JP Lizzy Satchel Designer Diaper Bag – Sherbert

JP Lizzy Satchel Designer Diaper Bag – Sherbert

JP Lizzy Satchel Diaper Bag Built with durable fabric, the JP Lizzy Satchel is comfortably suited for everyday play. The fun interior design makes a statement, while the pockets keep contents secure. And a magnetic closure keeps the inside safely organized, so you are free to roam outside with confidence. It’s just the right size for sitting comfortably on your shoulder. Super stylish, too, this bag features: Feax leather exterior, quilted for added texture and chicness It wipes clean in a breeze An open pocket on each end is perfect for keeping binkies or bottles handy Large zippered pocket lets you hide away important things Two open pockets and two adjustable bottle pockets help you keep things in their place This bag includes a changing pad What makes a JP Lizzy bag different from other diaper bags? At JP Lizzy, products are evaluated and tested to perfect even the smallest of details. The end result is a little slice of heaven: a bag that organizes the essentials so you never lose your keys, a perfect size that holds everything while not being overbearing and straps that hit in just the right place. We just know you will love it!

Main features

  • Wipeable faux leather exterior fabric
  • A favorite of all moms
  • Modern and sleek – it fits all the essentials without feeling bulky
  • Just the right size for your day on the go
  • Wipeable faux leather exterior fabric
  • Multiple pockets inside and out

Verified reviews


Great blend!

I love that this doesn’t look like just a diaper bag. I can still have some personal style and be efficient. I wish there were a few more pockets inside maybe, but it is easy to keep clean, and very fun and stylish. I have noticed that the handles show wrinkles so i am just gentle with those and where i hang the bag, so as to not wear them out too quickly.UPDATE: The handles have now collapsed and fall into the bag. They get in my way anytime I am looking for something. It drives me a little crazy. I tightened them and that helps a little. I tend to carry a LOT in my bag too so, maybe it is just my personal problem. I still get a lot of compliments on the bag, but I have started looking to see about a new bag because I have a hard time seeing into the bottom of this bag with the handles in the way.

Louise Four Lakes, WA

Not for Me

I originally purchased this because of the look of the yellow liner on the inside of the bag. I was completely disappointed in the quality of the bag and was concerned about how well the lining on the inside would hold up to daily use. It is VERY thin and seems as if it would stain and tear easily. It definitely has more of a purse-like feel, which for some will be a bonus. I prefer to have a zipper on my bags so that I won’t lose things out of the top. I also wished that there were more pockets to keep things organized. After seeing it in person, I sent it back.

Elda Evanston, WY

More of a purse than diaper bag

Very disappointed when I ordered this bag. With a newborn there are many items I have to carry around and this bag was not a winner. It does look pretty but I need a diaper bag not another purse.

Flora Emblem, WY

Beautiful Bag

Looks like a purse so hubby won’t use it. He says he rather use the pink Coach diaper bag because it looks like a diaper bag. This works best for me because I don’t have to keep switching from purse to diaper bag. I can still look stylish and not so much like a mom all the time. lol The material seems durable and easy to clean. It is very light weight so it’s a plus for me. It holds and insane amount of stuff. All the different compartments are awesome and keep everything organized. It’s a little bigger than I though it would be but I rather use this over my usual diaper bag.

Emilie Blaine, TN

Great diaper bag

Perfect size. Has held up well (7 months of use so far). Just the right amount of compartments. Love the bright colored interior. Wipes off easily. Like that it does not look like a typical diaper bag and my husband is OK with carrying it around as well 🙂

Aimee Lancaster, MO

Love this bag

Absolutely love this product!! Great quality and super cute!!! I use this for a diaper bag with my cloth diapers and it is perfect. Water proof, easy to use, easy to wash. Just wipe clean with a wipe or rag. It’s the perfect size with the perfect strap length for over the shoulder. Looks like a purse rather than a baby bag. So stylish!

Luann Hatfield, MA

It’s ok

It’s ok not great. It’s a slightly darker than the photo and the inside black circles fade quickly. Ive only had it a month. I was not impressed. I already bought another bag.

Lynette Liverpool, PA

what I was looking for

I had a much more expensive diaper bag that I bought online. I liked it, but it had a very rigid structure and was smaller than what I wanted. This is flexible and I can put a lot more stuff in it. As others have mentioned the lining feels cheap. It isn’t that big of a deal to me but I can tell this is a poorer quality than my other bag. There aren’t as many pockets either, but for $60 it is cute and functional. Most of the bags that are cheaper than that look like a diaper bag and aren’t cute. I just can’t bring myself to do that 🙂

Lois Franklin Grove, IL