Joovy Room2 Ultralight Playard Black

Joovy Room2 Ultralight Playard Black

The Joovy Room2 Ultralight takes all of the popular features of our Room2 playard and eliminates the only complaint we’ve ever gotten on the Room2 (too heavy). At just over 21 pounds, it’s over 30% lighter than the Room2. The Ultralight is 90% as big as the Room2 (it’s 9 square feet vs. 10 square feet). The difference is due to the tapered design of the side rails; the top rails are 4 ” shorter than the bottom rails. This design significantly increases the difficulty of climbing out of the playard and makes the Room2 Ultralight super stable. The fact that the Ultralight uses the ground as its floorboard decreases the weight and increases stability too. It has an awesome, super comfortable memory foam mattress and a Joovy 100% brushed cotton sheet (very popular feature). The Ultralight has two easy folding features, it can be quickly folded in half or super compact for travel. When folded in half, it takes up only 3.5 square feet of storage space you can put it next to the wall, underneath the bed, behind the door or in a closet and it unsnaps back to full size in seconds. The Ultralight is perfect for travel; it folds into a compact size and fits right into the travel bag (included). Another clever feature is a solid 600D side panel instead of mesh; it acts as a protective curtain against wind, light and noise on one side of the playard. Positioned properly this can be a huge feature at nap/bed time. There’s a large pocket on the outer side it’s great for storing all of the essentials. The playard and travel bag are made of durable 600D fabric. Joovy’s Room2 playards are the biggest, most durable playards on the market today. The fitted cotton sheet adds a level of comfort un matched in the industry. Now you can have all that and more in a lighter weight, better looking playard that outperforms everything else.

Main features

  • The Joovy Room2 Ultralight has 9 square feet of floor space and weighs just over 21 pounds
  • Super comfortable memory foam mattress and a Joovy 100% brushed cotton sheet (included)
  • Quickly folds in half and it unsnaps back to full size in seconds
  • Folds super compact for travel (travel bag included)
  • A solid 600D side panel instead of mesh, it acts as a protective curtain against wind, light and noise

Verified reviews


Love it! Bought two!

Don’t be fooled by the two poor reviews of this product; you will not find a lighter, sturdier, easier-to-assemble play yard anywhere! In fact, we liked our first joovy room2 ultralight so much that we bought another one for our second baby (they’re only 14 months apart, so no sharing yet), and we use them both for all of our overnight travel and late nights at family and friends’ houses. Assembly is quick and hassle-free – just read the directions once and you’ll be ready to go! What sold me the most however was the light weight. At 21 pounds, loading and unloading the car is easier then carrying my toddler! And both the mesh and solId fabrics have stood up to all the abuse my kids have managed to invent no matter how large or sharp the toy. Plus, the black fabric is so easy to clean. Great buy!

Alyson Line Lexington, PA

Awesome playard, a must have!

I absolutely love this playard! Its huge, lighter than others of the same size and very easy to set-up if you follow the instructions. You can also fold it side ways to carry it to a different room, so you do not have to collapse it fully.My baby liked it so much that he sleeps in it now too, other than playing in it. The mattress is soft. Its set up over carpet and its really cozy compared to usual Graco’s that have a cardboard mattress. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed!

Krista Oran, MO

Joovy Room2 Ultralight Playard Black

This playard is great. Its larger then any other pack and play and makes traveling a dream. I also like the fact that this pack and play is ultra light and low to the ground so in believe its more stable when your child starts to jump up and down.

Sallie South Fulton, TN


Despite negative reviews, this playpen really is easy to fold up and unfold. It does not take more than 2 minutes…However, I bought mine off of Craig’s list and the seller actually showed me how to open/close it. Maybe that’s why I have not had any issues with how it works.It’s not as big as I hoped but the dimensions are given so you know what you get. Also, my 3 year old, 8 month old and their dad frequently squish in it all together so it’s not too tiny either. Good thing it has no weight limit.It’s nice to have one side “closed” (ie not see thru) so when you travel the baby can be placed so he doesn’t see you sleeping in the same room and cry out for you.If you’re debating whether or not to buy it bc of price, look at eBay and Craigslist before buying here. Can find much cheaper. And make sure you’re baby is not too old. If they are not yet sitting or crawling, this would be a good investment and they might get used to being confined. But if your baby is crawling around he probably won’t like a little cage, I mean playpen.Very* useful tip if folding up the entire* playpen: First pull up the black handle and snap down the side rails and THEN pull up the green handle and snap the other rails down. Really is so easy after you get it down once.

Helene Clio, SC

Not as “easy” as you would want

Had been given a hand me down pack n play from Graaco, and had trouble setting it up. We chalked it up to being old, so decided to invest in another play pen for travel… Didn’t need the bassinet or diaper changing station at all, so were looking for a simple, light, quality product… After reading most of the Pack and Play reviews for Graaco, Joovy, and Aprica, we decided to go with the Joovy Ultralight. We realized from some of the reviews that a few people had trouble putting it together, but most other reviewers discounted their experiences by saying “they must not have read the directions well and it was really easy”…. So for our initial setup of the Joovy ultralight, we read the directions several times before even attempting the set up. It took us over 30 minutes to get all the top bars “locked” (we had both broken out in a sweat by the time we were done), and once they were locked into place, the buttons seemed jammed and would not unlock. We are not stupid and we are both pretty handy. Don’t know if we just got a “bad” one, but this was not as user friendly as one would like. We returned it! We then went with the Aprica Haven Open Play Yard…. The reason we didn’t originally go with this was the reviews that it was heavier (I believe about 5-7 lbs heavier than the joovy ultralight) and it was less square and more rectangular…. Well, we were SOOOOOOO pleased when we received the Aprica version! It took literally less than 5 minutes to set up and the weight difference did not seem that appreciable. The ease of set up made it WAY more worth while. The breakdown of the play yard was also WAY easier. After having both a Graaco and the Joovy, I can’t believe it could be so very easy. I would highly recommend the Aprica Haven. It is high quality, sturdy, and super easy! Good luck!

Ashley Saint Francis, KS

Spacious, Strong, Quality Material But….Wait!

I bought this play yard because it is 9 sq ft!!!! One of the largest in the market – compared with with Joovy Room2, this is 1 square foot less. The color came into play too. Love the Black and Neon Green options. I settled for the Neon Green because it is a bright, happy color. Okay, here are the pros and cons that I discovered after using this play yard for 2 months now:Pros:Spacious – Couldn’t ask for a more spacious play yard. It’s built like a square and I can put a lot of our baby’s toys in there.Storage – There’s a large storage pouch on the paneled side for all our essentials.Paneled Window – This isn’t really useful unless we’re in the outdoors, but at home, it helps to block out glaring sunlight and filter noise.Mattress Cover – As advertised, the mattress cover is really soft, almost organic! Love it!Materials – I love the strength and quality of this play yard. It will last for years and years to come, babies after babies. Lol.Low lying – Being that it sits on the floor, this play yard will hold up. Even if your child is a jumping jack, it won’t be a problem at all. I like knowing there’s no floorboard that will collapse when my growing child gets bigger.Cons:Assembly – First time assembly was a nightmare. Hubby and I tried for a long time to set it up. So frustrating. Took awhile to figure out that the manual is FLAWED. The diagram doesn’t show a close up picture of the straps. It was illustrated in a way that it looks like we need to pull one strap to straignten the rails, but in actual fact, we need to pull TWO straps TOGETHER with one hand, and using another hand to straighten the rails. We haven’t tried collapsing it because the set up had put dreads into us…lol. We won’t try to collapse it until/unless it is absolutely necessary. We’re not frequently on the road, so this thing is sitting on a permanent spot in our living room. We just got it for its purported portability (21lbs ultralight feature) when we make our annual trips.Mattress – Could use more padding. It isn’t as thick, plush or comfy as we thought. It sinks in like a deflated balloon when I put both hands on it and press down – testing out the plushness. So it is not as confortable when our baby sits in there for long. We prefer a springy, bouncy type of mattress, but this is a personal preference.Expensive – It is really costly for a play yard. Wish it is more affordable so we can get it as gifts for our family and friends. If you need a temporary play yard, do not go for this. This thing is for those who want it around for the long haul so it pays off on its own.Additional comments:It is probably our fault for introducing the play yard to her at such a late stage. We got it when she was 9mths old so she didn’t like it when we put her in. She was ok in the beginning because it’s a new “toy” but after a few days, she began to fuss and get cranky whenever we put her in. My advice is to introduce play yard to baby early so they get used to it.Overall I gave it a 3-star rating due to assembly diffulty (first impression is everything!!!) and price.But because it went over 2 stars, we will probably buy it again given another chance. :)For those of you looking for a spacious, quality, and safe play yard regardless of price, this is a good bet.Just be patient during assembly and remember, pull TWO STRAPS TOGETHER! 🙂

Rosemary Good Thunder, MN


totally worth the money!!! specious light weight easy to store !!! i am very happy with it, my daughter is a tall baby and by 6 months the was already standing up and we had the other regular Graco play-pan and when she stood up it was getting too low for her….plus too small to play in…..i have also bough this one before for her, so i decided to use it,, and besides that she had plenty of space to play in, when she stood up it was impossible for her to climb out and it was as tall as she was!!! i thing its really great play-pan….

Jillian Foster, OR

A big disappointment

I’ve had this play yard for six months now and wanted to love it but I just can’t. Assembly is not an issue but I have always had major trouble getting it to fold back up. For me, it’s just not user friendly. No matter how many times I do it, it becomes this major struggle. Something finally popped in the frame this last time so it is truly broken.The other major issue I have is that the "floor" of this play yard dips slightly in the middle. It is not flat. My daughter would constantly roll to the middle and now that she is learning to sit up, she keeps falling over. I called the joovy hotline with my concerns and he said that was just the way they’re made and maybe I should fold a blanket underneath for stability. For the amount of money I paid I would think there should be no need to jury rig a solution for a stable play space.Overall I am extremely disappointed with this buy and would not recommend it to anyone.

Augusta Montrose, IL

Not just light but super portable.

First of all, I have both the regular joovy room2 and this ultra light model. I started off with the regular room2 and liked it so much that I sold my Chico 3-in-1 on craiglist and bought the ultra light.Anyways, the huge advantage of the ultralight is that you don’t have to disassemble it to move it. With pretty much every other play yard you at least have to take the bottom mattress out (including the regular joovy room 2). This can be a pain in the butt/back as it involves bending over/getting on your hands and knees to remove various retaining straps and snaps. Then, when you get it set back up you have to refasten everything.However, with the ultralight you just pull up on the middle handle, push two buttons to collapse the sides, and fold it in half. No messing with little straps or snaps. This makes it an awesome play yard to take out on the back porch to give the baby some outdoor time and then quickly take it back in if it starts raining/etc. It also makes it super easy to move around the house.There are two disadvantages of the ultralight. One is that it is a smidgen smaller than the regular room2. The second is that its mattress sits directly on the ground, rather than on “legs”. This means that, if you have it on a cold basement floor, the heat is more likely to transfer through the mattress. This is why I use the regular joovy room 2 in my basement. It also means that, if you do use the ultralight outside, you shouldn’t place it on uneven/rocky ground as the rocks/bumps will be felt through the mattress. The regular joovy would be much more useful in this situation.

Wilma Bristol, SD

Portable, versatile

After researching several different options for my second son, I purchased the Joovy Room squared and have been very pleased. Unlike our old pack and play, this one sits on the ground, so if my son is fussy his big brother (4) or one of the grown ups can sit with him and keep him company. Its also very portable, and easy to fold in half for moving upstairs, inside/outside. I like that one side is solid so that we can provide some sun protection outdoors. There is also an outside pocket for diapers or smaller items with elastic at the top to keep things from falling out. Its light enough for me to carry with one arm while I hold my toddler with the other arm. Also fold in half with toys, etc still inside, so I can use it as a "carrier" for trips to the pool/park, etc. We’ve been very pleased.

Ernestine Melrose, FL

worth the money

We love this pack n play, the mattress is softer than the typical one but the key is that it is on the ground and the mattress also snaps down, so it can’t move. It was difficult to put together. Key is to pull the center up as far as you can, pull curved sides first and then the flat ones. Our son would never sleep in a normal one and slept perfectly in this one. Worth the money and perfect for baby registries.

Martina Seven Springs, NC

Great playard

It was pretty easy to set up. For now we just leave it up in our living room (since it’s a good looking playard I think), but I imagine that we’ll use it outside some during summer. It should be easier to set up next time after having done it once. I like the fact that you can fold it in half to move it around easier. I think the color looks better in person than in the picture. It seems very sturdy too. My son is almost 1 and we’ve had it for probably about 2 months now, and should get plenty more use out of it. My son likes to walk around inside holding onto the top edge. He’s also happy sitting and playing in it.

Maura South Amana, IA

Amazing Product!!!

Let me start with this: I have no idea why people have assembling problem with this item!!! After reading these reviews I was prepared for the worst, but after receiving my Joovy I got nicely surprised how easy it is to put together.It took me at most 15 mins to do so (including unpacking from the cardboard). Some people say it’s almost impossible but if you simply follow the manual, it’s super easy! What other people call “tricks of assembly” is clearly explained in the manual actually! Please, read the manual first and don’t rate this product one star just because you didn’t check the instruction first.The manual says (in capitals) “WITH THE CENTER OF THE PLAYARD UP, PULL UPWARD ON EACH SIDE RAIL UNTIL IT LOCKS INTO POSITION. YOU WILL HEAR THE RAILS LOCK INTO PLACE ON BOTH SIDES OF EACH RAIL. See Figure 3.” The picture shows that you need to snap the top rails first, then bottom ones. And that’s all! I also tried to disassemble it and didn’t encounter any problem either.Apart from this, the playard is very well made, and the color is absolutely gorgeous (I ordered the lime green). It’s a great size and I hope my baby will love it, cuz I already do!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Audra Lutsen, MN


OMG This Playpen rocks!!!!! Its so big and the mat is soooo comfy. My daughter LOVES it!!! The green is such an awesome color! And do you know that I got this one on Ebay BRAND NEW from the joovy store for $55 bucks!!!!! Yup . It was a one day auction and i was very LUCKY! I won it for 25 bucks plus shipping!!! Maybe thats why I love it sooo much!! There was no smell to my playpen either. I love it!!!

Terrie Renault, IL