Joovy Kooper Umbrella Stroller, Yellow

Joovy Kooper Umbrella Stroller, Yellow

The Kooper has all the features that you have come to expect from a Joovy such as a huge removable canopy with sun visor, and a large accessible storage basket. The Kooper’s 1680D ultra premium fabric is as pleasing to the touch as to the eye while being ultra durable. One-hand, infinite positioning recline seat, two cup holders and zippered pocket, and four quick release wheels are just a few features to make parents’ lives a little easier. Ergonomic deluxe foam handles, all aluminum frame, and front suspension add to the solid feel of the stroller. Baby is secure and comfortable in a five-point harness with three shoulder-height anchor points, two mesh pockets in the seat and cushioned shoulder pads. Baby can enjoy the stroller from 6 months to 50 pounds. The Kooper features a compact, traditional 3-dimensional umbrella fold for quick easy storage. It weighs in at only 17.9 pounds and meets the most rigorous product safety testing standards for the industry. Features: 5-point harness with 3 shoulder-height anchor points Cushioned shoulder padsHuge, removable canopy with sun visor Large accessible storage basket1680D ultra premium durable fabric One-hand, infinite position recline seat2 cup holders Zippered pocket 4 quick release wheels 3 mesh pockets in the seat Traditional umbrella fold for quick and easy storage For children 6 months and up to 50 lbs. Assembled Dimensions: 21″W x 31.5″D x 40″H Folded Dimensions: 13.5″W x 45″D x 13″H Stroller Weight: 17.9 lbs.

Main features

  • Huge removable canopy
  • Two cup holders and zippered pocket
  • One step link parking brake
  • One hand multi position reclining seat
  • Umbrella fold for quick easy storage

Verified reviews


great stroller, but could use some improvements…

I have a 18 month old and I recently set out to find a “perfect stroller” for him. I compared several models including peg perego si, baby jogger city mini, valco baby ion, and zopper twist and zooper waltz. I checked out joovy kooper at local babiesrus store and read many reviews. Here are some pros and cons of the joovy.Pros: excellent canopy, your baby can nap in it. A must for my son..very very sturdy frameparent cup holder on the back of the canopyeasy to pushadjustable backrestCons:(the reason I did not purchase this stroller)There is no auto-locking mechanism when you fold the stroller. It’s an umbrella fold, and when it’s folded, you have to manually latch the unit together. This means, this stroller won’t be so great for travel(in and out of car and airport security checks). You would be fumbling with the manual latch on the floor of the airport. I recently travel with my son with a zooper twist stroller. The fold is similar to the joovy. The zooper twist has auto-lock mechanism but still is hard to travel with because the umbrella fold does not stand on it’s on when folded. So I can’t imagine having to deal with a manual lock.So, joovy kooper, please just add a auto-lock to make this stroller easier to travel with.Also, the foot rest is not adjustable to allow baby to lay flat. Joovy, please check out how the baby jogger city elite figures out how to make the footrest adjustable on this type of stroller frameHope this helps.

Kristina Lakeview, AR

Wish I liked it better…

I really wanted to like this stroller…but we wound up returning it to BRU.Pros:- looks to be better made than the Maclaren- stylish- reasonable price- great extra big sunshade- comes with pockets to stash stuff- clear window to see babyCons:- really large (although fit in the trunk fine)- to fit in bag, have to take off the wheels- heavier- brakes don’t seem to lock every time- too short (I’m 5’4 so it was okay for me, but my husband, who is 5’11” was really uncomfortable…as was my mother-in-law, who is only 5’5…)Honestly, if they made this thing with adjustable handles (to go higher), worked on the brakes, and made it a little less heavy, it would be perfect.I was sad to return it…trying the Maclaren Quest Sport now…

Violet Essig, MN

Utterly disappointed

After reading so many positive reviews on this site, I bought the Joovy Kooper (in Appletree color). I was really disappointed after using the stroller the past month. It’s not worth the price tag.Reasons why the stroller was returned:
• TERRIBLE FOR TALL PEOPLEFirst, the stroller handles are NOT tall. I’m 5’6″ and when I pushed it, my shin would kick into the big red button in the middle (this is the button you step on to open the stroller). I also found myself hunched over while pushing. My son’s grandfather, who is barely 6 foot, would kick the stroller when walking. I’m not sure why anyone would think this stroller is great for tall people.
• WHEELS LOCK UPThe front wheels lock up. And yes, I DID check to make sure they weren’t inadvertantly locked (they weren’t). Three wheels would spin, one wouldn’t – so it was impossible to steer with a 25 lb kid in it. The wheel that wouldn’t turn would almost collapse under the stroller as you pushed, causing the frame to bend. This is the main reason for the return, I can’t see this stroller lasting for three years, until my son is out of strollers.
• 5 POINT HARNESS STINKSWhile I think the reflectors on the shoulder stap covers look cool, they prevent the straps from being tightened properly, so my son would shrug out of the straps altogether. This wouldn’t be a problem if there was a chest clip, which could keep the straps up and stop little Houdinis from escaping. This is particularly a concern because there is no tray/bar for the lap, so your kid will fall out.
• CANOPY ISN’T ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BEThe canopy IS large. But it doesn’t really clip in all that well, so every time I opened the stroller I had to snap it back in on the side. Not such a huge deal, except that my son is a year old and he can’t sit back because the canopy is so huge when folded back, that he can’t see out. If he grew another few inches, I’d have to remove the canopy altogether, because it would be wrapped around his head, like a big floppy hat. It’s a great idea, but poorly executed.
• NOT QUITE COMPACTThe stroller isn’t as small as an umbrella stroller when you collapse it. I knew from looking at a video on YouTube, so it didn’t surprise me. The stroller does not lay flat, because of the front wheels. It takes up considerably less space in my trunk (I have a Toyota Camry) than the Graco Quattro (that I love), but it is still a space hog.
• IMPOSSIBLE STRAP TO LOCK/OPENI hate the plastic strap that you use to “lock” it. Basically you push the head of a screw through a plastic strap with a hole on one side (the other side is secured to the bar of the stroller) in order to keep the stroller in a closed position. It is impossible to open this strap one-handed so that you can open the stroller. I have to push the stroller together so that the strap is loose, then I have to fiddle with it to get the screw head out. I know this is a common feature on strollers, but there must be a better way to do this. Also, once the stroller is locked, the front wheels still turn, so you can’t lean it against a wall.THINGS I DID LIKE:I liked the color and design. Except that didn’t mean much to me when I’d be struggling to push the thing in the mall (we are talking totally flat, even ground here).The cup holders are okay. I managed to put a medium sized fountain soda cup in one. Most umbrella strollers don’t even have these cup holders.LOVED the inside pockets. When my son would pull his socks off, I’d tuck them in the inside pockets, along with some toys etc. This was a neat feature.There is a zipper pouch, cool place to tuck a digital camera or phone. Especially nice since there isn’t room for a large diaper bag in the underneath storage.Overall, I think the stroller looks wonderful and has some useful features, but it didn’t work properly for me. I tried it for a month, the first few uses were fantastic, but the wheels actually show a lot of wear (and we didn’t use this stroller that often) and the front wheel kept sticking on me (I tried locking and unlocking it to solve the problem, but it didn’t). I really wanted this stroller to work for me and I’m so disappointed it didn’t.My son is only a year old, so he can’t come out and tell me what he thinks of the Joovy Kooper, but he would cry all the time when I had him in it. Mainly, I think the canopy would bother him, because it blocked his vision if he sat back, so he would lean forward and seemed altogether uncomfortable. He would mess with the canopy all the time, and since it didn’t lock into place properly on the side, he’d pull it out.I gave the stroller one star because even at the steep discount price I paid, it wasn’t dependable and the ease of use was non-existant.—————————-UPDATE:I went back to the drawing board and narrowed down my top two replacement choices to theZooper Twist Stroller, Coconut Waves(which for almost the same price as the Joovy comes with a foot muff, mosquito net and rain cover) and MacLaren(I was wishy washey about whether to go low-end or high-end). I happened to stop in to a discount store and found aMaclaren Volo Stroller, Pea Green and Black Stripefor LESS THAN HALF the price of the Joovy (and less than listed here). I couldn’t resist trying it out.So far I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.It feels much more sturdy, the handles are higher and more comfortable to grip. It weighs in at about 8 pounds and while I thought the Joovy was light (compared to my Gracco Quattro) …this thing is DIVINE. I can fold it in one hand (using a pull strap) and then you can carry it over your shoulder with the strap! Best of all, my son doesn’t seem to mind sitting in it, and he even sits back!

Marlene El Monte, CA


I hate this stroller. I can’t push it with one hand and it gets hung up on everything. Forget taking it to a fair where there might be grass or gravel–I get mad just taking the thing around the block. It feels flimsy to me, too. I can’t wait to throw it out. And the color is awful. Forget “brownie” or “chocolate” or whatever. It looks like shiny dog poop.

Tamera Cochecton Center, NY

Good, but not the best

My friends tease me about being addicted to strollers. I have a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old and I’ve owned about 5 different strollers and I’ve “test-driven” many more. When my daughter was about 2, I purchased a Maclaren Quest in hot pink. I LOVED that stroller. It was light weight, folded compactly, and steered easily with just one hand. After my son outgrew the travel system, I again wanted a great single stroller (that wasn’t hot pink!). I have a Baby Jogger City Mini double and it is a fabulous stroller- it steers easily with one hand and is easy to fold. I thought about getting the City Mini single, but they are rather expensive and I found the Joovy Kooper on craigslist very gently used. It looked a lot like the City Mini and I had high hopes after reading the reviews of the Joovy Kooper. I like the Joovy Kooper in many ways, but I was disappointed. It just isn’t the perfect stroller for me.Pros:- Smooth ride- Decent under-seat basket- Good sun shade- Nice zipper pocket and soft cup holders on the back of the seat- Comfortable foam-covered handles- Straps are easy to snap and straps and seat seem comfortable for baby- Seat reclines a decent amount for naps- fairly compact umbrella-style foldCons:- I can’t steer this stroller with one hand if I have a child in it. Empty, it steers fine, but not when loaded up. This is a deal breaker for me since I have a 4 year old and I really need to be able to hold her hand and push the stroller at the same time when we are in parking lots and places like that. Now, this may be because this is a used stroller and it may have some alignment issues, but it is definitely an issue with my Joovy Kooper.- Seat does not recline completely flat- The sun shade tends to come unhooked from the sides and then it almost hits my son in the head.- No belly bar or child tray (typical on this type of stroller, though)- The brake is extremely hard for me to unlock when I’m wearing sandals or flip-flops.So far I greatly prefer my City Mini double and I just ordered the Britax B-Agile single after test driving it in the store and I think I’ll like it much better than the Joovy Kooper.

Hilary Tavernier, FL

You can do better for the price!

My partner and I received this at our shower for our first child. It’s very nice to look at and looks like a $300+ stroller. That being said, we probably would’ve returned it if we had actually purchased it on our own. First of all, the yellow color is really cute… but, it attracts bees! So, if you’re going to buy this stroller, pick a different color. Secondly, the wheels are pretty cheap for a stroller of this price range. Third, it’s somewhat cumbersome to adjust the recline positions of the seat. Fourth, if you’re taller than 5’6″ tall, you’ll have a sore back from bending over to reach the handles of this one. This wasn’t a problem for us (we’re both 5’6″ or shorter), but I can definitely see this as being uncomfortable for most families where there’s a dad… as most dads are taller than 5’6″! Fifth, this BARELY fit into the trunk of my BMW. We’ve since purchased a more family-of-four friendly vehicle. But, I still think that a lot of people will have issues with the not-so-portable stroller when heaving it into and out of various vehicles. Sixth, the cargo area is pretty small. But, the zippered pockets on the back are super handy! And finally (seventh), the drink holders are angled and will only fit a slender bottle of water… no Starbucks cups!

Jeannette Mears, MI

Great find!

I know this is long, but I really wanted to highlight this stroller and some of the features we didn’t even know about until after we got it. We purchased this stroller after a few weeks of research. As many other people have done before, we were ready to move on from the huge car seat/stroller combo and get a more compact set of baby wheels with some style.After considering the Peg Perego P3 Pliko (USED mind you wow $$$), the 3 wheeling Jeep, the Kolcraft Contours 4 wheeler (this came in very close second but only comes in orange and my husband vetoed that color outright) and the Gogo Babyz Urban I found myself going back to this one over and over. Finally we hit a store that carried it to give it a spin. My husband was sure he wouldn’t like it, but after putting our 11 month old daughter in it for a test drive as well as messing with many of the other strollers there, we left the store with a Brownie Kooper and are extremely satisfied. Including the husband.So here are the pros and cons of what we consider a spectacular find. If you want quick why we love it just shoot to the end!Pros:LIGHT weight and folds very compact. Our (awesome) Graco system takes up the entire trunk area of the station wagon. We had it with us when we purchased the Kooper and so we had almost no room back there. So we put the Kooper in the backseat and it fit in between our 7 yo daughter and our 11 month old in her huge car seat.Comfy with baby in mind. The seat doesn’t let your kid slouch and is well padded but solid firmness for back support. I can’t stand umbrella strollers on average because of how kids have to sit in them. Not a problem here. The shoulder straps have padding around them and one benefit we found not listed on their site or obvious in photos is that the buckles swivel, so you don’t have to struggle to keep the straps straight with a squirmy baby. Just buckle her in then swivel them to the correct position- no twisted straps. It is also amazingly roomy because of how the bars arc around the child. They are smaller at the foot and the handles and wide in the middle, like those arc rod shower curtains.Buckling the kid in is also a snap. As in snap snap done. Yet I can still tell you the babies can’t undo it. Very secure. Our girl normally hates 5 point harnesses but was cozy and happy from the first.The recline really is superb. One handed recline with no pre-defined height settings. Put it where you want it.Maneuverability is a breeze. My husband can’t keep up with me in store aisles as it turns on a dime and fits everywhere you do. You can easily push and turn the Kooper with one hand.The bottom bars are high enough off the ground and far enough underneath the stroller that my 6 foot husband could not kick the axles even when he tried during our two hour around the store testing session. They also support the bottom of the basket so it can support more weight. (The basket is also removable for cleaning!)The padded handles are very comfortable and at a good height for both of us (I’m 5’5″ and he is 6′)The hood. OMG the hood. Canopy, sun visor, however you label it. One of the only strollers I’ve come across that actually has one worth having! The peekaboo window is also a respectable size and rolls up and secures with a toggle loop. The cool part is, you can unvelcro the hood and rotate it to cover the front of the baby. The top of the baby’s back rest has a strip of Velcro that will then attach to the BOTTOM of the part the drinks hang on, and you have a foot more shade! Mind you, I would not leave anything in the cup holders at this time :DBrakes work great, are easy to do and enough of a challenge to undo I don’t worry about an accidental break release yet still simple enough to not annoy you.Collapsing and setting up are also speedy fast and well done designed. The Kooper does have a latch to hold it closed when folded.There are reflectors on the hood, the shoulder straps, the side and the labels. If you bought a dark one like me (we wanted one that hid dirt well, it is for long term use, there WILL be stains) these will really help with visibility at night.Storage: The zip compartment on back is perfect for keeping sunblock, neosporin, band-aids, keys, wallet, etc… anything you want to have stay with the stroller and secure. The bottle holders are very handy as well though I would recommend getting an add on parent tray for open type cups. We mostly keep sunscreen bottles in them. A nice additional touch I’ve also never seen on any stroller are the mesh pockets in the CHILD area for them to store a favorite toy, snack, etc… and be able to access it themselves.It has 3 heights for the shoulder straps, once again something to make sure it grows with your child.It goes up to 50 pounds. For a lightweight stroller, this is superb.Cons:The handles are not height adjustable, this has never been a big deal for me but I know some people need it.They do not recommend use until 6 months, so it IS technically a replacement or second stroller. It is not car seat compatible either.The Kooper does not come with parent or child snack trays but you can easily buy affordable add ons to fix this. It seems to be a negative for most “Umbrella classified” strollers due to the way they fold- we have to remove the add on one before we collapse the Joovy since it gets so compact.The cup holders are more closed bottle holders- I recommend getting an add on parent tray (Like the sunshine kids one). We use them to store our sunscreen bottles for us and the kids.There is no bumper/safety bar if you look for that. Once again, there are add ons (such as the belly bar) but add ons do add cost to the overall price of the stroller. While I find the quality worth it, some may not.The brakes are not for bare toes, they are sturdy and not meant to be lightly undone.———————————————————————————————-So our final opinion is: Awesome stroller!The color choices give wide options (I hate how many strollers have like one or two choices and if you love the stroller just hope you can deal with the patterns)The overall look is really nice. Looking from the front the whole thing is just nice curves and well thought out. Aluminum, high strength easy clean attractive fabric, and all the little touches (like the mesh pouches for kids, reflectors, swivel snaps, movable canopy and zip compartment) really add up to great value. It also passed rigorous safety testing. A+ in my book.I hope this helps, and if it isn’t the right one for you, I wish you the best on the great stroller search. Gotta love our babies!

Kasey Lorida, FL

Love love love!

We have been using this stroller for about 10 months. We love it!! It’s light and very easy to set up and break down. Big enough basket on the bottle. The ONLY thing I wish it had was a snack tray. I love the big sun shade. It looks like a very expensive stroller for a very reasonable price. We’ve traveled with it about 6 times (flights) and have had no issues. We also purchased the travel bag. It breaks down very easily to fit into the bag. The wheels basically pop right off. We exit the plane, pull off to the side and in a few minutes we have the stroller up and our little boy packed up. I would recommend this stroller to anyone looking for a lightweight AWESOME stroller!

Joanna Conyngham, PA

Best stroller I have owned!

This is an AMAZING stroller right out of the box. Sanp the wheels on and attach the canopy and go. I can pick up the entire stroller with one hand and also manuver it one handed. It handles amazing and it really narrow in the front for those hard to get through ailes. The seat reclines almost completely flat and definetly accomodates a baby younger then 6 months. Love the canopy – it shades EVERY part of the toddlers body. Also love the pockets for mom and the inside pockets for baby to stash toys and a cup in, never seen this feature before in a stroller. It has very plush fabrics and amazingly, lumbar support LOL. I need that more then the baby. The price for this stroller is great – I would have expected to have paid at least $100 more due to the quality.I only have 3 issues, but they are not enough for me to get a different stroller. I do not like that there is not a snack/belly bar for the baby, and they do not apprear to make one after market. The basket underneath is really flimsy and just rests on the support bars, it doesn’t really hold up well, wish it was more ridgid. Also when folded it does not stand on its own, draw back when trying to juggle baby on the hip and get it in and out of the trunk. All in all this is my 4th baby and probably my 20th stroller and this is hands down my favorite!

Janell Gorham, ME

Great stroller and a good buy

After looking at about a hundred strollers, starting with umbrella strollers, I bought the Joovy Kooper for my grandson’s first birthday. It was a hit right away. We went for a walk on the asphalt road in front of my house. (No sidewalks in the country). Pushing it was easy even there.Here are some of the things we like:
• How smooth it is on all types of surfaces.
• How easy it is to push and navigate.
• That it opens and folds easily.
• Light to lift or carry.
• Separate padded handles are more steerable. That is one reason it maneuvers so well.
• My son in law who is over six feet is comfortable when he gets to push.
• Fits in the Saab trunk with room left over.
• Sun cover has a little window so you see the baby. This is a big plus.
• The sun cover is adjustable. (Important because we live in Texas).
• Adjustable seat so baby can sleep, if necessary.
• It comes in red.These are just a few reasons. I could give some negatives but everyone has a different idea of what they want in a stroller and they really shouldn’t be minuses when the stroller is as great as this one. This was a good buy and my daughter is happy with it.

Noelle Monroe, NH

Love, Love, Love this stroller

I love our Joovy Kooper. I am the type of person that obsessively researches before I purchase something. I needed a stroller that was not such a pain to keep in my car and use for every day stuff. My giant Graco and jogging stroller are too much of a pain to haul around for everyday use. I finally narrowed it down to the Kooper and the Baby Jogger City Mini. After testing both in a store, and reading tons and tons of reviews, I decided on the Kooper and couldn’t be happier. It folds compact, but does not at all give that flimsy umbrella stroller feeling when in use. It is really sturdy and seems very well made. Also, the storage bin on the bottom is much larger and more accessible the bin on either of our Gracos, the jogging stroller, or even our double jogger. I can fit my purse and diaper bag in it with no problem. My husband was not too happy to see another stroller come into the house, but now will only use the Kooper and loves it.

Briana Phillipsburg, NJ

Joovy Kooper- Love it

I have the Joovy Jogger stroller (supper kooshy ride) and the kooper (yellow) for travel and portable around town stuff. I love them both. I’ve had the Kooper for a year and it works great on planes and in the car. I am used to the way it locks and it isn’t a problem. The fabric is durable and stays remarkably clean. I had a tear in the seam and Joovy customer service is amazing. A PERSON answers the phone and takes care of you right away. That right there is worth buying a Joovy product. The canopy on both my Joovys is the reason I choose Joovy, and they work amazingly well. This is a great product. I wish more companies today worked the way this one does.

Socorro Centreville, MD

Excellent upgrade

I’d received a basic Graco as a shower gift which was very helpful when I could attach my infant car seat. As baby has grown, however, and walks have ranged farther, I found my old stroller to be cumbersome on streets and hard to maneuver in stores. I am on a budget and don’t have a garage, so a larger jogger was out of my means and too big for my home. This is the perfect solution – maneuverable enough for light jogging, has more storage than an umbrella stroller, but still very light. I love the color, too (yellow) – helps to make my baby very visible in this day of cell phone-using drivers.I did purchase additional storage – one that stretched across the handle bars to hold beverages, since the wee ones on the stroller hold only cans or the smallest water bottles. I also got 2 side panniers for added storage. I have a giant backpack I use for a diaper bag, but I can distribute my items in the basket and the 2 panniers quite handily.

Ladonna Oakwood, OH

Very good stroller.

Very good stroller and looks cute, as well. There are better ones, but they are much pricier. This is a good value.

Bethany Earlham, IA


If I had to do it all over again, I never would have bought a travel system or a cheap umbrella stroller, I would have saved my money and bought this from the start! Both my husband and I love this, it’s a great height, has comfortable handles and rolls like a dream. My daughter is super comfortable with lots of room to grow and I love that the HUGE sunshade helps protect her fair skin while we’re out and about. She loves the pockets on the sides, which usually holds a sippy cup, toy and snacks.It’s incredibly easy to put the seat up and down and there’s enough room for my diaper bad underneath. I love this stroller so much I recommend Joovy products to everyone now 🙂

Joanne Thornwood, NY

Great Stroller!

We’ve had this stroller about 6 months now and overall this is a fantastic stroller. I shopped around a LOT before buying this stroller and I wasn’t disappointed.Pros:-The colors, we have the Appletree, are bright and fun. We get a lot of compliments.-The design. We also get a lot of compliments on how cool it looks, not like others at all.-The handles are nicely padded and it’s much easier to steer with one hand than with other strollers.-Under basket is HUGE.-My DS loves the recline, he can be straight up or laid almost all the way back for sleeping or diaper changes on the go.-The canopy is GIGANTIC! It shades the sun well while still allowing my DS to see outside, it also covers the seat so well that when it rains he doesn’t get wet. The viewing window for parents is also very large.-Putting it together was a snap. Literally just snap on the wheels and the canopy and you’re ready to roll.-It’s super easy to steer and also easy to breakdown.Cons:-The cup holders are really only large enough and stable enough to hold a small bottle of water. If that’s something you’re looking for you can always buy an add-on though.-The breaks are really tough to engage and unengage. Definitely not for the flip flops.-I’m 5’2″ so the height is perfect for me. My husband is just over 6′ and has long legs. His stride almost makes his feet hit the back of the stroller so if you’re super tall it might be uncomfortable.-It’s definitely not “compact” but it’s definitely not full-size. I still take my tiny umbrella stroller when we just run to the bank or something because it’s still easier.-There’s no front bar or tray with for the baby. It’s not a problem for us but you can always buy one to add on.-Definitely not for newborns or smaller babies. The lowest strap level is pretty high so it’s not something you can use right away.Overall, I absolutely love this stroller!

Esther New Castle, AL

So far so good

I just recieved the stroler. I have the red one. My baby is almost 7 months old, about 8.5 kg and about 65cm tall.Read alot of reviews, compared alot of strollers ( uppa gluxe, city mini, colcraft, jeep…) It’s my first stroller, so here’s my thought.It’s looks nice, is sturdy, the reclinemechanism is very simple and very easy with one hand(up and down), it’s easy to fold (3 steps, 4 if you fasten it)I tried it with bare feet, and it was ok, so flipflops should be too. unfold even easier(2 steps, 3 if it was fastend). both fold and unfold is posible with my baby on the arm, you will have to squat down to take hold of the handle’s to unfold though…still possible. the break is ok. I had to realy step on it( holding the stroller with both hands, otherwise it will just roll away)but it works, and release is also ok… still bare feet! You can push the stroler with one hand…even if the frontweals are in swifelmode and with the baby in…( I did tried it in the house though… I have a tile floor, the turning radius is small…actually you can stand in one place and rotate the stroller( even with one hand). The stroller is 55 cm wide, 80cm long( frontweels to handle) and the handles are 100cm above the ground. for me, 1.63m tall a perfect hight, my elbows are about 100degree flexed.the basket is a good size30cm wide, 40cm long, in the front 10 cm high, in the back 17 cm high, there is good acces from the back and sides, the material of the basket seems thin but reasonably strong..but time will tell and there is extra support beneath the basket with 2 metal bars that cross.the sippered pouch is 20cm wide,15cm high and 3-4cm thick. the cupholders(fabric) hold bottels or closed cups and is 12cm high and has a diameter of 7.5cm( a gatorate bottle fits snugly)up till now my only concern is that the sholderstraps are at the shortest possible set, but still aren’t thight enough for my babygirl. Luckily she can’t get up from the chair and when I’m pushing the stroller she leans back… but I wouldn’t trust the sholderstraps of keeping her upperbody in place, if the seat is all the way upright and lets say I would accidently bump into a stop suddenly while walking a good pase with the stroller. I am used to the carseat restrains…An other thing..not really a minus.. is that she tilts to one side. Because the seat is so roomy, and she is still small it is a bit more difficult for her to sit up straight when the seat is all the way up.The obvious things like canopy etc…need no extra mentioning.I was going back and fort between the kooper and the baby jogger city mini…:the kooper has a very good backsupport, is more stable in design(weight distribution over the weelplatform), has some extra’s(cupholders etc) and the fold of the kooper is easy enough compared to the 1step fold of the city mini, and it’s half the price.So I am glad with my buy. Think I made the right choiceHi Again.My girl is now 9 months old. I use the stroller almost everydag to walk in the park, on a brickstreet.It goes well on grass, but does’t go on sand. I took off a star because I find that the frontweels are indeed giving me problems. if you turn, it’s hard to get them to go straight again….if i had known it would be like this i would probably have searched furter. other then that…it works good, my child likes it, and it’s handy.

Savannah Hamlin, KY

My son loves it & that’s what counts most

I am happy with absolutely everything about this stroller except that it’s difficult to drag or bounce up and down stairs because the brakes are on the backs of the wheels. I prefer a different placement for the brakes. Living in NYC we’ll have to make lifestyle and travel plan adjustments because of that like wearing my son in the Ergo and carrying the stroller on the subway, or only going to stops with elevators. That said, the person whose review is most important loves this stroller and that’s my son. He won’t tolerate the flimsy soft sling seats of the Peg Perego Aria or the Maclarens as they aren’t supportive; he hates sitting low and slumpy like that. My normally always cheerful guy would fuss after a short while in those seats. In the Joovy Kooper he is very comfortable and well supported and never fusses being put into it or riding in it. I got the yellow in the Joovy Kooper and he loves the color. It makes me feel much more visible therefore more safe crossing the road pushing the stroller, between the bright color and the reflective fabric used on the logo and in stripes on the straps and on back of the stroller. We do not find the height of the handles a problem in fact I find it very comfortable. I am 5’7″ tall and my husband is 5’11” tall. The handles are great; our old stroller with a bar handle started giving me pain in my hands and wrists but this stroller doesn’t aggravate my hands at all. The way this stroller is designed you can hang a heavy diaper bag or purse on its handles and it won’t tip over even when the child gets out of the stroller. I hang heavy groceries on the handle too sometimes and it takes the weight fine. The way the stroller is designed that way it can stick on particularly large bumps in the sidewalk not roll right over them, but if I had to choose between sometimes having to deal with that or having the stroller tip backwards easily I choose the former. The basket underneath dismayed me when the stroller first arrived but on my first market trip with the stroller I saw the basket fits a lot more than you’d think.

Tabitha Fisher, MN

Great lightweight stroller

I bought this stroller to replace my Graco lightrider. I love it, I am so glad I decided to upgrade!The Joovy Kooper has a HUGE canopy which is what drew me to it since the canopy on my former stroller was tiny. It’s so big that I can barely see my kiddo from the front when I have it all the way open, which is perfect for protecting him from the windy weather where we live. It also has a big peek-a-boo window for you to see your kiddo easily when the canopy is open. I love that it folds up like an umbrella stroller so it’s nice and compact, though don’t expect it to fold up as tiny as your average umbrella stroller, it is much more sturdy so it folds up to an inbetween size of an umbrella stroller and a normal stroller. Another plus is that the wheels pop off with the push of a button to make it even more compact if you need. I love that it’s compact size doesn’t prevent it from having a recline feature, even better, you can recline it with one hand. The seat is nice and wide as well as tall, the five point harness is great and easy for me to unbuckle, but it isn’t easy for my little escapee to figure out which is good. My son is 11 months and has plenty of room to grow into this seat, but the harness keeps him in place enough that I dont worry about him being too small for it either. The only downside is that there isn’t a snack tray, and the parent compartments can only hold standard water bottles. I bought the Brica cup holder for my drink and the Brica snack pod for my son and now I don’t really miss having a snack tray, it’s actually nice that he doesn’t have to stretch his neck over the tray to see. Though the wheels are plastic (which I didn’t like about my old stroller), they don’t ride like plastic wheels at all. This stroller rides so smooth even over the bumpier roads in our neighborhood.All in all, I would definitely recommend this stroller for anyone looking for a sturdy, but leightweight stroller that folds up to a compact size.

Iva Lindley, NY

Joovy Kooper is my BEST baby buy!

I love my joovy kooper! It is quality canvas/nylon like material, durable, light enough, it reclines, 2 step fold and fits very compact in my Hyundai Sonata’s Trunk, the canopy is a HUGE plus, it fully blocks out the sun. Two mesh cup holder works well for water bottles and sippy cups, zip pocket holds my android, receiving blanket, foldable shop tote, mini umbrella, coins and snack bars! Also two medium mesh pockets near my son to hold sippy cup, small blanket & toys or snacks! I have the red color with reflective lights for nights, its such an attention grabber. People asks me all the time where did I get it. I had it since Jan 2011 and its still looks new and functions well. Its a great buy! I paid $150 sale.

Bonnie Wild Rose, WI

Perfect stroller!

I was in the market for an extra stroller that was similar to the Chicco Cortina Travel System that I had been using, but without the weight and bulk. I needed a stroller with a good size canopy, big basket and comfy ride and this Joovy stroller is all that and more! I love how it glides when you push it! a super smooth ride for my little girl. the grips are a nice foam rubber, so its nice and comfy for your hands. the canopy is HUGE and gives great coverage with a nice peek-a-boo window. you can even undo the velcro at the top to pull it all the way forward if you are walking into the sun and it’s still hitting their face. The reflective areas on this stroller are very easy to see at night. Although the seat doesn’t recline all the way flat, I found it to be very comfortable for my daughter to take a nap in. I love the little mesh pockets inside the seat to place sippy cups and toys. And I even love the color, Appletree! I also really like the yellow. (like a golden yellow, not overly bright) Very cute!Obviously, this is a little bigger than your typical umbrella stroller. It folds down nicely, (about 1/3 of the size of my Cortina) but not as small and compact as a normal umbrella stroller. but since most umbrella strollers hardly give you a basket and their canopy is a joke, I think the Joovy offers the best of both worlds.Their cup holder is a little wobbly, but I can fit my water bottle in there fine. Their zipper pocket is nice to keep first aid kit and keys. Not huge, but enough room for the essentials.the only cons were that I wish there was a bar or tray to put snacks on, but there are plenty of after market add-ons that offer good options. the handles don’t telescope out, but that hasn’t become a problem between me or my husband. (he’s 6′) Also the latch to close the stroller was a little too small and was difficult to snap on. its a bendable plastic latch, so I used a knife to open the hole a little more to make it easier to latch.Otherwise definitely worth it!!

Fanny Alton, NH

Terrible if you live in a city

We bought this thinking it was a sturdy lightweight stroller. It’s definitely sturdy but it weighs a TON and it’s impossible for city living, so we keep it in our car. Which means we only use it if we’re driving. If you need something for subway or bus commuting, do not get this one. This is good for suburban parents, great for trips to the mall/Ikea etc. My son naps well in it still at 2.5 yrs but he can sometimes get out of the seatbelt which is very bad. You really need a 5-point harness in my opinion. This is a good stroller for the price but you will end up buying another lighter one.

Winnie Gorham, NY

Like it a lot

This is a great design, but bigger than your average umbrella stroller. If you don’t mind the size and weight, it is great! It is smaller than the travel system strollers, though, so you don’t feel as big. The design is great too. The front wheels are closer together than the back so there is easy manuevering in cramped areas. And the stroller is very sturdy. As long as you are not looking for a super light small/compact stroller, it really is a good buy. Joovy also makes great 2 child strollers.

Katrina Hallowell, ME

Still love it two years and another baby later!

I thought I’d sell or give away my Kooper after having baby #3, but I just couldn’t do it. I continue to just absolutely LOVE this stroller. It’s my favorite by far. In fact, we were so happy with it we got the brand hew Ultralight Caboose Too for our SUV and I keep this stroller in my sedan. I wear my infant and push my toddler or vice versa (although my toddler loves to walk on her own too, which is just great!). This stroller is so sturdy and has really held up to the abuses we’ve put it through (sand, dirt, three kids banging around on it, sun, rain, you name it). No fading, tearing or anything. I always considered myself a stroller murderer, but the Kooper refuses to die!——————-Updated – We’ve had this stroller for a year now since taking it in the be fixed up and we still love it. No issues pushing it, the canopy is amazing. It’s worn extremely well considering how often we used it and that we often get right up to that 50 lb limit. Couldn’t be happier, except now we are going to have two under two and I need a double stroller. Time to retire my Kooper??? :(—–Well, I took my stroller down to Joovy’s Irvine distribution center for them to check out my front wheel problem. I was greeted by an extremely friendly receptionist. Another employee came out and explained a couple of things about the stroller to me (just some helpful tips for the future, like keeping the wheel posts cleaned off and putting some lubricant down the side to help keep them rolling and swiveling like they should) and assured me that they would either get my stroller rolling like it should or send me home with a brand new one. They took the stroller in the back and my friend and I grabbed lunch while they worked on the stroller.I came back to a brand new stroller that rolls like a dream, with perfectly swiveling wheels. I can’t describe just how different it rolls. It’s so easy to push!I loved everything about this stroller except the way it rolled. Now I love EVERYTHING.——————-UPDATE: Since I actually have a Joovy distribution center nearby, I decided to call Joovy customer service today. They were incredibly helpful and polite. I am going to take my Kooper down to the retail store at the distribution center tomorrow and have them take a look at it. They said they will either fix it or give me a replacement stroller straight from the distribution center. I am excited and hopeful that this takes care of the situation.——————-This is a beautiful stroller. I love the huge canopy, the cool design, the heavyduty material, the zippered bag for parents. The folding mechanism works relatively easily. It has a lot going for it.It has and does everything a great lightweight stroller should – except roll.The front wheels lock up on such a regular basis that it feels like you’re pushing the stroller through sand even on a smooth surface.And that’s having it out of the box for 15 minutes. I can’t even imagine what it would be like a few months down the road.I’m lucky enough to live close to one of the two Joovy warehouse stores. I am taking my stroller down there this week to see if they can do anything to make it actually roll. If not, it’s going back to Amazon.I’d rather have a frumpy looking stroller that I can actually stroll with.

Wilda Melcroft, PA

BOTH front wheels lock!!!!!!

I thought the wheels were locking up because I hadn’t placed them properly or were on “lock” mode. But no, they lock 90% of the time. I struggle to push it which makes it a real hassle. Unfortunately, I don’t see this stroller lasting much longer at this rate–and my son is only 7 months old.

Dorthy Schurz, NV