Joovy Room2 Portable Playard

Joovy Room2 Portable Playard

The Joovy Room Squared is bigger better with over 10 square’ of floor space, the Room Squared provides your child with almost 50% more living space than traditional playards, so your toddler will be happier and play longer. The Room Squared also accommodates all of your existing accessories like play gym mats. The large mesh windows provide a great view so your child does not feel confined. Additionally, the steel frame is super strong while the exposed aluminum tubing adds an elegant, clean and simple design. All fabric, including the carry bag, is made of the highest quality 600D material and is incredibly durable. The Joovy Room Squared is bigger and better. When child is able to pull to standing position, remove bumper pads, large toys, and other objects that could serve as steps for climbing out. Discontinue use of the product when child is able to climb out or reaches the height of 35 “es (890mm). Do not leave child unattended.

Main features

  • Made of 600D material for durability, wheels for moving
  • Deluxe carry bag with shoulder strap, quick and easy fold and set up
  • 100% cotton fitted mattress sheet
  • 10 square’ for playing
  • Clean contemporary design

Verified reviews


Big and Smelly

We’ve owed our Joovy for over 3 months now and it has been a sturdy and portable playyard. It packs easily in the carrying case and is fairly easy to set up and use. The only drawback has been the rotten smell of the fabric as soon as it was taken out of the packaging, (which smells similar to dried vomit in my opinion). After 3 months of “airing out” I had hoped that the smell would go away but it persistently lingers. Overall this is a decent product but I recommend that it be used outdoors or throughly cleaned with soap and water before use.As as amendment to my previous statement, I would like to say that I contacted Joovy Customer Service through their website and notified them about the smell of the play yard. Joovy was proactive and helpful in correcting this mishap and sent me a replacement product that didn’t smell. Thank You Joovy! 🙂

Meagan Pitcher, NY

Perfect for a newly mobile baby

First of all, if you received one of these with the smelly playard mat, I really recommend contacting Joovy customer service right away. That’s what happened to us – the mat had a strong chemically/pukey smell that refused to go away even after airing out. It was so bad, it stunk up the whole room. I was on the verge of returning the entire item but because the frame did not smell and the item itself was nice and roomy, I called Joovy customer service. They were great – they told me to discard the original mat and sent me a new one right away. This one had a slight smell (nowhere near as bad as the original) out of the box which went away within a day. I’ve owned this playard for over two months now and besides providing a spacious play area, it’s a secure place for my eight month old to practise pulling up and cruise around holding on to the sides. Our little one will play in it for ages letting my husband and I get our chores done or even just put up our feet for a few minutes. The bottom sheet is thick and good quality, so far holding up to repeat washings. The only slight annoyance is that to replace the sheet, you have to unvelcro the mattress pad from the bottom, thread the velcro straps through the precut holes in the sheet and then reattach the whole thing – but all in all, that’s a pretty minor quibble.UPDATE (5/12/2012): This playard is even more useful to us now that our baby is walking. It’s really the only place we can leave her safely and happily in the mornings while getting ready for work. Even the crib doesn’t work for this anymore as our kid tries to climb out of it. Due to its size, the Joovy has the added advantage of blocking off one corner of our family room which has bookshelves so has helped with baby proofing as well. If you have a mobile baby or toddler, I cannot recommend this product strongly enough.

Eula Beebe, AR

Reeks of chemicals.

Very disappointed in this product. Not only is it bulky, cumbersome and heavy, but it smells like a chemical power plant. The mattress is bonded to MDF board, which it says is California compliant for formaldehyde, but that’s not easing my concerns. MDF should never come near my child. "Toxic chemicals are one of the major health risks of MDF. The chemical of most concern is formaldehyde, which can aggravate asthma and other lung conditions, irritate mucous membranes, and cause contact dermatitis. Studies on formaldehyde also suggest that it is a likely carcinogen, and it should be generally avoided." I bought a Baby Bjorn portable crib, which I will use as a playpen, and it didn’t smell like anything at all. Very pleasant materials and easy to use. This is so stinky that I would be afraid to have my baby even in the same room with it. I could feel my throat close up. And no, I’m not one of those crazy people that thinks everything will kill us, I’m just a concerned parent who does their research. Get MDF out of babies’ products.

Dale Saint George, GA

I’m in Love.

My daugher is 26 months old and still sleeps in her crib (which apparently is really unusual). We had the traditional Graco pack n play when she was younger to use while traveling. Since she’s grown to 34 inches we’ve tried a tent, air mattress, etc only to have a rotten time on vacation because she wasn’t sleeping well. For our upcoming beach trip we planned to literally take apart her crib at our home and bring it with us! Enter the Joovy playard. As you know, a child as tall as my daughter doesn’t fit in a regular sized pack n play. But with the Joovy, she has PLENTY of room. I debated between the Joovy Room 2 Ultralight but it is a square foot smaller and since every inch counts with us, we went with this one and I’m so glad I did. She can lay side to side or diagonally if she wants more space. The sides are not super tall (compared to a child her age) but she doesn’t try to climb out. I think she likes the comforting boundaries she is used to with the crib. We are expecting another little one in July and this is the only pack n play we will need. When the new baby is small, it can be used as a playard or sleeping area and will definitely last until their twos if needed. If I had to do it all over again, I would just buy the Joovy. Yeah, it’s heavy but so is our other pack n play and it’s not nearly as big. Great buy! Thanks Joovy!

Delores Larrabee, IA

HORRIBLE SMELL – replacement getting sent

We purchased this item in black, it came yesterday. As some of the other reviewers mentioned right out of the box it had a terrible smell of a farm (aka cow manure). Both the frame and the mattress pad smelled. We opened all the windows to see if it would air out overnight. Next morning the frame did not smell that much, but the mattress pad still had the same odor though *slightly* less. We would not be comfortable putting our baby in this playard.I called Joovy and they were very helpful and polite. They are going to ship us a replacement right away. I will update the review again once we receive it to see if the new one does not smell or not.Otherwise it is a great playard and I am hoping the replacement does not smell. It is large, does not look garish in our living room, adequately padded, and easy to setup and take down. We chose it over the Graco totbloc because that one did not have rubber feet and would scratch our wood floor, is too colorful to fit in our living room, and does not come with a sheet.Update 5/15/2012: We received the replacement from Joovy today. The terrible smell is not there. Updating the review to 4 stars (not 5) because even though it’s a good product, there quality control seems to be lacking to some degree and also because we had to deal with the hassle of returning the bad product.

Kristy Lynnville, TN

Way larger than pack n play

Using this product on main floor/kitchen to get things done while containing our 10 month old walking child. It is larger than the pack n play, which we keep on our bedroom floor. Our daughter has pleny of room to walk in the joovy room and play without feeling confined. Worth the investment. Easy to break down at travel with…just like the pack n play.

Pearl Somerdale, NJ

Just good let me explain why

I purchased this as an upgraded playpen for my toddler. I was excited to get it but when it came I was not blown away. Here’s why as positives and negatives+ it’s large which is nice for a bigger play area and more room for sleeping when we use it for portable crib+ seems high quality- it’s heavy. Yes I know it’s heavy and Joovy sells a lighter playpen it its not this big- the dimensions are deceiving. Joovy lists the height and it was taller than my last one. However they don’t mention that only two of the sides are that tall since they top bar curves up a bit. The other two sides look about 1-2 inches shorter and make those sides actually shorter than my last playpen. Joovy needs to explain this better on their website.- Locks can be a bit of a pain. I know it’s a safety issue but it seemed harder than it could be.Would I buy this again? Probably but definitely needs improvement.

Nita Side Lake, MN

Great playpen

I wanted a nice roomy playpen for my daughter to play in since our teeny apartment is not babyproofed. This one fit the bill. Its HUUUGE compared to the others on the market. I like that the walls are see through so she can see mommy and not feel so isolated. It was a cinch to put up and put away in less than 2 minutes (tho I can see how it might be a challenge to others, there is a bit of a trick to putting the walls down). It did have a bit of a strong smell fresh out of the box, but we aired it out over night before putting the baby in there and it’s been fine. The wheels make it easy to move off to one side when we’re not using it but don’t want collapse it. The floor is comfy for her to play and sleep on. The whole thing is super sturdy. My daughter uses the rails to cruise around the playpen and pushes walls all the time and it doesn’t move at all. The only con is the bedsheet. It is nice and soft but it is are ill-fitting and expensive to get spares. It doesn’t fit quite right and pulls in the mat around the edges so the don’t quite touch the walls. Sometimes I use the playpen without the sheet. Besides that I love this this thing. I also have a joovy high chair and stroller, I really like this company.

Delores Schodack Landing, NY

Very sturdy and easy to use

I use this for my twins to sleep in while traveling. They hate it as a playpen, but that’s not the fault of this playpen specifically. They just hate to be enclosed, even if this playpen is bigger than others. But it works great as a travel bed. It is very heavy, but nothing I can’t lift. It’s also quite easy to assemble and disassemble. The bottom is soft and comfy, and the sheet is really a nice, thick, soft material. I highly recommend this, especially for twins.

Jordan Hegins, PA


my son uses this as his crib. after he started trying to climb out of his crib way too early and easily hurt himself on the bars, I chose a play yard instead. We purchased the play yard because of it’s size, color, simplicity, and modern design. The price was a little steep but worth every penny. He plays in it and can move around really well, he sleeps in it and finds it pretty comfortable, he loves it!the only dissapointments to me are: it comes with one sheet but they are quite expensive to buy separately, and the sheets only come in one color (white).all in all, I’m a big fan!

Regina Woodland, PA

Nice & large goes to 55lbs your baby will not grow out of it quickly.

We have a couple of these and love them. We did not need the "fluff" of a changer etc but needed a playyard that was strong, would last several months and did not look like "Babyland" in our living room. This is it! They have plenty of room for baby to play. I use it when doing laundry or on treadmill and can not have baby crawling all over. We also use it for overnights. This can hold up to 55lbs so your baby will not outgrow it in a couple of months. BTY: The sheet is AWESOME! It is a thick jersey knit with holes that the Velcro from bottom can go through to secure the sheet. It is a bit time consuming to change when using these but keep the sheets on it for have a Curios George baby that likes to pull the sheets.

Winnie Saltville, VA


The color is great, it’s very sturdy, and very roomy. It’s much bigger than your typical pack and plays but it’s perfect for laying down activity mats. It is very easy to assemble and put back in its storage bag but its probably not the best option for carting around outside of the house. I love it because our daughter will be able to play on her large activity mat or nap on it without the cat trying to take it over. It’s perfect for our needs.

Heidi Meriden, WY


I loved this at first (and i would have given 10 stars!) but after about 4 months, the line in the middle is getting more prominent, more noticeable and more annoying!I think it started after we folded this and took with us on a trip. I think if you never folded to carry out, maybe there will be no line/fold?Anyway, the annoying line/fold is like a mini hump- about 2" high. i think it gets higher, growing as the same pace like my baby!So your baby or toddler will have a hard time walking on that hump. (she’s used to it now though) My baby sleeps parallel to the hump- and of course she needs to be either on the left or right of it.Size- it is huge BUT because of that hump- the platform or whatever you call it because narrower. it takes out about 2" each side. (i will try to take a photo and post) so the baby cannot use that space. You cannot stand on that space as you will sink in it. So 10 sq ft becomes only 7 sq ft! Crumbs, milk droplets and all that jazz go here. This is the germ alley. I constantly clean this area with vacuum, soap and water.The playyard sheet- I always wash the sheet with hot water and I thought that I shrunk it and that it is compressing the platform and forming the hump. But i bought 2 new sheets and only washed with cold water- and still the hump is there.Quality- seems ok. My huge baby loves to lean on that white net and rocks a bye baby and it holds her. But there are a couple of toddler-made holes in the net, that will become bigger if you keep playing with it.Until they fix the hump, I do not recommend this playard.

Anna Benton, KY

Love it!

Great Playard for twins. Large enough to both play in or sleep in……if i could get them to sleep in it :(I do wish it wasnt so heavy. This is a very heavy playard but for how large it is. I understand.Easy to set up and break down. Love it!

Francis Roscoe, SD

Perfect playpen

This is a perfect way to corral the little one and his toys. Larger than a pack-n-play, so he can stretch out. Folds up in a tidy little package for travel.

Petra Fiddletown, CA


It is just the right size for our living room. It is comfy and sturdy. I love the color of purple that we chose.

Rachel Boones Mill, VA

Perfect for twins!

As a mother of twin babies, I LOVE this thing. It is simply a playard–no bassinet, no changing area, no storage. But, there is so much room for even two babies and I find it so easy to set up and breakdown. You defintely should read the instructions first because if you do not lock the sides before pushing the bottom down, you will find it very difficult to set up. The sheet provided is very soft, but this playard does require this specific sheet, so you cannot use any generic sheets. The middle does seem to sit a tad bit higher than the sides, as a previous reviewer has mentioned, but I think it is so minor and it has not caused any issues for us. There are two wheels which make moving it around super easy, but if you plan on moving it room to room, make sure you have wide doorways because this thing is large! It is also pretty heavy but I did not expect any different considering the size and quality of materials.

Gertrude Campbell, TX

Best play yard out there!

This was one of the smartest purchases we made of all the items we bought as first time parents. The spacious square design keeps the yard very balanced, so tipping over is never a problem – unlike the Graco play yards. We put one in my parents house for my daughter’s one night a week visits, and she sleeps through the night with plenty of room and comfort.

Maryellen Santa Fe, TX

Awesome product!!

The Joovy Room2, is an awesome product! It’s twice the size of the Pack n’Play brand portable play yards, and is really sturdy. My only complaint is that it is so big that it takes up more room than I expected. This is not a problem, though, as I just adjusted my furniture and made more room for it. The baby loves it and, since he’s only 6 months old, we’ll be able to use it as a playpen and portable crib for at least 2 more years, maybe longer. There’s a lot of room for him to move around and still have quite a few toys with him. The included sheet is very soft and well-made. I washed it immediately and it got even softer, and it slips right over the ‘mattress’ (included bottom) and even has slits in it so it can be fastened to the Joovy for safety. Very pleased!!

Sarah Hawaiian Gardens, CA

Great Baby Cage

Feels solid. Love that it’s not a hideous color. Lots of room for baby to play. We have cats and they haven’t been able to rip through mesh which was a worry. Mattress is sort and baby seems comfortable. Sheet is soft as well. Installation is easy. Only con is that it’s heavy but I chalk that up to it bring so sturdy.

Charity Belleville, AR

The best playpen I’ve found.

We bought a chico 3-in-1 playpen/portacrib. While we’ve used it extensively, the truth is once a kid is 4-5 months old they’ll be too heavy for the crib mode (most have 15 lbs max) and it’ll become just like any other playpen.I picked up the Joovy Room2 as I wanted a playpen for my office basement so that I wouldn’t have to carry my son upstairs if I had to answer the door/get something upstairs/etc. It’s so superior to the chico it’s not even funny. 1st, it’s huge, you can put a much older kid in it and they’ll be happy/fine. It’s also great that it’s large enough you can place an infant gym in there (we have theLamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym). The thing is also ridiculously sturdy. While some pack and plays might sag in the middle (causing the child and all the toys to continually roll to the middle) the bottom of this one is solid as can be.It is kind of heavy though at 30+ pounds. If you really want a more portable one the ultralight might be worth looking into. However its interior space is slightly smaller (about 3 inches in every dimension) with only 8.2 square feet compared to the 9.7 square feet in the Regular room2. As I figured I wouldn’t be moving it too often, I went with the one with more square footage. I’m glad I did as the aforementioned baby gym likely wouldn’t have fit in the ultralight model.Just to clarify (due to the negative reviews). Mine had no odor. It’d help if the bad reviews stated whether it was bought from amazon or a third party seller from the marketplace. I wonder if someone was selling knockoff Joovy’s or ones that were subject to flood damage/etc. Overall I find Joovy products to be pretty good quality. Their portable high chair is quite nice (though I ultimately went with the Valco Baby Astro High Chair Chocolate, which I would also highly recommend).

Tisha Hanna City, IL

Awesome, great!

This is the best the most amazing playard! We took this playpen with us to vermont and it was a life saver! It’s roomy, and comfortable and just you can put anything in it. I highly recommend it.

Araceli Cusseta, GA

Nice & Roomy

Overall I like this Playard. It has lots of room for my son to play and move around. However, the sheet that comes with it is tricky to get on. If you don’t do it right it will make the mattress bunch up in the middle and appear smaller in the playard. We ended up leaving the sheet off b/c of that. Other than that it is very sturdy and feels like a quality item.

Janell Elk City, ID

Big and awesome

We bought this for our 2.5 year old son who sleeps in a crib at home, but when travelling he was getting too big for a pack and play, but not quite ready for a toddler bed! Love everything about the Joovy. Will be buying a 2nd for the grandparents house.

Dena Clinton, TN

Wish we bought it earlier.

Set up was a breeze. Product seems very sturdy. Did not notice a funny odor, as others mentioned.We like how it includes a sheet to cover the bottom. The bottom doesn’t seem to be too hard.Don’t know how easy it is to take down as we have it permanently in corner of a room…

Sheri Eastham, MA


Perfect! As a 5’4" woman, 130 lbs, I will admit it is a bit heavy to carry, but the product is worth the weight!

Shelby Grass Creek, IN


This thing is huge, but in a good way. I can put my baby down in this for a few minutes while I pack her bag for daycare or when I’m preparing her food. It’s large so I feel she’s got a bit of space to crawl around.I love that the design is clean and modern and isn’t littered with a bunch of dumb babyish images or bells and whistles. Its super easy to set up and the instructions are printed on the mattress(genius!). The mattress also doubles as the carrying case.I think this is well worth the $150 price tag.

Fannie Foley, AL


It is huge without being a burden on your space. My mother purchased our initial one- which was later stolen when we moved. It was so amazing we ordered another one for our second child. It leaves lots of room for a child to play. You could easily put a few toddlers/babies in there! It is stable and strong- even when they get in that “let me stand up and try to rock this until it falls over” phase. This isn’t going to fall over. This isn’t going to fall apart. It is STRONG. It is DURABLE. It is HUGE.I HIGHLY recommend this!!!!!!!!

Kate Waterloo, SC

ROOM and more

Baby has plenty of room to roll around and play. Easy to pop up , and wheels make it easy to move . Sheets fit safely

Lakeisha Glenbrook, NV

Large, perfect size for a playard

We were looking for something larger for our son once he got more mobile. Our daughter leaves little toys and crayons out, and our sons moves fast : ). This gives him ample room to move about and play with his own toys. This is heavy though! So I wouldn’t recommend it for traveling in an airport or something, but you could bring it to grandma’s house. We brought it along when we went to visit my husbands family, it worked well as a play area and place from him to sleep. It also comes with a sheet that is very soft. Over all I am impressed, it is sturdy, roomy and good looking.

Marianne Shippenville, PA