Joovy Spoon Walker, Greenie

Joovy Spoon Walker, Greenie

Walker meets highchair. The spoon walker combines these two essential products into one to provide the perfect balance of eating, playing and learning to walk. Practical and good looking, the spoon will blend perfectly into your kitchen and home decor. For meal and snack time, the spoon comes with a super sized tray that has a removable insert that can be wiped clean or put in the dishwasher for convenience. Once mealtime is over, there is lots of room for play. The extra large tray has plenty of room for all your child’s favorite toys. The bright white color and high gloss finish give the spoon premium styling that cleans up easily. As your child learns to master walking, you will feel confident using the spoon with its ultra wide base that provides unparalleled strength, stability, mobility and safety. The wide base ensures that little fingers won’t get pinched on the side of the tray if your toddler bumps into a wall. The seat pad is supportive and comfortable, machine washable, and is made with 600D material combining luggage grade toughness with a soft and padded high seat back.

Main features

  • Super sized tray with removable insert, insert is dishwasher safe
  • Wide base ensures that little fingers won’t get p”ed
  • Seat pad is supportive and comfortable, machine washable
  • Three height positions, oversized wheels and non slip stair pads
  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel; BPA, PVC and Phthalate free

Verified reviews


Talk to your pediatrician before you order….

Our pediatrician told us to return this item due to the item being a danger to our child and bad for his physical development.

Maryellen Scobey, MS

Not for tall infants…

I really wanted to love this walker as it was exactly what I was looking for: a stable/solid, no frills, basic walker with a wide tray and a “higher” weight limit.But alas this walker was too short for my 9month old son. It does have three height settings and is supposed to be able to accommodate a child up to a max of 33.25″ or 33.5″ (I can’t remember which) but the seat is very deep so when I put my son, who is only 30.25″, into the walker he sinks down too low and ends up in a low crouching position. I guess it would work if he was able to stand, which he can’t do yet, but then that defeats the purpose of the seat as his bottom doesn’t touch the bottom of the seat when he’s standing? (I’m assuming that the child is supposed to be somewhat seated and standing at the same time thus aiding him in learning to walk). I also noticed that he was having a hard time getting it to move (but that may have been because it was too low for him).I ended up purchasing the Chicco Lil Driver walker instead from a local baby store. The weight limit is lower but it still has the three height positions and the seat is a lot more shallow so my son fits it better. It does have toys on the tray but it can be removed. And as soon as I put my son in the Chicco walker he took off chasing the dogs. And if baby’s happy, mama’s happy too :)**On a side note, I just realized that I never looked to see if the seat depth could be shortened. If you’re on the fence about whether or not your child would fit this walker, I would call Joovy first to ask about the seat.

Terra Reedsport, OR

The reviews don’t lie

Far exceeded my expectations! The reviews for this product don’t lie. It was SUPER simple to put together. It’s a solid walker. And the tray space is HUGE and fairly deep. I love the guard rails at the bottom, and how there is plenty of space for little feet to wiggle around. My ONLY complaint is that the wheels are a little stiff which makes it difficult for my son to turn it around on his own. More than likely this will fix itself as he develops more strength to move around though, so I’m not upset about it.Highly recommend this!EDIT: I’ve come back, a few days after my original review, to add a few cons concerning this product. While I still find the walker to be a fantatstic purchase, and one that I will still recommended to parents, there are just a few things I’d like to warn other parents about.The height is kind of awkward to adjust and you can’t do it with the baby in the walker.As far as I’m aware, there isn’t a lock to keep the walker compact, which makes it a little awkward to take with you/carry.Due to sitting upright/lots of activity, your little one may have some seriously narly blow outs in this thing. Unfortunately, the seat is a royal-B to put together. There are these plastic ties you slip through a plastic hole in order to secure the back of the seat. They come out just fine, but getting them into the hole can sometimes take a minute.Overall, my son loves it and I love it. We just have these few issues with the walker, and honestly, they’re not even that bad. A piece of velcro or simply not taking it anywhere would solve most of my problems 😀

Dawn Lodi, TX

A Simple But Solid Walker

I got scolded by my daughter for even suggesting a walker for my grandson. “Haven’t you read Consumer Reports?” she asked. Apparently walkers pose a safety hazard. I agree if baby is left unattended, but I know my daughter, and she watches baby like a hawk. I also remember the fun our children had in their walkers, and the little bit of freedom it allowed parents who need to get some things done in a day.The only problem is today’s walkers are pieces of junk. They’re not well-made and are full of electronics or paraphernalia littering the tray. I didn’t blame my daughter for having reservations, but I knew if she had the right walker, she’d change her mind about their usefulness and safety. That’s why I bought a Joovy Spoon.Everything about this walker is nice. I love its simple design with just a splash of color in the seat, which is machine-washable and made of heavy-duty (yet comfortable) material. The tray is extra-big and removable for easy cleaning. The base is very wide which provides added strength and stability. It easily folds up for travel or storage. The Spoon meets or exceeds all government standards in compliance and stair safety, but common sense dictates parents should also use a gate to keep stairs out of reach.I was sold on this walker’s features, and bought one hoping my daughter would see the light. They visited and just as I thought, my daughter was less than thrilled. That is, until she saw how much our 5 1/2 month grandson loves being in it. Or how easy it is to feed him there. We have low-pile carpeting in our kitchen, and baby’s feet just touch the floor in the first position (there are three height levels). My daughter was amazed at his contentedness in this walker and my ability to get dinner on the table simultaneously, yet the whole time baby was well supervised.Because of my daughter’s reluctance to have one of these contraptions at her house, I offered to keep the Spoon at mine for when they visit us. You guessed it, after that initial visit she completely changed her mind and took the Joovy Spoon back home with her that day. She now sheepishly admits it is one of the most useful baby products she has ever owned, especially in their kitchen which has hardwood floors. This may be an expensive walker, but to me it is worth every penny.

Willa Aurora, OH

Not for taller infants

I purchased this walker when my daughter was 5 1/2 months old. She is on the 75th percentile for height. At first we loved it. My daughter was able to turn, back up, etc easily. Now she is 7 months and 28inches tall. At the highest level, her knees are bent and we can no longer use it. For a $80 walker, I expected to use it a lot longer. Another down side to this walker is that the tray is way too wide. If you live in tight quarter, this is not the walker for your child.

Nellie Westphalia, IA

Love, Love, Love this Walker!!

After searching for walkers and reading countless reviews I chose this walker even though it was quite a bit pricier than others with high reviews.Reasons I LOVE this product :==> It takes up little space once you fold it up (very simple and easy process to simply fold it down and either place against wall or put in closet). It goes quite flat so it’s easy to store.==> 2 uses in my home – a walker AND it’s where he eats his solids. The tray actually pops out for super simple cleaning and if things go really bad (my son just started eating solids so they go every where) the seat comes off and can be machine washed. I was worried if I washed the seat too often it would fall apart but so far after 6 washes it’s the same as when i bought it. Admittedly, removing and reinstalling the seat cushion is no where as simple as the folding function, but I will say I feel very comfortable that is is quite sturdy when installed to hold my son which is obviously quite important.==> The table top is large so I can put all of his favorite toys, teethers, etc on the tray where the other walkers didn’t have this option and you were limited. He changes his toy preference almost daily so this has been a huge benefit to keep him happy.I have no cons on this product except it’s a bit pricey – however worth every penny!

Alba Glover, VT

Great Walker, but needs more quality control

After reading the positive reviews and getting feedback answers to my questions from reviewers, I decided to order the Joovy Spoon Walker. Even though the reviews stated it was a large walker, when I received it I was still surprised at how large it really was which wasn’t a problem because I do have the space for it. I ordered it in purple which is a deep, rich purple that could be used for a boy or a girl. The large tray is ideal for holding different toys each day. I love the removable plastic tray which is easy to clean, but more importantly suction toys adhere to it and don’t come off easily even with a teething baby pulling on the toys. The seat is very padded and comfortable supporting the baby. The front part of the seat was very easy to install, but the back is another story. There are five plastic straps with clips on them. Getting the strap through the slot is not too difficult, but inserting the strap and the clip at the same time is a little more difficult and once you get both through the slot you have to twist the clip so it lies flat which secures the seat to the walker. This walker has three positions, but it is a guessing game trying to find the three positions because I never could find any mark showing the positions. The front wheels are very easy to pop into place. It is the back wheels that I have a problem with. These wheels are riveted on. One of my wheels spun easily like it should, but the other wheel wouldn’t turn. Called Joovy Customer Service and I must say all the representatives are wonderful. I spoke with four of them over the course of several days. I told the first woman I talked to about my wheel problem and she gave my husband the OK to spray the wheel with silicone. It helped loosen the wheel some, but the walker had a tendency to want to go in a circle. Later I talked to a man and told him about the wheel still giving me trouble and that my husband said the wheel was riveted on too tight. My walker was also not level. One side was 1/4″ lower than the other side. It was very noticeable when folded flat. He said he would send me out another walker. I requested that the walker be inspected first to be sure the wheels spun correctly and it was level. He said he woud make a notation about it. The new walker that came in was level, but the walker was not inspected as requested because this time both wheels wouldn’t spin easily. My husband again sprayed with silicone. The wheels do not move as easily as they should, but this walker was better than the first walker I received. This would be a great walker if all wheels snapped on. If there is a problem with a snap on wheel it could easily be replaced. If something goes wrong with a permanently attached riveted wheel you might have a walker that is no longer useable. Evidently, the riveted wheels are not inspected closely enough which is really a shame. If you are lucky enough to get a walker with the back wheels spinning correctly you will be very satisfied with this walker. If you get a walker like the two that I received with wheels that have trouble turning, you and your baby will be a little disappointed and frustrated with your walker.

Rochelle Storrie, CA

It’s high quality, but I wouldn’t know much more as my son hardly uses it.

My son is slower to hit his milestones so I wanted a high quality walker as I thought we may be using it for a year or more. Love the removable tray. The color I have is sweet. It’s easy to adjust, etc. the tray Is massive. Larger than our highchair tray. Much larger. So it can’t even go far or fit many places. We only even use it if we are in our unfinished basement or garage. Hard floors, tons of open space? I recommend it. Otherwise, try a small tray version.

Ina Mililani, HI

Joovy walker

There’s a lot to like about this walker and it’s written in the description and other reviews. The best things I like about the walker is that it has a clean look to it. I have not used it for feeding my granddaughter but it looks like it will be easy to clean after doing so. The walked does fold—rather compactly for a walker, but I haven’t found it to lock shut and I have pinched my fingers while carrying it to put it away. I’m able to change all the toys on the walker for her so she doesn’t get bored with looking at the same things.

Amanda Wray, CO

Baby loves it!

I wish we had more floor space for her to cruise around on it. She is so happy playing independently in it and scooting around. She is 6 months old and I am afraid she is going to grow out of it too soon. I love the clean line of it and she gets to play with whatever toys we have around. She loves throwing toys from her standing/walking position.

Marianne Vail, CO

Joovy Spoon Walker – charcoal ROCKS!

Where do I even begin this review! My husband and I absolutely love this walker! We love modern everything, and so design wise this walker was totally in our taste. Simple, no bells and whistles, great color (we got the charcoal seat)! What I wanted badly in a walker is 1)safety, and 2)functionality. The Joovy Sppon Walker has been very safe, glides beautifully and has never tipped or collapsed or anything of that sort. As for its functionality, the large tray is AMAZING! I hate the walkers that come with pre-attached toys on them…how long can you stare at the same darn toys in front of your face?! This large tray allows you to put variety of toys on it for your baby to play with, and if she happens to get tired of them you always have the option of placing something else on the tray to grab her attention. She love when we give her books on the tray that she can flip through or we’ve put some finger foods on the tray for her, which she also loves. This walker is very well made with nice clean lines. I don’t like to leave my baby in the walker for prolonged periods of time anyway (or unattended), because I realize the importance of her learning to crawl, pull herself up, etc., but for the 10-15 minutes when I need time to myself or I am preparing something for her, it is so nice to have another option where my daughter is safe and can entertain herself for a while. Worth every penny!

Jodie Geneseo, NY

great little walker; simple and safe!

I love this walker for a few reasons: one. it’s really wide, lot’s of room in the front as well as sides. my baby’s hand does reach the edge of the sides a little but no way in the front. This means he can’t reach for stuff in front of him which means less accidents. AND its large tray can hold a lot of toys!!two, I don’t know about other walkers since I have no experience with them but this one has an ‘edge’ or bumper on the bottom which is great because it stops the walker from going over even the smallest of ledge or edge. In my case my 9 month old cannot get near the fireplace which is surrounded by tile and wood edge.three, this walker feels and looks sturdy. It’s not heavy at all just well made, I think. It definitely is not flimsy like how other walkers look. The wheels on this is nice and strong too.Overall I’d recommend this walker. It’s a little pricey compare to others but I think it’s worth the money.UPDATE: We’ve had this walker for almost 5 months now and with many bumps and crashes the walker is A okay! I hear a lot about how a walker is bad for a child to learn walking on but for us it was ok. I used it mostly to keep my boy safe while I had to do something and he didn’t want to be ‘trapped’ in his play pen. It kept him mobile and visible which meant he didn’t mind being left alone for just a little bit. He walks fine now!

Nola Lyons, NJ

Must Have For Baby!

This is a great walker!! After looking at other cheaper versions on the market, I chose this one and so glad I did. The cheaper ones seems to be, well…cheap. There were several reviews about trouble with the wheels, etc. This one is awesome! Very well made with quality parts and construction. Assembly was pretty easy. It comes almost completely assembled since it folds down. All you have to do is put on front wheels and the seat. No tools required. Super easy. My 6 month old absolutely loves it and will stay very content in it for extended periods of time. Just put some toys on the tray and you are good to go. Great to put in to get some housework done! It rolls very easy on hardwoods…haven’t tried it on carpet. The three height adjustments are good – for a point of reference, my 6 month old son is 27.5 inches long and he is almost to the second level. I love that this folds for travel/ storage and is pretty lightweight. The tray insert is handy in case you need to feed baby it. I got the green color option and am very happy with it – color as displayed online is accurate. Extremely happy with this walker! Absolutely worth the extra money!

Kimberley Gatlinburg, TN


LOVE LOVE LOVEMy baby LOVES LOVES LOVES!So, I read all the warnings about walkers, and how the American Academy of Pediatrics wants to outlaw these devices. I also listened to my mother about how much I loved my walker and I talked to people…all of whom had used walkers as infants and many of whom used them for their kids before people got to negative about them.What to do? what to do?I went with my instincts.1. I am not going to put the walker upstairs. I don’t have other steps he can fall down.2. We have multiple places we take him to to use this product and it folds flat and is easy to throw in the car.3. I’ve got him gated away from the kitchen ( horror stories of burned babies pulling pots from the oven in a walker) and there aren’t cords he can get to in his walker play area.4. There is a question about hip development….I’m a surgeon. This isn’t something we were taught about in medical school, or something that any physician I know (regardless of speciality) is even aware of. So, can it happen? Anything can happen. Can you leave your kid in here too long? sure. Do your own research and make an educated choice for your baby. I do not leave him in here for hours on end. He has the ability to sit down and his legs are at a normal sitting angle. If these are so bad why aren’t there class action lawsuits about medical problems from walkers? I don’t know any adult who’ve had hip problems related to being in a walker. The jury is out in my mind as to the health risks for the walker. A risk I am willing to take.5. Toe walking? Who knows, everyone is looking for the perfect way to raise their baby and for someone to blame if something goes wrong. If you want to blame your walker…I have no argument to stop that. As for my guy…no toe walking to date.So, we’ve had the walker since three months old. He was initially barely able to touch the ground…he loved it. Bouncing, rocking, playing with toys. Once he could touch the ground he bounced and jumped and loved it more. Now he paddles all around feet on the ground and is happy as a lark. I put cheerios and toys on the tray. He loves it.Yes, he can move fast, so you have to be there to watch him!The tray is removable for easy cleaning. The spoon is portable for travel…an easy traveling high chair for feeding too!I did also get a Go Pod first. I was trying to be compliant to all the horror stories and get a stable station. My son will only stay there for a few minutes. At 3 months, he was much to small. At seven months, he is still fairly engulfed by the Go Pod. Maybe in a year he will be happy in there, but for now, the spoon is just his cup of tea. Although the Go Pod does keep him stationary long enough to get a shower. (Go Pod is also highly portable and well made if you are set on a stationary device)It is a clean design and the cloth can be removed (somewhat easily) for cleaning. I do not think there is any type of single or multiple wheel locking mechanism on this device. The edges are smooth so that when he knocks into things he does not hurt the furniture. It is sturdy but light-weight.I’m thinking of buying a few more just incase these do get outlawed so I can put my friends kids and grandkids in them some day.I love this walker but more importantly, my son does too!!

Dixie Guilford, ME

Well built!

Sturdy, well built. I wanted something basic and nice looking. This is it. It stands out among the baby gear for being so clean looking.I let my litte sit in it and play with toys on the tray since she’s still to short for it.

Barbra Colorado City, CO

Love this Walker

This walker is exactly what I have been looking for in a walker. I just wish I found it 2 kids ago. This walker goes low enough to the ground that my 2 month old can touch the ground. Which is essential in getting your kids to walk around 8-10 months. He started moving backwards in it as soon as I put him in it. Now at 4 months he can get it to go forward a little bit. Still mainly backwards, but he’s getting there. The tray is nice and big where I just put suction cupped toys on it and interchange them and he stays happy for a bit. Love this walker, definitely worth the money.

Ashley Falling Rock, WV

Nice Looking, Easy To Clean, Glides Well, Easy Fold Up

Much better made than most of the cheap plastic crap from China. Wheels roll smoothly.I purchased around 4/5 months and my daughter is now 7 months and still hasn’t quite figured out how to move it much, but I think that will come with time. When she really wants something, she gets it moving. But mostly she just sits and plays stationary, until she starts fussy for mamma to pick her up. She won’t stay in it too long, but she’s a bit demanding. But it’s great when she will stay in it. Large tray keeps toys from falling off too easily. If I take her outside in it, she’ll stay longer (loves the outdoors). My neighbors have one too and they do the same thing – I’ll see the whole family in the front yard and the baby is in the Joovy (same age as my daughter). He’s totally content hanging with the family.Can’t get over the smallest ridges – so saftey built in. I only use on first floor, in kitchen, so she can be with me when cooking or making coffee in the morning.I was concernerd about size given reviews (may not last long), but my daughter is still in lowest setting at 7 months (16.4 pounds, 26.5 inches).

Margo Mineral, VA

great for a big house

i have a older one by baby trend and just took off the toy attachment but the tray is too small for a baby plate, not too much room for toys either. so i decided to buy this one and it’s huge and there’s a detachable tray for easy cleaning so it’s great for feeding and getting his exercise. i live in a condo with hardwood floors and it’s a bit of a struggle for him to turn around in the hallway or go into the bathroom (walker too wide). he’s pretty fast in it though. wish he can go on the carpet with it and the seat was a pain to get on.

Florence Camden, TX

Best high quality walker

I bought this for my daughter when she was 9 months old and learning to walk. Like other reviewers, I was not pleased with some other walkers with a lot of stuff or activity centers attached to the front. I thought my baby would get bored rather quickly. I love the clean modern look, the high quality finishes, and large tray for any activity. The legs are made of metal with glossy white paint, not cheap plastic, so it is extremely sturdy. The corners are rounded with plastic bumpers. The top portion is made of thick quality plastic, and the removable tray is dishwasher safe. The seat is removable for cleaning and the fabric is durable, high quality, and machine washable. It collapses flat to a few inches for easy storage and portability. There are three different height adjustments. I have used the walker only at two of the three heights. When we first bought the walker, my daughter did not know how to use it because our apartment has wall to wall carpeting. But after taking her and the walker to grandmas who has hardwood floors, she was able to push herself along very easily because the wheels glide very smoothly. After learning how to push herself in the walker, she is able to push herself very easily even on carpeted floors.Now that my daughter is 14 months months old and able to walk, we still use the walker for her meals, or as her own little seat for watching a video, reading a book, etc. The walker has held up to daily abuse of all the bumps, banging, spills and scratching that the baby gives it, and it still looks new after just a minor cleaning.I am so glad that I got this walker instead of one of the other walkers (e.g. The Ferrari walker, which I was also considering) because I had some doubts in the beginning. I highly recommend this walker even though this is a bit pricier than some other walkers because you definitely get what you pay for.

Maria Schuyler, NE

A MUST for active boys!

My son hated everything — the swing, the bouncer, the rocker, the napper, the jumper, the Bumbo… you name it, we tried it. My boy, from the get go, never liked to be strapped in. I put him in the Joovy Spoon as soon as he could sit independently and he was smitten. He learned to scoot in it almost immediately… maybe 2 or 3 tries… and absolutely loved it. He ran at full speed and slammed into walls for months and I think it really helped him to walk, which he did at 11 months. It is AWESOME for snacks and toys and sometimes my boy would just sit parked in it watching Adventure Time snacking. I was seriously sad when he was strong enough to climb out of it.

Nicole Locke, NY

Good quality, poor adaptability as child grows

The Joovy is a "top of the line" walker as far as quality goes, in my opinion – the mechanism is fluid and easy to propel and turn for a budding-toddler, the tray is nice and large, and overall it seems imminently safe from finger-pinches and toe-injuries… Just one problem. My son looks like he is crouching when he walks – The distance between the seat-bottom and the floor is not nearly adjustable enough to adapt to the needs of my growing little-guy. What worked great a few months ago, is no longer suitable for him now that his legs have gained some length, and to use the walker he has to bend quite a bit at the knees… It’s not a great posture for a kid who is supposedly learning to maneuver independently.I’d recommend this walker if: 1. You have a smaller-size baby (not too tall), who is unlikely to have a growth spurt in the next few months, 2. You have a kiddo with a longer-torso but shorter legs, or 3. You don’t mind spending the money on the walker as a temporary device, knowing that your son or daughter may outgrow it long before they are able to walk on their own.

Rena Talco, TX

No frills, but lots of thrills

We got this for our 4 month old and put him in it as he is a jitterbug that doesn’t seem to stop moving his legs with the strong will to learn to stand and walk instead of crawl or lie down. The kid loves it. He burns off lots of energy scooting up and down our driveway much to my delight and it is nice not to have a bunch of junky toys surrounding him that block his view of the outdoors. I did however have a suction cup handle bar that works great holding toys on it so he doesn’t try to swipe them off with his arms. It fold down easy and you can shove it under a bed or we shove it under our monstrous baby swing so it doesn’t take up more real estate in our small house. I also like that it has no bar in the back so his feet will never get caught under it as he pushes off. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to wear out their baby quickly. A downside however is it has no brakes so this could be a problem for some households.

Saundra Bethel, AK

Good little walker

Very attractive design, super easy to clean, safe, only complaint would be the tray sticks out pretty far so my 6 month old always gets irritated when she cant reach her toys. She will grow into it though so no big deal. Great brand.

Patrice Hutchinson, PA

Awesome walker for hours of fun

I bought this walker for my then 8 month old daughter and she has gotten tons of use out of it. The quality is leaps and bounds above other walkers I’ve looked at and much better than the one I had for my older daughter. For babies who aren’t yet mobile, the joovy spoon is a great way to encourage exploring and coordination. Yes, you should definitely keep baby away from stairs (all the time, but especially in a walker), but if used correctly, the joovy spoon is an awesome source of entertainment for baby and a lifesaver for mom.

Amparo Iola, KS

High quality items for our kid

We bought this walker after reading the reviews of various walkers on Amazon. Our kid is 7 months old and weights about 19 lbs. She is also in the 80th percentile for height. We wanted to get a walker that would allow her to grow into it. There is more then enough room for her in this walker and we were surprised how big it was. I would say that it could easily accommodate a child that is much larger. This product is high quality and is very sturdy. It has a large tray that we place her toys on. The rear wheels have a rubber coating on them and only go front to back. The front wheels are hard plastic and swivel. They don’t seem to scratch our hardwood floors either which is a plus! We are happy with the purchase and are thankful not to have another battery powered noise maker in the house. We have plenty of those already.

Beth West Hurley, NY

Feet almost touch the floor.

I love this design: 1. Because it would be very difficult to topple over and I don’t worry about that. 2. I like to be able to put her favorite toys in front of her to play with. 3. It rolls nice n easy. We actually hooked a dog strap to the front and pull her around the house in it. Since we do NOT have stairs in our house, I don’t worry about her toppling down the stairs. And she is easy to move in here and can hang out more easily with the other kids and family.

Cathryn Dover, NH

“sleek” baby walker

unlike most walkers, which are ridden with all the baby "bells and whistles" and silly patterns, my husband and i selfishly appreciate that this walker is not a complete eyesore! the tray is huge, and although our baby isn’t feeding herself yet (7months), there is plenty of room for her favorite rattles/teethers, and i think the large surface area of the tray helps prevent things from
• immediately
• ending up on the floor (takes more like a minute!) 🙂 our daughter LOVES cruising around in this and it has been really fun watching her learn how to use her legs to navigate around the house!downsides:- wheels: lately, the front wheels have gotten a pretty stopped up. i removed them, cleaned them and put a little WD40 on the pin that they rotate on. we’ll see if this helps a little. i wish they were made of rubber instead of plastic.- setup:
• slightly
• difficult at first getting the seat into the housing. requires a little elbow grease and some manual dexterity!overall though, a great purchase.

Iris Moran, WY

Let’s get real those exersaucers are hideous

I love the simple modern design and that it is well constructed! The wide removable tray has the joovy spoon doing double duty as a high hair as well. It literally doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles that all the other walkers and exersaucers have but that doesn’t mean it has to fall short on entertainment either; Bc the tray is so wide I can use a variety of suction cup toys. Hands down This is a great alternative to the typical exersaucers.I don’t have any concerns about the safety issue, simply bc I don’t treat this as – the walker of neglect- I keep an eye on him at all times.My son is 6 months old (average height & weight) and has been using it for the past 2 months on the lowest setting, his feet comfortably touch the ground, he is able to stand and scoot backwards.We use this daily and would HIGHLY Recommend this product.

Manuela Vanndale, AR

Best walker out there

This is a great walker. Sturdy, clean design. Does not look or feel cheap. Love the simple tray. I bought the suction cup toys to stick on it and it’s great. You can take them off whenever you want. Baby can’t throw them on the floor. Works great with this walker.

Selma Chico, CA

Received damaged walker from amazon twice!

I REALLY wanted to like this walker, we have the Room2 play yard also by Joovy and have been really happy with it.After ordering from amazon, we rec’d a walker that had scuff marks, was scratched and looked dirty! The replacement I rec’d was also damaged! I figured I would suck it up and just keep it if we liked it but found putting the seat onto the walker so incredibley onerous and annoying that it wasn’t worth keeping. I know I was assembling it correctly because I called customerservice for help. Anthony answered right away and confirmed that I was doing it right but seemed more concerned about the fact that I kept getting damaged merchandise from amazon (which is fair ).The walker is good looking with simple sleek design but we returned for a refund. On top of being damaged I realized that there is no way to attach any toys to it so my twins were not that interested and I didn’t want to deal with a seat that took forever to get on and off.Overall the whole experience was really disappointing and has made me wary of buying larger items from amazon because I don’t know if all the damage is happening during shipping (even though the box looked fine) or if amazon is shipping out returned or damaged goods.

Alyson Wabasha, MN