Ju-Ju-Be Be All Diaper Bag, Lotus Lullaby

Ju-Ju-Be Be All Diaper Bag, Lotus Lullaby

Ju Ju Be’s Be All bag is smart, that sums it up. You’re smart so your bag should be too. Friendly pockets make it easy to tote along the stuff and anti microbial linings let you worry about having fun, not fighting germs. Colorful linings make it even more like you a surprise on the inside. Teflon treated outer fabrics make the bag easy to clean and stain resistant. A picture pocket to keep photo’s handy when bragging to friends, mommy pocket with extra long key clip, cosmetics pouch and sunglasses case that you can use to clean and store your lenses, are just a few of the features of this bag. There is also a separate diaper changing station that includes a mess shuttle. No more digging for supplies as they are all in one place. The bag has swivel attachment points for the Be Connected stroller clips that are sold separately. The adjustable shoulder strap includes a top notch shoulder pad with memory foam and a grippy texture underneath for comfort and it won’t slide off your shoulder. Crumb drains get rid of the mess so it doesn’t stay in your bag. Machine washable. Measures 14″ x 11′”x 5.5″.

Main features

  • Teflon treated outer fabric and AglON protected linings, easy clean up and anti microbial
  • Adjustable straps with memory foam shoulder pad
  • Mommy pockets with lots of organization
  • All metal hardware and self healing coil zippers
  • Machine wash, air dry

Verified reviews


Expensive, small, and poor quality

We have only used this diaper bag for about six months, and it is already coming apart at the seams. I looked on the manufacturer website and apparently they only warranty items within the first 90 days of use, and you have to provide your original receipt or online order confirmation, pictures of the defect, a detailed description, and sign in blood or some such nonsense. For more than $100+ for a small diaper bag, you think they could at least guarantee their quality for six months or more. What a waste of money.

Dee Cape Vincent, NY

Wife LOVES this bag!!

I ordered this bag as a gift for my wife for our second child. She never had an actual diaper bag with our first, so, I did some researching, watched some videos, and decided on this bag. It is great! She loves how all the pockets are separated so its not just one pile of items swirling around in the big open part of the bag. The materials are super nice and durable, and she has never had a problem with this bag. She has had it for about 5 months now, and she says she still loves it! No problems with it warping or loosing its shape, and the changing pad part is super soft and easy to clean. She said she would definitely buy it again!

Frances Dennis Port, MA

Great bag, but on the small side

I love this bag, but I struggle to fit everything in it. I really wanted a bag with a flap instead of a zipper closure, because I know myself and I never end up closing zippers. However, I find with this bag that if I have it full and I have my wallet in the "mommy pocket" on the from of the flap that it doesn’t end up closing. The flap ends up sticking straight out. I almost wish the flap was longer. It would look weird when the bag was empty, but does anyone carry a not full diaper bag. Part of my problem is that I use cloth diapers and they tend to be bulkier than disposables and you don’t toss them out when they’re dirty. The diapers just seem to take up the whole bag. By the time I throw a spare outfit, a burp cloth and a receiving blanket in, it’s stuffed. All that being said, the quality of the bag is excellent. I absolutely love the wide and padded handle. I like the loops metal loops on the handle as well. I use them to clip on a water bottle.

Milagros Cotton, MN

Way better than expected

I just received this bag. I’m so excited. There are tons of compartments and added pockets. I can’t wait to use it.

Deana Yucaipa, CA

I get so many compliments

I know its a diaper bag, but I use it as a laptop bag and everyday purse. I love that I have all sorts of compartments to keep things organized. The built-in sunglass bag is genious and so is the key lanyard. I attached my house keys to a carabeaner to the lanyard and that way I can remove the keys from the bag quickly if I need to. The insulated bottle holders on the edges of the bag really keep your drinks cool (or warm) for hours, and the over the sholder style of the bag means hands free use. I like the quality of the bag, the matterial is really sturdy and stays cleaner longer than any other bag I’ve ever had. The hardware is top notch and I know this bag will last me a very long time.

Erin Waterford, CA

Everything is a trade-off

I purchased the Be All in the Lotus Lullaby print. I got a great deal through Amazon– much cheaper than anywhere else…but I watched and waited for a while until the price was lower. Still, it was not cheap! These bags are hard to find in stores, so I did extensive online research reading reviews and watching videos from whatever sites I could find! Here’s my two cents…1. I LOVE the lotus lullaby print! I am very picky about my accessories and looked at a million different diaper bag designs and fabrics. I wanted something that wouldn’t overpower whatever outfit I wear, but would still be striking and cute. I was worried that the silver lining would look cheap, but it’s really quite nice. The material looks expensive and well made. I haven’t washed it yet, so I hope it holds up in the long run.2. The Be All bag… I had really been wanting the BFF, but I got this one instead. Mostly due to the great price I got. I like the overall sleek look of the Be All vs. The BFF’s visible zippers and pockets on the front. However, the mommy pocket in the front flap is a bit odd– the flap sticks out, and the weight is front-heavy once you get your wallet in there. I do love the strong magnetic closure, and I think it’s easier to get into a flap with one hand than struggling with a zipper. (when does a mommy ever have TWO free hands?!)3. What it holds… It is not going to hold a massive amount of things or even a plush blanket without pushing it to it’s limits. It WILL hold your essentials and some extras. The bottle pockets on each side are perfect for my Avent bottles with a little room to spare. Also, I love the key holder. I’ll never Dig for my keys again! :)4. Changing pad & crumb drains… The changing pad is very nice. However, I’m still trying to figure out why the crumb drains (open corners in the bottom seam of the bag) are in the changing pad section. It’s not the pocket where you’ll be keeping snacks. Maybe I’m missing something…but it doesn’t make sense to me.5. Messenger style… I really wish the strap was LONGER! I am 5’8″ and am average/slim. I makes a great shoulder bag–nice wide, comfortable strap that doesn’t slip! Love that! BUT… it seems too short when in wear it cross-body. I almost returned it because of it. On the ju ju be site, I read about updates they made to the bags, making the strap longer on the Be All. In myopinion, it’s still lacking. Just FYI, the straps are not removable. Also– there are metal loops on each side if you want to attach itto your stroller or attach a paci pod. I haven’t used stroller straps yet, but that bit of information was hard to find online.Long review…but those are the things I wish I knew when I was searching for information. Oh, also– the yellowish color in the bag is really more of a muted olive green. Beautiful bag! I’m excited to have it! :-). Hope this review helps!

Noemi Lake Toxaway, NC

Great quality and functionality!

I had another diaper bag that started falling apart after a few months. I was not willing to pay over $50 for another one but after several reviews I realized that in the diaper bag world you get what you pay for. I got a great price for this on Amazon.com so that is why I chose the shadow waltz print.I researched Ju-Ju-be and a few others. I decided to go with ju ju be based on the reviews of the quality of the bags. I chose the” be all” based on price and size after watching videos on YouTube. We use disposable diapers and I breastfeed so I do not carry bottles, formula, water etc..I bought an extra “mess shuttle” so I could have an extra bag for soiled items. One is already with the bag when purchased. In the original I put 2 bibs, spoons and a washcloth. The second one I rolled up and put in a pocket to put dirty clothes, bibs, and used spoons.Cons:The mommy pocket- This pocket is good for keys, Chap Stick, pens and maybe a few other items. I put ink pens in the sunglass holder, Chap Stick and liners in the zipper pocket and try to use the key fob for my keys. If you pack too much in the zipper pocket the front of the bag sticks out. It has the capacity to hold a lot more but I chose to keep it simple.This bag does not have metal feet on the bottom to protect it when sitting it down. The ju ju be “better be” does. I believe that bag is the same concept as the “be all” except it has reverse measurements.Pros:The changing station has to be one of my favorite parts of this bag. Having my diapers, wipes, cream, and bags stored in this handy front zipper pocket allows for so much room in the actual diaper bag. My LO is in size 3 diapers and I can put 5-6 diapers in the zipper mesh pocket without it being too bulky and it zips up fine. I removed the mess shuttle from the changing station and keep it in the center of the bag. I use the clip in the changing station to hang a munchkin bag holder to put dirty diapers in when I am not at home.The individual pockets in the diaper bag are great. My wallet fits perfectly in one of the side pockets. I also carry a nursing cover, receiving blanket, coupon organizer, change of clothes for baby, nasal aspirator and other care items in the other mesh pockets.On each end of the bag there are 2 pockets with 3M insulation to keep bottles warm/cold. I use one for my water bottle and the other for my cell phone. I have put a nuby sippy cup in there and it fits nicely.Other remarks:The changing pad is a little bulky in the back of the bag but it is a very nice changing pad to use in public. I have plenty of room for the items I carry so I do not need the back pocket. There are also “crumb drains” in the back pocket so you can push stuff through the holes from left over snack crumbs or whatever is in there. I would not put stacks near the changing pad. This may be a great feature to use when your child is older and you do not need the changing pad.With the remaining room in the center of the bag I put toys and teethers and whatever else I may need. The light colored lining is helpful to be able to see what is in the bag. I also love the texture of the bag. It can be wiped clean.If you do not like messenger style bags this is not for you. It has taken me a little while to get used tot it. My old bag was a zip top so everything got thrown in there. This bag helps me stay organized!If you are concerned about the size and the ability to fit everything you need in it watch several YouTube videos comparing other bags. I was able to pack it to my needs based on the videos.The pictures provided show what my bag looks like on a daily basis.

Ramona Pompton Lakes, NJ

Not as big as it looks online

Was really expecting this to be bigger. I know it’s my fault for not looking at the dimensions but after reading some of the reviews that state that you can fit a days outing of stuff in here I decided to go ahead and get it. Boy was I disappointed when I opened my amazon package and saw how small it was. There is no way I can fit a days outing worth of stuff in this. This is great if you’re just going to the doctor for an appointment but not a day trip to the zoo. For a days outing you’d have to get one of their bigger bags.The material of the bag though is durable, the print is pretty (( got the Lotus Lullaby) and I love the fact that the inside lining is easy to clean. The straps stay on my shoulder pretty well but it’s a lot more comfortable cross-body. I also just hang it on myBritax B-Ready Stroller, Red(posted pic) which the print matches really well. Didn’t see the need for buying the attachment clip accessory. The changing pad that comes along with it is also very well made.Besides the small size I’d definitely recommend this bag. I also plan on getting theJu Ju Be Be Hip Bagfor quick trips to the store. Don’t let the prices intimidate you, these are very well constructed bags that will last a long time.I must also say that some of the proceeds from ordering Ju Ju Be bags goes towards “breast cancer initiatives ranging from cure research to providing mammograms for the underprivileged” so you’ll be helping the cause.

Ava Genoa, AR

Great bag, a bit small

I love this bag. The material is great and easy to clean. There is a ton of storage, and the accessories are wonderful! It’s not going to fit any receiving blankets or extra clothes in it, but it certainly fits the essentials!

Irene Sterling, IL

Fantastic bag!

By far my favorite bag ever. Love the color, love all the pockets, love that it cleans up so easily, love it love it love it!

Clare Howard Lake, MN

Works for cloth diapers and a ravenous toddler

I bought this bag in the “marvelous mums” print almost two years ago, and have been using it almost daily since my son was born. It washes well, and is well made and has held up nicely. I use cloth diapers and have found that I can take one or two with me and a wet bag but I have to make very judicious use of my space. This was a purposeful choice for me because I didn’t want a GIANT bag that was always loaded down and hurting my back. This bag is a little on the large size for me, and I tend to over fill it anyway, but it’s good for me in that it limits me from bringing way too much. This isn’t going to work as an overnight bag, but it’s a good size for a day bag.For what I keep in it:Mommy pouch in the flap- I don’t put my phone in here because it slapping on the floor when you open the flap is a great way to get a broken iPhone. I keep cheap sunglasses, lip gloss, a small stain stick, unopened Tylenol syrings, and a tiny pill case with some of my extra medication in it. (Keys go on the strap.)Front zippered pocket- I put some disposable wipes and two disposable diapers as a back up in here, and there’s a clean pacifier back-up in the little mesh pouch.Main pocket- I bought the wristlet pouch to keep in the bottom of the main compartment. I keep a full outfit, and drool bib in here, along with some other junk I probably don’t need. I tuck a folded wet bag in next to the pouch. In the front mesh pocket goes my wallet. One side (mesh) pocket- snack bars for me and some toddler snacks. Other side pocket- I keep cloth wipes, some flush-able liners, and a small bottle of wipes spray. One back mesh pocket- one or two prefolds and a cover. Other back pocket, some disposable table covers, baby spoon/fork, squeeze pouch. Front zippered pocket- I keep extra snappis in here to keep me or toddler from cutting ourselves on it.Outside pockets- I keep infant Tylenol and hand sanitizer in one and a bottle or a sippy cup in the other.I also tend to throw in a snack bag and toddler jacket into the main compartment which is where it can start to bulge. Just be careful when it’s over full not to drop and lose something that falls out of it since you can’t snap it closed.

Ruth Monmouth Junction, NJ

Ju Ju Be Be All

LOVE this diaper bag. I was originally looking for a bigger diaper bag because my Coach one was just overflowing! Then I realized with my stroller (Baby Jogger City Mini) that a bigger diaper bag simply would not fit in the basket. So then I figured I would just get a smaller one and thought the be all would do the trick. I bought this one so I could hang its adjustable thick strap right on handle bars. Pleasantly surprised that it fits everything I want, is really roomy, and the mesh pockets inside make it so easy to find everything. I don’t feel that my diaper bag is a bottomless pit anymore. LOVE the flap on the outside for my stuff like cell phone a car keys. I am happy I got this and highly recommend! The material its made out is really nice too.

Mabel Holtwood, PA

Stylish and Practical

This bag is not only a stylish addition to your wardrobe, but is also practical with its many slots for carrying everything baby may need while you are out. Also, as the entire bag and the changing pad are machine washable, it is tremendously hassle free and a great option for all of your baby needs.

Terrie Mayhill, NM

Not my favorite

I like to be prepared and I’m not able to close this bag when I pack it with wipes, diapers, a change of clothes, a blanket, and a tube of diaper cream which doesn’t seem like an unreasonable amount of equipment.

Luisa Beaman, IA

Can take a beating but to many useless pockets

This is a good quality bag. I have the black/silver and I got a killer deal on it at Nordstroms Rack. While yes it has a million pockets, but when you fill the inside of it, there is no room to fill all those pockets. My other problem with this bag is that it doesn’t keep bottles warm for hours (as they say in the video), not even an hour. I had to get a thermos. I throw this in the car, on the ground, on the floor, in the stroller, and 5 months later, it still looks like new. I also do love the changing pad, that has been the most useful thing when we are out as I don’t want to lay my daughter on that hard plastic where I’m sure no one has bothered to clean, I’ve also had to change her in the car more than a few times. This is a good quality bag, the price is a bit steep and I notice it fluctuates here on Amazon but I’ve never seen it go below 113. I would spend that kind of money on a diaper bag. Added pockets = added weight & useless space.

Sonya Jump River, WI