Ju-Ju-Be Be Major Wallet, Black/Silver

Ju-Ju-Be Be Major Wallet, Black/Silver

Major fun, major style, major smarts. Finally a wristlet that can handle just about anything you throw into it. Credit card slots, picture pockets, extendible pen, lipstick loops, this one has it all!. Use it on its own or throw it into a purse and you’ll be the major talk of the town, for sure. The Be Major features: Pockets for everything. License, cell phone, change, credit cards, etc. Loop for lip gloss and extendible pen (included), very cute, very handy. Extender strap included (converts to mini shoulder bag). Change pocket holds barrettes and quarters for video games. Removable credit card and picture holder. Mini mirror to check for seeds in the teeth. At least 14 pockets almost too many to count. Teflon, so stains don’t stick. AgION, Antimicrobial Linings, kills germs, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and other bad stuff. Metal Hardware. we don’t trust any of the cheap plastic stuff. Light-Colored Linings, you can actually see what’s inside; it’s not just a big black hole in there. Machine Washable, air dry. Measures 8″ x 4.25″ x 1.5″

Main features

  • Teflon treated outer fabric and AglON protected linings, easy clean up and anti-microbial
  • Pockets for everything- driver’s license, cell phone, change, credit cards, pictures, etc
  • Loop for lip gloss and extendible pen (included)
  • 2 extender straps included- one short (wristlet = 8″ drop), one long (purse style = 24″ drop)
  • Mini mirror

Verified reviews


I like Ju Ju Be – but this is their worst bag!!

I love Ju Ju Be products and think most of them are worth the money. The Major is NOT one of them.I am a mom of 2, my youngest being 6 months. The reason I wanted this was to fit all of my “must haves” (cell phone, license, money, credit cards, keys) in one small bag that I can transfer to and from diaper bag, purse or just carry on it’s one when going out for some quick errands. This is what Ju Ju Be claimed The Major is. Well, it isn’t.WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE BAG:1. The outside zipper pocket is smooth to open. Not too big but perfect for change.2.I love the Lotus pattern and the stain resistant bag.3. Little mirror. I really don’t use it much but it is a nice litte extraWHAT I DO NOT LIKE:1.Cell phone pocket in the front. I have a Droid Eris (love it!) which is much smaller than the Iphone and regular droid. I have to push my phone into this pocket HARD to get it in there which means it takes 2 hands and some manipulating to get it out. Flip phones would NOT work either because the pocket while long is so skinny, maybe a 3/4″ depth at most. Any phones that have gel protector frames on them would be impossible to get in and out of as well. But the WORST part is that there is a snap to close the pocket. Why would anyone want to push down and snap down on their cell phone??? Most phones have large screens these days (except the flip phones which won’t fit in there anyway) and it could do MAJOR damage to the cell phone. It should have been a magnet or velcro at the very least. Snaps and cell phones do NOT work Ju Ju Be.2. The extra sleeve for pictures/credit cards. What is it with Ju Ju Be and their picture holders? I don’t know about you but most mommies that can afford Ju Ju bags have cell phones with cameras on them. This is how moms show pictures these days. Sad but true. So anyway, this very large sleeve holds 2 pictures (useless) and 6 credit cards – that is is. Most wallets that have this have a checkbook insert with credit cards slots on both sides. This is a lot of used space for not much. Plus as another reviewer stated, it is very hard to run the zipper around it. The bag is slighly rounded, this extra piece is not and it sticks out.3. Little change area inside – useless, can’t get a finger in it. Not sure what you would use it for.4. Two areas for lipstick is okay but I rather have one little pocket for just one instead. Trying to take out and put back a lipgloss in that stratchy loop takes skill with 2 hands and a little bit of time. Two things that are hard for moms on the go. You want to something that is just quickly to put back in and out so I find myself just putting it back in the outside change pocket.5. Zipper. It goes around 3/4 of the bag so again, it is a pain to get into. Then when it is open, it is ALL THE WAY OPEN like a massive bi-fold, so you have to hold it with one hand. Plus the entire zipper area is raised around the edges so getting into the billfold and taking out credit cards is a pain because you are constantly hitting this edge.7. Key holder. I understand the concept in their diaper bag. A cord to put your keys so you don’t lose them thru the massive bag of stuff. But the MAJOR isn’t huge and you can not really place your set of keys inside on the cord. At least people with big remote keys for their car. You can keep it hanging outside but it is noisy and annoying.8. Both straps. I would much prefer the wristlet to either be a smaller loop or preferably be like a camera wristlet that you can move back and forth to tighten it on your wrist. Why have a have a wristlet if it doesn’t stay on your wrist? The purse strap is to rigid. It looks in the fold up position all the time and really there is no where to store it in the bag so you have to decide whether you want it hanging off or not. I like that they give you the option but neither feel comfortable.8. Overall there is just not enough places to put things and it just seems too frumpy overall for something that is supposed to be small and compact. If you take out the photo/credit card sleeve, you only have one place for license and 2 other spots for credit cards. Just not enough. There is no area to just throw something small in. Everything has a place which at first looks great but you find you WANT a place to throw something in there every once in awhile.I give it 1.5 stars. Not worth the price AT ALL. Baggallini bags have much better options for better prices.

Maxine Clear Lake, WI

Not what I needed but very good product nonetheless

I sold my Be Major because it didn’t meet my needs. I don’t want to give it a bad review because of this. As all Ju-Ju-Be products, it is very good quality. The thing I most disliked and I had actually bought this item because of that feature, is the cell phone pocket on top. It is weirdly made and could close a little bit better. My phone always seemed like it was going to fall out. The center divider could have used more card slots on the side where you can put pictures. That’s the reason I bought the Be Rich in the end.

Gloria Cressona, PA

Not that functional

I love JuJuBe products, but I am going to have to return this. Just not that functional. When I transferred my things from my regular wallet to this, my iphone in a smaller case barely fit in the front pocket. Also, the card insert seems too big, or the wrong shape, for the wallet – it makes it difficult to zip up. Love the idea of this – being able to stick it in the diaper bag and take it out it you have to run into the store or what not, but it’s just not going to work for me. It needs to have more stretch or give in the fabric if that makes sense. I just ordered the Vera Bradley turn-lock wallet and will see if that works better for me. Love Amazon as always – their fast shipping and return policy is excellent. Normallly Ju Ju Be products work REALLY well for me, just not this one.

Gina Kaneville, IL



Amelia Glencoe, MO

It is bulky but functional!

This wallet does keep me organized but it is pretty bulky. Luckily I have a big mommy purse and it fits just fine. Jujube products are well made and durable..and washable!

Mara Seward, IL