to me (Im focussed on my child’s confort) a LONG LEG REST!! which is also adaptable to different positions or you can put it down when your child grows bigger. only a few umbrella strollers have this feature (the uppababy has it but the stroller is way heavier and the seating position is way too reclined, two totally unacceptable problems for me).The fabric, as I said, is strong and durable and softer than the fabric of the other joovy groove, but i bought a seat liner to keep it clean longer and to prevent my baby from sweating too much. the uppa baby umbrella has the most confortable seat, with water proof fabric, removable seat cover, inside is memory foam and it is supper confortable….but too reclined. my baby wont like it.continuing with the joovy groove ultrilight, the BASKET IS BIG for an umbrella stroller, I always put my shopping in it, things to return, etc. I dont’ think you will be able to fit your dipers bag in it, though. maybe a medium sized purse. what I do is I hang my dipers bag from the handles. the only problem is, like in most strollers, it falls down when the baby is not in there (the ultrilight chicco umbrella stroller doesnt have this problem, believe it or not, being so small and as lightweight as this one. When I tried it, i could hang my ultraheavy bag from the handles and it stayed in place. but it doesn’t have a leg rest for tods or a conopy to cover from the sun. it doesn’t recline either. so its a no no for me)and today i discovered i could FIT THE CAR SEAT in it in the reclined postion! the stroller was not made for this, it might not be safe, and im not recomending this. but it really fit perfectly (chicco cortina travel system car seat) and I could kind of lock it between the two bars that make the frame of the stroller. but being the stroller so light it may not be the best choice for going shopping or to be in high trafic areas.EXCELLENT RIDE!!! it rides very smoothly. you can ride it with one hand anywhere , except for sand I guess. it fits evverywhere, you can make complete turns., etc. love it-RECLINES ALMOST COMPLETELY, enough for my baby to take long naps in it, and completely covered by the long movable canopy.-AUTOMATIC LOCK, this is a great feature that saves time.-ONE FOOT TO FOLD IT…two very easy stepsCONS:-the wheels of the joovy groove umbrella are better and bigger, but these are also very good and I loved them-It doesn’t have the two shoulder pads (that is just incredible, never seen that before) I had to buy new ones. the first time i used it my baby got her neck all red. then I realized they were missing.CONCLUSION:After 3 months of checking out every single stroller in every baby store (buy buy baby has lots of the), reading reviews in the internet, and watching reviews in you tube, etc, I have no doubt this is the best umbrella stroller made so far. Best canopy, easy ride, long leg rest, confortable seat back, reclinable, tall and wide, fair basket, super lightweight, one foot fold, automatic lock….The designers should get an award….My review could change only if it breaks on me.

Alexandria Scottsville, TX

Awesome stroller EXCEPT children slide forward!

This stroller was beautiful and so perfect for me as a parent. But all three of my children (ages, 1, 2, and 4) hated it because the seat is at the wrong angle and they all slid forward against the crotch buckle. This was a combination of a seat back that doesn’t sit fully upright and a seat bottom that was angled too flat and was too "shallow" from the back of the seat to the knee measurement. This also pushes the older child’s knees out to the point where it was very tricky for her to keep her feet on the footrest. She kept dangling her feet in front of the wheels.**Ultimately, as much as I loved the handle height (I’m 5’8 and it was great height for me or taller), easy recline, parent pocket and cup holders, wheels, etc. if my child is miserable, I will be miserable. Back into the box it went:(Incidentally, I ordered the Inglesina Trip and the seat was much better for the kiddos, had a flatter recline (though not quite as easy but ok), easier wheel locks, more compact fold, lighter weight, easier canopy, etc.

Cecile Kasbeer, IL

Love this stroller

It took me a little while to learn how to quickly unfold and fold this stroller because the locking mechanism didn’t seem to release properly. It does work as expected—pushes nicely, has the storage, etc. The harness is still a little loose for my six-month old granddaughter but she still is able to stay in the stroller. When the stroller is folded, it feels to me that it will come unfolded while carrying it. It hasn’t come unfolded but it’s not a tight fold.

Elva Kurtz, IN

Didn’t want to give it 4 Stars 🙁

I was so excited when i received this stroller, set it up right away. My son was comfortable in it, which i loved, and i love all the extra pockets and zippers and things. The only problems i have is the pouch on the bottom of the stroller is really really small and when i was trying to go up the stairs the part that locks the stroller wouldnt let me bring the stroller up the stairs and then completely locked the wheels on me. So now i have to carry the stroller up the stairs, (Thank God its lightweight!) Besides all of that i love it, moves so easily!

Marisa Creekside, PA

Joovy Groove

Awesome High Quality Stroller. I have been on the hunt for the perfect umbrella stroller. I first purchased the Bumbleride Flite, I returned it because the seat was very flimsy and the basket was totally accessible. Next came the Maclaren Quest, I returned it because the canopy is not sufficient and I didn’t like that only the back wheels had suspension. Also the brake system on the quest was kinda kooky. So that lead me to the Maclaren Techno XT, 4 wheel suspension, large canopy, decent size storage (so I thought). We returned this one because its frame was very wobbly, if you have a diaper bag in the storage basket forget about reclining the seat. The only thing a Maclaren has that I like more than the Joovy Groove is the 5 point harness & buckle. So after trying so many stroller I was hesitant to buy the Joovy but I must say this is one first class stroller!!!…The frame is very sturdy…The fabric is nice and cushy…The canopy is large…Basket underneath is really large & you can still recline the seat with a diaper bag in it….4 wheel suspension…one hand push…it glides it’s so easy. I am totally impressed :)))

Alfreda Fisk, MO

Best sunshade out there

We have a Joovy Groove in orange. It’s compact, light enough for me to haul in and out of my SUV, has almost full recline and a two-stage sunshade that is no joke with its amazing coverage. Also had a nice size basket underneath, and several mesh pockets for storing items and drinks. Very easy to steer too. Only complaint is that it tips easily with bags on the front if you take babe out.I also use a Itzy Ritzy reversible stroller pad to make it more cushy. It fits fine in the Groove.

Juliana Old Fort, NC

So happy with this purchase!

We ordered the joovy groove right before a week long trip to Hawaii, and both baby and parents loved it. Our other stroller is a Bob, and we didn’t want to lug that large of a stroller on our trip. It maneuvers very well one handed (I easily pulled a suitcase behind me while pushing the stroller), and the nice canopy kept our 6 month old well shaded throughout the day. With the canopy open and locked in place, you can also hang a decent sized bag from the handles. I really appreciated the reclining feature for naps and easy diaper changes! The brakes and wheels worked really well, and while the underseat basket isn’t huge (remember it’s an umbrella stroller), it’s definitely adequate and I often fit my diaper bag and a blanket down there. The cup holders are loose mesh, but deep enough to hold a 16 oz. smoothie or iced coffee. The only negative I experienced on our trip was that the stroller didn’t work well on sand. But, what umbrella stroller, with these same features, does work on sand? While I did have an issue with our first stroller that was sent out, Joovy has excellent customer service and both Dave and Caesar went out of their way to take care of us and quickly sent a replacement in time for our trip. Thank you, Joovy!

Celeste New Fairfield, CT