Ju-Ju-Be Be Hip Bag, Black/Silver

Ju-Ju-Be Be Hip Bag, Black/Silver

Whether you’re a proud “square” or part of an inner circle, this might just land you a spot at the top of your social hierarchy. This long and lean bag is the perfect fit when it matters most. With kiddos in tow or at an important client meeting, we’ve got ya covered. Move over fashionistas there’s a new Be Hip bag in town. The Be Hip features: 2 front pockets with closures to keep everything in. Removable diaper changing pad included. 2 exterior insulated bottle pockets with Thinsulate by 3M. Keep it warm, Keep it cold, Sure. Soft pocket for phones or iPod. Foam padded bottom just in case mom decides she wants to carry her laptop to work. Adjustable strap includes a top-notch shoulder pad with memory foam and a grippy textile underneath no more straps sliding off your shoulders. Teflon so stains don’t stick. Metal Hardware we don’t trust any of the cheap plastic stuff. Light-Colored Linings you can actually see what’s inside; it’s not just a big black hole in there. Quiet Magnets, Velcro’s noisy. Machine Washable, air dry. 11″ x 14″ x 4.75″

Main features

  • Removable diaper changing pad
  • 2 exterior insulated bottle pockets plus a soft pocket for cell phones, ipods, etc
  • 2 front pockets with closures to keep everything in
  • Foam padded bottom and adjustable shoulder strap with a memory foam pad and a grippy textile underneath
  • Can hold your lap top

Verified reviews


Nice design, but…

Purchased this bag last week; I have to say we were excited to see it. Upon arrival, disappointment ensued. First, and foremost, the color is NOT slate grey; it’s khaki green! Second, the strap is cheap and was frayed when it arrived. The size and shape are consistent with the description, but that’s it. This is an $80+ item and as such, it should be flawless. I gave this bag two stars for overall style and design, but until it’s listed for less than $30, and if you’re not okay with khaki green, I suggest looking elsewhere.

Tania Oakford, IN

Very pretty bag, doesn’t have changing pad though

I love JuJuBe bags! This bag is gorgeous, and I love all the storage. My only complaint with this bag is that it came without the changing pad that I have gotten with previous JuJuBe bags. Not sure why I didn’t get one, but that was disappointing. Still love the bag though!

Elba Pittsfield, IL

not bad…pretty

well, I have been using my bag for about 4 months and am still undecided about it. I may just be a non-diaper bag person, so take this review with that in mind. I like the look and feel of the bad – i got midnight eclipse. It’s not too baby like. Its easy to clean and the lining is bright.I find the structure of the bad to be a little long and cumbersome. I feel like I am always struggling with how to organize the bag so that it doesn’t take forever to find what I want. I also do not feel that there are enough pockets for moms stuff. I purchased an extra pouch to keep in the bag for all of my things, but I still just feel disorganized. Too bad. Its a really cute bag.

Nell Conway, SC

I LOVE this bag!! I have it in my favorite print – Cobalt Blossoms and love it

I LOVE JuJuBe and am completely addicted to their bags… that said, I’ve tried almost every one of their bags and sold or returned some because they werent quite right. The be Hip IS AMAZING!! The be prepared and BFF are wonderful as well.FYI… on the be hip – you can thread a short strap (from a be-set or a be-major or another strap of some sort) through the crumb drains across the bottom of the bag and attach BFF backpack straps to it making it a comfy backpack!! LOVE it… 🙂

Dee Rougemont, NC


Love this bag. A bit pricey,however my husband can use it without feeling as though he’s holding my pocket book.

Yesenia Cranston, RI

Quality workhorses!

I have a sizable Ju Ju Be collection and trade out bags depending on what is on schedule for the day with 3 kids. I use this one for either quick store trips or with 1 child for the outing. A 2 kid outing merits my BFF and a 3 kid outing merits my Be Prepared. I use Be Quicks stuffed with each child’s wardrobe or diaper needs and chuck them in the chosen bag. I have the Onyx Blossom and it’s divine!!

Ramona Cabazon, CA

Love this bag!

This is the perfect diaper bag! I am able to get anything out of it while holding my toddler. The only issue I have with it is that you can’t move the memory foam pad further up if you want the strap shorter. You just have to move the shoulder pad all the way down and use the strap without it if you want the strap shorter. This bag holds everything!! All of my purse contents, two sippy cups, 3 cloth diapers, an extra outfit, toys, and snacks for my daughter with room to spare.

Courtney Hudson, KY

For taller people?

Bought one in Dizzy Daisies not my top choice but I figured I wouldn’t have OCD print placement issues with this print, yet when it arrived I just couldn’t stop admiring it! It’s gorgeous! Its material is akin to those of regular JJB bags not the BeLight nor MightyBe, so the fabric is stiffer and denser. The changing pad looks like that of the BeLight (print on top, plain satin on underside), same size, but the print fabric is slightly heavier. Strap doesn’t look like it’s long enough that’s because the bag is long. I’m 5’5″ and the right length of strap is just a few inches up from the shortest setting. While the bag does look a tad long on me, I like how convenient it is to fish something out quickly without having to deal with a large top flap that could get in the way like that of the Be All, nor fight with a zipper closure in the wrong direction for me.With respect to capacity, it holds as much as I can carry in my BFF without having to stuff it to its seams.When you lift the flap up there’s a zipped pocket above the front pockets and is lined with sunglass protective material. Inside the main section are 2 elastic topped mesh pockets and a zipped pocket directly above them, and is about half a hand deep. The lining of the top flap is satin while those of the pockets and main section are of crinkly crumply nylon which does look a little cheap but for the low price you’re paying it’s alright. The front pockets have poppers to secure them shut and they are a little tricky to snap close when the pockets are full. Otherwise they’re fine. Not at all a big deal for such a lovely bag. If you’re new to JJB this is one bag you don’t have to splurge on to sample its awesomeness.As for shipping, I ordered this directly from Amazon, sent by Amazon’s Free Super Saver shipping and it arrived 2 days earlier than scheduled. How wonderful, as I was so looking forward to receiving this. Definitely a keeper.

Lela Wise, NC

I wanted to love it more

I just did’t love love love this! What I DID love was my Lotus Lullaby Hip. Darnit! Why did I sell that one?! I got this one for me, even those it’s kind of manly. It was just too shiny for my liking.

Liliana Reedley, CA

Arrived dirty!

This bag doesn’t seem to be up to the quality you would expect from Ju-Ju-Be. The item also arrived with what looked like oil spots and a dirt mark under one of the front pocket flaps. I wonder if this is a factory second or a returned item that is being resold, but advertised as new? Also – there were two changing pads and I think it was only supposed to come with one .. neither of them had any kind of padding. Overall, very disappointed in the condition and quality. Thankful for Amazon’s return policy as this bag went back the same day!

Cindy Morganza, LA

Great bag for short trips

Good bag for short trips. A lot can fit if the pockets are utilized correctly. Good to go to the grocery store, mall, or a busy restaurant.This is my bags contents:Back pocket has the changing pad that came with the bag with a pack of wipes, a disposable changing pad and two diapers.The two front snap pockets have diaper creams, sunscreen, hand and face wipes, and pacifier wipes.In the insulated side pockets, one contains a small 4 oz juice bottle in the bottom with a blender bottle for mixing formula on top. I keep a Playtex Nurser bottle inside the Blender bottle. In the other insulated pocket I put a mixed bottle of formula with a sandwich ice pack . It keeps me from carrying a cooler for a short trip.In the inside zip pocket I keep a few band aids, a 1 oz head to toe wash, a 1 oz baby lotion, hand sanitizer, folded small garbage bags, and a pacifier on a clip.In the main compartment I have about 7 size 2 diapers, 8 packets of powdered formula, one small baby bottle, a small bottle of dapple dish detergent, 2 Onsies and socks, 2 burp cloths, one bib, and one flannel blanket. There is lots of room on top. I just throw my wallet in there or any other personal items. I keep my cell phone in the front zipper pocket.Most of the stuff that I use are really in the outside pockets.

Mai Eads, CO

A mommy’s best friend 🙂

This diaper bag is really great! I received it as a gift during my baby shower. The design is beautiful and fulfills my favorite color combo: red and black! I love the mommy pocket. It makes it easy to get my cellphone, lipgloss, or any other small items. The other pocket inside the bag that has a zipper, I put all my baby’s grooming or health needs in there like a nail cutter, brush, thermometer, travel powder and lotion, etc. it also has two mesh pockets that I put diapers and my wallet in. Two outside pockets for snacks, or other needs. and two side pockets for a bottle or water 🙂 the padded shoulder sling is soft, I also love how I could hang it over the stroller handle without any attachments. Five stars from me.

Maribel Fordyce, AR

Not that great

I’ve used this thing lightly for about a year now. It’s mesh pockets ripped within the first week of my using it. It doesn’t hold much. What it does hold you have to go digging for. The outside pockets are nice but the changing pad is a joke. For the price I expected better quality. Should have went with a Vera Bradley bag.

Nettie Coppell, TX


beautiful bag. I ordered the onyx blossoms. Love the space and the pockets.My only complaints are…- the bottom of the bag does not have metal feet. This would have been a nice feature especially when the bag is partially white and will show dirt easily.- the change pad is not a memory foam one. I’m debating spending the extra money for one that is. It may not even still be available in the onyx blossoms which would bother me. I like things to match or to coordinate.

Addie Bunola, PA

Great gift

I bought this for my son, he is going to be a first time father and he loved it. Well made and the color was striking.

Christian Fremont, IN

Holds so much!

This bag is amazing! I can’t believe how much it can hold! The pockets are great and it works perfect for a day out- even with two kids!

Lina Oak Run, CA