Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Greenie

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Greenie

The Joovy scooter X2 is designed to fill a giant hole in the double stroller market which is a lightweight, “fit through any door”, side by side stroller that has more room for big American kids. The width of the stroller is 30″, no more folding the stroller to get inside. The wheels have sealed bearings so pushing two kids totaling 90 pounds is easier than you could imagine, and the double front wheels make the stroller super stable. This is especially important if your kids climb in and out of the stroller by themselves and we have included a removable bumper bar to eliminate this possibility too. The basket is bigger than any stroller basket on the market period. The canopy is bigger than any other stroller on the market too. Each seat is fully adjustable, independently of the other, and each has its own in seat mesh pocket and adjustable 5 point harness. You will love the one hand recline system that locks into an infinite number of positions and all the way down to for a “near flat” napping position. We have also included two cup holders for the parents and two zippered pockets for phones, wallets, snacks, etc. The one hand fold takes seconds. The scooter X2 gives you the features you demand, the fashion you expect and the quality Joovy is known for all at a reasonable price.

Main features

  • Measures 30″ wide and fits through any door and it fits two 45 pounds children
  • Recline each seat and adjust each footrest independently of each other
  • Features one hand fold, huge basket, canopy and a removable bumper bar
  • Wheels have sealed bearings making it easy to push
  • Includes two cup holders for parents and two zippered pockets for phones, wallets, snacks, and more

Verified reviews


An overpriced umbrella stroller…..

I really wanted to love this stroller as it could have been perfect for my boys but it just didn’t do it for me…Pros:-easy to assemble…I did it myself while 9 months pregnant-the basket underneath is can store a ton down there!-did fit through any doors I triedCons:-wheels are terrible, I was always fighting to get over even the slightest crack in sidewalk-not steady, I worried it would tip over, it never did but I NEVER took my hands off of it while the babies were in-flimsy frame-worthless sun shade, it looks amazing but I found that no matter what it was never actually blocking sun-no lock to hold it folded plus it slams down scuffing up the bar and shade.-steering is a nightmare….never plan on talking on the phone or sipping a water bottle while pushing this monsterOverall I was not pleased at all with this stroller, at over two hundred dollars I expected more, would have been better off buying the double handle one no name one that is less than half the price.I ended up buying a baby jogger city mini double and absolutely love it, pricey but worth every penny!

Nell Kahului, HI

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller!!!

I searched forever looking for a double stroller that would hold my infant daughter(and her carseat- Graco snugride) and my two year old son (that wasn’t crazy expensive) and this was perfect. The carseat fit great and there is TONS of storage underneath. Easy for my two year old to get in and out of, as well. It is very lightweight and easy to steer. It doesn’t fold up as nice as some of the other strollers because it folds backwards, so it is boxy when folded but it is totally worth it.Also, it doesn’t have a tray for food and sippy cups up front, but it does have pockets to hold cups inside the individual seats. I thought this may be a problem but it’s really not. LOVE this stroller!

Jane Black Diamond, WA


We use this stroller for our five year old and two year old. It is SO much easier to push than our sit and stand. It fits through most standards doorways, steers well and you can’t beat the huge basket underneath. The sunshade also extends down more than other strollers we’ve had. Highly recommend.

Kathy Marion Station, MD

Very Pleased With This Stroller!

After spending hours researching double strollers online I bought the Joovy X2 Double Stroller. I am very, very happy with my purchase. I had been struggling with a beast of a double tandem stoller, which was useful when my youngest was still in an infant carseat which could be placed directly into the stroller. The double tandem stroller was also very heavy, but it did have lots of storage space. For my next double stroller, I knew I wanted something lighter and easier to steer, and also ample storage space. I also didn’t want to spend alot! The Joovy X2 Double Stroller met and surpassed all my criteria. My 2 1/2 year old and seven month old love riding in it, and they both seem to be very comfortable.PROS:Seats are roomy, and they also have little net storage pockets inside the seats which fit snacks, toys, pacifiers and even a kid-size water bottle.Seatbelts are easy to use, yet keep the children secure.Both seats can fully recline, my little one can nap comfortably while my toddler sits up.The sunshade is incredible; I have never seen such a large sunshade on any stroller. It also has a peek-a-boo window on top so you can easily see your little ones when the shade is fully extended.The breaking bar is also one of the best features, it is easy to use and very secure when engaged.The storage space is fantastic, even with a diaper bag, lunch bag, toys and my purse, there is room to spare. And the items are easy to get to, there is enough room so you don’t have to pile the bags on top of each other.Very, very easy to steer, even with one hand. I can push this stroller and walk our two dogs at the same time with no problems.CONS: None! (Just a few comments)The bumper bar was kind of weird at first, I didn’t understand the purpose of it initially, and I used the stroller without it. Then I tried it and my son loved resting his hands (and feet!) on it, so we kept it on. It makes the kids seem a little more secure and protected when it is on.If you have two kids with a big weight difference, you may feel it when pushing the stroller (it’s just physics!). It pulls ever so slightly to the heavier side, but as stated above, you can still push it with one hand.Many reviewers have said they wished there was a food tray or cup holder attachment, but I think it would make the stroller less streamlined than it is designed to be. The little net seat pockets work fine for snacks or little water bottles.Closing the stroller is a little different also; you have to press the button and turn the handle a lot further than you expect for the stroller to collapse. The seats also need to be fully reclined for optimum closing. It is not at all difficult, just different at first. And the seats recline in a snap, so it is very easy.The price cannot be beat, the material is durable and the stoller is well made.Overall, I am very, very happy with this stroller and would highly recommend it!

Patrica Swea City, IA

I wanted to love this stroller, but didn’t

After reading all the awesome reviews, I drove an hour to Buy Buy Baby to try out this stroller. We are preparing for our first trip to Disney and I have been looking for something to replace our tandem stroller. I have two children, DS5 (45 lbs, 42") and DD3 (33 lbs, 39"). I have been searching for something that would accommodate my older children on long days at Disney. Here is a list of reasons why I did not buy this stroller:-My son was too tall for this stroller. His head literally hit the top of this stroller. It looked horribly uncomfortable.-When both of my kids were in this stroller, it was almost impossible to turn. Pushing it around the store was a serious chore, and I’m used to pushing a tandem!-The "huge sun shade" came down so low, neither of my kids could see anything when it was pulled down.-The parent cupholders are fabric pockets on the back of the stroller. There is no tray on the handle (I knew this going in). I experimented using the cupholder with a McDonald’s medium beverage I had with me- the top of the cup was stuck between the handle and the stroller. It was very awkward and I didn’t like it.- The storage basket did not impress me. I put my purse in it and it took up one whole side. It wouldn’t have been a deal breaker, but I was expecting massive storage and it didn’t deliver.-The mesh bags inside the seats intended for kid’s drinks/snacks didn’t seem like they could hold anything (like a cup) without pressing uncomfortably into my children’s sides. Again, not major and could be fixed with something aftermarket, but worth mentioning.I did not buy this stroller. I was extremely disappointed because I thought I had found the solution, but it didn’t work at all. When I could barely push this stroller with both kids in it, I knew it wasn’t "the one".If you have the money, buy a city mini GT double. I didn’t want to spend that much on a stroller that won’t get much use since my son is really too old to regularly use one. I ended up finding the babytrend expedition double jogger and I think it’s going to work perfectly for us.

Opal Model City, NY

Great stroller

We bought this stroller two months ago. We have been using it for a toddler and an infant, less than 3 months old. So far it has been a lifesaver. This stroller is 30" wide and fits through almost any doorway we’ve tried. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that doorways be 32", so if you’re out in public, it’s almost guaranteed to fit through the doors of stores, churchs, restaurants, and other businesses. Older buildings that are grandfathered in and many private residental homes may be a different story, but it fits through our front door so we always take it out that way.Pros:Very well built – sturdy construction and nice strong fabricEasy to fold and unfoldSteers well, even on cleanly cropped grassGreat canopy – even fully reclined infant has his face shaded no matter the time of dayBasket is easily accessible if at least one seat is in an up positionConsWish it came in more colors – we bought black but a deep blue or purple would have been nice tooHeavy – but I, a 120 lb woman, can lift or carry without problems for short distancesPadding on the straps was much too thick for our infant but it is removable so we just took it offFoot rest area doesn’t seem to lock in place like it says in the manual.Overall, great purchase. We would definitely recommend.

Sydney Slocum, RI

Liked it so much, bought the single too

We bought this for our babysitter who also has a daughter. We liked it so much we bought the single, even though we already had the City Mini. See my review over there for everything I like about it. It’s great, and yes it does fit out the doorway of our house, but it doesn’t fit through every doorway in our apt, nor every doorway in every store I might like to go to. And it folds terribly, but I don’t care about that. My wife thinks its impossible to wield in NYC winds, but I think that would be true of any double stroller. It is definitely heavy, but that’s because it is well built IMO. Baby sitter has never complained, she uses it all the time with our two kids.

Shirley Lyon, MS

This is the best double stroller we found!

In this price range and for our purposes, we found this to be the best stroller and after a few uses, very very happy with the Joovy double stroller. The storage space at the bottom (priceless!) and ease of steering are the best features of this stroller! We also have experience with the Sit and Stand (HATED!) and the Bob Revolution Double Stroller (we walk/jog to park nearly 4x week), which was worth the money. For this purchase, we were looking for a smaller footprint double stroller that could be used mostly indoors and didn’t have the footprint of a jogging stroller. I almosted purchased the Graco Twin IPO stroller, but so glad I purchased this instead.Here is what we like:Easy to Handle / SteerHuge storage basketSeat room is good & fits large & small children well so we have many years of useSeat divider is goodFits thru doorwaysLarge canopy. we purchased for mainly indoor use, but liked the fact that this was standard option and couldn’t hurt to have.Adult Cup holders (adding these attachments adds to cost of stroller)Here are the cons:Don’t care for fold (as noted by others, you have to recline the seats which is annoying)Air filled tires should be an upgrade or come standardDon’t have a lot of confidence in wheels lasting a long time, but we’ll see.Although we still prefer the BOB for outdoor use and long walks, this Joovy was a great purchase for handling 2 of our 3 children on outings and a stroller we can use for several years. I don’t believe there is any stroller that does it all, but between the BOB for our very active outdoor lifestyle and this JOOVY stroller for every day use, we have it covered!!

Vonda Jenkins, KY

It has its strong points

Let me start by saying that I only owned this stroller for a brief period before deciding that the city mini gt double was a better fit for our family. However, in the short time that we used this stroller I liked it overall and it does have its strong points.As many reviewers have noted, the canopy is huge. This appealed to me as I was transitioning my children to forward facing in the stroller. I could have the canopy pretty low as they adjusted to this new view and then open it up more as they became more comfortable with it. I adore the ability to adjust the footrest and have it serve as barrier to keep your little ones inside, particularly if they are small or fully reclined and napping. Easy access to the storage basket is a must and this stroller has it. I had a tandem double stroller where the basket was blocked when the rear seat was reclined and that quickly became a pain. The peek a boo window is huge as well and I could easily see both children. It is easy to fold but you can collapse it even further than when you just snap the hook in place. My son loved to put his feet up on the bumper bar and I loved using the bar to wheel the stroller after folding it up. The stroller for the most part was easy to push but as many other reviewers have noted, the wheels can be hit or miss. Some days I had no problems and other days it was a struggle to turn it. I never experienced the strollers locking themselves, the front wheels just seemed to want to go in different directions when I was attempting to turn. Overall I would recommend this stroller as I think its pros far outweigh the cons. For the price it really is a good stroller. Again if we hadn’t found the city mini at a near similar price then this would still be our go to stroller. My one suggestion to joovy is to improve the wheels on this stroller and then it would be 5 stars.

Samantha Ben Hur, VA

Decent stroller

The stroller seemed great at first. We got a decent deal with an open box item, it’s no baby jogger. I had written another review thinking it was better than it was. It’s kind of cumbersome, heavy, awkward to fold (must recline both seats before folding and then it slams to the ground. We have a 3yr old and 15 month old it’s very hard to turn with both of them in. Definitely a two handed operation. I would say please don’t spend full price on this you will regret it.

Lula Georgetown, ME

Very happy with this purchase

I’ve had this several months now, and I’d been researching double strollers for my twins for over a year. They are now almost a year old. (We started in a double Snap N Go, which I LOVED, but my babies are too big for that now.) I like this stroller even better than I thought I would for my purposes. We live “in town” in a walkable neighborhood, so we are on foot to park, pool, library and grocery store. This thing is so perfect for that! It’s even fine with the mild off-roading we do through the park. Best of all, it’s slim profile allows me to take it anywhere! It gets in the family/wheelchair access bathroom stalls just fine, of course. But I’ve also taken it through crowded dollar stores with small aisles and boxes everywhere. Today I got through a crowded little garden center just fine. We have not yet encountered a doorway we couldn’t pass through. I have this in the “Greenie” color and have had several moms stop me and tell me they love the color. I picked it cause we have HOT summers, and I was afraid the black would be too hot for the babies. So far, the green is nice and cool, but it’s still early in the season. It does show food smears though, but they wipe off.The steering is fine, not awesome, but fine. It’s mostly two-handed steering, but it’s better than our old single Combi was. Not as awesome as a Bob, of course, but this is more of a city cruiser, and it’s fine for that. You do have to make sure the front wheels aren’t locked though. Sometimes that lock gets switched on during handling. It doesn’t work well at all with the front wheels fixed.It’s not perfect, but the downsides are minor to me compared to the advantages. We had a slight squeak in a wheel after maybe 8 weeks or so of solid use, but it went right away with a bit of WD-40.Oh, and the folding thing. You’ll get the hang of starting to fold it then pulling the whole thing up to a vertical position to close the rest of the way to avoid getting the bumper bar all dirty. Awkward the first few times. Again, not awesome, but for the price and size, I’m OK with that. AND you have to make sure the seats are fully reclined to fold it. It’s not that big a deal.And the big clincher for me: that big-ass basket. I couldn’t function well without that. Big beach bag, waterproof blanket, rain gear, a few groceries, and you’d still have some more room. I don’t think any of the other doubles have that feature. Sealed the deal for me.Pros:Narrow profile fits almost anywhereBig basketDecent steeringSturdyPriceWeightExtra pocketsGreat customer service (a human will answer and talk to you in a pleasant manner)Side by side design fun for the twinsFolds up nice and small and quicklyCons:Just average steerabilityAwkward folding moves required (until you get used to it)

Justina Bunch, OK

Great daily stroller

We really like this stroller. We used it from birth with my second child, with a 2-year-old in the other side. We did add a Kiddopotamus Snuzzler for the baby.Pros:+ Smooth roll+ Huge bottom basket. I used it for grocery shopping.+ Easy fold (see cons for some problems with the fold).+ Big canopy.+ Full recline on both seats.+ Turns on a dime.+ Zipper pockets for keys, phone, etc.+ I used it for a stroller fitness class at 6 weeks post-partum. It did well with brisk walking. Once I started seriously running again, it was too slow.+ Fits through standard doorways.+ Relatively light (compared to my double jogger, say).+ Even fully loaded with 2 kids + groceries, easy to tilt up front wheels to go over curbs.Cons:- Fold drops stroller onto roll bar and kickplate, meaning scratched kickplate and stained roll bar.- Wheels look “used” quickly.- Canopy doesn’t detach at the top, meaning sun is still in kids’ eyes if walking late/early in the day.- Don’t really like the color choices. Lime Green shows stains very easily; Black is too hot for SW Florida.

Myrtle Meyers Chuck, AK

Fit the bill

I was researching for a double stroller for about 2 months. I wanted to make sure that I purchased the right stroller especially since I was planning on paying about $200 (my budget). The stroller had to accommodate my 2 1/2 YO and newborn. Plus, it couldn’t be that heavy or hard to fold as my 67 YO mother would be the primary user of the stroller AND have lots of storage (a must). I debated between the sit and stand by joovy (both regular and ultralight), baby trend or kolcraft contour. I was leaning towards a double stroller that was not side by side and it appeared to be easier to maneuver, but then realized that the joovy, baby trend and contour didn’t fit the bill as my toddler still likes to take naps and needed a seat that had more of a full recline. Not to mention the near full recline comes in handy when you need to change diapers because if you are like me I do not like to utilize the public changing stations. So I searched side by side double strollers and debated between the joovy scooter x2 or the combi. The combi was much lighter, had a near full recline and folded to the size of a single stroller, but had a near nothing sun shade, which meant that I would have to purchase an 2 additional sun shade as the sun shades on the combi were individual to each seat and the storage was so little (could only fit a small purchase, no joke). I wanted to test the joovy scooter x2, however, stores near me didn’t have it on display, so I took a chance and purchased it on amazon with the guarantee of free returns if it didn’t fit my needs.I am happy with this purchase. It is about 25 lbs, not the lightest, but not that heavy that my mother couldn’t carry. You are able to move/push this stroller with one had (with both children in it). It has a near full recline, making it easy to change diapers or for my toddler to sleep more than an hour. It doesn’t have the standard cup holders, but ones that are build in the seat. Not a problem for us. Folds easy, by squeezing and twisting forward. Make sure to fold slowly as it will slam to the floor and can dirty the fabric (if you purchased a light color). The best part is the storage is huge. I can fit our large diaper bag, plus 2 sweaters under one sit and 3 recycle grocery bags, plus 2 blankets under the other one.Took this to disneyland and it did great. The only thing it that it doesn’t accommodate a car seat, but the other benefits out way the one con. Great Buy!

Freda Finchville, KY

Great stroller for twins!

I really love my new stroller! The bottom section holds a ton of stuff and the stroller is easy to drive given its size. It is heavy to take in and out of my minivan, but I don’t mind that having had flimsy strollers in the past.

Lucy Shedd, OR

Love it

I bought this early as I am not due with our 2nd child till January. However, I have used it a couple of times with our son. Once to test it out and another because our single stroller is in my husband’s car. It rolled smooth and my 3ft tall almost 2 year old seems to have a decent amount of room. He is able to climb in and out of it with no problems, so if he decides he wants to walk we can just let him out (and vice versa). The color is great, the basket on the bottom is a good size and it has a lot of pockets. It will be great next summer when we take our boys to the zoo or garden. I did notice on one of my walks that I had to pop a wheelie to get it over a 3/4 inch sidewalk pump, but that isn’t a big deal for me. (Though it might be for someone else.)*Update 3March14: While I still like this stroller a lot, it gets downgraded to just okay. I live in NM and we have these sticky thorn things that get in your shoes and tires. Obviously, the wheels collected these as we walked to the drug store nearby. Once we were in the store the front tires would not grip the floor to actually roll because of these sticker things. To be honest, there was not as much on them that could be and I don’t see how the front tires wouldn’t roll with it. Our 100 dollar stroller front wheel never stopped rolling on the floor of a store no matter how many sticker things was in it.

Erma Centerburg, OH

Love It!

So far, this is a great product. So easy to maneuver and open and close, and I love the large underneath basket. I love the style and turning radius…and it has fit in the stores pretty well as well. It is small for most of the other side-by-sides. The price is much better than most of the other strollers of its kind. It is probably even narrower than the other front to back ones are long. Plus my tall 2.5 year old shouldn’t grow out of it anytime soon…many of the others (especially the ones front to back) he would have been too tall for in less than a year. I did a lot of research before I decided on this, and I’m very happy so far.

Maura Demorest, GA

Great stroller for the money.

My husband has decided this stroller needs bigger wheels to navigate smoother but I think most of the difficulty in maneuvering is from having 15lbs on one side and 47 on the other. Lots of storage underneath and in pockets and I love the big sunshade! Worth the money.

Roxie Brookland, AR