Joovy Scooter Single Stroller Black

Joovy Scooter Single Stroller Black

Huge Joovy CanopyThe Scooter includes Joovy’s signature oversized canopy with a retractable sun visor – for maximum protection from the elements.Super Durable 600D FabricThe seat and canopy are super durable 600 D fabric with an adjustable and light reflective 5 point harness.Deep Recline with Unlimited PositionsThe one hand recline system locks in infinite positions all the way down to 149 degrees for a near flat napping position.Compatible with Graco CarseatsThe bumper bar can be used as a car seat adapter for all Graco infant car seats.Cup HolderThe Scooter has cup holder and zippered pocket for parents.Linked BrakesThe Scooter has linked rear brakes adding extra security when the stroller is parked.Large BasketThe large basket is absolutely giant compared to other strollers in this price range with incredibly easy access.

Main features

  • The Scooter includes Joovy’s signature oversized canopy with a retractable sun visor
  • One-hand recline with unlimited positions, reclines near flat for napping
  • The bumper bar can be used as a car seat adapter for all Graco infant car seats
  • Linked parking breaks and giant storage basket with easy access
  • Includes a cup holder and zippered pocket for parents

Verified reviews



Too bad I tore apart the boxes it came in. Just as described by another reviewer. The handles really mess up your hands. The wheels make this noise like if they needed oil or something. It’s difficult to steer. Would never ever recommend this terrible stroller. We were switching from a Graco Metrolite. The baby is growing and doesn’t seem comfortable in it anymore after turning 12 months.By the way, it’s so hard to fold it’s not even funny. Do stay away!So back on the stroller search…reading reviews and comparing prices.I absolutely wasted my money on this terrible product. You can’t really ask for much for the price but still.

Lucia Calimesa, CA


I have gone through several strollers since my son was born. My son is now three and I needed something spacious enough for a tall three year old. I live in the city and walk him to school each day, errands, etc. This has plenty of room for him and basket is a very good size. I don’t collapse it often because I am able to keep my stroller open in our apartment hallway. I will say that if i had to fold it up on a daily basis I would be frustrated. It does not fold up very compactly and is a real hassle to open. Regardless, I honestly wish I had, had this for my son right from the beginning. Great city stroller. Also a very smooth ride, and love the handles. I am 5’3 and it is just a little tall for me, but not enough to make it uncomfortable. LOVE IT!

Adrienne Alton, NH

Very Happy

This was a gift purchased from our registry. We received it this week, and are very happy so far. The greenie is a great lime green. It was easy to put together. It rolls really smoothly and seems easy to guide. The hood is huge, as is the basket underneath, I can see fitting a ton of stuff in there. I can pick it up with one arm, even though at first I thought it was a little heavy taking it out of the box. The Graco Snugride fits perfectly as advertised, although it seems that you can’t use the stroller’s hood with it.My only complaint upon receipt is that the cup holder is not supposed to be used for hot beverages – guess I’ll have to figure out something else for my latte!

Katrina Libertyville, IA

Very nice at a great price.

I love this stroller. First off, its super easy to put together, the directions are very clear. You just need to put on the wheels and cup holder. The front wheels just click on. Its great. The 2 major selling points for me were the HUGE canopy and HUGE basket. The basket is as big or bigger than a regular full size stroller. The same goes for the canopy. Its got a bigger canopy than most full sized strollers. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because I wish the handles stuck out a bit farther b/c my long stride sometimes kicks the back of the stroller wheels. Its not that big of a deal, I can just shorten my stride. Its really easy to maneauver. I can swivel it with just one hand, on flat surfaces. You need both hands on rough or rocky terrain. Some people complained that the handles were too rough, I don’t have any issues with them. They’re a hard textured plastic but not rough. Some people even said they got blisters from them!!! Those women must have never lifted anything heavier than a feather if these handles gave them blisters! LOL. I really like this stroller and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Pat Saint Croix Falls, WI

fine for the price, but somewhat shoddy construction

This stroller is a great price but we were not thrilled with the construction and materials. It is more or less a cheap version of the Baby Jogger City Mini.Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller, Sand/Stone. Ours has a sticky release button so the stroller is hard to collapse. And the cupholder is not very sturdy. But it is a decent stroller for a great price.

Amy Fishkill, NY

Not for tall people…

I am 5’10 and I am constantly kicking and tripping on the stroller b/c the handles are too short for me and not adjustable. It is fairly easy to push with one hand as long as you aren’t making any big turns, although the longer I have it, the more the wheels stick. It is also a pain to fold up b/c you have to recline the seat all the way before you fold it up and the seat is not easy to recline. The canopy is nice and big with a ‘window’ to see the baby and there is plenty of storage underneath. Overall I wish I had gone with something else. Also whoever is charging $300 plus dollars for this stroller is crazy…you can get it at babiesrus for $99 and they have 20% off coupons.

Denice Terlingua, TX

Groovy Joovy

The color is bright and brillant. The look of the stroller is cool looking and different from most. This is adequate space for a diaper bag, a cup holder for bottle, and a zipper compartment for misc things (credit card, keys, cell phone, etc). The only thing is that sometimes it is difficult to fold because there are several things you have to do (i.e. brake, place seat upright, hold and squeee button). Other than that I like it…hey most strollers aren’t EASY to fold.

Darcy North Hampton, NH


I got this stroller as a gift for xmas after I did some research. All the reviews, seem to have about the same comments….that was it great, so light, a breeze to push, easy to fold and so on. So I got it, and here’s what I think.-CONS-It took me 30 mins to put together because the cotton pins were a pain to put in, one was bent upon arrival.I really dislike how it folds, it takes two hands and then some.The shade (after 2 weeks of used) is still wrinkled. I pretty much never close it becuase i’m trying to smooth it out.Maybe i’m used to my normal handle bars on my stroller of maybe it’s just the alien design of these handles but it’s not very easy to maneuver. Many, many times I have found myself lifting up the stroller or jiggling it just to get it on track to push, it can be a hassle when your out and about.The seat back is hard they could of used a tad bit more cushion (however I just used a small pad that supposed to be for a carseat/highchair)The canopy, yes everyone thinks it’s huge so it will provide amaple shade, not sure if your child is still a toddler and under 35 inches, i’m sure when they are taller yes it will but I have been out many time with the sun in all directions and the sun still seems to beam on my ray of sunshine.I do NOt like that the push handle is plastic, come on Joovy you could of put some foam over it.The “reflector” on the canopy don’t really reflect or help at night. I’m probably gonna buy a light to put on it.-PROS-This may not be a all terrain but compare to my ****** stroller i’m amazed at how well this one is. At first I thought it was why they made they handles the way they did so you wouldn’t feel the rattle or jilt if you were to go over a bump on the sidewalk but then I held onto the frame and I was impressed, it’s fairly smooth. Goes over dirt nicely to so far so good, however I wouldn’t reccomend doing this on a daily basis since it’s not a true terrain you could messed up the wheels.LOVE the size of the basket it bigger then my full size stroller and yet it compact.I like that it has storage pockets in the inside of where the child seats, I’m able to put a sippy cup in one pocket and toys in the other.Parents pouch is a nice size, I can fit small wallet, keys, chapstick, a bag of puffs, a diaper /small bag of wipes fine.The parent cup holder is a little flimsy however I haven’t had any problem with it…yet. I’m just happy they added one. I need my water too.One foot brake system is nice, I’ve read some reviews about those who hit it, i’m 5’4 and haven’t had a problem.I really like the adjustable foot rest but this to seems a little fislmy and that overtime it might break but so far so good.-UNSURE-When the front wheels are locked, they ARE locked. I stress this because I h’ve had other strollers in the past that still allow some roomto turn slightly if your trying to turn across the street or store asile. Not sure if this is a con or pro so i’m leaving it as unsureOverall, I like it as the 2nd best from my stroller collections. I’m glad they lowered the price because I don’t think it should be more the $89.99

Samantha Troy, IN

Great for 3x the price

Great stroller, great fit and finish, good canopy, good strength, perfectly fine handle bars. We traded out our Baby Jogger City Mini for this, and this was about half the price. So glad we did!My favorite things:1. The basket is enormous. We live in NYC and just went to whole foods and bought 200$ worth of groceries, about four bags and a giant bottle of water. Two bags plus the water fit underneath, the two others hung off the handle bars, and the whole thing still pushed like a champ. Awesome.2. It actually fits down the narrow aisles in the check out lanes in NYC grocery stores (unlike the City Mini)3. In full recline, you can fit a pretty huge shopping basket in the stroller seat if your kid decides he doesn’t want to be in there anymore, even with the bumper bar attached.4. The bumper bar makes this thing the perfect subway stroller. I can go up and down the stairs no problem just grabbing onto the handlebar with one hand and the bar with the other. My kid is HEAVY, and the bar is so firmly attached that we have never had any reason to be concerned.My least favorite thing:It doesn’t turn very well when going one-handed. The City Mini is great for that with its single front wheel, but the double set on the Joovy means it won’t turn when loaded at low speed without a huge amount of effort (like putting my hip on the thing and pushing hard). So it is pretty hard to maneuver when my son decides he doesn’t want to be in there anymore.

Miriam Geneva, IL

Pretty great but not perfect… update after use

Pros:- large canopy with peek-a-boo window that has a cover! Very important ;)- great storage between the large basket, zipper pouch, inside pockets for your little one and cup holder that doesn’t stick out the side like most. Love!- I do really like the color. It’s very orange, but I like fun, bright color options.- easy to push, great height for a lighter stroller (not super light- but great for what it is).- pretty easy to put together and I did it on my own easily.- good price compared to other strollers of similar quality/functionality.- really like having the belly bar. My daughter loves to push on it with her feet when leaned back and I like being able to drape a light cover over it to protect her legs from the sun (instead of having to cover the entire stroller like the chicco we initially had).Cons:- This was a big disappointment to me and I might have kept looking had I known… but it’s a manual recline. No lever to pull and easily adjust like the Chicco liteway- you have to pull the cord to release. YES, it releases very easy, but in order to push it back up, you need to use 2 hands to pull the cords away from each other. Not always so easy to do with a kiddo pushing against the seat! BUT, I will say it’s much easier than the jogger we have- that one is HORRIBLE to push up and down and this one seems to glide pretty easy.- you have to have the seat fully reclined to completely fold the stroller. NOT OK. It’s not a huge deal- but then you also have to pull the levers every time you open it up again. Just a pain and so easily fixed if Joovy had taken the time. The chicco liteway, although lacking in more area’s, has a GREAT super easy recline with the pull of a lever and just push up with your hand to sit back up. Easy peasy!- I don’t like that I have to use 2 hands to fold the stroller. I guess I missed that part of the description. Again, another bummer…Addressing other review issues:- I’m not sure why others would have a problem with the height, I’m 5′ 7″ and the stroller is plenty tall. When I put my hands on the handles they are level with the floor and waste height. I don’t need to bend at all. It seems it would work for someone even taller than me just fine.- Yes, the canopy is wrinkled- maybe the black hides it better? The orange does not, but it’s a $100 stroller so I don’t expect the material quality to be AS good as say my GuGu 102. Not a big issue for me, but I can see how it would be annoying to someone.Overall- there are many things I really like, and some I really dislike about this stroller off the bat. I’m not 100% convinced I’ll keep it- but not sure I’ll find anything better in the same price range. I already have a very nice Guzzie & Guss full size stroller I absolutely LOVE for longer day trips and runs around the neighborhood. So this is just a lighter stroller for around town and small trips. So my expectations maybe shouldn’t be as high? ;)If Joovy ever fixes the issue with the seat recline and fold- it would for SURE be 5 stars all the way! I would recommend an easy recline feature where it takes a simple pull of a lever to recline, then push of the hand to move back into position (like the Chicco Liteway)- and then tbh, reclining the seat to fold wouldn’t be AS big an issue. But if the fold could be one handed instead of 2? Perfection!UPDATE (after some use):Obviously I decided to keep the stroller- cause A) I really do love the color and canopy and how compact it is but how much storage it has. SO- after some daily use for a good several days with days trips and short trips to the mall and some good walking I’ve updated a couple of my concerns and addressed some others.Handle bars- still like the shape and height- BUT- I can see how the texture of the grip could be irritating. I didn’t have much issue- but enough that I bought some tennis racket tape (the kind with a bit of padding)- and had my hubby wrap them up and WHAM! perfect 🙂 They are way more comfy now and totally smooth but still grips well and I got the black tape so you can barely tell the different. Looks pretty nice actually.Fold/Recline- I initially thought this would be a bigger problem for me than it has been. But, really- it’s not that big of a deal. It folds fairly easy- and I do have to bend over to fold it up and then lift it into the SUV- but the other umbrella style fold on the Chicco Liteway is more complicated- whatever, it’s not a deal breaker. I still don’t enjoy having to lay the seat flat first- but, again, not a huge deal and just a second of time as it does pull down quick/easy. If you have back issues though- I would NOT recommend this stroller just for the fact that you have to bend down to fold, and re-adjust the seat back up every time you unfold it. Again, not hard, even with my LO in the seat I could do it easily- but, she’s only 10mos.I’m sticking with my 4star review because of the positives.

Angel Grindstone, PA

I take it every where.

Easy to fold, not to heavy, my son loves it, I love it too. The basket is big enough to fit all of my things and is very trendy. I have had so many compliments.

Kaitlyn Emblem, WY